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Ryan Hathaway Transcription analysis

Ryan Interviewer

Tavin Interviewee

Video 21:03-37:25
Transcript Skill Label Reactions,
Observations, and
1. Interviewer: So previously 1. Summary
we have talked quite a bit and Open 1) Opened
um we talked a lot about Question conversation and
last week on support for
summarized previous
your academics and
supporting your students on interviews
academics. Um so
continuing on with that Alternative: summary
conversation lets just start and open question “ So
with how are you doing previously we have
today what’s been going on. 2. Interviewee talked about your
support for your
2. Interviewee: It’s actually academics and
been a slow day, um, I have; supporting your own
sorry my dog is freaking out
student academics. So
right now; um I’ve only had
one meeting. And the other let’s continue with the
time has kinda been time to conversation, how has
do other stuff um so but I your day been and how
met with one RA who’s like has classes been”.
the Rockstar um so of
course meeting with her
she’s like “I’m doing fine, I’m
on top of everything else” is
so good to hear, Thank you,
um worked on goals for her,
um so kinda been a quick
Friday. Almost, it’s already
past three right? Yeah It’s
already past three so
3. Answered
3. Interviewer: Yeah, it just question
turned 3:01
4. Interviewee: Yeah excited 4. Interviewee
for the weekend. But. And response
then um and then trying to
get some stuff I have a
couple projects due this
weekend for ah violence
5. Encourager
5. Interviewer: Mhm 5) Encourager intended to
6. Interviewee prompt the student to continue
6. Interviewee: Umm and it’s Response with conversation on the
me and two second year projects they are working on.
grad students and we are Intended effect was seen.
actually designing our own
violence prevention center. Alternative: Paraphrase “so it’s
Um how it’s funded, its
been slow but your about to
mission, vision, staff,
collaboration and education start working on your
/ prevention work that I’ll do projects”.
um and that is fun except for
the fact that uh I’m actually 7) Encourager intended to have
doing the funding portion of the student continue with their
that, 7. Encourager
information on their project
that they are having difficulty
7. Interviewer: Mhm on. Intended effect was seen.
8. Interviewee
8. Interviewee: and it is so Alternative: “It sounds as if that
incredibly hard to find some isn’t an easy part for you to
facts about how other
work on.”
violence prevention centers
get their funding. Um so it’s
kinda been a poke around
reach out to some new
colleges um and try to figure
out “hey how do you guys
get your money” so that’s
what we’ve been playing a 9)Paraphrase and emotional
lot with lately.
reflection meant to let client
know they are heard and that I
9. Interviewer: mhm So you’ve 9. Paraphrasing,
had, you’ve had a little bit of understand they are having a
uh a difficult time to get that reflection. difficult time. Student seemed
information in about getting comfortable.
10. Interviewee Alternative: So, gathering
10. Interviewee: Yeah, I reached Response information on collecting
out to some people in Rhode funding for violence prevention
island, I was like “Found
programs has been a difficult
your website it looked pretty
useful, what are you doing” process for you.
and I haven’t heard back yet.
11. Encourager
11) Encourager was intended
11. Interviewer: Okay
to have the student continue
12. Interviewee the conversation on their
12. Interviewee: Taking a
Response struggles of getting
chance, throwing things out
there, but it’s pretty cool, information. Student continued
um yeah that class is really discussing the project but
nice because I’m in a group started talking about the group
where we get to meet on work.
Mondays and have our
discussion Alternative: Encourager
13. Encourager “haven’t heard anything back”
13. Interviewer: Mhm
13) encourager: Intended to
14. Interviewee: and then for have the student to continue
the rest of the week I don’t 14. Interviewee conversation on discussion
have to worry about the Response
class other than the project homework and to know I am
associated with it, listening. Student did continue.
15. Encourager
Alternative: Encourager “okay”
15. Interviewer: mhm
or “nice”
16. Interviewee: um, so it’s 16. Interviewee
Response 15) Encourager: intended to
really kind of made it a lot
easier to handle where as have the student continue
um like for assessment we conversation on discussions,
gotta, assessment is not as seemed to have finished the
bad as I think some past point and could have
classes have been where paraphrased instead.
you just have to keep on
responding Alternative: Paraphrasing “so
17. Encourager
meeting once a week on a
17. Interviewer: Mhm video discussion has been
18. Interviewee: and just 18. Interviewee
respond to every single Response 17)Encourager intended to
person um so it’s kinda it’s a continue conversation
lot easier just to have that
hour blocked off everyone Alternative: Encourager
talk, great we will see you
“easier” or open question “so
next week.
19. Encourager how has assessment been
19. Interviewer: Mhm

