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Points to be discussed in Year end activities meeting on 09.03.


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Points to be discussed in Year end activities meeting on 09.03.18

To send email for billing closure by 11.00 pm on 31st March.
Access will deactivated and enable the related pesonalization for inventory transactions/For Factory Nandan to provide acc
GIC/Factory to clear all the staging and release to warehouse related transactions (Move Order for GIC and CFA Transact M
Create Accounting for Inventory to be executed separately
Close all the Inventory periods
Opening Inventory Periods for CWH/RDC & Factories and then remaining
For factory "Lot Control" new sequence to be defined for new financial year
Cycle Count definition to start by branches and factory

Accounts Receivable
Create Accounting to be executed on 1st April and 2nd April (Receipts access to be revoked from all users including HO on
New Financial year related setups to be completed (Including factory related activities)
New AR period to be opened
All AR related access to be opened
Create Accounting for ABD / TBD to executed

Accounts Payable
Access to be de-activated for Payables for all (except finance team)
Period Closure activity to start
To clone a Audit Instance frm EBS Production
New Financial year related setups to be completed (Including factory related activities)
New AP Period Open and AP Access Activation after Finance confirmation
Cash / Bank Document sequence to be defined

Scrap Invoicing will be closed on 25th Mar,2018 night. Will be opened for new year on 15th April,2018

1) TA will be closed on 10th April night, employees to submit their previous year bills till 10th April.
2) Perks - Employees to submit their previous year bills till 28th March.
3) SFMS & FMS - Users to complete the related previous years bills till 10th April.
BPR - For Lum data to be extracted separately for all BPR - Inventory transactions to be stopped.

Other Activities
All price controllers are requested to revise price list in case of price revision, before the sales order booking starts.
The Branch accountant to cancel all pending POs not required upto 28.2.2018 by 20.3.2018
All buyers to cancel all pending POs not required upto 28.2.2018 by 20.3.2018
All unadjusted credit balance to be adjusted in consultation with Sales team by 31st March, 2018
PO/receipts for all expenses upto 31.3.2018 to be completed before Inventory period closing (communicate to all vendors l
Courier, Mobile etc. to submit their bills for Mar,2018 by 2/3rd April,2018)
Zero Cost to be updated as on 31.3.2018 by 2-Apr-2018 with GL date as 31.3.2018
Abnormal Cost variance as on 31.3.2018 to be updated by 2-Apr-2018
Person Responsible Start Date End Date Status as on 31st March

Pratap Sir 9th March

Girish / Sanjeev 31-Mar 31-Mar
GIC 31-Mar 1-Apr Morning 1 Apr
Girish 1-Apr 2-Apr
Girish 2-Apr 2-Apr Morning
Girish 2-Apr 2-Apr Morning
Girish 2-Apr 2-Apr Evening
Respective users 2-Apr 2-Apr Morning

Girish / Sanjeev 1-Apr 2-Apr

Girish 1-Apr 1-Apr
Girish 2-Apr 2-Apr
Sanjeev 2-Apr 2-Apr
Nandan 2-Apr 2-Apr

Sanjeev 4-Apr 4-Apr Evening

Girish 5-Apr 5-Apr Morning
Sanjeev 5-Apr 5-Apr Morning Snap
Girish 5-Apr 5-Apr Evening
Girish / Kalpit / Sanjeev 5-Apr 5-Apr Evening
Girish 5-Apr 5-Apr Morning



Price Controller
Br Accountant
All Buyers
Br Accountant

Br Accountant
Inventory & AR shall be closed on 1st as per normal process.
Siebel related CMs for scheme shall be run by 10 th April and posted in April Period.
AP shall have blackout period till 4th of April. Intranet module shall be closed
GST related setup – Listing is required- AR – Invoice/CM/DM/Challans etc document sequencing including Intranet leapahe
including Intranet leapahead.- Kalpit identity all such GST related year end setup as per Path Document and work jointly with Suresh.
work jointly with Suresh.
Cycle Count Schedule – 2018 -- Revised
# Warehouse Month & Date
1 CWH-Mumbai April-1st to 5th
2 Mumbai April-1st to 5th
3 CWH-Banur April-1st to 5th
4 RDC-South (Bangalore) April-1st to 5th
5 Bangalore April-1st to 5th
6 RDC-East (Kolkata) April-1st to 5th
7 Kolkata April-1st to 5th
8 CWH-Vapi April-1st to 5th
9 Noida ( Loni) April-1st to 5th
10 Chennai April-1st to 4th
11 Guwahati April-1st to 4th
12 Ahmedabad April-1st to 4th
13 Cochin April-1st to 4th
14 Hyderabad April-1st to 4th
15 Vijayawada April-1st to 4th
16 Bhubaneshwar April-1st to 4th
17 Zirakpur April-1st to 4th
18 Dehradun April-1st to 4th
19 Jaipur April-1st to 4th
20 Lucknow April-1st to 4th
21 Patna April-1st to 4th
22 Ranchi April-1st to 4th
23 Pune April-1st to 4th
24 Indore April-1st to 4th
25 Nagpur April-1st to 4th
26 Raipur April-1st to 4th