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Characters Group 5

Sulistyanengci Winarto as Narrator

Dian Safitri as Galuh Ajeng

Rosyani Tomia as Candra Kirana

Bayu O.P Satria as The King

Maimuna Marasabessy as The Queen

Ridwan Pakay as Prince Inu Kertapati

Rahmat .M Husayn as The Wizard

Rafini Lewenussa as Mbok Rondo

Hanafi Silawane as Old Man

Adegan 1

Once upon a time, in Daha kingdom, there lived a king and queen with their two daughters
were very pretty. they named Galuh Ajeng and Candra Kirana. news of their beauty has been
spread out to various lands. even so, the treatment of the queen to CandraKirana is very
different than the treatment of the queen to the GaluhAjeng.

One day, there came a crown prince dashing and handsome named Raden inu Kertapati of
KahuripanKingdom. Purpose of his arrival is to apply for one of the daughters of the King of
Daha, the daughter Candra Kirana. His arrival was welcomed by the king and queen of the
kingdom of Daha.

King : "Coming my daughter!".

Candra Kirana : ( Come to king ).

Galuh Ajeng : ( Follow Kirana come to king ). "Father why dou you call us?".
King : "Oke my daughter, I will tell you about tommorow Prince Inu kertapati from
Kahuripan Kingdom will visit to the our kingdom".

Galuh Ajeng : "Really ?".

King : "yes, really".

Candra Kirana : "Father, what the purpose prince Kertapati will visit to the our kingdom?".

King : "Father and prince Inu kertapati make a agreement. Father will choose one of
you to married with prince Inu kertapati."

Galuh Ajeng : ( Very happy ).

Candra Kirana : "Married! ( surprised ).

Galuh Ajeng : Father, who is it will be chosen you to marriage with prince Inu kertapati ? I or
Kirana?"( curious ).

King : "I will choose you Kirana to marriage with prince Inu Kertapati". ( smile ).

Candra Kirana : Really? ( surprised and smile ) Thank you father, i'm Really happy because
marriage him is my dream.

King : "Yes I know my sweety, father feel happy because this is not wrong choice to you
and to us. Oke, lets prepare everything for welcome party prince Inu kertapati".
Adegan 2

The king and Candra kirana leave the room but Galuh Ajeng still stay in there. Galuh Ajeng
jealous because her father choose Candra Kirana to married with prince Inu kertapati.

Galuh Ajeng : "I'm not agree with this engagement plan. Why father choose Kirana to married
with prince Inu kertapati? Why not me ? Actually I was more beautiful than kirana. It's not fair.
Only me will be prince's Inu kertapati wife not Kirana! Ummm, now what should do?".
( Thinking hard). Ah, I must tell to Mother.

Adegan 3

After thinking hard , finally princess Galuh Ajeng find way to destroy Candra Kirana. Galuh Ajeng
go to her Mother room.

Galuh Ajeng : “Mom...”

Queen : “What happened dear?”

Galuh Ajeng : “I hate Kirana so much. She was occupied my prince.”

Queen : “Really? How can you know?”

Galuh Ajeng : “Just now, father called me and Kirana. Then, father say to us that Prince Inu
would come to our Kingdom to enganged with Kirana I’m broken heart, mom. I really hate
Candra Kirana.”

Queen : “Don’t be sad dear. You can get him, I’m sure dear.”

Galuh Ajeng : “How Mom?”

Queen : “You must remove Candra Kirana. You must kill her.”

Galuh Ajeng : “What? No, mom. I can’t. I am scared if daddy knows my action.”

Queen : “Emm or we go to the wizard?”

Galuh Ajeng : “Okay, mom. Let’s go!”

Adegan 4

After that, Galuh Ajeng and her mom went to the wizard.

Queen : “I have a job for you.Sir...”

Wizard : “What is that?”

Queen : “I want you to kill Candra Kirana.”

Wizard : “No, I can’t.”

Galuh Ajeng : “Why?”

Wizard : “I am scared. Because my job is not to kill someone.”

Galuh Ajeng : “Then, what can you do to remove Candra Kirana?”

Wizard : “I can change her into golden snail.”

Galuh +Queen : “It’s okay.”

