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Equality, Justice and Harmony

We fight for Equality among gender, Justice to all and Family Harmony


Open letter to the United Nations (UN) / UNHRC / ICJ on protecting and
promoting the human rights.
United Nations United Nations High International Court of Justice
405 East 42nd Street, Commissioner for Human Rights Peace Palace
New York, NY, 10017, USA. (OHCHR) Carnegieplein 2
Palais Wilson 2517 KJ The Hague
52 rue des Pâquis The Netherlands.
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland.


As I write to you today, we the India men, who are facing State sponsored Legal terrorism & Legal
Extortion of various kind and many men are either forced to commit suicide or asked to pay legal
extortion or incarcerated. For last quarter century Government of India enacted various laws in the
name of women empowerment ignoring men.

There are more than 50 Laws where once woman files a complaint her words are taken as Gospel Truth
& proof of evidence based on her verbatim. Without any investigation or enquiry, Men & their fam family
members including senior citizen Parents are arrested and imprisoned. Their bails are denied. In some
states there is no concept of anticipatory bail & just to get a bail; men have to approach to Supreme
Court which takes months. Men & their families aare re constantly living in fear of arbitrary arrest,
intimidation and threat of NBW (Non bailable Warrant) by family court judges.

We state that we do NOT Trust Our Government, Judiciary, Police or Laws. As all of them are Anti MEN
& Misandric. Even Constitution
ion of India is Gynocentric which had paved the way to enact over 50 biased
laws , to empower women they can pass any law, even its against humanity or human rights.

There is not a single law to protect men and their family. As per Indian Government/Judic
whatever Women say anything considered to be gospel truth. Recently Indian government started
impounding Passports of Non-Resident
Resident Indians residing outside of India forcing them to come back to
Equality, Justice and Harmony
We fight for Equality among gender, Justice to all and Family Harmony

India. Thereby stopping all source of livelihood which is contrary to Universal Declaration of Human
Rights (UDHR)

In addition to above, these NRIs are losing their hard

earned and scarce overseas job to fight never-
ending legal battle in order to prove their innocence. Once they are in India they will be trapped in
vicious cycle. Hence their most important phase of life will be spent in courts and police stations.

Due to immense fear of legal harassment If NRIs decide to remain overseas they are declared as
absconder, proclaimed offender and at times international criminal having red corner notice (RCN) are
issued against them. Hence due to such procedures, these NRIs are treated at par with International
Terrorists and Government and Law Enforcement agencies equate these NRIs as members of Terrorist
Organizations such as Al-Qaida,
Qaida, Lashkar
Lashkar-e-Toeba, ISIS or Boko Haram.

We have many examples where many men are fighting these cases for more than 20 years, even
complainant has not attending any court dates. But Man has to attend/Appoint lawyer as he has no law
to protect him.

India has many biased laws and to cite one of the examples of such draconian law is Section 498A Indian
Penal Code – popularly known as dowry law. Indian Supreme Court in 2005 declared this law as Legal
Terrorism but despite of this Indian
ndian Government had cared a damn about this gross injustice to Men &
their families (including women relatives)

As per NCRB, Indian Government’s own data;

Every year 100,000+ 498A cases are being filed against husband & in
laws. And conviction rate is lowest
among all crimes which is <13% -.. Therefore About 90% of cases are fake and there is no punishment to
women who file false cases & MEN do not get any justice in this country

About 200,000 people are being arrested under 498A out which 20% (approx.) are women relatives of

About 100,000 MEN commit suicide every year (source NCRB) and the major reason for committing
suicide is due to family problem. To make MEN & their families members life miserable & to get
favorable extortion demand Indian Women have started filing false Rape case against husband, father
in-law, brother-in-law
law even bed ridden grand father
father-in-law (if his is alive)
Equality, Justice and Harmony
We fight for Equality among gender, Justice to all and Family Harmony

Even if you take conservative scenario of 50,000 avg. suicide/year si

nce 1983 (the year when #498A
was enacted) and that too @ 50% cases where suicide were due to biased laws which means Indian
government has murdered / slaughtered about million (10 lakhs) Indian MEN in last 36 years. This is a
worst Genocide than Rwanda (Africa)

India has ministry for Women, Child, Animal and even for LGBT (upcoming) but so government care
damn about MEN. There is no commission or ministry for MEN

We here by request International body / United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights grant us
Refugee status, as we are living in fear and facing Legal Terrorism in our everyday life. Recently even
neighboring country Bangladesh changed its law to pun punish
ish law misusers but India turning blind eye on
such abuse and inhuman treatment of men and continued its Legal terrorism, in such situation it’s
difficult to live in such a country.

So Please GRANT US REFUGEE STATUS, enable us to move to any 3rd world country
ntry where we men can
live with dignity.



MyNation Hope Foundation(INDIA)
Address: 133A, Pocket-C, Siddhartha
ha Extn., New Delhi 110014
Phone: +91-9972718212
Date: 11th May 2019