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SWOT Analysis Cuvesk

Strengths Weaknesses

offer world-class Technology and Marketing Our Weakness is our Honesty.

Services to our esteemed clients and also We convert our Weakness to our strengths and
implement best of Technology, Infrastructure hence no challenge is too big for us. We do not
and processes internally to keep us at par with encourage bribery for getting a campaign nor do
we solicit such requests.
the global standards / practices and make
brand Cuvesk as a Professional, Knowledge-
In short we strive to provide best in class services
based, established, reputed, Innovative, and without any strings attached.
multi-faced Global brand with strong ethics.

Opportunities Threats

Basis our internal strengths, our We are more process oriented and hence we do
organizational efforts will be directed towards not treat our competitors as Threat. We believe in
achieving higher levels of growth with working with agnostic approach which builds
profitability in our Core Businesses using best brand, value for ROI. In short we Cuvesk are
threat to other organizations that are in same line
of technology available and also keep
of business.
branching out into new arenas to value add to
the core business and excel in every new line We take outmost care about the campaigns we
of Business under the brand Cuvesk. The team dial on and hence we get recurring business form
will be encouraged to be open to out-of-the- our existing clients, so we are threat to others.
box ideas for new Businesses and Business
models basis the changing global marketing We are financially stable so the threat of revenue
trends. does not exist.