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As you may know, CHIP Mumbai works to help improve educational standards to underprivileged children in Mumbai.

CHIP Mumbai is extremely grateful for all the help and support and appreciate the effort and work carried out by the
CHIP volunteers. We are thankful for your decision to help us at CHIP Mumbai.

Below are some standard guidelines we use as a policy that helps CHIP adhere too and expresses our expectations of
volunteers and vice versa. Therefore, it is hoped that these guidelines are not seen as ‘strict rules’ but more as an aid
to set a clearer understanding of relationships between CHIP Mumbai and its volunteers.

CHIP Mumbai values its volunteers and treats them with the utmost respect. We do hope our policy does not deter you
from working with us. The aim for our policy is to promote good practice and act as binding agreement between CHIP
Mumbai and the volunteer. We kindly ask that you read through the guidelines, set below, carefully. If you are happy
with the terms and conditions, please sign below. We also encourage you to discuss any concerns you may have
or/and welcome and suggestions you may have. Please submit the completed volunteer form and submit it to the CHIP
office or email it to us at .

Thank you for your support, we do hope you enjoy your time with CHIP Mumbai!

Best Wishes

CHIP Mumbai

1. At present, CHIP Mumbai is unable to financially offer assistance to its volunteers. You are expected to cover
the costs for housing and living costs and travel expenses to and from work. However, any necessary travel or
other out of pocket expenses that are required for CHIP Mumbai (which should be outside of travel from home
to workplace) will be reimbursed on a monthly basis. This will need to be pre agreed with the project manager
and forms are required to be filled in to reclaim expenses.

2. Volunteers are not a substitute for paid staff. The voluntary work should complement work that of paid staff.
Therefore volunteers will not be used as paid staff nor should they undermine the terms and conditions of

3. If a volunteer is to draft a document or design any material goods for CHIP Mumbai, it should remain copyright
for CHIP Mumbai.

4. Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect with the work in the first instance report this to the project manager.
If you are still unsatisfied you should then request to speak to a member of the trustees.

5. Arranged times should be set and stuck to where possible to ensure the work process is run effectively. Where
this is not possible please clearly state work arrangements with the project manager to avoid any unnecessary

6. Volunteers are requested to respect and maintain any confidentiality issues. CHIP Mumbai strictly adheres to
keeping all volunteers’ personal details confidential.

7. There should be a two way process of trust, honesty and respect between the Volunteer and CHIP Mumbai.

If you agree to the following guidelines please sign below-


Personal Information

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth

Full Address



Home Phone Number

Mobile Number

Email Address

Expected start date

Expected leave date (if known)

Volunteer Profile

To help us have an understanding of the skills you posses, please give us some information on what you have currently
done in the past and presently doing.

Your education qualification-

Work experience if any

Have you ever been associated with an NGO before? If yes, name the NGO and for how long?

How did you hear about CHIP, Mumbai?

Please provide a statement to inform us why you are attracted to working with CHIP Mumbai (Mandatory)

How do you think one can improve the quality of education in the BMC schools?

Do you have any skills/experience that you would particularly like to use CHIP Mumbai?

Please let us know how you would like to help CHIP Mumbai (please circle)

Field work:  Fundraising

 Assist with Art Classes  Marketing – creating marketing material
 Assist with Drama Classes  Maintaining our website
 Assist with English conversational classes  Office help i.e. helping in our office
 Development of Peer Leaders  Networking with CSR departments of
 Developing class materials various organizations
 Basket ball and other sport activities  Content Development

Other: Please suggest any ideas that you may have

Volunteer Commitment

Name of Volunteer: _______________________________________________

I am available on the following times

Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday







I am not available on a regular basis. I can volunteer (please fill below)

Any personal comments you wish to state?