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AÑO LECTIVO 2015-2016

“Formando líderes con valores para transformar el mundo”

Name: Adriana Tapia Course: Primero “B”

Date: 14/05/2017 Score: ____/10

Fecha: 04/01/2017 Calificación: ______/10

¿It is possible to travel to the future? ¿What happens when changes happen?
Fecha: 04/01/2017 Calificación: ______/10
¿What prevent true love?

First, I am going to write about my book “Time Machine. Writing for Herbert George Wells

and published in London in 1895. Is a science fiction novel, the protagonist narrate this story.

This book is about the building of time machine and travel to the future by Time Traveller he

is a protagonist of this history. From this book I will write about travel to the future, life in a

new world and love impossible.

Second, travel to the future is a dream but not impossible, for example a wormhole could be a

way for travel to the future, a wormhole is a tunnel that connects two parallel universes, and

this proposed by Thorne at the end of the eighties this will a possible when you a create a

procedure that can connect the two universe, in the Einstein theories explain that is impossible

travel to the future but just are theories. Nowadays the scientific community working with

machines that allow travel to the future, if there is a possibility the travel to the future.

Then, life in a new world, moving house is difficult and more difficult is life in a new world,

live in another world would change all our habit and adapt to that environment, at the

beginning it will be difficult but over time we will get used to it.
AÑO LECTIVO 2015-2016
“Formando líderes con valores para transformar el mundo”
Next, love impossible between different people, love is most beautiful in the world, when love

comes we don’t look at the differences that exist between both, many times it doesn't happen

like this that’s because there are reasons so age, family and economy That doesn’t allow this

union becoming a love impossible but if the love is real, there should be wall separating them.

Finally this book describe some aspects fantastic but at the same time real, this book describes

several unusual aspects so travel to the future that dream all people because would allow fix

multiple errors and change, also as all history writes about love, this love is different because

the girl disappears and the protagonist, he search without results so a tragic love, finally this

book I like because it's not a common story.