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Bubble Documentation

Customer App: Essential Features

 Register/login page: the best way is to offer social media integration for
registering, though an email option is also ok.
 Order interface: A screen where the user will input their Location(Geo
Location Is Better), (ProductsOr Services)Main Segments, Select a Product
Or Sub-Catogery’
 Order Alret: Get the Order Alret(It’s Accepted Or Cancelled)
 RC Contact Details: When the Order Request Completed the Nearest RC
Contact Details Will Send to the Coustmer.
 Fare calculator allows to estimate the cost of the Product With GST
Persantage an order.
 Rating and reviews: feedback left by the customers’ on the Reublic Centre
and the Person.
 Messaging: to contact the RC Person and settle the details e.g. exact Loction
 Free in-app calls – Can be Added via VoIP integration
 Chat Support: 24/7 Chart Suport
 Push notifications: Keep the user updated on the Order progress and the
necessary information on their Orders e.g. getting Order, the Placing Order
(estimated time Of Completion).
 Order history: Displays details of the previous Orders and receipts, plus can
allow re-Ordering the same Product in one click

Republic Centre: Essential Features

 login page: Should Have The Forms(login with our Id’s Only)
 Republic-Centre profile: Centre should be required to provide extra
verification e.g. their Company license and tax number when they register
Or Any Agrements Of Muditva(Company) and Geo-Location, Contact Details.
 Order alert: push notification plus information on the new Order, Coustmer
Contact Details & route details etc. Should allow accepting and canceling
Bubble Documentation

 Chat Support: 24/7 Chart Suport

 Navigation suggests the best route to the passenger and onwards.
 Estimation: States the order price with discounts (if available).
 Reports: How Many Orders Recived , Cancelled, If Payment Option Is there
thouse Reports Also Need to Add (About Payment System Need To Take
Clarity From Sir)
 Voice commands – Not Available Or Any Info About RC
 Free in-app calls – can be added via VoIP integration.