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(Airport Representative pick up the guest from Airport to the Hotel)

Airport Representative: AR

Guest :G

Car Driver : CD

AR : MR .John

G : Yes I’am

AR : This way , please

G : sure

Ar : Good afternoon sir,my name is Sepri Keren , I’m as your airport represantive from H.I
Hotel ,Welcome to bali, your name is John right ,your destination is from Singapore to Denpasar
and your flight number is GG 999 at 09.00 is that right sir?

G : Yes , that right

AR : “Well Mr. John, before we going to the hotel . Do you want to use the restroom ? or do
you want to change your money to Rupiah?

G : “No.I don’t need to do anything , I already have Indonesian money .Lets go to the hotel!

AR : sure

CD : Excuseme sir, I’m sandiarta the car driver, Nice to meet you.

G : “Nice to meet you Sandi”

CD : Are 2 pieces of luggage,1 suitcase and handbag of your?

G : Yes,it’s my luggage.

CD : Is there any bag left?

G : I Think,No

CD :Good then. Please,allow me your luggage then put in the car

G : “Thank you very much

CD : No problem sir,our car is that way.Please, follow me!

G : OK

AR : Have a seat, please!

G : Oh Thank you!

AR : How’s your flight Mr john

G : The flight is nice and safe.

AR : “Well Mr John this’s first time you come to Bali right?”

G : “Yes, this my first time trip to Bali”

AR : Do you have plan of where to go while you are in Bali?

G : No actually , I have no idea where to go.

AR : “Really?. I would like tell you general information for you about Bali.Well, Bali is a
beautiful island in the world.Many tourists come to Bali for holyday.The island of Bali is knows
as the island of the thousand temples and as the best tourist attraction.Usually a place that often
visited by tourists such as Ubud,Nusa Dua,Tanah Lot,and many other places.Well, here is my
card.You can call me if you need a tour program.
AR : “Well Mr John. 15 minutes again. We’ll arrive in H.I Hotel. Please prepare yourself,
don’t forget anything like your personal belonging”

G : “Thank You”

AR : “ Mr John. Now, We arrive in H.I Hotel. Please take out from the car, mind your head
and your step”

AR : “Welcome to H.I hotel, your luggage will be handle by our bellboy”

G : “Thank you for your service. This’s for you”

AR : “Thank you”



Bellboy : “Excuse me Sir. You have 2 pieces of luggage, 1 suitcase and 1 hand bag. Is that
correct Sir?”

Guest : “Yes… that’s right.”

Bellboy : “Would you like to follow me to Front Desk?”

Guest : “Of Course.”

Bellboy : “Just come this way, Sir.”

Guest : “Thank you…”


(Doorman open the door for the guest)

Doorman : “Good morning, Welcome to H.I Hotel”

Guest : “Good morning”