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Technical Description

Information and Training

Automation and Drives
2. PROFIBUS (PB) - Basic Characteristics

Communication 3. PB - Bus Access

4. PB - FDL -Frames

Course KO-7KFMS

5. Configuring FDL - Connections

Export Regulations
AL Number of European resp. German export list.
Goods with labels not equal to ”N” are subject to export authorization.
ECCN Number of US export list (Export Control Classification Number). Goods
with labels not equal to ”N” are subject to re-export authorization for
export to certain countries.
Indication Goods labeled with ”AL not equal to N” (here: technical documentations)
are subject to European or German export authorization when being 6. NCM S7 for PB / FMS (Manual)
exported out of the EU.
Goods labeled with ”ECCN equal to N” (here: technical documentations)
are subject to US re-export authorization.
Even without a label, or with label ”AL:N” or ”ECCN:N”, authorization may
be required due to the final whereabouts and purpose for which the
goods are to be used.
Decisive are the export labels stated on order acknowledgements,
delivery notes and invoices.

This document was produced for training purpose. 7. OLE/DDE - Manager

Siemens assumes no responsibility for its contents.

The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or its contents is not permitted
without express written authority. Offenders will be liable to damages. All rights,
including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are


8. Exercises for FMS

Name: ___________________________

Course: from ____________ to ____________

Instructor: 9. Solutions for FMS

Infoline Tel: 01805 23 56 11

Fax: 01805 23 56 12

ID-Nr.: 10. Glossar

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