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Find your own video clip (no longer than 5 minutes long – you can just use the

first /
middle / last five minutes of a longer video).

Write some questions and MODEL answers based on it. Here are some question words
to inspire you!

Write at least 6 questions (2 from each strand) of different difficulties.

Phase 5
Analyse—identify parts and relationships, interpret information to reach con
Include questions using words such as: compare and contrast; classify; infer;
interpret; comment on; break down; deduce; illustrate; reorganize; distinguis
i. analyses and draws
A series of texts or a more complex visual with oral text may provide more o
conclusions from
TV advertisements, news reports and documentaries.
information, main ideas and
Based on the purpose of this campaign, what do you think the role of the bac
supporting details
examples to support your conclusion.
Based on the statement made at the end of the advertisement what is the mos
Explain, making direct reference to the actions of [a specific character] at the
Give examples of techniques/effects the creator/author/speaker has used to co
message/ideas/point of view.
Ask students to analyse the text type and features used to connect to an idea o
the structures, features, layout and design elements of the video. Questions c
line, shape and form, symbolism, sound effects and music, body language, sp
and movement.
The creator/author/speaker has purposefully …. Why do you think he or she
What effect do you think the creator/author/speaker was aiming for by using
ii. analyses conventions What does the creator/author/speaker want us to feel/think about …? How do
think/agree/feel sad/feel shocked/understand?
How does the creator/presenter of the video get us to connect with it (what ar
the expressions of the people, the tones of voice; are the images real or abstra
Are colour, lighting or special effects used? Does the colour used create a ce
what effect does it create?
What opinion do you form from the images and the oral text (good person, b
What conclusions do you draw from the image and the oral text, and how do
What is your response to this text? Do you think your response is affected or
What is the main point the creator/speaker is trying to make?
What is the creator’s/speaker’s viewpoint on this issue?
iii. engages with the spoken
How does the creator/speaker feel about this issue/matter? Give examples fro
and visual text by analysing
example, the voice/use of the first, second or third person/emotional tone/obj
ideas, opinions and attitudes
text/images and the imagery used).
and by making a response to
Compare yourself to the person in the ….Imagine you are ….
the text based on personal
How do we know the [character in the text] is ….? Why does he or she feel t
experiences and opinions
you were in his or her shoes?
from a global perspective.
What is your perspective on this issue? Refer to points made and examples g
experiences, to illustrate your opinion.
Video link:

1. Why does the man in the video says that you will be dissapointed if?
If you are expecting a complete, finish product announcement, you are going to be
2. Why does the man in the video says that they couldnt see too much of the
Because the stage lights were demnd and the device was also cover in a blocky case.
3. Name two thing you can do with this new samsung product.
We have got app continuity that means that whatever you got in the front display is then
going to open up in the other main display and also you can run three apps
simultanously. Samsung are calling this multi-active window.
4. Do you think the name infinity flex is a good name for this new phone? You
must refer to the video in your conclusions.