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Open SCom tool,and connect the COM,and click the open sport button,you can see the
logs if succeed.

2. Select BootRom,and then reset STB

3. Click the file button,and select the file named: btinit_ddr3_666m_debug.img,and then
click Send File button

4. After finish sending the file,cick the file button again,and select the file
named:uboot_default.img,click Send File button
5. After finish sending the file,there will print some U-boot message,that means you are
already entry the u-boot mode

6. rename the upgrade sw file to flash.bin,and then storage it in the USB,and plug it in the
7. Copy this command to the tool:
usb start;fatload usb 0 80100000 flash.bin;sf burn 80100000 0 0x800000;reset the manual sned button