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Those four words can help you to make a friend

And if you said it for a few times and follow through you will make endlife long friends
Thank you to mr chairman and all potential life- long friends
Do you have someone that you can always count on?
For me, it was Danna
From kindergarten to primary school, he was my best friend
And whatever I needed, he was always there
“Danna, can I have some of your bread?”… “Yes..of course”
“Danna, I forgot to bring my lunch”….. “Here, have some of mine”
“Danna, do u wanna go to Mcdonalds?” …. “How are you always hungry?” “You just eat” “Twice”
Growing up, we talk about school, we talk about the future, and most importantly, we talk about girls
“Radzuqhi…when I get married..will you….??”……… “Danna, I will be there”…Those four words matter
our friendship…
he was even there during my most embarrassing moment
I was driving one day,’s actually my father’s car and this is how I drive
What I know there is a little yellow gas come out from my dashboard
When I first started driving I thought the yellow one just seduction
So, I just kept on driving
All of a sudden, I heard the engine spatter and stop
“AAAAAAA…….SHH…..Should I describe my feeling?”
There is only one person I can count on when I needed help
I called Danna
And he said “AAAAA….FFFF…Fine..I will be there”
Now what I about to tell you is a true story
A Malay and A Chinese are planning to go for a picnic
We have no idea what to do, but Danna said I need to prepare some porridge, while he will prepare the
other dishes
So, I bought an electric rice cooker and carry it to my home
I pour some rice together with some water into it
I turn on the switch
I wait for 10 minutes and open the rice cooker lid
Nothing changes
I wait for another 10 minutes
I check it again
Same. Nothing changes
I wait for an hour
But..still no changes
I plan to wait for another hour..but Danna comes and open the lid
“Radzuqhi..did you press the cooking button?”
“Cooking button” “Where?”
“Hurmmm….. (tangan tunjuk)”
“Since when the button exists there?” “Urm…was I supposed to press it??”
“Don’t you notice your rice is still not being cooked?”
“Yeah…but I thought that’s what we called porridge..need to be a little bit watery and juicy maybe”.
No matter what I needed, Danna was always there,
When we went for a vacation, we always share a room together (uuuuuu…..freedom..said my parents
But then, I got busier and busier
“Radzquhi..can you….”… “Not right now”
“Radzuqhi…can we talk??”… “I don’t have time”
“Radzuqhi…I need you”…. “Danna, I’m busy”
It was Danna first time away from his family
And he needed me
But, I was never there
In friendship, we need to be loyal and help each other
But, I thought the words are only a quote
We stop speaking
A life long friendship
Spatter and stop
Is there relationship
In your life about to spatter and stop?
How long have you been ignoring the one who care about you, who really needs you?
It’s been nearly ten years since we spoken
I found out Danna got an offer to a boarding school in Kelantan
I wasn’t by him at the moment he left his hometown
I wasn’t there
Danna had moved on with his life
But, I couldn’t
I needed help
And there is only one person
I can count on when I needed help
I called Danna
We went to dinner and Mc’Donalds
I afraid it will be awkward
But, it was like no time had passed
We laughed to talk about old time
“Danna, do you remember that time…I cooked the porridge?”
“Yeah…my dad told that the story to me before I register at the new school”
I wasn’t there during his registration
But, I was being remembered
I was there
There are four words that can help you make a friend
Say enough times and follow through
You will make end life long friend
A the end of dinner, Danna told me
“Radzuqhi, I’m having a birthday party….I was wondering…”
“Danna…I will be there”
Thank you