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Saturday May 11, 2019


Saturday May 11, 2019

*Please arrive at 8:00pm to
allot time for parking as it
will be very busy.
Bring all lyrics/music
Please come dressed nicely for your performance
(formal attire - no jeans/runners) 
Don't forget to smile & have fun! 

Please note:
This year, the Richmond NightMarket security will be strict on who is
allowed to come into the performance areas. Only performers and
related members are allowed into the stage area for security reasons.
All performers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent
and/or guardian. Each performer under the age of 13 will receive +1
parent/guardian free admission.
*Additional tickets must be purchased through the Richmond

Important notice:
All parents must park in the general parking lot as backstage
parking will not be allowed. 

Once each performer has arrived, please go to the front of the

ticket line and speak with security and let them know that you will
be performing at 8:30pm with CCIM Entertainment Group. 
Please text Courtney upon your arrival: 778-938-1027.

Richmond NightMarket Admission Fees

(more information: