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February /
March 2019

Columbia opens Performance IN THIS ISSUE

Optimisation Control Room Communications
& Cyber Security
Columbia Shipmanagement has embraced the digital era with the opening of a
new shore-based performance monitoring and control centre, from which it will MOL to roll-out Fleet
Xpress to entire fleet – 2
be able to view and respond to performance variations across its vessel fleet

Iridium Certus now commercially
olumbia Shipmanage-
available following launch success – 6
ment has opened a new
Performance Optimisation
Control Room in Cyprus, New regulations
from which the company aims to present digital
optimise operations in areas like ves-
sel safety, crew rotation and training,
opportunities – 10
maintenance and fuel efficiency.
Columbia says that the Control
Room will be manned 24/7 by quali-
Software, Big Data & IoT
fied personnel when its full function-
ality roll-out is completed, monitor- Hapag-Lloyd to invest in digitalisation
ing performance variables such as under Strategy 2023 – 18
speed, fuel consumption, voyage
delays and weather routing effects. EU Council makes progress on maritime
Vessel support will also be provid-
ed for disaster avoidance, mainte-
single window – 20
nance (including preventative main- Columbia Shipmanagement’s new digital control room.
tenance through the application of PHOTO: Columbia Shipmanagement Sharing verified data
new sensor and camera technology), with the blockchain – 22
and contractual compliance. thoroughly modern, digitalised and Control Room.
“(The new Control Room) is a vis- optimised service.” “With 24/7/365 support, our goal
ible and tangible example of how dig- The new facility is expected to act is to have even faster decision-mak- Navigation, Autonomy,
italisation and technology can be har-
nessed for optimisation of vessel
as a management hub, connecting to
technical, marine, crew and commer-
ing and greater visibility by using
modern technology to achieve cost-
& New Technologies
operation and management. Not only cial management departments and efficient vessel operations.”
will it make us more attractive to our functions. The software systems used Cyprus is home to Columbia’s StormGeo launches Navigator Solutions
clients and potential clients, it will will be web-based, allowing data to global shipmanagement headquar- Portfolio – 24
also make our clients more attractive be uploaded to other Columbia ters, with the company operating an
to the market through optimised offices and clients’ offices to facilitate international network of offices in IMO chief highlights
operation,” said Mark O’Neil, presi- remote monitoring. Germany, Singapore, Greece and seafarers' role in
dent of Columbia Shipmanagement. “Centralising our operations will China. The organisation also includes
“The Performance Optimisation give us the ability to better deal with an extensive network of crewing
automated future – 25
Control Room demonstrates fast-changing scenarios and develop- agencies spanning a dozen countries,
Columbia’s commitment to its ments as they happen,” said Captain and two training centres in Germany Maritime tech investments to underpin
clients and to the provision of a Pankaj Sharma, manager of the new and Greece. DS performance improvements – 26


• Low cost E-mail solution

• Compatible with all airtime providers

• Integrated with the IRIS scanning service

• Crew E-mail standard included

• Free backups of all incoming/outgoing e-mails

T +31 (0)10 260 00 41
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French research vessels roll out telemedicine service

Vol 19 No 5 Genavir, the vessel operating arm of

Digital Ship Limited Ifremer (the French Research Institute for
2 Prospect Rd, Exploitation of the Sea), has rolled out the
Marlink XChange Telemed crew health
St Albans AL1 2AX and safety management service across five
U.K. ocean-going research vessels; Alis, Antea, L’Atalante, Pourquoi Pas? and Thalassa.
All five vessels are part of the French
Oceanographic Fleet and have been
PUBLISHER equipped with Marlink VSAT for the last
Stuart Fryer six years. The XChange Telemed system is
integrated with those connectivity ser-
EDITOR vices, while adding a reinforced, vibration- The system will allow the crew to remotely connect to a doctor on shore
Rob O'Dwyer proof hard-case with CE certified medical
equipment for on board diagnostics by
designated medical crew. or injury in addition to the patient’s medi- “By combining live data from the
Fiona Macdonald : Tel +44 (0) 20 7253 2700 The system is controlled using a touch- cal history during video consultations. onboard medical kit and patient file with a
email: screen interface and is linked with a High The telemedicine sessions are band- live video link XChange Telemed enables
Definition (HD) camera to provide a direct width prioritised to ensure high availabili- professional support from shore for
live video feed to doctors on shore. ty of service for connecting with medical trained medical personnel on board,” said
Medical diagnostic data taken from staff ashore, where customers can choose Pierre Aldebert, QHSE manager, Genavir.
Ria Kontogeorgou:
the medical instruments can be viewed between utilising remote medical assis- “It will help to diagnose conditions and
Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 3401
email: remotely alongside the patient’s own med- tance from compatible public Telemedical develop treatments for crew members and
ical file in the online XChange Telemed Maritime Assistance Service (TMAS) cen- scientists, which may enable our ships to
web portal, providing the remote doctor tres, or an appointed doctor or private remain at sea and complete their mission
EXHIBITION & SPONSORSHIP SALES with information about the specific illness medical organisation. in the event of illness or injury.”
Young Suk Park: Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 3409
MOL to roll-out Fleet Xpress to entire fleet BIMCO to add cyber
Vivian Chee: Tel: +44 (0)20 8995 5540 (FOCUS) platform.
security clause to
email: In its initial stages FOCUS will see
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), one of Japan’s detailed voyage and engine data gathered
EVENTS MANAGER largest shipping companies, has announced from 150 vessels and stored in the Cloud,
Jo McGhee: Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 3412 plans to ramp up installations of Inmarsat’s where it will be made available for analy-
email: Fleet Xpress (FX) VSAT service across the sis to drive operational efficiency and BIMCO has announced that it is developing
remainder of its owned and managed fleet, propulsion performance improvements. a new clause for its standard contracts to
DIGITAL SHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS having begun initial deployments of the “As satellite communications technolo- deal with cyber security risks and related
€180 per year for 6 issues system on the majority of its car carriers in gy has grown dramatically over the past incidents that might affect the ability of con-
contact, 2016, shortly after FX was launched. decade, we have adopted VSAT from an tracted parties to perform their obligations.
or phone Stephan Venter on: The Japanese shipping company cur- early stage for e-mail communication and The BIMCO cyber security clause will
+44 (0)20 7017 3407 rently has more than 100 vessels installed sharing of images between ship to shore, require the parties to have plans and pro-
with the satcom system, but intends to now and now we can also monitor equipment,” cedures in place to protect their computer
MARITIME CIO FORUM move forward with installation of Fleet said MOL, in a statement. systems and data, and to be able to
Hamburg Xpress across its entire managed and “The continued roll-out of Fleet Xpress respond quickly and effectively to a cyber
20 February 2019 owned fleet of bulk carriers, tankers, pure will help implement our forecast mainte- incident. The clause also requires the
car carriers and LNG carriers. nance solutions through our FOCUS plat- affected party to notify the other party
MARITIME CIO FORUM The fleet-wide commitment is part of form, and we will continue to develop our quickly in the event of a cyber security
London MOL’s plan to scale up its digital activities, use of satellite communication in the breach, so that they can take any necessary
28 February 2019 as the shipping company looks to imple- future to help to continue to digitalise our counter-measures.
ment Internet of Things (IoT) and vessels.” The clause is designed for use in a
advanced data analytics technologies to New engine health monitoring and broad range of contracts, with the ability
drive improvements in safety, efficiency fault diagnostics, ’digital twins’ to support to also cover arrangements with third-
13 March 2019 and environmental performance. vessel maintenance management, aug- party service providers such as brokers
One digitalisation project already mented reality and other remote visualisa- and agents.
underway at the company is MOL’s part- tion techniques that supplement ship to The liability of the parties to each other
Printed by nership with Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding and shore interactions are among a range of for claims will be limited to an amount
The Manson Group Ltd Weathernews on the development of a additional ideas also under consideration agreed during negotiations, but a sum of
Reynolds House, 8 Porters' Wood new Fleet Optimal Control Unified System at MOL, the company said. US$100,000 will apply if no other amount
Valley Road Industrial Estate
St Albans, Hertz AL3 6PZ, U.K. is inserted.
The clause is currently being drafted by
No part of this publication may be repro- a small team led by Inga Froysa of
duced or stored in any form by any Klaveness, Oslo. Other companies
mechanical, electronic, photocopying,
involved include Navig8, the UK P&I
recording or other means without the
Club and HFW, with the project due to be
prior written consent of the publisher.
Whilst the information and articles in completed in May 2019.
Digital Ship are published in good faith In the early stages of development the
and every effort is made to check accura- drafting team discussed if the clause
cy, readers should verify facts and state- should also address payment fraud, how-
ments direct with official sources before ever it was concluded that the risk of this
acting on them as the publisher can increasingly common fraud is probably
accept no responsibility in this respect. best dealt with at a procedural level by
Any opinions expressed in this maga- companies tightening up their internal
zine should not be construed as those MOL will deploy Fleet Xpress across its entire managed and owned fleet of
payment procedures to require verifica-
of the publisher. bulk carriers, tankers, pure car carriers and LNG carriers
tion of any changes to payment details.

Digital Ship February / March 2019 page 2

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Torvald Klaveness standardises IT and comms with Marlink band back-up. ment, Torvald Klaveness. Anti-Virus, part of its Cyber Guard portfo-
KeepUp@Sea’s automated and stan- “With Marlink’s VSAT connectivity as a lio, on board each ship.
Marlink, and its Group subsidiary compa- dardised framework for vessel servers and backbone, the scalable KeepUp@Sea solu- “With more digital applications becom-
ny Palantir, have agreed a deal with computers provides control of networks tion will allow us to consolidate our IT ing essential to the efficiency of our busi-
Torvald Klaveness to become the preferred both on board and ashore, and includes a operations on a single platform, reducing ness, reliable connectivity at sea is more
supplier of satcom and IT management dashboard displaying an overview of the complexity, simplifying troubleshooting important now than it ever was,” said Eirik
systems for vessels managed by Klaveness health status for critical components on and ensuring that our software, licences Sanderlien, fleet manager, Transpetrol.
Ship Management. board. This single display can confirm that and anti-virus are always up to date.” “It’s vital that we partner with a
Vessels in the fleet will be equipped backups have been performed and that “Through this we are looking to opti- provider that can guarantee always avail-
with a system combining Palantir’s antivirus protection is up to date, for the mise IT management on board and ashore, able service levels regardless of where our
KeepUp@Sea remote IT service with whole fleet. improve stability and availability across ships are. Based on our experience as a cus-
Sealink VSAT connectivity, as well as “Standardisation is a key pillar of our our fleet of 23 owned and managed ships, tomer since 2011, we’re very confident that
Marlink’s XChange centralised communi- improvement and digital strategy,” said and ultimately reduce overall operational Marlink is that partner.”
cations management system and global L- Lars Erik Luthman, head of IT & develop- expenditure.” Connectivity and value added services
In related news, tanker owner will be centrally managed using the
Transpetrol has also signed a new contract XChange platform, and an XChange Cloud
with Marlink, a renewal and expansion of service has been included for the transfer
an existing deal which will see the vessel and synchronisation of files between ship
operator expand its use of the Sealink and shore.
VSAT service to its the entire tanker fleet, “Transpetrol is a great example of how
as well as two planned newbuildings due our services have evolved over time to fol-
for delivery within the next 18 months. low customer needs,” said Tore Morten
Transpetrol’s ships, from medium Olsen, president maritime, Marlink.
range tankers up to Aframax and Very “By providing a future-proof solution at
Large Gas Carriers on global routes, are the start of our relationship, we have been
already provided with global Ku-band able to increase their vessels' connectivity
VSAT and L-band back-up systems under bandwidth and speed, as well as add new
the company’s existing deal, but the digital solutions without any major hard-
Committed Information Rate (CIR) and ware change or price increase. We are
Maximum Information Rate (MIR) avail- enabling Transpetrol to run their ships
able to the ships will increase with the new more efficiently while increasing crew wel-
Torvald Klaveness aims to improve performance on its contract. fare in a controlled and very cost-effective
23 owned and managed ships following the deal Marlink will also deploy its SkyFile way.”

Nordic IT reveals plans Naval Dome adds cyber monitoring dashboard

for email system upgrade assess how the crew reacted to the prob-
lem, pinpointing the precise location of a are immediately interacting with the exact Maritime security company Naval Dome suspected event and detailing who was
functionality they need. By combining the has added a new option for management using the equipment at the time.
Nordic IT has announced plans to launch underlying core technology from MARK5 of the cyber security status of all protected “Naval Dome knowhow offers multiple
new email system reMARK: a redesign with the new user interface in reMARK, systems onboard ships, allowing ship- layers of protection and anomaly detec-
and a new interpretation of Nordic IT’s businesses achieve optimal utilisation of board and shoreside staff to access fleet- tion, the effectiveness of which has been
previous email system MARK5. the product which enables users to learn wide system data, even when offline. proved by comparing systems protected
ReMARK will feature an optimised the system faster and easily handle large The Naval Dome Dashboard collects by Endpoint with those which are not,”
user interface for simple and easy han- amounts of emails on a daily basis,” and collates all the data captured by the said Naval Dome CEO, Itai Sela.
dling of large amounts of emails, saving explains Linnea Birk, CMO, Nordic IT. company’s Endpoint cyber protection “In this way, secure use of onboard sys-
employees hours of time spent filing and “We do not use any time archiving any- package from a variety of systems on tems can be more efficiently monitored
archiving emails. more. Before this system, we used a board, including navigation equipment and lessons can be learned from the expe-
“In the new reMARK, we have priori- tremendous amount of time on archiving: and machinery such as ECDIS and radar, rience to further optimise fleet efficiency,
tised the user experience. The system’s definitely around 1-2 hours everyday per for use either at the company’s HQ or on ultimately reducing the costs related to
interface has therefore undergone a trans- employee. We don’t anymore,” says the vessel, to provide an overview of the resolving non cyber events.”
formation where the focus has been on Jorgen-Ole Christensen, senior operations ship’s cyber status. “The aim is to let shipowners know the
streamlining the user interface, so users manager, Team Tankers. Data can be uploaded from Endpoint to cyber status of their onboard systems with-
Naval Dome’s Cloud system, which can out having to react in any way. It’s our
then be accessed by shoreside operators. problem to deal with the attack. Naval
The new Dashboard provides a status Dome can deliver a very smart system that
Navarino’s Angel gets CSO Alliance backing update on all critical equipment, allowing does not require any training. With just one
users to determine the number of PC- click, shipowners can see the cyber activi- Alliance has become a key asset to ship- based systems onboard each ship and ties of their entire fleet and control it.”
ping security and so we are delighted that which of them are protected. A Cyber State
Navarino reports that its Angel cyber secu- they have endorsed Angel.” section also provides information on the
rity system has received an official CSOA director, Mark Sutcliffe, added: number of cyber security anomalies
endorsement from the CSO Alliance “CSO Alliance witnessed the development detected (caused by issues such as GPS
(CSOA), a member-based risk manage- cycle for Angel, including site visits and spoofing, for example), as well as a Cyber
ment platform for the shipping sector. meeting the technology and management Map that displays the geographical origin
“We have been working closely with team as well as key component manufac- of cyber-attack attempts recorded in the
the CSO Alliance to help support shipping turers so we could fully understand the Naval Dome cyber database.
in tackling the cyber threat effectively ever evolution of the final solution. We did this The Dashboard additionally indicates
since the industry started talking about on behalf of our members who may not be which systems are ‘connected’ and which
cyber security,” said Navarino UK manag- able to take the time to run this due dili- are offline, when systems were last updat-
ing director, Ray Brough. gence. As a result of this structured pro- ed, and if an attack is in progress while it is
“By raising awareness and providing cess we are prepared to endorse being dealt with by the Endpoint system.
tools for the maritime sector to report, dis- Navarino’s Angel maritime cyber security If an anomaly alert is issued the
Naval Dome’s new cyber dashboard
cuss and share cyber intelligence, the CSO solution.” Dashboard will enable the operator to

Digital Ship February / March 2019 page 4

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Samsung Heavy Industries’ smart ship system cyber certified Intellian adds high The notation aims to certify that the tions, alongside a cyber security gover- power option for 65cm
numerous risks to safe operation and secu- nance system to mitigate the risk of intro-
Lloyd’s Register (LR) reports that it has rity inherent in the design of connected ducing vulnerabilities to cyber-attack, or
Fleet Xpress antenna
presented Samsung Heavy Industries systems have been identified, understood other unauthorised access.
(SHI) with approval in principle (AiP) for and mitigated to make sure that new smart “We expect to see a number of assets in
its smart ship system INTELLIMAN SHIP, ship technologies are safely integrated into the marine and offshore industry using our
the first time the ‘Digital AL2 SAFE PER- ship designs. INTELLIMAN smart ship solution in the Intellian has introduced a new addition
FORM SECURE’ notation has been grant- SHI says it has been focusing its efforts near future,” said vice president and direc- to its ‘high power’ output range of mar-
ed to confirm compliance with LR’s new on developing a range of technologies that tor of the ship and offshore research insti- itime satellite antennas, with the launch
Digital Ships requirements. will promote safety and optimise opera- tute at SHI, Dr Yong-Lae Shim. of the GX60HP 60cm-class Global Xpress
“The system has consolidated function- terminal.
ality, integrated safety and cyber security The GX60HP is a 65cm Ka-band satel-
capabilities which enable ship owners/ lite communication terminal with a 10W
operators to improve their operational effi- BUC option, type approved for use on
ciency. We are delighted to receive this AiP Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network with
from LR – a leader in the marine and off- the maritime Fleet Xpress service.
shore digital transformation.” The increased BUC output power of
“In connection with this initiative, we 10W on the Ka-band enables greater
will continue to develop the next genera- uplink throughput and a higher level of
tion of smart ship solutions together with bandwidth to enable a faster service at sea,
our other offerings: BIG, S.VESSEL and the company says.
S.FLEET, for our clients to see real com- The GX60HP will be targeted at users
mercial benefit. These systems will pro- in the oil and gas sector, commercial ships,
vide integrated management of all asset- superyachts and government users. It can
related data between onboard and onshore also be used as part of a dual antenna set-
The approval in principle was presented at a ceremony in Korea safely and seamlessly.” up, utilising the Intellian GX Mediator sys-
tem, to overcome blockage from onboard
Intellian says it is providing a 10W HP
Fleet Management in fleet-wide cyber deal with ABS Upgrade Kit for applicable existing sys-
tems. The upgrade kit can be used on an we are continually innovating and invest- Security Center—a US Department of existing GX60 to convert a 5W BUC to a
ing in technology to stay ahead of the Homeland Security Center of Excellence— 10W BUC using four machine screws.
Fleet Management Limited has agreed a curve and ensure our vessels operate to the led by Stevens Institute of Technology and
deal with classification society ABS to highest safety and technical standards.” the US Department of Defense.
implement a cyber security system based on The project has been undertaken to Launched in June 2018, the ABS FCI
the ABS FCI Cyber Risk model on Fleet ensure that Fleet Management is prepared Cyber Risk approach quantifies cyber
Management’s 220-vessel liquid cargo fleet. for IMO requirements for cyber security to security risk, and gives owners and opera-
“Our safety consciousness and value- be addressed in Safety Management tors a practical, actionable strategy to
added services have always been key Systems by January 2021, and to meet reduce cyber risk onboard a vessel.
drivers of our 24-year growth,” said specified additional industry guidelines “Until now, cyber risk assessment
Kishore Rajvanshy, managing director, such as those from TMSA3, SIRE, BIMCO, methods were largely qualitative. The ABS
Fleet Management Limited. IACS and Rightship. FCI Cyber Risk model calculates a cyber
“New digital technologies not only The ABS FCI (Functions, Connections, risk score and demonstrates how specific
bring about considerable opportunities to Identities) Cyber Risk model was devel- FCI alterations reduce the level of risk,”
the maritime industry, but also introduce oped following a two-year research con- said Russell Medeiros, vice president, ABS
Intellian’s new GX60HP
potential new vulnerabilities. That’s why tract between ABS and the Maritime Advanced Solutions.

Iridium Certus becomes commercially available following launch success partners has already begun, and it has broadband terminals to Iridium Certus to the terminals upgradable to the Certus 700
been eagerly anticipated by every target ensure we are getting the highest through- (352/704 kbps) speed class with a
Iridium has announced the commercial industry. The launch of this service is a put at the best cost on the newest global firmware update, once available.
launch of its Iridium Certus L-band satcom huge achievement, and it is already dis- network. Iridium Certus is a game-changer The Iridium satellite network is com-
service following the successful comple- rupting the status-quo through our small- for us.” prised of 66 crosslinked satellites offering
tion of the final launch in its $3 billion er, faster, lighter and more cost-effective Iridium Certus terminals for maritime coverage around the entire planet. The 75
Iridium NEXT constellation refresh pro- terminals and service.” are being built by Cobham and Thales. NEXT satellites launched will replace all of
gramme, which has seen 75 satellites Iridium has estimated the L-band spe- Services will initially be provided as a the previous generation and leave a sur-
launched in just under two years. cialty broadband market to be worth Certus 350 (352/352 kbps) offering, with plus of nine in-orbit spares.
The launch of Certus commercial ser- approximately $700 million today. Prior to
vices on the NEXT network marks the con- the launch of Iridium Certus, the company
clusion of a global testing phase on its sys- says that it had an approximately $25 mil-
tems, including beta trials with live cus- lion market share value in high-speed mar-
tomers. Initial services are being targeted at itime services and aims to improve on that
maritime and terrestrial applications, with with this faster service.
aviation products expected later in 2019. Iridium has previously issued guidance
“The debut of Iridium Certus is the start that it believes revenues attributed to
of a new chapter in the Iridium story, one Iridium Certus will reach approximately
that is set to catapult us and our partners $100 million annually by year end 2021.
forward,” said Iridium CEO Matt Desch. “Iridium Certus is delivering real-time
At its core, Iridium Certus is an innova- connections everywhere our vessels go. As
tion engine for the future. It will enable us a result, shipboard communications, vessel
to provide broadband connections to performance systems and the crew them-
teams, vehicles and the important IoT selves are never out of contact,” said
‘things’ that are in the 80-plus per cent of Holger Börchers, IT manager at Briese
the world that lacks cellular coverage.” Schiffahrts.
Iridium’s NEXT constellation consists of 66 cross-linked satellites
“Adoption of this new service by our “We are now able to upgrade existing

Digital Ship February / March 2019 page 6

p1-11_p1-14.qxd 25/02/2019 11:18 Page 7
p1-11_p1-14.qxd 25/02/2019 11:18 Page 8


Iridium completes $3bn satellite constellation upgrade IEC Telecom Group is expanding its
presence in the Scandinavian market, with
the opening of a new office in enables never before possible services such enough satellites in case of a launch fail- Copenhagen, Denmark. IEC Telecom
as the AireonSM global aircraft tracking ure. The launch strategy for Iridium Denmark, which will be run by Peter
Iridium Communications has announced and surveillance system and Iridium changed a lot over the ten years. Because Visby and Gordon Skinner, will serve the
the completion of its US $3 billion satellite Certus, a new broadband service, of no launch failures, instead of having 6 Danish market as well as supporting the
constellation upgrade campaign known as launched in January 2019. The upgraded spares in orbit, there are 9 spares and 6 in Group’s Swedish and Norwegian clients
Iridium NEXT. network is also fully compatible with the ground in case they are ever needed. and partners that operate in the North Sea,
The final two satellites required to com- original satellite constellation’s services. During the press conference, Iridium the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
plete the network refresh were activated Iridium CEO Matt Desch, commented: also introduced its new small-form-factor
on February 5th at 14:15 EST. Iridium now “The completion of the Iridium NEXT pro- transceiver, Iridium CertusSM 9770. The Satcom Global has relocated its
has 66 new satellites in its constellation gram signifies a new chapter in the solution will enable creation of new con- headquarters in the Americas to a new
and no further launches planned. Iridium story, one that sees us transform- sumer and industrial applications that are location in Nashua, New Hampshire. The
Over ten years, Iridium has created an ing from a big cash spender to a big cash highly portable and IoT-friendly, opti- office will manage all regional sales relat-
upgraded network in both space and on generator. This is the realisation of a long, mised for small size and low cost, yet with ed activities, including logistics, invento-
the ground, with several hundred million successful climb, and reaching the peak, higher speeds than in the past due to the ry, shipping and RMA for the region, and
dollars spent on building and deploying it’s gratifying to know the future of the upgraded Iridium satellite network. will be headed up by Steve Griffin.
the new network. Iridium now expects company is secure, and we have now Built on the Iridium Certus technology
capital costs to decrease to approximately financially matured as a satellite operator. platform, applications and devices made GTMaritime has appointed Mike
$35 million per year, with revenues contin- Huge thanks are in order to our entire with the new transceiver will feature a McNally as its new sales and marketing
uing to grow as the company expands into team, particularly our friends at SpaceX range of speeds optimised for efficiently director, tasked with leading the compa-
newer revenue streams like broadband, and our prime satellite manufacturer sending data to and from the user, typical- ny’s expansion into new territories. Mr
IoT and hosted payloads. Thales Alenia Space and their teams.” ly in the range of less than 100kbps. The McNally has previously worked with
First announced in 2010, the Iridium Digital Ship joined a seminar hosted by Iridium Certus 9770 is the first in a series Globe Wireless, Inmarsat and
NEXT campaign featured eight launches Iridium to announce the news. Desch of new devices that will augment Iridium’s Telemar USA. He will work from
with SpaceX. In total, 81 satellites were explained to participants about the jour- existing transceivers with approximately GTMaritime’s new office in the United
built by prime contractor Thales Alenia ney of the Iridium NEXT launch. “We the same form-factor as existing narrow- States, in Houston, Texas.
Space, of which 75 were launched, with 66 originally designed Iridium NEXT back band antennas used widely today in avia-
in the operational constellation and nine then to replace the 66 operational satellites tion, maritime, IoT and land-mobile mar- GTMaritime has also signed China-
serving as on-orbit spares. Thales Alenia and then we wanted one satellite per plane kets, but using native IP technology at up based Marinesat as a new value-added
Space was responsible for design and inte- and we knew we somehow had to launch to 35 times the speed as current devices. reseller, to deliver its maritime communi-
gration of the new satellites, including and activate 72 satellites. That would give This supports telemetry, pictures, high- cation products to vessels in China and
launch and early operations testing in us a significant return on the capital we quality voice calling, emails, internet other markets. The agreement marks
partnership with Iridium’s team at the had put into it.” access and more, at highly competitive GTMaritime’s first partnership within the
company’s Satellite Network Operations Desch said that Iridium instead utilised prices. Select licensed manufacturers of Chinese market.
Center in Virginia. a hybrid strategy, deciding to build 81 Iridium can expect to receive prototypes of
The upgraded Iridium constellation satellites instead of 75, giving them the device around mid-2019. SES Networks has issued an
endorsement to Intellian, confirming
the suitability of the Korean company’s
v240MT 2.4m tri-band multi-orbit antenna

Private Access Point added for North Sea LTE for use on the network of Ku, Ka and C-
band satellites operated by SES. side an onboard VSAT with seamless “By adding Tampnet’s low-latency Telenor Maritime has appointed
switching between the connections. bandwidth into our already flexible hybrid Lars Erik Lunøe as its new CEO, taking on
Marlink has completed the implementa- Tampnet’s LTE services are enabled by communications solution from Marlink, the role from February 1, 2019. Knut
tion of a new private Access Point Name a 3,000km subsea fibre network, which has we have been able to continue developing Fjellheim, who was serving as interim-
(APN) on the Tampnet North Sea LTE net- been leveraged by Marlink to serve its operational efficiencies on our vessels as CEO, returns to his role as Chief
work in the North Sea, to provide offshore North Sea customers since May 2015, well as providing reliable, high speed Technology Officer (CTO). Mr Lunøe most
vessels with improved 4G connectivity in when Tampnet and Marlink formed their communications for our clients’ and their recently headed up UK-based Survitec
addition to its satellite services as part of operational partnership. This was extend- staff in the North Sea,” said Terje Gjerde, Fire Solutions as managing director.
its hybrid communications portfolio. ed in late 2017 to add additional access to head of IT, Simon Møkster Shipping.
The 4G bandwidth available via the Tampnet LTE connectivity in the Gulf of “With dedicated Tampnet bandwidth
APN is dedicated to Marlink customers Mexico. now available to us, we can offer an even
and not shared with any other vessels or Simon Møkster Shipping was the first more resilient service for clients who
users in the North Sea, allowing Marlink to vessel owner to leverage the LTE service demand fast and always available com-
offer guaranteed bandwidth via the net- on a fleet-wide basis in the North Sea, as munication for effective and profitable
work, which can be implemented along- part of a hybrid communications package. operations.”

UK ports join ‘smart’ pilot programme The digitalisation initiative will aim to to improve operations, processes and borne drones to enable ports to become
test scalable, satellite-based ‘smart’ sys- transparency. more intelligent and examine ways of
A group of ports located in the North East tems that will work within a large pro- Teesport, operated by PD Ports and the speeding up trade.
of the UK have joined a project aiming to gramme of measures towards achieving largest port in the region, will test methods “Satellites have been providing services
pilot ‘smart’ digital initiatives and satellite- four outcomes for the ports: new business to boost operational efficiency in logistics for the maritime economy for many years,
based systems to improve operations, as opportunities and hinterland engagement; and warehousing processes, moving cargo with advanced technology for navigation
part of the Smart Port North East Testbed. boosting the growth of green energy and from the port area to supply chains and and communications the norm in the sec-
Industry experts, academia and region- low carbon solutions; improved customer wider logistics networks as efficiently as tor,” said Stuart Martin, CEO of the
al authorities will work with the Port of experiences; and operational excellence possible. Teesport operates nine weekly Satellite Applications Catapult.
Berwick, Port of Blyth, Port of Sunderland, and security in and around the port. sailings to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge, and “But as international trade continues to
Teesport and Port of Tyne as part of the Port of Berwick will trial systems to knowledge from the Innovation Dock at grow unabated, this initiative from
project, the first initiative of the Situational enable closer collaboration between the Smart Port Rotterdam will be drawn upon SAINTS is an exciting new opportunity for
Awareness Information National port and its hinterland, Port of Blyth will to support the programme. UK companies to make significant techno-
Technology Service (SAINTS) programme focus on technologies suitable for servicing The test bed will examine technologies logical advances for ports, and show what
launched by the North East Satellite the renewable and green energy sectors, such as artificial intelligence, data analyt- is possible from a combination of satellite
Applications Centre of Excellence. and Port of Sunderland will pilot systems ics, unmanned marine vessels, and air- data, terrestrial measurements and AI.”

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Digital Ship
Speedcast extends satcoms deal with Carnival Denmark launches
maritime cyber strategy amount of bandwidth delivered to the TrueBeam analyses network availabili-
fleet, to provide its guests with an ty, capacity, bands, and other data points
Speedcast reports that it has signed a new improved internet experience. across the network to make intelligent The Danish Ministry of Industry, Business
contract to expand its existing relationship Services will be delivered leveraging decisions that will optimise onboard con- and Financial Affairs has launched a new
with Carnival Corporation for the provi- Speedcast’s network of capacity on 40 satel- nectivity, without manual interaction. It is sector-specific strategy for the shipping
sion of communications and value-added lites across C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band, the first system of its kind that is able to industry as part of the government’s more
services across Carnival’s global fleet of including High Throughput Satellites centralise the planning and switching of a general national strategy for cyber and
cruise ships. (HTS), and 20 ground-based teleports. remote network of this size and scale, information security, with a range of ini-
The three-year contract is expected to Connectivity on board will be centrally Speedcast says. tiatives aimed at strengthening IT security
generate between eight and nine per cent managed by an intelligent automation sys- Speedcast’s global terrestrial backhaul and preventing cyber threats in maritime.
of Speedcast’s full year 2019 revenue, the tem called Speedcast TrueBeam, launched network will be deployed to carry data traf- The objective of the strategy is to ensure
company says. operationally for the first time following a fic to the internet and back to Carnival’s that safety in Danish waters is not com-
Speedcast has been delivering commu- four-year development programme. The operations data centres, and network opti- promised by cyber-attacks. Responsibility
nications services to more than 100 cruise system incorporates intelligence to predict misation technologies from Xiplink will also for cyber and information security in the
ships across the various Carnival brands and mitigate known satellite communica- be utilised to further improve the online maritime sector lies with the Danish
since 2013. This new contract will see tion challenges, such as rain fade, line of experience on the ships. Maritime Authority (DMA), with the new
Carnival increase its investment in the sight blockages and network congestion. “Speedcast is thrilled and proud to con- strategy covering navigation in Danish
tinue this partnership with Carnival as its waters and safety on board Danish ships,
trusted provider for communications,” including systems and software for opera-
said PJ Beylier, Speedcast CEO. tion, propulsion and navigation.
“I would like to thank the entire In addition, services such as traffic
Carnival team for their trust and look for- monitoring, warning and information sys-
ward to continuously raising the bar tems, as well as other systems with a con-
together with Carnival to deliver an indus- nection to a ship’s safe navigation are
try-leading communications guest experi- included in the government’s plans.
ence in the cruise industry, just as we did The Danish Maritime Authority has
(in 2018), delivering world record-setting established a dedicated Danish Maritime
bandwidth to the Carnival Horizon.” Cybersecurity Unit in accordance with the
“The continuation of our partnership new initiative, which is to handle the prac-
with Carnival, following a very competi- tical implementation of the strategy.
tive process, is a testament to Speedcast’s Among the activities planned are the
unique capabilities, demonstrates our abil- creation of a joint contingency and warn-
ity to innovate and adapt to fast-evolving ing plan for handling IT security incidents,
Speedcast will provide greater bandwidth across multiple frequency bands customer needs and is confirmation of our and implementation of common cyber and
to the entire Carnival fleet following the new deal
leadership position in the cruise sector.” information security exercises.

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New regulations present digital

New emissions reporting regulations will force vessel operators to collect and report a range of data about
their operations in 2019. While this may mean some costs are incurred, it also creates an opportunity
to generate business value from the data collected, writes Tore Morten Olsen, Marlink