20. Interviewee 19) Encourager intended to

20. Interviewee: And be
Response continue the conversation on
prepared for that so. So
been pretty relaxing. discussion homework, student
Difficult content. was ending that bit though.
21. Open Ended
question Alternative: paraphrase “So
21. Interviewer: how were your,
how was your uh other with this, it sounds like the
electives going. 22. Interviewee accessibility of meeting once a
Response week compared to multiple
22. Interviewee: Oh that’s yeah meetings has you more relaxed
the study abroad trip is the and happier”.
other elective so um, to be
honest I just started working 21) Open question intended to
on things for that class we
continue the conversation on
have like a uh a project that
as a group is each academics but alternating to
designated an area or um a new material. This was also to
portion of the trip that will show the student that I was
be on just kinda be the guide actively listening to the
for that essentially, um so im previous sessions.
covering oxford and all the
culture / city aspects of that Alternative: paraphrase to
um, it’ll be fun our Open Question” So it sounds
presentation is supposed to
like the violence prevention
be ten minutes and there is
so much to fit in to that 10 elective is going well. How has
minute and there’s also so your work for the study abroad
much that isn’t also useful course been going?”
that I’m finding because we
will have five free hours of
free time
23. Encourager 23) meant for the student to
23. Interviewer: Mhm know that I am continuing to
listen and encourage them to
24. Interviewee: where like a lot 24. Interviewee
Response continue discussing. Student
of the things I’m finding are
like different museums or did feel comfortable enough to
art exhibits or a lot of like continue.
based around that model
and it’s like okay each of Alternative: Paraphrasing “so
these will definitely take an you are having difficulty finding
hour of your time if you information that is concrete
were to walk through it at and helpful at the same time.
least so trying to find that
but also if you want to check
out these cool like different
shops if you have time you
know like just to throw on
some sprinkled in extra
things that isn’t just walking
around the museum like
having to find that has been
fun 25) encourager intended to
25. Encourager
continue the conversation.
25. Interviewer: Mhm Student did not continue.
26. Interviewee
26. Interviewee: but I don’t Alternative: Encourager “fun”
understand their postal code or paraphrase “so you are
or like their address system
attempting to find alternatives
at all so um
27. Encourager to the educational components
that will be fun”.
27. Interviewer: hmm 28. Interviewee
Response 27)Encourager intended to
28. Interviewee: so, it’s been
continue conversation, student
very “it’s on this road” like
get there essentially just stopped the subject after this.
walk that way 29. Encourager Alternative: paraphrase “so the
29. postal code system has been
Interviewer: Mhm 30. Interviewee giving you difficulty”
30. Interviewee: so 29) Encourager intended to
31. Paraphrasing continue conversation, this was
/ summary the last of the conversation
31. Interviewer: so, finding extra though. Alternative: open
activities is a little bit question “so what are you
difficult for you at this point
doing to gain knowledge in the
for the trip and scheduling
some free time in even address system or is there a
though it’s not really free resource you need to continue”
time once it’s scheduled is
getting a little bit difficult. 31) Paraphrasing that was large
32. Interviewee enough to become a summary
Response (if I had broken it down more
32. Interviewee: Yeah like giving throughout the interview it
just five hours I don’t know would have been a simple
your so used to be having paraphrase)
your own vacation where
you know you’re not doing Alternative: paraphrase” so in
um like you know you’re not
general you have been having
gonna go and have a tour
here or there and go visit difficulties with this section of
areas of a school for half a the project”
day and then be like “okay
now you have four hours”.
You know? Like 33. Encourager
33) encourager: intended to
33. Interviewer: Mhm 34. Interviewee have the student continue the
Response conversation and know that I
34. Interviewee: It’s a much am listening. Student
different shift of being like continued on with the
okay we have all this statement.
educational components
and then we can try to Alternative: Enourager “okay”
sprinkle in some cool things
even though there’s a ton of
cool things and one section
is on food and dining and
um we’re leaving before
dinner so it’s like okay this is
interesting there’s no time.
So, finding a good balance of
what to cover and what is
just definitely not important
and then also understanding
this is things that I would
totally be into like um but no
one else is going to want to
go to um not no one but like
not many people you know
would be interested in an
archeology museum.

