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What qualities or abilities do you have that could help you in the

2. Do you think you have a consistently positive attitude appropriate

for teaching young learners? Explain the reasons for your answer.

3. Are you aware of any qualities that potentially hinder the positive
impact you have on your classroom and students?

4.What do you do to address any weak areas, such as feeling nervous,

experiencing fatigue, etc.?

5. What suggestions do you have about how to balance classroom

discipline and creating a positive experience? If you can, offer an
example of when discipline in the classroom can help create a more
positive learning environment.

1. Teaching offers the chance to change other people's lives

permanently for the better. so in this way, beyond the subject
knowledge, classroom management, and teaching skills; a great teacher
should have a good personality, clear objectives, discipline, good
communication, high expectation, enjoy communicating and
understanding to others, confidence, great organizational skills, be able
to deal with conflict, motivate students, empathize with the students,
give feedback.

2. There is no doubt employee attitude affect productivity, quality of

work, cooperation and morale; good teacher attitudes drive positive
results. So, more than just teach grammar and vocabulary, it is
important to teach students a positive attitude and its value with my
example. If positive attitude means conveying optimism, generosity,
support, and enthusiasm in your expressions, gestures, words, and
tone, I try to give students my best.

3. I think teachers are able to handle any problem in the classroom

as well as teaching problems or student’s behavior problems.

4. Teaching, when done properly, is physically, mentally and

emotionally exhausting. Fatigue is inevitable when you’re responsible
for children who don’t have an “off” switch, but it is important listen
our body, and keeps a balance between job and health. I sometimes
fight with fears then the rewards overcome the anxiety and I begin to
relax enough to find the pleasure in teaching.

5. Some students act out because of chaotic home and community

lives. Some have mental or behavioral issues and have been
inappropriately mainstreamed but all students deserve an education,
so teachers have to handle a good classroom management, discipline
plan, and classroom rules. Take in account that discipline starts with
you, begin each class with a positive attitude, high expectation, reduce
downtime, work with the whole class, and teach values. For example,
refrain from disciplining any child in front of the class; choose instead
to have those conversations in private. Remember if you respect your
students, they are more likely to respect you.

 ¿Qué es una carpeta pedagógica?

 ¿Por qué elaborar una carpeta pedagógica?
 ¿Por qué se dice que es una herramienta indispensable para el
 Indique otras utilidades o fines de la carpeta pedagógica.

La carpeta pedagógica es una herramienta que permite visualizar el trabajo y el

profesionalismo de cada docente la cual contiene muchos documentos,
registros, una colección de trabajos ordenados en secuencias la cual permite
reflexionarlo que un docente realiza o haga su clase y de modo que comparta
conocimientos con otros colegas así recopilado información del proceso para
realizar una correcta evaluación. La carpeta pedagógica permita también a
planificar, anticipar, organizar y se aleja la anticipación así decidiendo unir la
teoría con la práctica que se debe elegir de acuerdo al contexto y como se
realizar las actividades diferentes y creativas.