ith more than ten new IMO which required a strategy to be completed
regulations covering within 2018 ahead of adoption in 2023. The
diverse areas of operation roadmap aims to ensure that the interna-
coming into force in 2019, tional shipping community maintains a
ship owners and managers will be kept focus on using data to reduce its environ-
busy meeting the changing requirements mental footprint.
introduced to maintain safety at sea and to The IMO Ship Fuel Oil Consumption
protect the environment. The majority see Database has already been launched as a
this as an essential process that contributes new module within the Global Integrated
to sustainability in the shipping industry Shipping Information System (GISIS) plat-
and its use of the oceans, but the time and form, and Member States now have access
financial commitment can undoubtedly to the Database.
become a burden. With the growing requirements to pro-
The eye-watering cost of potential port vide data under new and most likely
detentions, the knock-on effect to sched- future legislation, the shipping industry
ules and, of course, sky-high fines certain- now has the opportunity to accelerate dig-
ly outweigh this. But if spending on new italisation across the board, by focusing on
regulations could actually provide tangible establishing a fully integrated ICT environ-
operational and financial value for ships ment which not only allows a company to
and fleets beyond the very fact of compli- comply with these data-focused regula-
ance, the cost burden may in fact be lifted. tions, but enables operational and financial
Generally speaking, maritime directives benefits to be accrued as well.
Emissions reporting regulations could force shipping to accelerate its digitalisation efforts
are created to force best practice, which in
itself brings intrinsic value. But as shipping Applications moving to
continues on its path towards digitalisation platforms tion in the context of specific applications. In this context, the increasing regulatory
against a backdrop of significant global Both the EU MRV regulation and the IMO The satcom, network and server environ- requirement to have systems in place for
environmental challenges, the opportuni- Data Collection System are essential to ment are simply enabling technologies the collection, storage and transfer of data
ties to leverage the infrastructure needed reducing shipping’s impact on the planet’s allowing the user to derive value from should serve as a catalyst for the industry.
for reporting under new regulations outside ecosystem, but they also present a unique their applications. Establishing a resilient There is no escape from EU MRV and IMO
of their intended scope is also growing. opportunity to leverage the infrastructure network opens the door to new options DCS, and nor should there be. All ships
The EU MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, required for data collection, storage and like Cloud-based applications and digital and fleets need a strategy and the tools to
Verification) regulation, which came into reporting in order to generate greater oper- platforms, with the latter enabling a cen- report, and the bare minimum of compli-
force in January 2018 specifies mandatory ational efficiency, streamline business pro- tralised and standardised approach to data ance will still cost.
provisions for the monitoring, reporting cesses and ultimately lead us to a com- handling and analysis. But if the ICT infrastructure established
and verification of information on CO2 pletely connected future – Maritime 4.0, if While single applications can automate becomes the foundation for easily accessible,
emissions and other data from ships oper- you like. some processes, the sheer volume of ven- value-driving applications encompassing a
ating in, arriving at or departing from a At the application level, the same infras- dors and solutions has created a fragment- wide area of operations, that cost becomes
port in an EU member State. Additionally, tructure and data required to meet new ed landscape, where ship owners and an investment. The time saved by automat-
amendments to MARPOL Annex VI for a environmental legislation can be applied managers still need to engage with multi- ing data processes is incredibly valuable, but
Data Collection System (DCS) for fuel oil to most day to day operational processes, ple and diverse organisations to generate the data itself, when analysed and applied
consumption of ships, adopted by resolu- such as the noon report, which requires value from their digital strategy. with insight, is worth even more.
tion MEPC.278(70), entered into force on much of the same information as EU MRV Accessing diverse operational and busi- As an industry, shipping has a respon-
1 March 2018. and IMO DCS. ness applications in a Cloud environment sibility to limit the production of green-
Under the DCS amendments, ships of The Noon Report has seen some could help to standardise on board digital- house gasses and reduce pollution of the
5,000 gross tonnage and above are attempts at digitalisation in recent years, isation, offering a simpler approach to, for oceans. The EU and IMO are both commit-
required to collect consumption data for and the time spent compiling it by Chief example, data storage and analysis as well ted to delivering transformation of atti-
each type of fuel oil they use, as well as Engineers and reviewing it by the Captain as billing and support with numerous tudes and processes for the greater good,
other additional specified data including and Deck Officer on a daily basis has vendors. which is especially important considering
proxies for transport work. The aggregated reduced. There is significant potential to Before this is achieved however, the the global scientific community’s last ditch
data is reported to the flag State after the streamline the process further however, by satcom industry has to be able to deliver call to action on climate change in October
end of each calendar year and the flag integrating it within the same ITC network and ensure continuous access to the last year.
State, having determined that the data has established to meet EU MRV and IMO DCS. Cloud. Data handling and processing for Time is ticking for the planet, but con-
been reported in accordance with the While it’s true that data automation is maritime applications and digital plat- sidering that most ships are now mandat-
requirements, issues a Statement of increasingly streamlining numerous pro- forms demands high flexibility and capac- ed to generate data on their environmental
Compliance to the ship. cesses on board, much of the technology is ity from satellite communications and its impact that will contribute to reducing
Flag States are required to subsequently segregated and engineered for a single associated infrastructure, and it is those emissions and improving operational effi-
transfer this data to an IMO Ship Fuel Oil purpose. The disconnected nature of mar- applications that will revolutionise mar- ciency, why not go all out? Build your net-
Consumption Database, from which IMO itime applications differentiates the IT itime operations. work, secure your infrastructure, leverage
will be required to produce an annual environment on a ship from enterprise IT the data for business benefit. After all,
report to the Marine Environment on land, where inter-connectivity at both Building foundations EU MRV and IMO DCS mean you have to
Protection Committee (MEPC), summaris- the hardware and software level allows for It’s easy to evangelise on the importance of collect it anyway. DS
ing the data collected. a more holistic and therefore streamlined ICT at sea. But like everything, it comes at a
The Data Collection system is part of the approach. cost. There is often CAPEX and always About the author
IMO (MEPC) roadmap to define shipping's The first step to improving is to stop OPEX, so still there are fleets holding on to Tore Morten Olsen is president of maritime
role in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, viewing the ICT component of digitalisa- last generation, and even older technologies. at satcom service provider Marlink

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FUELNET Generation Kongsberg and ShipNet integrate Seaproc e-procurement

5 launched ality of each platform and improve the tomers and therefore we see the recent handling of transactions, as Requests for investments in our partner relations as a Quote, quotations, purchase orders, con- strong mechanism to providing our cus-
FUELTRAX has release FUELNET tracts, invoicing and delivery receipts can tomers the right strategic enablers to make
Generation 5 (GEN-5), the latest version of Kongsberg and ShipNet have announced be directly interfaced. this happen.”
its fuel data processing network which adds new partnerships with Cloud-based mar- As a result, buyers will be able to con- “Our ShipNet One platform continues
collection, storage, tracking and processing itime procurement company iMarine duct all of their daily activities within their to grow and we foresee having 35-plus
of weather data metrics, activity time- Software, which will see iMarine’s Seaproc main fleet management system as all com- valuable partners integrated to our plat-
stamped and linked to vessel geolocation. e-procurement platform integrated with munications, transactions and negotiations form before the end of 2019. This continues
The new software also adds a new alert Kongsberg’s K-Fleet vessel management can be handled internally within one soft- to provide a significant competitive advan-
builder that allows users to create cus- software and the ShipNet One maritime ware application. tage to our customers who want to lever-
tomised operational alerts based on com- ERP system. “ShipNet has constantly valued work- age various levers within their business to
binations of fuel KPIs. Both fleet management systems are ing with partners who are innovative and achieve the right financial results.”
A dynamic reporting feature creates used to optimise shipping companies’ have a solution that provides a unique The SeaProc Cloud-based procurement
charts, graphs and reports, as well as auto- working processes across areas like proposition to our customers. We are system runs on Amazon Web Services,
matically generated ‘speed versus con- planned maintenance, inventory manage- equally focused on giving our customers a connecting vessel operators with more
sumption’ curves. Raw data can also be ment, procurement, documentation, voy- choice for their business that provides than 50,000 vendors globally. It provides a
exported for further analysis. age reporting and fleet operations. them the best fit competitive advantage,” unified platform for managing and moni-
Alongside GEN-5 Fueltrax has addi- The full integration of the SeaProc e- said Suren Thadani, ShipNet CEO. toring technical trading, contract manage-
tionally improved its website, to offer fur- procurement platform with the two part- “We recognise that generating savings ment, e-invoicing, logistics, business
ther information to its users to support ner applications will expand the function- on operating expenses is critical to our cus- reporting and trading rule management.
vessel and fuel operations.
“The enhanced FUELTRAX website
provides more in-depth information on our Seacat Services implements Maersk introduces
constantly evolving and expanded product
offering and the value created for fleet remote monitoring system Captain Peter,
operators in different marine sectors. The
enhanced site also offers the opportunity to The company will also make use of
the virtual assistant
sign-up for regular FUELTRAX news and Reygar’s Digital Daily Progress Report
to access the unique marine insights FUEL- Offshore energy support vessel (OESV) (DDPR) mechanism, which allows crews
TRAX provides as the leading marine data operator Seacat Services has installed the to log completion of safety procedures
provider,” said Anthony George, president BareFLEET remote monitoring system, such as drills and toolbox talks. Maersk has introduced a virtual assistant
and CEO of FUELTRAX. developed by Reygar, across its fleet of BareFLEET is also integrated with named Captain Peter to its Remote
“Our enhanced site combined with the fourteen catamarans. Seacat’s fleet management software Container Management (RCM) platform
launch of FUELNET GEN-5 means that The system has been integrated with CrewSmart to centralise company data in that will help customers understand their
our customers are once again with us at existing sensors and equipment and will one place. cargo’s voyage.
the cutting edge of industry technology be used to monitor key operational vari- “We’ve seen the wide-ranging benefits Captain Peter is expected to follow sim-
and will be able to realise the benefits our ables, including navigation data, vessel that digitalisation of operations has ple rules such as sending up-to-date infor-
systems can deliver.” motion and the performance of engines had for turbine owners and operators – mation via customers’ preferred channel
and other critical machinery. and it’s time for the vessel market to fol- such as SMS or e-email on container tem-
Seacat Services will be able to view low suit by showing a commitment to perature and atmospheric conditions. It
a live feed of this data from its Fleet matching these higher operational stan- will also provide a timeline on its end-to-
Operations Centre in Cowes, UK, to dards,” said Ian Baylis, managing direc- end journey. Captain Peter will be capable
monitor the performance of vessels at tor, Seacat Services. of informing the customer of any delays or
sea. Critical alerts – such as engine “Our investment in BareFLEET will not journey deviations.
alarms – will be flagged instantly to only enable us to protect our most impor- Once the container has arrived at its
shore-based personnel to prompt imme- tant assets – our masters, crews and the destination, Captain Peter will also check
diate action. vessels they operate – but also ensure that on its state and send an update to the cus-
As the volume of data collected by the our customers get maximum value from tomer. It is also expected that Captain
system increases, Seacat says it will con- the boats they have under charter.” Peter will be able to send information to
duct trend analysis, condition monitoring “As these digital systems become customers configured to their specific
and preventative maintenance, to allow its increasingly integrated, there is huge needs.
operations team to detect and address potential for cross-collaboration through- The virtual assistant is currently being
developing faults in critical components out the supply chain that ultimately helps tested by a group of customers, while
before they result in failure or unsched- us to change the way offshore wind farms technical improvements are being put in
FUELNET GEN-5 uled vessel downtime. are developed, built and serviced.” place to ensure a simple integration into
the RCM. Maersk is expected to release the
new platform with a revamped design
SafeTug to support data sharing between tugs and ports and new product features, which will be
enhanced by Captain Peter. optimum approach, berthing and depar- and piloting operations with over-the-air “Our goal is for the RCM product to
ture,” said Richard Hepworth, president of (OTA) differential corrections, real-time look and feel like your favourite smart-
Trelleborg has announced the launch of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation. traffic overviews, and live positioning data phone app. There is still a lot of paper
SafeTug, a new software system that aims “Utilising the latest technology, with predicted paths, data recording and work and difficult processes in global
to assist tugboat operators and ports in SafeTug improves the range and accuracy storage. The on-shore crew can monitor trade. Captain Peter will help take care of
optimising efficiency through real-time of navigational measurements, offering operations as they happen and run play- some of this complexity, by seamlessly
data sharing. true 360° visibility and enhancing situa- backs for investigation. engaging with the customer from end to
The system offers information on the tional awareness in real time. This end in the supply chain,” explained Anne-
movement of the ship, including speed helps the pilot to know exactly Sophie Zerlang Karlsen, head of global
and direction, rate of turn, trajectory, head- where the tugs are located and for reefer management, Maersk.
ing and course over the ground. The soft- the tug master to know exactly “With the number of active users of the
ware also shows the position of other tug- what the movement of an assisted RCM platform constantly growing, the
boats that are using the system. vessel is, creating a safer and more aspiration is for Captain Peter to gather
“Piloting requires the safest, most effi- effective pilotage experience.” enough information to be able to predict
cient and reliable technology. It demands SafeTug integrates with potential cargo damage and provide con-
exceptional performance, ease of operation SmartPort Cloud, exchanging data The software shows the position of figuration suggestions before containers
and high position accuracy to facilitate to provide an overview of port other tugboats using the system are shipped,” added Karlsen.