35. Interviewer: Mhm 35. Encourager 35) encourager meant to

continue the conversation.
36. Interviewee: on this trip I
don’t think we are all a 36. Interviewee Alternative: reflection of
bunch of archeologists Response feelings “so you are worried
stoked to go see some of others may not enjoy the
that stuff but it’s there so. experiences you are bringing”

37. Interviewer: okay 37) encourager meant to have

37. Encourager him finish up any thoughts of
38. Interviewee: it’s been that conversation if he had
interesting 38. Interviewee more.
39. Interviewer: so how have 39) open ended question
um courses in general this 39. Open Ended meant to have the student talk
semester been going for question
you? about other courses. Observed
the student did appear to get a
40. Interviewee: wow, what a little nervous and asked a
good question, I’m actually, 40. Interviewee question about proffesor.
Eran doesn’t watch these Response Alternative: Summary into a
right? open question “From what you
41. Answer
have told me, the violence
41. Interviewer: I don’t know
42. Interviewee prevention course has been
Response going well but a little bit
42. Interviewee: alright well um
difficult. Also, the study abroad
I’m really happy that I’m on
a campus that I have a few trip is just starting but you are
other grads um with me excited yet having difficulties
because and im also im with with some of the material, how
another class with a couple have your other main courses
of grads that are taking the been going so far?”
additional courses so for us
it’s a lot of “what are we 41) student did appear to relax
doing this week” “what are
a little but still appeared a little
we having in this class”
cautious about their
“what’s happening in that statements.
class” like all of the
decompartmentalizing what
is going on in our lives and
realizing okay “have you
done this yet?” and two
other people are like “what
are you talking about, no”
um and then getting a good
system of being like “okay
maybe we should hang out
for a few hours tonight and
just work on things” um so
long answer to a short
answer is I don’t usually
know what’s happening but
I’m figuring it out as like uh 43) The student seemed to
every week. You know so 43. Paraphrasing enjoy going back to his subject
and of support systems which we
43. Interviewer: it sounds like reflecting on
have previously discussed.
you have a support system feelings
within the Eau-Claire group Alternative: paraphrasing into
at least which is allowing
reflecting feelings “So with
you to be able to um even
though it may be stressful that, it sounds like you created
for having some unknown your own support system
days um you have at least a which we have previously
support group that will be talked about makes you feel
able to assist you through safe within academics and is
that process which is at least the reason why you care so
alleviating some of the
much for your students’
44. Interviewee: Yeah, Yeah four
44. Interviewee 45) this was meant to recall
of us kind of all keeping each
other in check is been really Response from past interviews to show
really helpful. the student that I am listening.
Student did not continue with
45. Interviewer: Mhm, and I the conversation however.
know from previous talks
there have been issues with Alternative: open question “so
canvas every once and a how has the transition to
45. (recalling
while which more than likely
from past
has put more stress upon interview) canvas been going for you”
you but in those type of paraphrase
situations you have to roll
with it.
46. Interviewee
46. Interviewee: Yeah Response
47) Paraphrase intended to
47. Interviewer: It sounds like 47. Paraphrase illicit response about on how
you went through it pretty well it is going. Intended effect
well was seen.
48. Interviewee
48. Interviewee: Yeah and um, Alternative: paraphrase “so it
yes canvas has been fun this sounds like you have
semester, um and then also successfully worked through
one of our classes is also on
any issues with canvas”
d2l so having to play a back
and forth game of
understanding and
remembering what is the
dinosaur of d2l and jumping
back into canvas and seeing
things um it’s a really big
blend of “oh wow okay
yeah, gotta jump over to d2l
for this class okay, then all
my other classes are over
here”. Umm and canvas has
been really great because
for all the classes on here
like we just have collaborate
and we can jump in and do
what we are doing now and
like there’s a group project. 49) the encourager was to let
49. Encourager
the students continue the
49. Interviewer: (Nods) mhm
conversation. The student did
50. Interviewee continue but was reaching the
50. Interviewee: D2l it’s not as Response
simple like fine we gotta do end of the conversation.
skype are we going to do a
google hangout how are we Alternative: paraphrase “so the
all going to see each other resources on canvas have been
so we can finish this project. impactful on you”
So. 51. Encourager
51. Interviewer: Mhm
52. Interviewee
52. Interviewee: Yeah canvas Response
has been a good friend
already. but 53. Paraphrasing 53) this paraphrase was meant
to show that they are working
53. Interviewer: So it sounds like together but I didn’t phrase it
it has it’s issues at some properly.
points but also has some
great uh features that mix Alternative: paraphrase “it
between each other to uh sounds as if although canvas
54. Interviewee
build this blend of love and has had some issues, but you
have been able to successfully
mitigate those problems”
54. Interviewee: Yeah,
definitely, I don’t know,
yeah, I’m pretty excited
canvas, no d2l isn’t going to
be around for our classes
anymore so it’ll be nice to
streamline all the canvas
next year. But Idk. Um
otherwise I’m kinda looking
forward having just two 55. Encourager 55) encourager was meant to
more weeks of violence
prevention class, have student go on with the
discussion of why they are
56. Interviewee
