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In addition to the requirements of the practicum site, students are required to adhere to the following:

1. Student must complete at least 200 hours for CLINICAL SETTING / 300 Hours for


Each student will receive documents during the first day of the semester that contains the items listed
below. The student is responsible for maintaining and completing each of these forms and returning
them to the practicum coordinator at the assigned date.

A. Endorsement Letter (Photocopy)

B. Certification from School (Photocopy)

C. Parental / Guardian Consent (Photocopy)

D. Department of Labor and Employment Form (Photocopy)

E. Company Profile
1. History

2. Mission and Vision/Goals

3. Products/Services

4. Organizational Chart

F. Daily Attendance Report

G. Weekly Status Report: Student will complete a log of his or her activities while at the practicum
site. The form must be signed by the site supervisor before submitted to the practicum coordinator at
the end of the semester.

H. Weekly discussion entry: Student should keep a weekly discussion entry for every day work at the
practicum site, summarizing your daily activities as well as a reflection on thoughts, emotions, and
questions that are stimulated by your practicum work are required. The purpose of this assignment is to
encourage you to think critically about your practicum experiences and how they are helping you to
develop as a future Psychometrician or psychologist. You should address, but not necessarily be limited
to the following:

1. What do you consider to be the most significant experience you had during the week?

2. What implications did this experience have for your professional development as a
Psychometrician or HR personnel?

3. What did you learn about yourself from this experience? (e.g. What do you value, What do
you worry about?)

I. Photos while on-duty together with the Staff and General Manager

a. Present 5-10 pictures only, with a brief one-sentence description.

b. Photos implying non-performance of duty during office hours may lead to a demerit.

J. Evaluation (Photocopy): An Evaluation form should be completed by the site supervisor. The
completed evaluation should be submitted to the practicum coordinator at the end of the semester.
K. Certificate of Completion (Photocopy): A certification of completion should be furnished and
signed by the site supervisor. Then should be submitted to the practicum coordinator at the end of the

L. Reflection paper: Student is required to complete a 4-5page reflection paper describing their
practicum experience. It should be submitted to the practicum coordinator at the end of the semester.
(Font style and size: Arial or Times New Roman, 11, 1.5 space). Include the following:

a. Problems Encountered

b. Things that Company should improve on

M. Psychological Report (Clinical Setting)

O. Updated Resume


Submit all required documents in a RINGBIND format (GREEN for industrial setting and BLUE for
clinical setting) with a title page on the first page, a table of contents on the second page, the practicum
summary form on the third page, and the rest of the documents in subsequent pages arranged according
to the list provided. Date of submission is to be announced.

Documents not submitted on time will result in a reduction of points from your grade. Failure to submit
any of the required documents will give you a mark of INC in the final grade. Please be guided