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As cm policies, Following rules and regulations are made for Return Policies.

As per we mentioned, in our store, there is branded quality and expensive products are being
sold, and that’s reason we have made rules as per our organizations benefits. But we assure
that, none of our customers will get any wrong products or any type of fraud in our web store.
For convince of return, there will be shown return policies to each and every product
description. According to that description, our company will accept returns.

In home decor and fashion products, there will not be return policies. But some of another
categories products will have return policies, but either we will replace that products or will
exchange it with same cost of another products. But we extremely sorry to return back
money. Due to our company convinces.

We want to be clear business like mirror. All transaction and all of the products will be
qualitative. So, as we know that, if there is qual ity than also there should be unique price for

What to do if customer got damaged / wrong products:

In such cases, there will not any chance to deliver wrong products by us to customer,
because, there is a separate team for order goods confirmation and all products are packed
under their responsibility. So, We are 100% sure about right product should be delivered.
In case of damaged product, there is also less possibilities for such type of conditions,
because, our team have especially designed such pac kaging material with attractive and
safety protection for products. That we have made up under personal observation from
quality packaging companies.
Safety of Product Shipping:
Our Shipping services is of premium level as per our products prices. We have not
compromise for it. It is totally different than others local type courier services. We are dealing
with Bluedart and Fedex E commerce shipping services, which is well known in India. Also,
we have bought premium services for safety / protection and on time delivery bases.
Process of Return:
Return process will be quite simple and easy for customer. First if they are not satisfy with
our product than they must have to call us within 2 days after delivery date. It will be primary
requirement and also further return process dependent on this step. In this step, customer
already will have our contact number and email id, they just send us email or call us for their
products and mention faults or reason for not satisfaction.
2nd step, after notifying our company, they have to record video of their product and will have
to send us in email within 1 day after notifying us for return. And our team will be reply within
only 3 hours and will confirm their return or not.

After accepting return, the customer have to pack the product perfect and same like they got
product with well packaging and also in only our company package. If there is any bad or
other package than our company will not accept it and we will return back to customer and
also charges will be applied to customer.

Our shipping company will come to customer place for accepting shipment back and within 72
hours customer will get final confirmation about return the products. It will be either we
replace with new same product or we will exchange it with ano ther product with same price.

These all above are primary points of return policy of our company.