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雅思阅读考点词汇 刘洪波

考点核心词 encyclopaedia endanger enormous * entrepreneurship

equal equator erode * escape
abandon abstract accelerate * access *
established estate ethical evenly
acknowledge * adapt to * addictive adjust *
eventually evidence evolve exaggerate *
admit adversity aggression agreeable
exceptional exchange * exclusive * exhausted
aid allergic alter * alternative
experiment expert * expertise explicit
altitude analyse * ancient * application
exploit extend extinct * extract
apply to * appreciate * approach * approve
extreme faculty famine feasible
array artificial * assess * assign
feature fertilise * financial * finite
association attitude authority avoid *
fitness focus on * foe format
bacteria based on * be consistent with be liable to
fragile * freeze fulfill fund *
be subject to bear beneficial * blight
fundamental * gene geographic gifted
boundary budget burden calamity
grant graphic guarantee * habitat
calculate capacity catastrophic cater
halt harbor hardship harmonise
certify characteristic chronic * civic
harsh hazard hinder identify *
cognitive coin comment communal
ignore * imitate * immediate immunity *
commute compare compensate complicate
impact impaired impressive in accordance with
comply with component comprehend conceal
inaccurate inactive inappropriate incentive
concentrate concur confer confidential
induce * indulge inevitable * infest
confuse conscious * conservative considerable
inherit * initial * initiate innate
constrain consult contemporary contingent
installment integrate intelligence intense
controversial convention * co-operation co-ordinate
interaction interference interior interrupt
correlation courtship crash credibility
involve isolate * keen label
crisis criteria * criticism cue
lack landscape latitude legal
curriculum * damp dazzle deadline
legitimate * likelihood limb limitation *
deficiency delay delivery * demanding *
linguistic link log look-in
democratic demographic dental depend on *
lopsided loss * magnetic * mainly
depression derive * designate detain
malfunction mammal manage to do manifest
detect * determine * devastate differ
manufacture marine massive * mate
diminish disaster disclose disparate
measure * mechanism mental mercury
display disrupt distinguish * distract
meteorological migrate military * minimise *
distribute diversity * documentation domain
modify * moisture monitor moral
domestic * donate dramatic drought
mortal motif mould native
due to * dynamics ecosystem elaborate
nocturnal norm notoriety nourishment
elderly eliminate elusive emphasize *
雅思阅读考点词汇 刘洪波

nutrient obey objective obligation therapy threat throughout toll

obtain odd odour offensive toxic trace track trait *
official opportunity optimum option * transcend tremendous trigger tropical
ordinary organ original * other than unbiased underlie unexpectedly * uniform
out of the question overcome overtake paralyse unusual valuable vanish variation
paramount participate particular patient variety * versatile violent visible
pattern peak perceive * peripheral visual waste well-being witness
permit persuade pessimistic phase
physical plagiarise plague plenty of
plot portable pose potential *
poverty praise predict prefer to *
preferential pressing primary * principal
principle * priority private profit *
prohibit prolong promote prompt
property * proportion * prosper provision *
purify qualify quantity * radical
range rapid * rare rate
rather than * react realise * recognize
recreation reduction refer to regulate
rehearsal reject relevant reliance
religious reluctant rely on * remain *
reproduce resemble * resistance responsible
restrict * result from * retain * revision
revive rudimentary ruin scenic
secrete * separate * setting settle *
shade shift * signal similar *
skepticism soar solicit sophisticate *
specific * stable standard steer
stem from stride subdivide substance
substitute * subtle sufficiency superior
supersede supplement suppress supremacy
surrounding * surveillance survive * suspicious
sustenance swift * symbol symptom
synthetic tension term thanks to *

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