55. Interviewer: Mhm Response looking forward to having two
weeks of violence prevention
56. Interviewee: and then that class.
kind of bleeds right into the
study abroad trip. And then Alternative: Open question
after April comes around “why are you looking forward
which is so crazy because it’s 57. Encourager to this?”
a month away but it’s so
quickly going to happen 58. Interviewee 57) Continuing to encourage
Response the student to continue talking
57. Interviewer: Mhm about the reasons as to why he
believes things are going well.
58. Interviewee: then itll come
back to these two classes Alternative: reflecting on
and like, I didn’t think three
feelings: so with both your
classes would be so difficult violence prevention course and
to like understand like okay study abroad trip coming to a
due dates and
finish soon, you are getting
understanding times within
those, um but boy it’s a excited since there will be less
challenge. (chuckle). Um 59. Close ended course work.
Yeah so look forward to it question
Ryan (both chuckle). 59) this was meant to discuss
organization and seeing if the
59. Interviewer: Do you have a interviewee required any
uh structured schedule for support on organizing. Student
the items between the three 60. Interviewee
seemed slightly confused.
courses do you have an Response
organization system? Alternative open question:
“what types of organization
60. Interviewee: uh yeah I guess systems do you have to keep
in the very literal sense of
yourself and your course work
organization I I mean three
different note books is organized and neat?”
where I keep that in check
um and then I was kind of
proactive over Christmas
break and I just read
everything for my the
violence prevention class. I
just chunked out a couple
days during the break read
through the book, read all
the extra texts took all my
notes I thought I would need
and from now it’s been
going back to a question she
asks that maybe I didn’t
catch that information just
doing control F through the
electronic book and just
“okay yeah this is what we
are talking about got it” and
picking that up then. Um, for
assessment and advising it’s
kind of just a get it done
when I can like that’s not as
scheduled. Tori is the 720
professor and the study
abroad professor so
knowing her um her
guidelines for her classes
and kinda what you get for
your grade in those classes
compared to these I know I
need to be on top of my
game for those so I’ve kinda
put these as just a let’s read
as much as we can quickly
and it’s really nice because
this class mirrors a lot of
what I um have read for
psychology and also from
own, I’ve used counseling
before in the past reading
through these things “oh
shoot I totally saw this being
used in a session” or like
seeing some past experience
and kind of applying it and 61. Encourager
being like oh okay it’s a lot 61) encourager was meant for
of things that are applicable the student to continue the
in the past through other 62. Interviewee conversation since they did
classes. Response
start opening quite a bit about
coursework and to note that I
61. Interviewer: Mhm
am still listening since it has
been bit since I have
62. Interviewee: so it’s really
helpful and assessment is encouraged. They did continue
just, I think it takes a special to converse.
(audio fully cuts out for this
second) and to also get Alternative: paraphrase “so
really excited about it and I reading and working ahead of
realized that’s not me so I’m time over winter break has
just trying (chuckles) like helped you stay ahead of
man this is always going to
be some mystical creature
like not never going to
become apparent to me
entirely. It’s like “okay, I’ll
learn and understand as
much as I can and kind of
work with my group mates
to figure out the the extra
things off of that that I am
not comprehending” I guess,
so, a lot of our group time
has been throwing out ideas 63. Encourager
and them being “okay wait
so where do we go from
this, like how do we interact 64. Interviewee
or connect this with our Response 63) encourager was meant for
project” the student to continue
65. Paraphrase / however it only prompted
63. Interviewer: Mhm Reflection of
another sentence.
64. Interviewee: It’s been fun Alternative: reflection of
but very difficult feeling “so you are worried
65. about the assessment course
Interviewer: So it sounds like
66. Interviewee because you don’t believe it to
um, assessment is not
Response be something you will be
necessarily your forte, you
aren’t fully looking into pursuing in the future”.
becoming a scholar in that
area um however you know 65)This paraphrase was meant
it’s one of those things you to have the student continue
have to do. conversation on assessment
66. and their feelings towards it.
Interviewee: Yeah, Yeah it’s
definitely something I know I Alternative paraphrase: “So
will never have a burning assessment isn’t necessarily
passion for but definitely something you foresee yourself
understand that really good
continuing to much in the
results and change can come 67. Encourager
from it. Um I just don’t think future”.
I will always or ever will be 68. Interviewee
the one to make those Response
changes or to look through
that data to fully make a ton 67) encourager was meant to
of changes to something. have the student finalize any
69. Encourager
Yeah. thoughts on the matter of
70. Interviewee coursework.
67. Interviewer: Okay Response
Alternative: summary “We
68. Interviewee: and we also are 71. Open ended have talked quite a bit now
in our time of RA selection question about academics and support.
right now
It sounds like your coursework
72. Interviewee is going well with some
69. Interviewer: Okay!
Response stressful moments. Although
70. Interviewee: um you do have some moments of
stress, you have created a
71. Interviewer: So how has the strong support network within
RA selection been going for the Eau-Claire Graduate
Eau Claire students”.

