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Creations Martines

1. Identification of the product or service

The Christmas Workshop focuses its efforts on the commercial market of products
and taking into account the variables that affect this type of market in particular;
Segment your market so that you can classify your customers and get the most
benefit from them, implementing marketing strategies for your potential customers.
We focus on the population located in the city of Bogotá and its surroundings, men
and women between 20 and 60 years old who live in strata 2 and up. Generally our
marketing strategies are focused on women who are between 25 and 50 years of
age who have a profession at home, employees, independent, rentiers since they
are our biggest buyers.

2. Segmentation of the market according to product or service

Fundamentally, market segmentation is carried out in order to classify our clients

and know which of them are the most representative or potential customers for the
market of our organization.


As we said before, our clients are located in the capital district and nearby
municipalities such as Funza, Mosquera, Soacha, Sibute, Cota, Siberia, Madrid,
Chia, Zipaquira and Cajicá. Our only physical sales point will be located in the
neighborhood galleries.


In this criterion we classify our population between 20 and 60 years old, who are
doing any type of profession or trade from stratum 2 onwards and who have some
kind of economic income with an emphasis on capturing the attention of women


Here we try to capture the attention of people with a happy personality who have
Catholic religious beliefs and / or who like Christmas. We reach people who want
to decorate their homes, workplaces, businesses, etc., to liven up their spaces for
these festivities.


If we perform segmentation for the product we have to say that we would focus our
forces towards the female market that are in the ages already described above.
Without a doubt, since we can talk about 80 percent of the total customers who buy
our products.

3. Particular characteristics of the product or service to be taken into account in the

Taking into account that our products are Christmas and the vast majority of them
are filled, others are delicate materials and are mainly ornaments; which are only
used on a specific date, it was important to implement an adequate presentation
and cover all the care that our products should have. We decided to use a package
where the ornaments keep their shape, do not mistreat and are always protected
during the time they are going to be stored.
4. Packing or packaging design proposal
Our proposal for the workshop is a "Boxes" first because as I said before helps to
keep the quality and shape of the products, second, keeps the product in good
condition when the delicate is concerned and third, its packaging helps protect
them during the time they are going to be saved.

5. Regulations that apply to the suggested packaging

ISO 3394: governs the modular dimensions of pallets, pallets and pallets.

6. Arguments of why the proposal is made

After looking for different packaging we decided on the box because apart from the
care of the product presentation is appropriate for the date and is very formal and
stylized to make our products known.

7. Propose a strategic plan that contributes to market management taking into

account market segmentation and the proposed packaging design
Our plan is first to sell to family members in order to make our product known, and
at the same time start a market management through them, as they will show their
friends, neighbors and other family members and start a chain where they can
demonstrate the product purchased, its attributes and difference compared to
others in the market.
8. Conclusions

The packaging is very important because it is the first impact when buying a
product, because as everything enters through the eyes, we wanted to create the
need to see better stored and packed the Christmas products.

On the other hand, they innovate in the market, since most of the adornments are
sold and packaged in a simple bag, from there the good impact that is given to the
product depends on all the market management that is offered to them. this.

Design the prototype, taking into account the following steps:

to. Specify the tastes and needs of customers.
Our prototype is a Christmas product designed to decorate and cover part of the
dining room chairs in order to decorate and beautify the table and the spaces of the
house with Christmas atmosphere, initially more than a need is a taste that is
additional to the people in order to set the house with the most anticipated time of
the year. As for the products there are different designs for all tastes and different
sizes for the different measures of each chair or customer needs in terms of
decoration and location of these products.
b. Define fully what will be designed (materials, techniques, among others).
Christmas items are made for the home, but our strength is to cover chairs for the
dining room, with high quality materials and originals that allow the product to have
a long life, on the other hand the techniques are perfected in turn to ensure a finish
impeccable and complementary accessories are the final touch that is given to the
product to embellish its result.
c. Build your prototype from a sketch: For products: copy of the model is made (it
can be in clay, plasticine or any material that facilitates its reproduction) attach the
image as evidence. (Attach design image)

d. Perform market tests. (Describe the aspects evaluated)

Regarding the marketing tests, a survey and a sales test were conducted to see
the boom that the customers had of the product. It was evident that the vast
majority of customers know about the product but they do not have it. that we offer
are of good quality and at an accessible price, it was also evident that despite the
fact that customers like the products, none of them were motivated to go in search
of these at different links where you sell them, which is why we find the idea of
selling voice to voice starting with our relatives and close associates.

