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Ivet Ruzhinova

Unit 2 – Home Work

Write an essay of about a thousand words and analyse the importance of recruitment and selection
to an organisation. Your essay should be supported by evidence where appropriate and reference
information used.

This essay is about the importance of recruitment and selection to an organisation.

Business owners want their teams that they can count on to get the job done while they are
focused on other things. Finding good and loyal talent is very hard. It takes time to develop
a recruiting process that is regularly looking for people with the needed skills and
motivation. A good process not only finds great employees but saves time and money on
replacing and training new people. When organisations chose the right people for the job,
train them and treat them appropriately, these people will not only produce good results
but also tend to stay with the organisation for long time.
Recruitment is the process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing the right
candidates for permanent or temporary jobs within an organisation. Selections is the
process of interviewing and evaluating candidates for a specific job.

There are several steps in recruitment and selection:

1. Identify the vacancy – Identify the job position
2. Develop the job position description-Identify duties and responsibilities. The manager
should establish the general information; position purpose; important functions; minimum
recruitments and preferred qualifications.
3 Develop recruitment plan – Recruitment plan elements: Position period; placement goals;
new advertising resources; diversity agencies and resumes banks.
4. Select search committee – At least one individual who has strong understanding of the
role; a job specialist or an individual who will interact closely with the position.
5. Post position – Once the position description has been completed, the position can be
posted in different websites, newspapers, agencies etc.
6. Review applicants and develop short list – Once the position has been posted the
candidates will apply or the job.
7. Conduct interview- Preparing for the interview. Once the shortlist is approved the
interview process can begin.
8. Hire – When the interview has been completed the employers need to discuss the
interviewees. When the discussion is done they need to make decision.

Recruitment and selection describes the process that organisations follow to attract
potential employees and chose the best person for the job. It is important that the business
gets this right so that they can get employees who will be happy and work hard. Having
good quality of employees is the number one goal for any employers. Establishing a job
description and advertising in websites, newspapers etc. will be able to attract people with
the right set of skills is the first step. It’s very important to identify what tasks the employees
will need to complete and if employers are capable of training them. An organisation may
have the latest technology and the best physical resources but if it does not have the right
people it will struggle to achieve the results and goals it requires.
Poor choice at the recruitment can prove expensive. The company needs to be sure of
candidate’s capability. If they don’t do it right the consequences could be losing time and
money or suffer penalty charges.
Ivet Ruzhinova
Unit 2 – Home Work
Write an essay of about a thousand words and analyse the importance of recruitment and selection
to an organisation. Your essay should be supported by evidence where appropriate and reference
information used.

Selection is the process of choosing form a group of candidates the individual best suited
got the job position. The goal is to hire the candidate how is most suitable for the job duties
and the culture of the organisation. Using the right methods of selection and delivering
them effectively is important. Proper selection of candidates can reduce costs of training
because the qualified candidate can perform well and achieve organisation goals.
Recruitment and selection process in an organisation is important in order to attract an
effective workforce. This is important because it would determine the business success and
would affect the whole organisation. One of the most valuable resources in an organisation
is the employees. Recruitment and selection process is important for an organisation to
achieve its goals. When the right people are selected, the employee will produce productive
results and stay with the organisation longer. If selection is not carefully done the employee
might make a mistake which leads to a financial loss. As well as waste of time of human
resource manager to go to the recruitment process again.
Cost is major reason why recruitment and selection is important. There are many ways in
which poor recruitment can result in financial losses.
Retention- Improper recruitment and selection can ofter result in high turnover, if a
recruiter is not careful when analysing resume and conducting interview they may hire an
employee with a weak principals .
Loyalty and productivity- Loyalty and productivity are linked. Employees who feel
committed to the organisation will work hard to help it succeed. Recruitment need to ask
questions about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and interviewers should ask about
greatest achievements throughout candidates career. Usually, loyal employees will have a
track record for excellence , resulting in a more competitive , profitable and innovative

Successful recruitment is a direct reflection to the effectiveness and professionalism of the business.
Employing the right people is the most important part of any organisation. It is essential to have a
good recruitment process so it can attract the right kind of employees that the business needs.
Recruitment process should be cost and time effective. Recruiting and training can be expensive
and time consuming , business owners need to make sure that they are making the right choices.

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