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Assignment one

1. Well organized with everyone getting along accordingly.

2. Lots of sports equipment everywhere, 3 coaching desks, 2 fridges, 1 for the students to buy drinks and the other for the teachers lunches.

3. It was an all male class, all kinds of ethnicities and lots of kids don’t like to run their 2 laps before class and he told me that they are lazy.

4. DRESS OUT!! Only rule

5. Yes he does, no points for the days not dressed. Enforces Basic gear: shorts and shirt

Assignment two

1. Whatever sport they are playing in the class that week.

2. He brings them all together and explains what is happening that day.

3. His style would be Demonstrative because he shows the kids how to play before they play them.

4. I would say Auditory because it is all usually team games and the teacher always tells the kids to run faster.

5. In the 2 days I was there only about half of the kids seemed intrigued and pumped to play the sport.

6. Right after the 2 laps the kids go to the soccer field and start play immediately when their entire team shows up.

7. Teacher uses whistle to get everyone’s attention.

8. Deals with kids who have bad attitudes and kids who like to bully other students

Assignment 3

1. They have a huge office with only 5 desk so i’m saying yes.


Assignment 4

Part A


The school is one of the oldest in the valley so the school itself is old but the landscaping is some what new, crosswalk and parking lot look like they haven’t been painted in years, signs are all tagged up with graffiti.


The inside was re-done not to long ago, the floor and the lighting seem to be in great shape, and they have entrance security.

Part B


Everyone in the office greeted me well and were all friendly.


It seemed like everyone had their own click and a spot where they all meet to hangout in between classes


Walk in the entrance and to the left is the administration, in front is the library, and to the left is classrooms.

Part C


In the PE office all they had written on the board was DRESS OUT FOR POINTS!!


In the 2 days I was there about 90% of the kids dressed up and participated in the sport.


The teacher seemed to joke around with the kids a lot and make them laugh before they ran their laps and he is a really big guy so they already knew what kind of tone not to give him

Assignment five

1. The primary reason I became a teacher is to help kids grow and better their lives.

2. The main challenge I face as a teacher is to have all my students engage in one lesson plan.

3. Summers off!!!

4. Alphabetical order

5. I select the members by letting the 6 kids with the highest grade become captains and choose their teams.

6. I rarely have to interact with parents. The main reason have interactions with parents is when students fail because they don’t dress out.

7. I imput grades once a week. I usually do my grading after school in my office

8. Takes about 30 minutes to prepare all classes

9. Down ups and pushups and situps

10. Once a month, they determine my performance by how quickly I transition and engaged my students are.

11. How many students really don’t care about their grade.

Assignment six

1. The teacher told a student that he has 3 laps for being late and as he was telling him you can see the distraught on his face with a little bit of anger. So the first lap he was pretty upset you could tell so he wasn’t really running that hard and once he realized that if he doesn’t get it done quickly he wouldn’t be able to start his sport on time, so the final 2 laps he actually ran hard and tried. I learned that when he actually tries he is a phenomenal athlete and has no one pushing him to do his best because his dad is nowhere to be found.

Assignment seven

it more than others simply because they care more, some of the kids can be great athletes but they choose not dress out or be one of those tough guys because it looks cool to their friends. Doing this has better prepared me for what’s to come when I have an office of my own one day, teaching kids how to better their lives physically and mentally. During my field observation I notice that everyone has a different teacher style as well as learning style. I remember that having fun with the kids while you are doing your job as well is a great lifestyle.