Phase 3. Creation and Development of the Brand

Review the study material "Construction and brand development" and define the
general and key aspects to start the process of building the brand according to
your training project. A report must be presented where the following aspects are

This Christmas project will have as a mark of representation a Santa Claus and
within the image goes the name of the brand Creaciones Martines, Naturally
Creative. It is a type of simple and somewhat sober brand that seeks to give a
touch of elegance to our products with its brand and design. Taking into account
that our products are finishes and very delicate details we want to represent that in
the brand and its colors, so the image is seen with pastel colors and red that can
not be missing because it identifies the symbol of Christmas . Regarding the name
as they are products designed both of existing products and innovative products,
their name creations refers to all kinds of products created by ourselves,
additionally refers to that we are naturally creative with exclusive designs that
make our brand a plus in front of the other companies.

These products are made with high quality materials that guarantee that the
product is designed for a long useful life thanks to the quality of our products so
that its cleaning and care does not interfere in the finishes, since customers with
the vast majority of Christmas products are limited to their cleaning avoiding
damage to their finish, that is why our brand guarantees that its quality and finishes
will not interfere with its cleaning.

It is a mar that with time and thanks to its quality of work will be recognized starting
with promotional bases of voice to voice among relatives and close friends that is
why this is our main focus in terms of advertising and promotion concerned,
additionally taking into account the rise of technology at this time, the advertising
that is handled is through social networks, since they help us to make advertising
spend very economical and in turn to many people see it and recommend it.

Phase 4: Characterization of the phases of the life cycle of your product or service

Review the study material "Characteristics of the life cycle of the product and the
service", identify and analyze each of the phases of the life cycle of the product or
service of the chosen training project. Fill in the summary table. It must contain the
following information:
In how many times the life cycle of our products is reflected by the taking of orders,
our products are manufactured according to the demand of the purchase, that is to
say they are all elaborated according to the previous orders to avoid an
overproduction of products, additionally we have Consider the measures that the
client requests.

As for the definition, it is a product that improves and beautifies the interior space
of the house and the most important for everyone, since it is the meeting and food
center where for many staff it is the main space where they meet and share with
the family, that is why this space is our main source of creativity to produce
products according to each occasion and especially the Christmas season that
everyone, children, young people or adults enjoy.

As Christmas products are the main color in the development of these is red and
white, are characteristic colors of this date, in addition to them is played with
different colors, textures and designs that agree, enhance and give a different
touch as a product finished.

Phase 5: Monitoring the life cycle of the product or service

Review the study material "Characteristics of the life cycle of the product and the
service" and make a written report that contains the monitoring plan of the life cycle
of the product or service of the training project.

This Christmas workshop has many advantages rather than disadvantages. It is an

idea that works throughout the year but opens its doors to sales during the final
season of the year.
If you want to start the special dates are a main reason to motivate the business
idea in this case Christmas is a date where most citizens decorate our homes and
this is where the greatest number of sales in the year is evidenced. That's why my
business idea is based on the Christmas workshop. At this time of year there is
always renewing and decorating many places not only the house, but also the
parks, gardens, warehouses among others, and that is also why there is a great
variety of clientele for these sales, starting with the spaces to be decorated, There
are many spaces both in the house and outside of it where people seek to innovate
and remodel each year according to their taste or fashion, this is the most essential
since every year changes the design and decoration and that motivates customers
to renew or modernize in front of your decorations or Christmas items

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that for almost the entire year you work
without receiving any reward, because as I said before the sales are open to the
public at the end of the year and that is why they work hard during these dates to
make more sales. The main advantage is that it can be made from the comfort of
the house for some housewives who want it. It takes imagination and a lot of
creativity to make these articles. The good thing is that the reward is the amounts
of sales that are made for these dates, because as I said before the vast majority
of customers always seek to renew their decoration or at least add new details to
their homes.

For the elaboration of products and activities such as purchase of inputs,

production, finished preparation and others, they start from the beginning of the
year, since it allows us to have space in terms of the time to elaborate and finish
them without worries, this is why during all the year, products with previous orders
and the possible products and more sold are locked to have a base in the inventory
and that its final elaboration only depends on the measures that the client so

In addition to this the development of products from early dates allows us to

participate and implement different market strategies, since many people anticipate
this date to purchase decorations thinking about saving, for this reason our early
development favors us in different ways .
As we are a micro company, we are the ones who finance ourselves, with a little
order and strategy, initially an investment was made and as we are gaining profits
it is reflected that it is a profitable business where with a minimum of investment
the profits are superior, although the work initially is a little arduous and exhausting
since it starts with very little staff so that the first profits are just with the investment,
as we are ourselves who are working we are aware of the responsibility and
dedication that is due put this project so that over time the results are reflected and
improve the environment both work and the occupational load