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Ships at sea in the Arctic face some of the most challenging conditions on the globe.
They operate in isolation, travelling in harsh routes in deep and unforgiving water.










The Northwest Passage and Northern Sea Route have seen an






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UniSea takes stake in energy efficiency firm Yxney Royston Diesel Power has appoint-
ed a new agent for Malaysia, to strengthen
its presence in the electronic fuel manage- systems to the offshore and maritime seg- added benefits for our customers through ment systems (EFMS) market. Kuala ments. With the new partnership, Yxney closer cooperation and integration of Lumpar-based Time Marine, a
and UniSea will combine our expertise to our solutions.” Petronas licensed vendor, will be respon-
Marine and offshore software company meet growing demand for data-driven sible for developing business across the
UniSea has agreed a deal to take part own- energy efficiency solutions for the offshore south east Asian region under the new
ership in Yxney, a Norway-based specialist industry, and to assist ship owners in agreement, which will include aftermarket
in energy efficiency applications founded creating real business value from their sales and technical support.
in 2016. own data.” MarineTraffic reports that it has
“Yxney is experiencing rapid growth Shipowners currently running UniSea appointed Vlassis Papapanagis as its new
meeting the increasing demand for data- can roll out the Yxney Maress energy effi- head of sales, to be based in Athens. Mr
driven energy efficiency solutions in the ciency management tool across their fleet Papapanagis has previously worked in the
offshore sector,” said Yxney CEO, Gjord with minor implementation work, the UK, US and Greece with organisations
Simen Sanna. companies said, to assist them in improv- such as SPSS, IBM, PREDICTA
“UniSea is a highly respected player in ing their fuel efficiency and controlling Greece and Dun & Bradstreet.
the industry with a large client base. Yxney vessel emissions. Maritime e-marketplace Moscord has
already uses UniSea data as the source for “UniSea focuses on helping shipping recruited Michael Klint from Seven
our calculations on many vessels. Closer companies simplify their work processes Seas Group as its new director of oper-
collaboration between the two companies through digitalisation. Yxney has, in only a ations. Mr Klint will take on responsibility
will allow us to provide even more effi- short time, succeeded in reaching the mar- for Moscord’s operations centre in Manila,
cient data flows, ensuring added value of ket with a solution using data available the Philippines.
the data for our customers.” through UniSea software to reduce fuel
“We believe the strategic partnership consumption, costs, and environmental
between Yxney and UniSea will benefit all impact,” said UniSea CEO, Kurt Roald
(l-r) Yxney CEO Simen Sanna,
stakeholders. UniSea has built a position as Vilhelmsen.
with UniSea CEO Kurt Roald Vilhelmsen
the preferred supplier of ship management “We see exciting opportunities and

MESPAS adds new QHSE tools Korean Register begins in the new software version. The forms can
e-certificate implementation
be created by customers and adapted to
Maritime software provider MESPAS has their specific requirements, using Adobe specific verification instructions are avail-
released the latest update to its fleet man- technology. Key performance indicators able on board the ship.
agement application, adding new features can be analysed via automatically generat- Classification society Korean Register (KR) “E-certificates are far more secure
specifically designed to assist safety and ed reports, while certificates can be has confirmed that it has begun rolling out than paper certificates and reduce the risk
quality managers. reviewed and expiry dates tracked. IMO-compliant electronic class and statu- of falsification. Once the electronic signa-
The updated software will now allow For regulatory compliance, the updated tory certificates across its classed fleet, ture has been certified by KR and a third
OCIMF vetting inspection reports to be software has also introduced automatic replacing their paper counterparts. party, there can be no further manual
imported after third party inspections of reporting of CO2 emissions and fuel con- KR’s e-certificates will be launched changes and any attempt to modify the
tankers by oil majors. Superintendents can sumption, in a format that is both EU MRV globally following a successful pilot pro- e-certificate will make it invalid,” said
now automatically import the OCIMF ves- (monitoring reporting and verification) ject which ran across a number of differ- Jong-Eun Choi, executive vice president
sel inspection questionnaire (VIQ) into the and IMO DCS (data collection system) ent geographical regions. Currently, 32 and head of KR’s survey and statutory
MESPAS QHSE module, generate the compliant. flag state administrations have given KR division.
inspection record and create a task list of MESPAS’ Analytics software allows authorisation to issue e-certificates on “In addition, our online server provides
all non-conformities. users to collect and aggregate this data and their behalf, and the class society says that safe, secure internet access to confirm
Issues can be tracked and resolved, with upload it to the EMSA (European it expects this number to increase in the validity and allows easy downloading.”
reductions in non-conformities graphically Maritime Safety Agency) system for near future. KR will now begin issuing class and
demonstrated. At subsequent inspections reporting, as required for EU MRV from IMO rules allow electronic certificates statutory e-certificates with flag adminis-
superintendents can then use this informa- the start of 2019. That data also marks the to be treated as equivalent to paper certifi- tration acceptance at a vessel’s next annu-
tion to demonstrate how they are improv- beginning of the fuel consumption report- cates provided that the certificates and the al, intermediate or renewal survey. E-cer-
ing their systems. ing period for the IMO DCS, which can website used to access them conform to tificates will also be issued for all new ves-
ISM forms and tasks can also be linked also be managed by the software. guidelines approved by the IMO, and that sels delivered, with immediate effect.

KR and Swiss Climate EcoCare in IMO DCS MoU This verification process involves applying the Cockpit app to verify IMO technical and commercial director at
assessment of a company’s SEEMP Part II, DCS related data received from ships will KR Germany.
The Korean Register (KR) and Swiss verification of emission data based on be able to connect to KR
Climate EcoCare have signed a memoran- MARPOL Annex Ⅵ regulation 22 & 22A, for independent verifica-
dum of understanding (MOU) to work and the issuing of the respective tion, validation and certifi-
together in the provision of IMO DCS certificates. cation of the data.
(International Maritime Organization, Swiss Climate EcoCare is also an inde- “Our certification ser-
Data Collection System) services for the pendent EU MRV and IMO DCS verifier vices are independent,
maritime industry. and has offered fully digitalised and auto- completely neutral and we
The provisions of the IMO DCS carbon mated verification services for the collec- work as independent IMO
dioxide emissions monitoring and report- tion and transfer of IMO DCS related data experts, but the Cockpit
ing programme impose new data collec- since 2017, using its web application app offers sophisticated,
tion duties on shipping companies from 1 Cockpit. user-friendly software for
January 2019. KR is already a Recognized The MRV Cockpit software can be data transmission, which
Organization for IMO DCS and an accred- connected via an interface to the vessel will enable us to increase
ited third-party verifier for EU MRV (mea- performance monitoring system (VPMS) our technical services and
surement, reporting and verification), and on board to receive emissions data expertise for customers (l-r) Michael Suhr, Korean Register, with Philipp Ahrenkiel
will similarly act as an authorised verifier automatically. across the European mar- and Nico Krumbeck, Swiss Climate EcoCare
under IMO DCS. Under the terms of the MoU, users ket,” said Michael Suhr,

