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BMT1013 Banking and Insurance L T P J C

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Pre-requisite Nil Version 1.2

Course Objectives:
To enable the students to gain knowledge about the products and services in banking and
insurance sector.
Expected Course Outcome:
To make the students for using the financial services from banking and reducing the risks
in business
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO): 1-8
1. Having an overview of Banking and Insurance in India and understand the related concepts
and contemporary issues
2. Having a good understanding about Bank Products/ S
3. ervices and knowledge about Technology driven Banking functions.
4. Having an understanding of Banking sector regulation, Role of RBI and understand the
need of banking system for the economic growth of a country.
5. Having an introductory knowledge of Risk management in Banks.
6. Having overview knowledge of IRDA and regulatory framework of insurance in India.
7. Gaining knowledge about Insurance industry and Life insurance products and Claim
8. Gaining knowledge about Motor insurance and Health insurance products and Claim
9. Gaining knowledge on miscellaneous insurance Products.
Module:1 Introduction to Banking 3 hours SLO:1,2
History of Banking Business and banker, Banking system and its impact in the economy

Module:2 Banking – Growth and Development 8 hours SLO:1,3

Commercial banks - structure of the Indian banking system - PSU and Private banks - Foreign
banks. RRBs and Cooperative bank - Developmental financial institutions. Current development -
retail banking - corporate banking - international banking. NBFCs-
Electronic banking: Internet banking – credit and debit cards-ECS, NEFT, RTGS – risks in e-

Module:3 Regulatory Framework 5 hours SLO:1,2,3

RBI - Acts and Regulations - Role and functions of RBI - Monetary policy and tools - Policy rates,

Module:4 Products and Services in Banks 4 hours SLO:2,3,4

Savings and Deposit products, Loans and advances - priority sector lending - export credit.
Risk management in banks – an overview.

Module:5 Introduction to Insurance 7 hours SLO: 1,5

History - purpose and importance - functions – benefits - classification of Insurance Policies-
Insurance contracts – assurance- legal and regulatory framework - Regulator – IRDA
Module:6 Life insurance and Health Insurance 7 hours SLO:5,6
Need for life and health insurance, Classification of policies - Advantages - comparison of
different polices - Role of hospitals and TPAs-Govt. sponsored schemes.

Module:7 Motor Vehicles Insurance and Marine 6 hours SLO: 5,6,7

Importance of Vehicle and Marine Insurance– Legal terms - Classification of policies -claims and

Module:8 Contemporary issues: Other Types of 5 hours SLO: 7,8

Fire insurance, Flood, burglary, cattle, crop, engineering and liability policies - Reinsurance.

Total Lecture hours: 45 Hours

Text Book(s)
1. Text Books : Jyotsna sethi and Nishwan Bhatia (2012), Elements of Banking and
Insurance,6thEdition, PHI India
Reference Books
1. Padmalatha Suresh and Dr.Justin Paul (2014), Management of Banking and Financial
Services 3rdEdition, Pearson Education
2 Jyotsna Sethi, Nishwan Bhatia (2012), Elements of Banking and Insurance, PHI
3 Mishra M.N (2012), Insurance Principles and Practice, 21Edition, S. Chand &co.
4 P.K Guptha (2015), Insurance and Risk Management, Himalaya Publications
5 N.S Toor (2015), Hand Book of Banking information, 40th Edition, Skylark Publications.
Mode of Evaluation : CAT-I, CAT-II, Assignments, Quizzes &FAT
Specific Assessment Methods % Weighting Intended subject learning outcomes to be
assessed (Please tick as appropriate)
1 2 3 4 5 6
Continuous Assessment 60
(i) CAT I 15 √ √ √
(ii) CAT II 15 √ √ √
(iii)Digital Assignment 30 √ √ √
Final Assessment Test 40 √ √ √ √ √ √
Total 100
Recommended by Board of Studies
Approved by Academic Council No. 47 Date 05-10-2017