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Read the text and write True or False.

Stephen Wiltshire – genius!
Stephen Wiltshire can look at a city like London and then he can draw it. He only looks
at the city for one day. He doesn't look at it again, and he doesn't look at photos. He
stays at home and he draws the city perfectly. He sometimes needs five days to
complete a drawing. Stephen paints cities from all around the world, for example,
Rome, Madrid and Hong Kong. His picture of Tokyo was ten metres long! He usually
draws in pencil and ink – and he draws beautifully. His black and white pictures look
fantastic! So, what does he do all day? Well, he gets up, has a bath and gets dressed. He
usually has cereal and tea for breakfast. Then he gets the bus to work and starts drawing.
He has a sandwich for lunch at one o'clock and then he works all afternoon. He's very
busy because his art is very popular. He usually draws buildings and cities, but he also
loves drawing cars. They are his favourite thing. He finishes at four o'clock. Then he
goes home for the evening, has dinner and goes to bed. He's a very special person with a
very ordinary life!

1 Stephen uses a camera when he draws cities. _______________

2 He always finishes his pictures in 24 hours. _______________
3 Some of of Stephen's pictures are of places in Asia. _______________
4 Some of Stephen's pictures are very big. _______________
5 Stephen usually has a shower in the morning. _______________
6 He drives to work in his car. _______________
7 He has a very big lunch at one o'clock. _______________
8 He stops work in the afternoon. _______________