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Who is Shakespeare anyway?

(Reading report)
By: Maria Paula Riaño Rojas
William Shakespeare was an English playwright, actor and poet also known as the “Bard of
Avon” and often called England’s national poet. His plays are known worldwide and even if
you have never read his plays, you know whom he is. There´s a world before and after
Shakespeare, and this is the main reason that people have to try to understand Shakespeare’s
mystery. How a poor actor, could became one of the most famous writers in the world? How
can a nobody write many plays that included drama and comedy in only “one life”? These
questions and more are the ones that the author tried to answer in the text.
In the text the author explains that there are big theories around the question “who is William
Shakespeare?”, and the answer have never been clear. Starting with Sir Francis Bacon, who
was a politician, philosopher and a politician; a lot of people attribute Shakespeare
authorship, some clues that gives this affirmation the reason is that some word that did not
belong to the era were used by both (Bacon and Shakespeare). In addition, the description of
characters that maybe Shakespeare as a poor actor with no education never had the
opportunity to see, such as a French soldier (presented in the play “as you like it”). Other
proposal related to bacon is that he belonged to a collaborative group of authors that wrote
this plays and published them under the name of William Shakespeare.
Other “owner” of William Shakespeare is Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. A man of
influence and known for his talents. Thomas Loneey was the first person to believe that
oxford is Shakespeare; the things that related Shakespeare with oxford are as the author said
“had nine "special characteristics," including "an enthusiasm for Italy" and "a love of
music," and, of course, Oxford's life revealed these very characteristics.” (Belle, 1991).
Others “Williams Shakespeare” have been appearing in the times such as William Stanley,
who at least has the initials (W. S.). He always promoted learning with Dramas and theater,
this happened to be a big clue. Other candidates are Roger Manners, fifth Earl of Rutland and
Christopher Marlowe. Women also appeared in these theories, such as Queen Elizabeth itself,
the Countess of Pembroke, the Countess of Rutland, Mary Queen of Scots, and Shakespeare's
own wife, Anne Hathaway.
In the text “please the real Shakespeare stand up” the author analyze the different theories
that exist about the veracity of the authorship of the plays attributed to William Shakespeare.
As well know, William Shakespeare is one of the most popular English writers of all times;
Shakespeare was able to show everyone in the Elizabethan era that one man could write about
dramas and comedies, love and hate, reconciliation and revenge. So, who is Shakespeare?
We do not know, but we can assure that there will be more claims of authorship with the pass
of the time; Why? Because in unbelievable that all of these masterpieces could be inside only
one man’s head.

Bibliogrfía: Belle, J. L. (1991). The Authorship Question; or, Will the Real William
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