Wizard : “This is for you. (give a bottle liquid) It can change Candra Kirana into golden
snail. You must splash this liquid on her body and say the spell.‘bla bla bla’ remember, after she
turned into the snail, you must throw it to the river. If she meet her true love , it will change
into Candra Kirana again.”

Galuh Ajeng : “Okay. I will remember it. Thank you.”

Wizard : “You’re welcome.”

Adegan 5
At the night when Kirana was going to sleep, Galuh Ajeng went to Kirana’s room.

Candra Kirana : “Ooh, I’m so sleepy right now. What time is it? 10 p.m.? Okay, it’s time to sleep.”

Galuh Ajeng : (wishper). “Kirana is going to sleep. I have to splash the magic water soon.”

Candra Kirana : “Ajeng, what are you doing here?”

Galuh Ajeng : “No, I can’t sleep, dear. I wanna sleep with you tonight.”

Candra Kirana : “Oh, alright. And what is that? The bottle in your right hand?”

Galuh Ajeng : “Umm (panic) nothing. You know at the night sometimes I...I...I thirsty.”

Candra Kirana : “Oh okay, let’s sleep...”

Galuh Ajeng : (splash the magic water)”blab la bla.”

Candra Kirana : “What? What are you doing? Dad!!!!

Galuh Ajeng : “Bye bye Kirana.... I wanna throw you to the river!”
Candra Kirana : “Oh God... What happen with me? I feel like my body getting smaller and
there’s something hard grow in my back. What happen with me???”

Adegan 6

In the castle, the King’s family having breakfast. The King looked for Candra Kirana.

King : “Mom, do you know where is Kirana? I didn’t see her this morning. She should
having breakfast with us right now. Candraa....”

Queen : “Oh, you’re overthinking, Dad. She is still sleeping right now.

King : “No, mom. She usually wakes up earlier in this castle. Do you know, where she is,

Galuh Ajeng : “Exactly, I don’t know where she is, Dad.”

King : “I gonna check her on her room. (go upstairs and check Kirana on her
room)No..!!! Where is she??? Mom, Kirana isn’t at her room!!! I must look for her now. Mom,
please inform Prince Inu what happened. And Galuh, look after at the castle. I’m gonna find
Candra Kirana.”

Queen : “Okay, be careful, Dad! (Dad gone)Ajeng, we’re success! We did it!.”
Galuh Ajeng : “Yeah, mom. I’m happy about it.”

Queen : “What have you did on her?”

Galuh Ajeng : “I just splash her with the magic water and suddenly she turned into the golden

Queen : “Oh, how cruel you are. But I’m happy with that! Hahaha. Let’s have a high five.”

Adegan 7

Mbok Rondo looked for the fish on the river.

Mbok Rondo : (singing) “Yeah, I always do this every morning. Find the fish on the river. I sold
some fish that I got, and some fish gonna be my food. Oh... (fishing and found something
strange) Hey, what is that? It’s gold and shiny! Possibly it’s a gold? Oh... it’s snail. Golden snail.
What a stranger animal. I wanna take it home.”

Adegan 8
After Mbok rondo go to river, her is back to the home and put the golden snail into a bucket,
and then her is take a rest on the chair. Her was look sad because today her was not get fish in
the river.

Mbok Rondo : " I was hungry , but i dont have food for i'm eat. I was not getting the fish in the
river. I must go to the river to fishing again".

Then, Mbok Rondo leave home and go to the river. When Mbok rondo go to the river, the
golden snail change to be Candra Kirana.

Candra Kirana : ( Thinking) " Why did I’m in here? Oh yes I remember a old woman take me and
put me in a bucket. Hmmmm, the old woman was pity, her was hungry but her was not have
food. Before her back i must serve the food for her".

In the evening Mbok rondo back to the home and her was not get the fish. her face look tired
and sad. When mbok rondo arrived in the home, Candra Kirana has been changed to be a snail .
Mbok rondo was surprised when see some foods on the table her was confused.

Mbok Rondo : " Who is send me foods? This foods look delicious . Ooohh thank you god for this
foods eventually I have foods to I eat".

Adegan 9

Every day after back from the river Mbok rondo always find delicious foods on the table. One
day, Mbok rondo was curiosity about this foods. In the afternoon she was pretend go to the
river actually she is hide herself in behind of home for take a peep. Suddenly Mbok rondo was
shocked when looking the golden snail in the bucket change to be a beautiful girl and the
beautiful girl cooking food and serve it on the table. And then Mbok rondo was brave herself to
ask with that beautiful girl.
Mbok Rondo : " Who are you beautiful girl? And where do you come from?"

