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IN4529 Desarrollo de Proyectos

Tecnológicos con Internet de las Cosas

Clase 2

Primavera 2017

Sandra Céspedes (DIE)

Ignacio Saavedra (DII)
Why learning IoT is important?
• Other than being fun, why is this stuff interesting?

1. Partially reasons from industry.

2. Partially reasons from the history of UI work

3. Partially technology-push reasons

4. Partially intrinsic motivation for the tangible over the intangible /

abstract / virtual

5. Partially intrinsic motivation for knowing more about the user and
context of use
Class 2: Recap

• We look forward to create IoT smart objects that solves real life products.

• Many applications are hot today, mostly for industry.

• Ubicomp was the inspiration and should remain to be.

• Context and UI are fundamental for IoT development.

Iot can materialize ideas that worth…
…More doable for us…
… or ideas that just don’t
Types of ideas
• Simplify
• Instagram
• Me too
• Flipkart
• Clan descuento
• Virtualize
• Uber
• Remix
• Slack
• Mission imposible
• Loon
Exercise: Clay
Exercise: Corneshop
Ideas… Where they come from?
• Exercise 1:

• Think in 15 problems or issues you face every day.

• 10 minutes.
From problems to ideas
• Exercise 2:

• Think on 5 ideas (projects) that solve some (or all) the problems you name on exercise 1.

• 15 minutes

• Tips:

• Don’t think on the technical side - yet

• Try to use your personal motivations

• Don’t worry if something similar already exists

• KISS: keep it simple stupid

• Never say no, No bad ideas, Defer judgement, Be supportive

Triage: What idea should I build?

• Vitamin or Painkiller

• Monetize

• Simple, Can you explain it in 20 sec?

• Personally relevant

• Follow through - Secret sauce

Exercise 3: Evaluation (10 min)
• Vitamin or Painkiller

• Is the idea easy to monetize? (1 to 5)

• Is the idea simple and easy to describe?

• Is the idea personally relevant? Are you or is someone close you to connected
to the idea or the related problem? (1 to 5)

• Do you have follow through for the idea? (1 to 5)

• Follow through - Secret sauce (1 to 5)


Nir Eyal at the Stanford Graduate School of

Business posits that successful companies are
known to be so good at embedding/implementing
hooks in their products that they travel along the
above continuum from being vitamins for
‘pleasure seeking’ consumers to becoming pain
killers for their pain alleviation as they cement
enduring habits in them.
Value Proposition

• So far in this class we have learned:

• how to identify a problem or need in a certain user group

• ways to expand on ideas or solutions for this problem or need.

Value Proposition (continued)
• Consider an example value proposition for Cornershop

• Cornershop: Entregamos tus pedidos de supermercado en 1 hora

• En Cornershop puedes encontrar diferentes supermercados y tiendas

especializadas de carnes, vinos y más. Puedes pedir de varias tiendas
a la vez.
Exercise 4a: Value proposition in one tweet
Exercise 4b: Experience Strategy (10 min)
Next Class

• Lunes (LAB)

• Viernes: Estudios de Usuario (control de lectura 2)

IN4529 Desarrollo de Proyectos
Tecnológicos con Internet de las Cosas

Primavera 2017

Sandra Céspedes (DIE)

Ignacio Saavedra (DII)