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Energy management systems help La Méridionale to cut fuel ShipMoney links up with
SIM card firm iVitta technology to more efficiently use its od for the systems ended in summer 2018,
resources and reduce its impact on the showing annualised fuel savings of around
French ferry operator La Méridionale is environment. 2 per cent, enabling a payback on the
progressing with the digitalisation of its The ‘Piana’, a ro-pax ferry that travels investment made in just two years. Digital payments company ShipMoney
fleet in partnership with Eniram, a between Marseille and Corsica, was The reduction in fuel consumption also has signed an agreement with maritime
Wärtsilä company, having implemented equipped with Eniram Trim and Speed delivered a corresponding reduction in SIM card provider iVitta that will allow
Eniram’s range of energy management systems in April 2017. An evaluation peri- exhaust emissions. seafarers using iVitta’s SIM services to
“Performance is one of our core values. have direct access to ShipMoney’s pay-
To develop our technological capability, ment systems.
we chose Wärtsilä’s Eniram energy man- ShipMoney allows seafarers to deposit
agement and optimisation technology,” and manage more than 100 currencies
said Christophe Seguinot, technical direc- within a single account, and to send pay-
tor, La Méridionale. ments worldwide using its online plat-
“Together with Wärtsilä, we were able to form. Employers can use the system to
achieve tangible and sustainable savings, process bulk payments to crew, and to
which have been accessed thanks to their automate payments by integrating their
advanced products, support and training. finance and accounting systems with
We will definitely scale these great results ShipMoney’s corporate payment system.
to our entire fleet while discovering new “It is all about putting the needs of the
possibilities for utilising the data.” crew before everything else and, through
La Méridionale operates from Marseille the arrangement we have agreed with
and runs a daily service to Corsica, as well iVitta, the seafarers will be offered a vari-
as a once-weekly service to Sardinia, for ety of new value-added services,” said
Eniram systems were installed on the vessel Pina both passengers and freight. Stuart Ostrow, president of Maritime
Payment Solutions – ShipMoney
“With our API library, you can convert
and send funds instantaneously, book
BASS integrates with e-procurement platform trades in advance or distribute payments
Simon Black, CEO of iVitta, added: of this strategic partnership with BASS managing their purchasing. “The agreement with ShipMoney will help have come into fruition and our “BASS clients will now have an option of us secure more traction in the shipping
KinnetikBuyer complements the BASSnet an eProcurement supplier,” said BASS CEO industry. E-money and telecoms are close-
Maritime software provider BASS has software suite,” said Ché Geldard, founder and managing director, Per Steinar Upsaker. ly linked and non-competitive. Essentially
signed an agreement to integrate version and CEO of Kinnetik Solutions. “With the Kinnetik agreement, clients we are dealing with the same end cus-
2.10 of its BASSnet Fleet Management The new agreement will allow users of will greatly benefit from the transparent tomers so we hope to gain leverage from
System with the KinnetikBuyer the BASS system to directly access connection to KinnetikBuyer and most each other. It’s a win-win for both
eProcurement Cloud application from KinnetikBuyer features from their fleet definitely experience an immediate uplift ShipMoney and iVitta.”
Norway-based Kinnetik Solutions. management application to connect to in their daily procurement processes and
“I am very pleased to see that the plans Kinnetik’s global supplier network when productivity.”

IB rebrands and welcomes new CEO boss Giampiero Soncini as its new CEO. ees matter,” Mr Soncini said.
Mr Soncini will head up the marine “In IB, we can count on dedicated, expe-
Italy-based maritime software company division of the company, with Maurizio rienced and passionate people.”
Gruppo IB, developer of the InfoSHIP fleet Ricci assuming the role of CEO of the IB was founded in 1983, when it began
management application, has rebranded industrial division. the development of a new Enterprise Asset
itself with a new name and logo, with the “Together with Maurizio Ricci, we have Management software system that would
company to be called ‘IB - Influencing always shared the same business vision – eventually evolve into the InfoSHIP fleet
Business’. The rebrand was announced as we both want to run a company where cus- technical management system in use
the company welcomed former SpecTec tomers, product development and employ- today.
Stuart Ostrow, ShipMoney

Kognifai Partner Program opened to third party developers their apps and services, and make them digital ecosystem, domain knowledge Companies that have already joined the
available to Kongsberg customers looking and an ocean of certified value-adding Partner Program include KPMG,
Kongsberg has announced that it has now for digital systems to optimise their ship- applications.” VesselMan, NSG Digital, and KNL.
opened up its Kognifai Partner Program to ping operations.
all third party developers, allowing com- The Partner Program provides a way of
panies to leverage its Kognifai infrastruc- guaranteeing that the applications within
ture and the support of its Kongsberg the ecosystem are safe and accessible,
Digital division to join its ecosystem of whether they were developed by
technologies and services available to Kongsberg itself or one of its partners.
Kongsberg customers. “We have opened our Partner Program
Kognifai is an industrial digital platform to all in order to speed up the rate of digi-
used to gather, structure, store, and analyse tal transformation in the maritime sector,”
data for reuse in applications delivered by said Hege Skryseth, president of
Kongsberg and its partners to industry sec- Kongsberg Digital.
tors including maritime and energy. “By sharing the Kognifai infrastructure
Software developers and providers in and Kongsberg’s expertise through our
the Kognifai Partner Program can use Partner Program, we are providing our
Kognifai’s infrastructure allows developers to quickly scale their apps and services
Kognifai’s infrastructure to quickly scale clients and partners with a safe and secure

Digital Ship February / March 2019 page 16

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GreenSteam Manager adds new machine learning capabilities Market intelligence

product to track
container trends
Marine data intelligence company
GreenSteam has launched a new version of
its fuel saving software platform
GreenSteam Manager (GSM), adding Xeneta has launched a new Xeneta
machine learning technology and a new Shipping Index (XSI) Public Indices
user interface. report, which utilises its database of over
GreenSteam has been developing 85 million contracted freight rates to deliv-
machine learning technologies for the ship- er a monthly snapshot of long-term rate
ping industry for more than a decade, and developments in the container industry,
has applied them to the new application to including an overview of the busiest glob-
build a precise vessel performance baseline al trade corridors, allowing users to moni-
to identify fuel saving opportunities. tor regional developments and track
Advice is offered through the system trends for key markets.
dashboard displaying the amount of fuel In June 2018 Oslo-headquartered
wasted and where it was wasted, the costs Xeneta introduced an XSI index-linked
The GreenSteam Manager dashboard
incurred, and possible problem areas such contracting product, providing real-time
as hull fouling and trim. market intelligence for use in tying con-
Beyond fuel savings, the platform also and other data we can provide much users to make better operational decisions. tracted rates to the market. The XSI Public
offers the ability to analyse other new tech- more accurate performance baselines than Through a user-centric design philosophy Indices report is intended to complement
nologies by assessing how they impact ves- those offered by traditional approaches,” and by involving customers in the design, this by offering a wider ranging view of
sel performance. said Daniel Jacobsen, GreenSteam CTO GSM now offers a highly intuitive user longer term trends.
“The new GreenSteam Manager is and co-founder. experience. You can quickly see the true “The XSI Public Indices provide an
more of a revolution than evolution. By “However, we wanted to go beyond performance of any vessel, highlight prob- industry wide snapshot, taking the pulse
applying our machine learning technology that; accuracy is a great starting point, but lem areas and make the best decisions to of the long-term contracted market to
to vessel data enriched with MetOcean our goal is to make it as easy as possible for save fuel.” deliver insights on the latest develop-
ments and cast light on the highly com-
plex, fast-moving ocean freight sector,”
Maritime Data Space project gets underway said Xeneta CEO Patrik Berglund.
“The XSI Public Indices are unique as Management in Lysaker, Oslo. analysis services while securing proper this is the first time this level of visibility
Based on International Data Spaces governance of the data. The system will be into the contracted market, with the fre-
NAVTOR, Goodtech, SINTEF and DNV (IDS) reference architecture, MDS will demonstrated on the DNV GL Veracity quency of updates and breadth of rate
GL have announced their intention to col- develop an open maritime data exchange open industry data platform and ecosys- data, has ever been made available. It
laborate with Wilhelmsen Ship and sharing ecosystem, with distributed tem, as well as NAVTOR’s platform for offers all stakeholders from all sides the
Management in the creation of an open data governance mechanisms to provide integrated e-Navigation based on its possibility to freely track the long-term
and fully distributed Maritime Data Space secure sharing and exchange of ship relat- NavBox technology. market’s movements, building up a
ecosystem. ed data among trusted stakeholders on The Maritime Data Space Project month-by-month picture of trends in the
The Maritime Data Space (MDS) project ship and shore. is co-funded by the Research Council key regions of Europe, the US and the Far
was officially initiated with a kick-off This extendable architecture should of Norway under the MAROFF East, as well as global developments.”
meeting, hosted by Wilhelmsen Ship support rapid development of new data programme. Xeneta’s XSI Public Indices will be
released on the last week of every month,
and will be expanded in the near future to
add further business intelligence, such as
Hapag-Lloyd to invest in digitalisation under Strategy 2023 carrier price movements. volume by 2023. more, but customer orientation. It is obvi-

