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1 Farmer Name & Address Poola Ramanjaneyulu

Village : Nagalapuram Mandal: Pedda Vadugur, District : Anantapur
2 Mobile No. 9704485717
3 Since when Farmer is Operating 3 Years
the Solar Pump
4 Total Cost of Solar System Rs. 5,00,000/-
5 Solar System Supplier Name ACCESS SOLAR LIMITED
S-5, Phase II, T.I.E, Balanagar, Hyderabad - 500 037,Andhra
Pradesh, India -
6 Cultivation in Acres & Crop 8.75 Acres , Sapota – 6 Acres , Berra - 2.00 Acres and Paddy – 0.75
Details Acres
7 Solar Pump Set Details
Capacity of the pump 1.8 Kilowatt hours / 1800 Watt hours.
Discharge of the water per hour 17,143 Lt.
Bore Depth ( Feet) 32 Feet ( Bore location is near water source )
Outlet Size in inches 2.5
Motor H.P. 2 H.P
Pump set name Access Solar Ltd
Daily Discharge of water 1,20,000 Lt / day
8 Solar Power – Effective Supply 8 A.M to 4 PM ( 9 hours)
Time (Daily)
9 How many days using pump set in 11 months
a year
10 Any Problems of the pump set No Problem
11 Who assisted , setting up the solar Rural Trust Development, Anantapur.
12 Drip irrigation details Drip Irrigation based cultivation. Irrigation given every day to
cover whole cultivated area.
13 Benefit of Solar Pump system – No fuel costs
– No interruption in power supply as in traditional electric
power supply break downs can use the system as and when
the farmer needs as the power supply is reliable and Safe to
– Supply of Traditional electric power is irregular and mostly
power supply is available during the night time. Farmer has
to remain awake during the night to switch on and switch
off, thus affecting health and safety of the farmers. Further,
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incase farmer is asleep without switching of power after
optimum supply of water, then more water flows affecting
the crop productivity and frequent break down of electric
motor and recurring repairs.
– Because of planned use of solar power sufficient time,
sufficient time is given for recharge of ground water.
– During summer, regular supply of water is needed for the
crop to sustain intense heat of the sun. However in case of
electricity supply, due to frequent power cuts during
summer, required water supply is not ensured to the crop.
These problems one can overcome with solar power supply.
– Solar power supply protect motors and pump against low
power output, low motor speed, float switch input, dry run
and thermal overload.

15 Is Electric Motor & Solar pump Using Solar Pump only & Electric motor is also used whenever
both used? needed.
16 Any Finance from the Bank / Any Assistance from Rural Development Trust, Anantapur

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