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Most information
All information Most information
presented in the
presented in the presented in the
debate was clear
Information debate was clear, debate was clear,
and accurate, but
accurate and accurate and
was not usually
thorough. thorough.

Every major point

Every major point Every major point was supported
was well was adequately with facts,
supported with supported with statistics and/or
Use of Facts/Statistics
several relevant relevant facts, examples, but
facts, statistics statistics and/or the relevance of
and/or examples. examples. some was

Team consistently Team sometimes

Team usually used
used gestures, used gestures,
gestures, eye
eye contact, tone eye contact, tone
contact, tone of
of voice and a of voice and a
voice and a level of
Presentation Style level of level of
enthusiasm in a way
enthusiasm in a enthusiasm in a
that kept the
way that kept the way that kept the
attention of the
attention of the attention of the
audience. audience.

All arguments All arguments

were clearly tied Most arguments were clearly tied
to an idea were clearly tied to to an idea
Organization (premise) and an idea (premise) (premise) but the
organized in a and organized in a organization was
tight, logical tight, logical fashion. sometimes not
fashion. clear or logical.

The team clearly The team

The team clearly
understood the seemed to
undestood the topic
topic in-depth and understand the
in-depth and
Understanding of Topic presented their main points of
presented their
information the topic and
information with
forcefully and presented those
convincingly. with ease.
Information had
inaccuracies OR
was usually not

Every point was

not supported.

One or more
members of the
team had a
presentation style
that did not keep
the attention of the

Arguments were
not clearly tied to
an idea (premise).

The team did not

show an adequate
understanding of
the topic.