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Below are some of the notable statements made by email to Teaneck

Council members by Teaneck resident Richard A. Siegel regarding the

upcoming “Breakfast for Israel” on May 19 to support Israel’s Ambulance
service, Magen David Adom.

We have been notified by the police that an organization "Deir

Yassin Remembers" has applied for a permit to conduct a
demonstration (Anti-Breakfast for Israel) outside the building on the
morning of the Israel Breakfast. They have a right to demonstrate.
And the police say they will keep them at adistance. But - you should
know ...

This is the person that applied for the permit (Richard A.


And this is the organization. They call themselves a human rights

organization but they have been deemed a hate group by others

Elie Y Katz - Teaneck Town Council Member

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Elie Y. Katz


Teaneck Loves Its Residents!!!


“An event supporting the racist war-mongering apartheid Jewish state is

not relevant to Teaneck.”
“Because of the sense of entitlement that Zionist Jews feel in this town,
and in many towns, somehow they- you- think that your agenda is more
important than anyone else’s agenda.”

“As much as the Modern Orthodox Jewish Zionists of Teaneck might like
to make Teaneck into a Jewish-Zionist town, it is not. And there are
many people here who oppose the state of Israel. And those would
include anti-Zionist Jews like me. And then there are many people here
who don’t give a hoot about Israel one way or another.”
“And I support Katz’s right to be a racist Zionist and to promote his racist
Zionist event”

“As for the mayor’s practice of the Muslim religion, it is a matter that
does not interest me. I merely point out that addressing a group of
people who are actively promoting the ethnic cleansing of a Muslim-
majority population is something that most Muslims would find
abhorrent. “

“And regarding that event, Mayor Hameeduddin: A lot of Muslims, and a

lot of decent people of all faiths, are wondering what you’re doing
speaking at a vigil for 50 Muslim victims of white supremacist terrorism,
when you’re also speaking at an event which celebrates Jewish
supremacist terrorism directed at a Muslim majority population, with
loss of life spanning over 7 decades and far exceeding the death toll in
New Zealand. I guess Muslims lives matter when white supremacist
terrorists kill them, but not when Jewish supremacist terrorists do. While
you’re a nice Muslim lap-dog for your Zionist Jewish colleagues on the
town council, you’re making enemies just about everywhere else. “

“The racist war-mongering apartheid Jewish state of Israel has murdered

countless thousands of Muslims, directly in Palestine and in neighboring
countries that Israel has attacked, and indirectly by influencing America’s
endless “war on terror”, which is in fact a war on Islam, re-making the
Middle East to be friendly to Zionism. “

“And this fact makes it particularly disgraceful and disgusting that our
mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin, a Muslim, is going to be speaking at
this pro-Israel event, betraying his millions of Muslim brethren. “
“I heard our esteemed mayor speak, citing organizations that police hate
groups. It was astonishing that he would mention the ADL, the Anti-
Defamation League, which really should be called the Defamation
League, as it basically functions as a witch-hunt calling out “anti-
Semites”, meaning anybody critical of the Zionist ethnic cleansing of
Palestine. But more astonishing was a rabbi who somehow thought it
was appropriate on the occasion of massacres at two New Zealand
mosques to discuss the “blood libel”, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,
and “Zionist Conspiracies”! I had to wonder which Zionist conspiracies he
was referring to”