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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to all the audience and big thanks we give to the present of ladies and
gentleman that has spare your time in this great moment.

First of all, let’s pray an praise Allah SWT who has given us blessing, and healthy so
we can gather together here in the graduation and farewell party for the 12 grades
students of Senior High School 02 Dumai Academic Year 2018/2019

Shalawat and salam let’s send to our big prophet Muhammad SAW, by saying shalawat

- The honorable the head of Dumai’s branch service educational department of Riau Province
= H.Basrial,s.sos (or who representing)

- The honorable the MKPS supervisor of Dumai = Puasa Simanjuntak,S.Pd,M.Pd

- The honorable the supervisor of SHS2 Dumai = Drs.H.Surial

- The honorable the headmaster of senior high school 02 Dumai = Drs.Yulizar

- The honorable the headmasters of senior high school in Dumai

- The honorable the head of committee of SHS 2 Dumai = Ahmad Maritulius S,E

- The honorable mr and mrs each class committee

- The honorable Mr and Mrs grade 12 students parents

- The honorable all the committees of grade 12 farewell party

- The honorable all teachers and staffs

- The beloved brother and sister of senior high school 02 Dumai

(before we go to the main session, lets open with) To …. Time is yours
1. Reading of the holy Al Qur’an by : raka, ridho,and siddiq
Translated by : galizha
2. Prayers by : Mr. Drs. Mahyuddin
3. Singing Indonesia Raya song
(attendees please stand up) (attendees can sit back down)
(as sign of our thankful for the present of the invited guests lets see a)
4. Welcoming dance : Sanggar Engku Putri Hamidah SHS2 dumai
5. Speech by head of farewell committee : Mr. Syahrial represented by Mr.Syafriandi, S.sos, M.Si
6. Poetry reading : Surabil
7. Speech by teacher representative :Ms.Hj. Rismawati,S.Pd, M. Pd.
8. Islamic song performance : SHS2 harmony nasheed team
9. Speech by the head of student council : Herlambang
10. Speech by 12 grade student representative: surya nugraha wicaksono
(to make our event more enliven, lets see
11. Mass dance performance : Sanggar Engku Putri Hamidah SHS2 dumai
12. Speech by the head of committee shs2 dumai: Mr Ahmad Martulius, SE
13. Speech by SHS2 dumai headmaster : Mr.Drs.Yulizar
14. Solo electone music performance : Salsabila (10 science 3)
15. Speech by the head of Dumai’s branch
service educational department of Riau Province :Mr.H.Basrial,S.Sos
16. Souvenirs submission of grade 12
To school symbolically represented by:

(to headmaster of shs2 please come on stage)

Charter submission to all grade 12 student who has achievement
(in this case we hand over to another master ceremony)
17. Singing SHS2 hymn and mars : SHS2 choir team
18. Greetings and taking picture : big family of SHS2 dumai
19. Band performance : kesapukelat band (12 science 6)
20. Flashmob dance performance : 12 science 5 flashmob team
21. Closing
22. Playing CAS school video created by lensa fosma

So that’s all for our main event of grade 12 farewell party and will be continued by my friend
another master ceremony.

Asalnya sembilu dari buluh

Bila dianyam jadikan tampian

Kami menyusun jari sepuluh

Salah dan silap mohon dimaafkan

Wa billahitaufik wal hidayah wassalamualaikum wr wb