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Policies of State and Local Legislatures:

Doctors have a responsibility to always be careful with patients and try their level best to prevent

them from any kind of harm that can possibly come to them. They are bound by oath to always

carry out this responsibility. There are very logical explanations as to why they are required to take

an oath that commits them to this promise. The lawmakers and leaders should also give due

importance because their actions have serious consequences and other people might face

repercussions of their actions. The whole systems depend on the route they decide to take so they

should be honest and selfless while doing their job.

When there are better economic conditions, the chances of improvement of the situation are better.

This would naturally put some extra load on the income levels and expenditures of the state and

local levels. In addition to that, the states and localities have been caught up in some tough issues

for a long time which are mostly connected to pension and health of the employees who have

reached the age of retirement. These challenges are undoubtedly very hard but facing them is

necessary to make sure that our strong and vigorously growing economy provides excellent

lifestyle to the residents of New York and to the country altogether.

Historically speaking, the capacity of Congress to utilize federal aid to both levels of governments

as a way to generate job opportunities and further the financial expansion shows that the uplifting

tendency in the grant of federal government which have been realized over the few years in the

past may pursue, although much steadily.

There is an essential reality that seems unchanged; state and local governments will pursue to be

the core in the livelihood of most people through the kinds of public work that they deliver. These

include many every day services which we can observe including education institutions, roadways,
parking places, healthcare facilities, lawmaking institutes etc. These are all activities that are

fundamental to live in today’s world.

Even though it is necessary for the federal government to only allow its aids on the policies of state

and report the necessary documents, there comes a level on which these circumstances become

troublesome and difficult. Lawmakers should try their level best to keep on the correct side of the

scenario. This is impossible without a constant and although it is legitimate for the federal

government to condition its grants on state policies and reporting requirements, there is a point at

which such conditions become unreasonably demanding—indeed, onerous. Policymakers should

do their best to stay on the right side of that line, which cannot happen without a regular and robust

dialogue between state and federal officials.