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Christina Alvarado

April 29, 2019

Math 143

Problem Write- Up #5

Problem Statement

The problem is ticket for the festival. The Compton School District is having a festival

for pi-day. The ticket prices range from $2 to $6. The prices for the tickets are the following; for

children the cost is $2, for adults the cost $6 and for senior citizens the cost is $3. The Compton

School District saw that one sixth of the tickets were children tickets. In addition, there were 40

senior citizens eating under the trees and watching the children play. Half of the people attending

the festival brought adult tickets. How much money did the Compton School District collect

from the ticket sale?


The strategy I used to solve this problem was to write down that my variable 𝑥 was going

to represent the total number of tickets sold all together. Then, I wrote an expression to represent
the amount of children tickets sold. The expression was 6 𝑥 , because one sixth of the total

amount of tickets sold were children tickets. The next expression I wrote was to represent the
amount of adult tickets sold. This expression was 2 𝑥 , because half of the total tickets sold were

adult tickets. Moreover, I was given that there were 40 senior citizens under the tree. This meant

that 40 senior citizen tickets were sold. Once, I had all the parts to my equation I put it together. I

know that all the ticket, children, adult, and senior citizens, would add up to the total amount of
1 1
tickets sold. My equation was 6 𝑥 + 𝑥 + 40 = 𝑥.


First, I used the took my equation and multiple it by 6 to both sides. This was because I

did not ant to work with fractions.

1 1
6 ( 𝑥 + 𝑥 + 40) = 6(𝑥)
6 2

𝑥 + 3𝑥 + 240 = 6𝑥

Moreover, I had my new equation which was 𝑥 + 3𝑥 + 240 = 6𝑥. The next thing I did was to

combine like terms on the left side of my equation and got 4𝑥 by adding 𝑥 + 3𝑥. In addition, I

moved all my variables to one side and all my constants to the others side. In doing this I got the

equation 240 = 2𝑥 by subtracting 4𝑥. Lastly, I solved for 𝑥 by dividing by 2 to leave 𝑥 by itself.

𝑥 + 3𝑥 + 240 = 6𝑥

4𝑥 + 240 = 6𝑥

240 = 2𝑥

𝑥 = 120

In addition, the solution I found 𝑥 to equal 120 which means that the Compton School District
sold a total of 120 tickets. I then went back to the first expression, 6 𝑥, I had that was for the

number of children tickets that were sold and substituted 120 for 𝑥 to find the number of children

tickets that were sold.


Amount of Children Tickets Sold  𝑥

(120) = 20

In a similar way, I used the second expression, 2 𝑥, I had for the number of adult tickets that were

sold and substituted 120 for 𝑥 to find the number of adult tickets that were sold.

Amount of Adult Tickets Sold  2 𝑥

(120) = 60

Amount of Senior Citizen Tickets Sold  given that it was 40

Moreover, I found that 20 children tickets, 60 adult tickets and 40 senior citizen tickets were sold

at the Compton School District Festival. Then I checked the amount of tickets for each by adding

them to see if I got 120 tickets.

Children Tickets + Adult Tickets + Senior Citizen Tickets = Total Tickets

20 + 60 + 40

80 + 40 = 120

I then multiple that amount of tickets for each by the cost per ticket to find how much money

was earn for each. First for the children tickets. Then for the adult tickets. Last, for the senior

citizen tickets.

Total money for children tickets  $2(20) = $40

Total money for adult tickets  $6(60) = $360


Total money for senior citizen tickets  $3(40) = $120

Lastly, I added the total money for children, adult, and senior citizen tickets to find how much

money the Compton School District collected from the ticket sale.

Total amount of money  $40 + $360 + $120 = $520


I chose this problem because I liked that we have really think how the information would

connect to each other. This is because we first must understand that to find the amount of money

that was collected we need to know how many of each kind of tickets were sold. I liked that we

had to pay close attention what the question was asking for and not just go with the first solution

we get. I struggled finding the equation because I was getting confuse with all the fractions and

what they represented. What help me to solve the problem and come up with my expressions and

equations was to write down what my variable represented. I think that the problem is pretty

straight forward after reading it a couple of times, read it carefully, and pay attention to what the

question is asking for.