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Made in New York Campus Bush Terminal Studios RFP

Questions & Answers

September 7, 2018

In connection with the Request for Proposals relating to the Made in New York
Campus - Bush Terminal Studios released by NYCEDC on July 27, 2018 the
questions from potential Respondents and answers provided by NYCEDC are

1. Q: Are joint-ventures or other multipart entities barred from submitting

A: No, NYCEDC does not have a preference regarding the structure of the
Respondent team.

2. Q: Will NYCEDC negotiate with multiple Respondents?

A: NYCEDC may choose to negotiate with one or multiple Respondents.

3. Q: Is there a concern about the potential for noxious fumes from the grease
recycling facility?
A: The prospective tenant for the grease recycling facility will be required to
obtain various permits from City and State agencies, including with respect to
environmental matters. They will also be required to comply will all applicable
laws, rules and regulations related to emissions. NYCEDC is confident that
the performance standards of the grease recycling facility, in compliance with
all applicable laws, rules and regulations, should ensure minimal impact on
the sound stage development.

4. Q: The RFP is based on the premise that there is a shortage of film and TV
production facilities within New York City. The pipeline of film and television
production is driven by the tax credit program from New York State. Does
NYCEDC have a commitment from the State that the program will continue?
A: The current NYS Film Tax Credit Program is in place through 2022.
Respondents should submit proposals grounded in their own perceptions of
the sustainability of the film industry with the understanding that the Mayor’s
Office of Media and Entertainment will work together with industry
stakeholders and the State to support renewal of the Tax Credit program.

5. Q: What public approvals will be required after selection? Would developing

the site trigger the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (“ULURP”)?
A: The applicability of various public approval processes will be dependent
upon the proposed uses, lease term and other specifics of each respondent’s
proposal. For example, to the extent that proposals include uses that fall
outside of M3-1 zoning; seek lease terms that extend beyond November 30,

2052; or contain other provisions falling outside of NYCEDC’s master lease
with the City of New York; respondents may be subject to ULURP (See
disposition process as described on page 32 in the RFP).

6. Q: Will prevailing wage or other union labor requirements be enforced during

A: There are no labor requirements included in the RFP; however, living and
prevailing wage laws will apply as set forth in Appendices 7 and 8 of the RFP.

7. Q: What will the demolition process be and does NYCEDC have the authority
to expedite it?
A: NYCEDC is committed to working with the selected Respondent to help
facilitate the demolition of the building(s); however, demolition remains part of
the Respondent’s scope of work. While NYCEDC may assign staff to assist
with permitting and similar requirements, it does not have any specific
authority to expedite the demolition process.

8. Q: Have any environmental or structural studies been conducted on the site?

A: None are currently available.

9. Q: What are the plans for Buildings 57 and 58 to the south of the site?
A: Portions of Buildings 57 and 58 are presently occupied, pursuant to space
leases, by tenants of NYCEDC. Respondents can propose leasing space in
these two buildings in addition to the ground lease of the “Primary Development
Site”. Please see availability timeline below. If Respondents are seeking a
space lease(s) at Building 57 and/or Building 58, proposals should specify
how much space is needed, whether the space needs to be contiguous or
can be split among floors / buildings, and on what schedule the space leases
will be required.

Building Size (SF) Availability Date

Building 58 11,000 Immediate
Building 58 109,180 February 2020
Building 57 23,338 Immediate
Building 57 49,265 February 2020
Building 57 10,000 February 2021
Building 57 45,000 April 2021

10. Q: Can Respondents include the utilization of sites/areas outside of the

Primary Development Site (e.g. Buildings 57 and 58) as part of their

A: NYCEDC is willing to review proposals that include the utilization of
sites/areas within the Bush Terminal campus but outside of those identified in
the RFP as add-alternatives, provided that Respondent proposals are
substantially focused on the Primary Development Site, take into
consideration the rights of existing tenants, and are not contingent upon the
approval of such add-alternative elements. Notwithstanding the foregoing,
NYCEDC encourages Respondents to set forth their primary and best
proposals possible within the Primary Development Site identified in the RFP.
Any add-alternatives outside the Primary Development Site may be subject to
additional public approvals processes.