Candra Kirana : ( looking back with surprised ). “Im...I'm...I'm Candra kirana. I'm is princess from
Daha Kingdom. My sister give me a magic spell and then I has been change a snail, and her is
threw up me in the river and then you find me and take me in here.

Mbok Rondo : ( feel pity ) " You're sister is very evil to you. I feel sad when hear you're story
princess. My name is Mbok rondo, If you want you can stay in my home".(smile).

Candra Kirana : "Thank you very much mbok rondo". ( Happy face ).

Adegan 10

When the prince Inu kertapati know about the Candra Kirana disappear, prince was worrying
Candra Kirana. Once day in the morning, Prince Inu was continue seeking Candra Kirana. The
wizard heard news about the Prince Inu was seeking Candra kirana. the wizard worrying if
Prince Inu can find Candra kirana. He trying seeking Prince Inu kertapati and then he is find him
in the forest he is change himself to be a farmer and he is come closer to him.

Prince Inu : ( surprised ). "Who are you?".

Wizard : "Are you Prince Inu?"

Prince Inu : " Yes, I'm prince Inu kertapati, why do you know me?".
Wizard : " Are you seeking you're princess?"

Prince Inu : " Yes, you right. Do you know where is my princess?".

Wizard : " Yes, I know if you will met with you're princess, you must go to the Dadapan
village because you are princess stay in there. The direction to go to Dadapan village u must go
straight a head until you find the river and then you turn left.

Prince Inu : " Thank you, Sir for you're help".

Wizard : " Ok, prince Inu". ( Smile ).

Adegan 11

And then prince Inu going far away follow the direction is given by a farmer in the forest.
Suddenly Prince find the river when prince Inu will turn left , prince Inu met with old man.
Actually the old man is a paranormal.

Old man : " Sir, please help me. I had not eat for many days. I was hungry.

Prince Inu : " I have a food, I will give to you, I hope you will not hungry again if you has
been eat this food". ( Give the food ).
Old man : ( Receive the food ). " Thank you young man. Oh ya, you don't follow the
direction is given by the farmer in the forest, because her is actually a wizard her is lie about the

Prince Inu : " Really? What should I do?".

Old man : " You walking follow this river flow and then you will find the dadapan village".

Prince Inu : " Thank you very much".

Old man : " Yes, be careful".

Prince Inu : " oke, bye". ( Then, Prince Inu walking and leave the old man ).

Adegan 12

After walking so far prince Inu kertapati arrived in the dadapan village and prince Inu see a

Prince Inu : " hmmmmm, Maybe I can take a rest for a while in that cottage (Prince Inu
Walking and approched that cottage and knocked door ), Excuse me!".

Candra Kirana : " Yes, waitting for a while". ( Open the door ).
Prince Inu : ( Surprised ) "Kirana!".

Candra Kirana : ( Surprised ) "Prince Inu".

Prince Inu : ( Holding hand Kirana ) "I spent many days to seeking you Kirana, now let's back
to the kingdom and married with me, you're father always waitting you".

Candra Kirana : " thank you very much my prince, you safe my life because the magic spell from
witch will disappear when I'm met with you". Suddenly mbok rondo is come.

Mbok Rondo : "Who is he Kirana?".

Candra Kirana : " This is Prince Inu and he will take me out for back in the kingdom but I'cant
leave you alone". ( sad ).

Mbok Rondo : " Doesn't matter Kirana , you must back in kingdom. I know you miss youre

Prince Inu : " Mbok Rondo please let's go to the Daha kingdom together". ( Smile ).

Mbok Rondo : ( nodded head ). " Thank you prince Inu kertapati and Princess Candra Kirana".

Finally prince Inu kertapati take princess Kirana and mbok rondo in the Daha kingdom. Princess
Candra kirana tell about misconduct Princess Galuh to the King. The king apologizes to princess
Kirana and Princess Galuh get punished but Princess Galuh feel afraid and her is escape to the
forest. Finally Prince Inu kertapati and Princess Candra kirana is wedding and they life happily
ever after.