72. Interviewee: Yeah, ugh, I 69) this encourager was meant

think we had enough for the interviewee to continue
candidates which is always with how selection was going.
the fear like “oh god what It does seem that they needed
are we going to do” um, so
a stronger prompt.
we at least accomplished
that much and um so we
Alternative: open question
have a student committee
model where we will have “how do you see your
RAs and students sit in the interviews going?”
kind of interviews I don’t
know if it’s the same way at 71) this open question was
stout. Um but we will do meant to have the student
that, and we sat in on six start a new topic which the
interviews um and finally we student fully did.
deliberated on Tuesday
night, sat down for an hour Alternative open question:
and just got everyone’s
“what are your practices for RA
feedback and made our
decisions um so I’m having selection and how are they
to hire for five out of my going?”
eight RAs and we are for
sure hiring one person that
we interviewed. Huh all the 73. Paraphrase /
other ones just weren’t Reflection on
there yet or had a lot of feeling
work to do um so next
Tuesday I get to kind of I
don’t want to say beg for 73) This reflection of feelings
people but that may be how was meant to have the student
it turns out to be. continue with their worries
74. Interviewee about not getting enough RAs
73. Interviewer: so you were Response fully hired.
worried about getting as
many RAs as you can which I 75. Continuation Alternative open question:
fully understand it’s one of of
“You seem worried about
those things that every paraphrase /
campus is worried on, are empathy getting enough RAs for the next
we going to receive year, how are you working
applicants. around this or is there support
from your other staff
74. Interviewee: Yeah members?”