11. Q: Does the site footprint include ancillary production vehicle parking and
crew parking?
A: The RFP provides information regarding the availability of, and NYCEDC’s
preferences for, ancillary parking. See page 19 in Development Program of
the RFP.

12. Q: What is the status of Bush Terminal Park?

A: The park was opened in 2014. An additional scope of work to add
overhead lighting to the park will be completed in 2019. There are
components of the original park construction scope that are still unfunded,
and a desire from the local community to add a playground, but at present
there are no specific plans for further funding or construction.

13. Q: Is the Respondent required to provide any form of esplanade along the
A: No, the site boundary does not touch the waterfront and there is no need
for any esplanade for the public within the perimeter of the site.

14. Q: Has an operator for the grease recycling facility been chosen?
A: Yes, the selected operator is Tully Environmental, Inc.

15. Q: Is Marginal Way part of the campus?

A: Marginal Way is not part of the proposed development site. It is owned by
the New York City Department of Small Business Services, leased to the
NYCEDC, and operated as a private right of way for tenants within the Bush
Terminal campus.

16. Q: Who owns the brick after demolition of Unit G?

A: The Respondent can propose reusing any applicable material as desired
in their proposal. If the structures that have been identified for demolition are
taken down by the Respondent, it will be their sole responsibility to ensure all
demolition materials and structures are removed and/or reused appropriately
from or at site. The Respondent will be solely responsible for any required
remediation of demolition materials.

17. Q: Who operates Bush Terminal Park?
A: Bush Terminal Park is under the jurisdiction of the New York City
Department of Small Business Services. The Department of Parks and
Recreation (DPR) operates the park through an MOU with NYCEDC.

18. Q: Does the RFP include a timeline?

A: No, it is expected that Respondents will propose a development schedule.

19. Q: Is there currently a design RFP out for a soundstage at MiNY Campus
North? Will the NYCEDC be operating a Film/TV studio?
A: To complement the proposed uses at the MiNY Campus at Bush Terminal,
NYCEDC is contemplating additional industrial space for media uses on the
MiNY Campus north of 43rd Street, which has an associated RFP for design
services. While plans for this space are still under development, any
additional future industrial space for media uses is unlikely to be directly
operated by NYCEDC. Additional information will be will be made available as
NYCEDC’s plans for the space advance.

20. Q: Does the current structure, Unit G, need to be demolished?

A: NYCEDC believes that the Unit G building is currently uninhabitable and
will require demolition. The Respondent should submit the most
advantageous proposal for the site based on the outlined selection criteria.

21. Q. What is the current use group of tenants in Building 57 and 58? Does the
use group have to stay the same?
A. Tenants in Building 57 and 58 are generally engaged in light
manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing uses. While NYCEDC prefers
uses aligned with the goals of the Made in NY Campus (such as garment
manufacturing, film/TV/media production and support space, other light
manufacturing), Respondents may propose any as-of-right uses under M3-1
zoning. Any proposed space leases in Buildings 57 or 58 should be directly
tied to the Respondent’s use on the Primary Development Site; Respondents
should not propose unrelated space leases in those buildings.

22. Q. Are there any historic requirements for windows at Building 57 and 58?
A. Bush Terminal Campus is not a designated NYC landmark, and is
therefore not under jurisdiction of the NYC Landmarks Preservation

23. Q. Where is the access to Bush Terminal Park from The Site?
A: There are two entrances to the park—one via 43th Street and one via 50th
Street. There is currently no direct access to the Primary Development Site,
as it is a separate campus. Respondents may propose an add-alternative that
creates a more direct link between the future studio space and the park;
however, the acceptance of this add-alternative will be subject to future

negotiation with DPR and cannot be guaranteed. Respondent proposals may
not be contingent upon the approval of such add-alternative element.