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Rules Rationale

1. You waste your time and mine when you are late to
1. Be on time to class. class and miss out on quality instruction time. It is also a
disturbance to other students when you enter the
classroom after class has already started. It would not
be accepted at a job so it will not be accepted here.

2. Pay attention and be quiet 2. Again, this detracts from other students’ ability to pay
during instructions. attention and learn if you are talking and being

3. Have you ever had to rewind the show or movie you

3. Cell phones and electronics were watching because you were playing on your phone
are to remain in designated
and missed something? The same thing will happen in
charging area or in your bag
unless otherwise class, except I will not repeat myself if your phone is the
instructed. reason you missed the information. I will leave my
electronics off and put away so I can provide you with
the best education possible. I expect the same respect
from you.

4. Homework will be accepted 4. In the real world, deadlines are important. Late on your
up to 5 (five) school days rent? Pay extra. Late to submit paperwork? Get written
after it is due. up at work. It also helps me grade and get assignments
back to you faster, which will help you know what you
need to study and work on for exams.

5. Must leave cell phone in 5. When you leave my room to use the restroom, you miss
class to use the restroom.
out on quality instruction or time on task. I have noticed
that students who take their phone with them to the
rest room are gone much longer than those who do not.
So if you are just going to the restroom or to get water,
you do not need to take your phone with you.
Rewards Consequences
1. If all students on time 1. For each student that is tardy to class, a portion of the
for the entire unit, then bonus points will be subtracted from the class’s total.
the entire class will a. If the same student is tardy more than 3 times,
receive bonus points on they will receive no bonus points on their exam.
that unit’s exam. Any tardy from that student after the fourth
2. Maintaining quiet one will not negatively affect the rest of the
during lecture means class.
we will be done b. After each exam the count will reset.
quicker, and students c. If a student loses their bonus point on 2
will have more free consecutive exams, they forfeit their bonus
time at the end of each points for the remainder of the semester.
period. 2. Students not being quiet during lecture will receive one
3. Same as number 2. free warning.
When you pay a. A second incident will result in points off of that
attention, you will be days exit ticket/participation points.
able to understand the b. A third incident will result in complete lose of
material better. participation points for the day.
4. Turning in assignments c. A fourth incident will result in a write-up.
on time will result in 3. Students will receive one warning to put their phones
receiving the highest away until the lesson and assignment is completed.
grade possible. a. The second warning will result in student having
5. Leaving your phone to put their phone on the designated area until
when you leave the the end of class.
room will result in b. Further refusal will result in their phone being
students being allowed taken and given to the front office. Where they
to go to the restroom can pick it up at the end of the school day.
with more flexibility. 4. Assignments will receive 5 points off each day their
Not having to wait until assignment is late, and will receive no higher than a 50
lecture is completed if over 5 days late.
every time. a. If no assignment is turned in a student will
receive a 0
5. Students refusing to leave their phones will not be
allowed to leave the room for the restroom.