75. Interviewer: there are some 75) This was meant to show the
days you receive 100 76. Interviewee student that I understand not
applicants when you only Response
receiving enough applicants
needed 30 um it also sounds and continuing the full
like you have, are somewhat
worried about the future
seeing the fact that you only
77. Encourager Alternative empathy
for sure have settled on one
student. paraphrase: I understand
78. Interviewee having feelings of fear
Response especially in situations of hiring
76. Interviewee: yeah and I
already realized that I um student staff members.
that I am very picky with the
staff that I want I just really 77)This encourager was meant
want the best of the best to have the student continue
with their discussion of hiring.
77. Interviewer: mhm
Alternative: encourager “okay”
78. Interviewee: so and my but 79. Encourager or “picky”
my committee also had that
same kind of attitude like
“they’re not for it, like this is 80. Interviewee
obviously not the priority so Response 79) This was meant for the
we don’t want them”. So I interviewee to continue with
was like “thank goodness the idea of hiring the best of
you guy’s are with me here”
the best and discussing the
79. Interviewer: Mhm
Alternative: open question “so
why do you feel that you have
80. Interviewee: Yeah a fear of to hire the best of the best?”
what do I have to pick from 81. (recalling
then, yeah, knowing that my past
other hall directors and my interviews)
supervisor specifically are Reflection of 81) this was meant to have the
like “oh I have got a few feelings and student reflect on previous
people that I know are really paraphrasing
discussions on how support has
good that I don’t need to
hire but would definitely been a strong factor
throw your way” so. throughout his college career.

Alternative: paraphrasing into

81. Interviewer: Okay so it
sounds like, like we’ve reflection of feelings “in the
talked in the past couple of past we have discussed quite a
sessions we’ve talked about bit about academic support. It
support from supervisors sounds like you are in a
and academics so it sounds 82. Interviewee
position that you feel safe since
like you have a strong Response
you do have a support system
academic support from your
staff. Sorry did I say within the Graduates and the
academic support I meant professional staff members.”
support system from your
staff as you were worried,
but they believe they have
your back for you.

82. Interviewee: Oh yeah, yeah

she’s she is really good, she
has a lot going on but she
still pulls it together so,
don’t know how but she’s
really good.
Identify things the you did well during the interview.

There are multiple things that I believe went well throughout the interview. I believe the

interviewee had a comfortable atmosphere with me here which allowed a nice flow of

conversation and allowed the interviewee not to be needed to be prompted often. I believe I have

done well with paraphrasing and encouraging quite often throughout the interview. I believe that

I mainly utilized open ended questions which prompted further conversation which was of high-

quality content. I also did not have to ask a significant amount of questions to continue the

conversation. I also believe that when I did receive the chance to I did show empathy or reflected

on emotions, however this content wasn’t one with high emotions. I believe that my reflections

on emotions could be stronger, but I did hit them when they did appear. I believe I did have a

strong structure with a hard focus on courses for this interview we had an opening summary and

an end summary (at the end of the video) however the middle summary was weak and could be

worked on. I think overall, I do encourage the student to continue the conversation quite a bit

which leads to a strong interview where I do not need to be asking a significant amount of


Identify things you would like to improve.

There are multiple areas in which I want to improve. I have a struggle in general with

creating complete sentences before stating them which leads to me stuttering or having to restart

mid-sentence. I also tend to speak with my hands and if I am not speaking with my hands I am

moving my core from side to side slightly. These are both items I want to work on significantly

as to not distract my students. I also want to work on the quality of paraphrasing. As you can see,

I do have the contents in mind when I am paraphrasing but If I were to take a few seconds more I

could easily paraphrase statements into a stronger and better grammatic sentence. I do want to
also focus on inputting summaries throughout to create a more solid structure. I do generally

have a beginning and an end, but the middle is always a harder one to get in for me.