Other initiatives planned as part of the ous that customers expect more reliable
Hapag-Lloyd has committed to making updated strategy include a greater focus supply chains, so our industry needs to
new investments in digitalisation and on network optimisation, terminal partner- change and invest more,” said Rolf
automation over the next five years, as it ing and further improvements in procure- Habben Jansen, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd.
unveiled details of its new ‘Strategy 2023’ ment and container steering. “At the same time, we know that people
corporate plan. Hapag-Lloyd said it will be making are prepared to pay for value. Going for-
The investments will be made to changes to its structures, systems, process- ward, delivering value to get the most
drive “digital excellence” at the firm, es and operations as it pursues these goals, attractive cargo on board is at the heart of
with the container carrier specifically with the aim of ultimately delivering a bet- our new Strategy 2023. To be number one
looking to increase the share of its busi- ter and more efficient experience for cus- for quality is the ultimate promise to our
ness generated online via its web channel tomers. customers and a strong differentiator from
to 15 per cent of Hapag-Lloyd’s overall “Size is not the name of the game any- our competitors.” Patrik Berglund, Xeneta

Bureau Veritas introduces verification services for maritime e-procurement the full range of maritime procurement ing confidence and reducing the time and desktop verification include QHSE man-
requirements and enables buyers cost of transactions.” agement certification, classification society
Bureau Veritas reports that it has intro- and suppliers to transact through a Suppliers apply online for a verifica- approvals, flag state recognition, and man-
duced online ‘third-party’ verification ser- common interface using a set of stream- tion check of the accreditation documen- ufacturer recognition.
vices for maritime procurement, provided lined processes,” said bluester CEO tation which has been uploaded in the “Desktop verification was the logical
by its Assurance Solutions’ team and deliv- Christoph Kiese. certificate manager area on bluester, next step in our co-operation,” said
ered through its partnership with bluester “Ship managers and service providers which is then checked and confirmed Matthieu de-Tugny, COO marine & off-
announced in September 2018. automatically, impartially, and transpar- by Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine shore at Bureau Veritas.
The new desktop verification service ently match against their own predefined & Offshore. “Suppliers will now only need to go
aims to provide assurance of the reliability criteria for direct contract conclusion on The supplier is provided with a digital through the verification process once. BV’s
of the supplier information displayed on the platform. The addition of online desk- ‘label’ demonstrating that verification has ability to check the accuracy and reliability
bluester for every new enquiry. top verification by Bureau Veritas adds been successfully concluded. Examples of of suppliers’ data provides real process
“The bluester marketplace covers considerably to our marketplace, increas- the documentation required to enable efficiency.”

Digital Ship February / March 2019 page 18

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Hilton Hotel, Stamford, CT, USA

Tuesday-Thursday, 2-4 April 2019

The largest shipping event in North America
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SmartShip notation issued to Chinese VLOC SDARI to develop the world’s first iVLOC,”
said Norbert Kray, DNV GL’s regional
DNV GL has issued its first SmartShip manager Greater China.
descriptive notation to a very large ore car- “With the SmartShip notation, we
rier (VLOC), the vessel Pacific Vision, wanted to give customers a platform to
which has been delivered by Shanghai clearly present the new technologies they
Waigaoqiao Shipyard to China Merchants were utilising to optimise performance,
Energy Shipping Company. enhance safety, and minimise their envi-
To qualify for the notation, Pacific Vision ronmental impact. This notation supports
has been outfitted with an integration plat- our customers who are developing smart
form, a smart navigation decision support ships that are setting the standards for the
system, a ship energy efficiency management future of shipping.”
and optimisation system, as well as a smart- The vessel will operate between Brazil
vessel operation and maintenance system. and Asia (China, Japan, Malaysia and
“It’s a great honour to have worked with Oman), and will likely also be deployed
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard, China for trade between Brazil and Europe
Merchant Energy Shipping Company, and (Rotterdam, Italy).
The Pacific Vision has been classed as a smart ship by DNV GL

Council of the EU makes progress maruFreight digital platform launched

on maritime single window The platform provides information on
available vessels and cargoes, allowing information would be reused for subse- The online maruFreight digital platform has stakeholders involved in every phase of
quent port calls within the EU.” announced the official launch of its online freight exchange to more easily communi-
The Council of the European Union has The introduction of a European mar- marketplace for maritime and supply chain cate and gather information about book-
reached agreement on a proposal to bring itime single window environment will aim management, with the aim of facilitating ings and shipments.
together all reporting formalities associat- to address the issue of numerous, non-har- cargo-related information sharing between “maruFreight’s goal is to help compa-
ed with a port call across all Member monised reporting obligations by linking shippers and shipping companies. nies to improve efficiency and decision-
State’s different ports, under a system the existing national maritime single win- “maruFreight prides itself on creating making in chartering by leveraging technol-
called a European maritime single win- dows together in a coordinated and har- an optimal digital user experience, lever- ogy and data. We focus on product devel-
dow. monised way. aging the latest technology and real-time opment and technology to provide more
“A single reporting window for ships This reform would lead to improved information to increase efficiency and sim- data and insight in a much more organised
will significantly reduce the administra- interoperability between the various sys- plify the complex chartering process,” said and structured way,” added Kazuyuki
tive burden on maritime transport,” said tems currently employed, making it easier Antonio Brizzo, president and chief execu- Shimozono, executive vice president and
Norbert Hofer, Minister for Transport, to share and reuse data. tive officer of maruFreight. chief operating officer of maruFreight.
Innovation and Technology of Austria, The Council notes that the general “maruFreight connects participants on “Following the digital freight service,
and President of the Council. approach that has now been approved a single platform and provides visibility maruFreight envisions the platform to
“We are creating conditions for reflects its position for further negotiations across the supply chain. It is a sophisticat- broaden its functions and evolve as a more
increased application of the ‘once-only’ with the European Parliament. Both insti- ed marketplace that shippers and shipping comprehensive solution for chartering and
principle, so that ships would only need to tutions must agree on the final text before companies can use to increase exposure to trading. Our partnership with leading
report once per port call and the same any measures can proceed further. a wider range of customers globally.” investors will accelerate this.”

Scandlines to roll out Sertica modules CargoMate agrees Konecranes pilot and user-friendliness.” that could benefit its customers in ports
Implementation of the software began and terminals, from which CargoMate was
European ferry operator Scandlines has in December 2018, to allow Scandlines to Finnish gantry crane and port systems selected as one of two start-ups invited to
agreed a deal with Logimatic to implement better manage access to its documentation. provider Konecranes has agreed to pilot collaborate further with the company.
selected HSQE modules from the SERTI- The deal between the companies also cov- UK-based start-up CargoMate’s port call The CargoMate platform forecasts
CA fleet management software system, ers implementation of a safety manage- optimisation technology from Q1 2019, to cargo completion time to help container
with an initial focus on integrating a safety ment system aboard all eight Scandlines assess how the application can assist in ship operators anticipate delays, reduce
management system with the SERTICA vessels covering the route between minimising delays and idle time for con- turnaround time in port, save money on
Management Systems module. Germany and Denmark. tainer ships in port. fuel and reduce their environmental
“We wish to work even more structured “I am pleased that Scandlines has cho- “We are delighted to be partnering with impact. The system is available in every
with safety and quality. To do this, we need sen SERTICA and I look forward to be Konecranes on a port call optimisation port worldwide, the company says.
a system which both covers our needs and working on the project. By implementing pilot programme. It is
is simple to use,” said Palle Broberg Jensen, SERTICA HSQE, Scandlines will manage incredibly exciting for
nautical superintendent at Scandlines. all documents related to safety in the safe- us as a start-up to find
“It is vital that our employees under- ty management system, which will a partner who shares
stand how and why to use the system enhance the efficiency of their daily work- our vision for digitally
and I believe SERTICA is the best match flow,” said Rasmus Nis Hansen, project enabled ships and
for us – both in terms of functionality manager at Logimatic. ports and our passion
for creating a safer,
more efficient and
environmentally sus-
tainable maritime sec-
tor,” said Nick Chubb,
head of growth
at CargoMate
Konecranes’ start-
up engagement pro-
gramme, REACH,
REACH start-up programme winners (l-r): Markus Lukasson
assessed approximate-
and Bettina,; Mika Mahlberg, Konecranes;
ly 2,000 start-ups to
and Nick Chubb, CargoMate
Eight Scandline vessels will implement safety management systems using SERTICA software find new technologies

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The solution
is at this
The Nor-Shipping 2019s exhibition brings together around
1000 of the leading businesses and innovators in the ocean
industries. During the days of the exhibition, the halls are
turned into one destination of infinite opportunities. While
the Blue Economy hall features tomorrow’s solutions, you
can find instant inspiration in the Think Tanks, or connect
with next generation businesses in the start-up lounge.

Welcome to Nor-Shipping 2019 exhibition

– your arena for ocean solutions

Buy your ticket at

Main sponsor: Leading sponsors: Partners:

Organizer: Charity partners:

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Sharing verified data with the blockchain

As the number of shipping blockchain projects continues to grow, the ones that seem most likely to succeed
concern themselves with the efficient and cost effective transfer of verified documents between multiple
stakeholders – an area which a number of new initiatives is exploring

ew projects looking to apply sponsor this next phase of work, which
blockchain technologies to will take place during 2019.
shipping operations, and A prototype of the digital fuel assurance
solve problems that the mar- system was developed earlier in 2018
itime industry didn’t even know it had, together with a consortium including the
have seemed to be announced every International Bunker Industry Association
month over the last year or so. (IBIA), LR’s FOBAS team, Bostomar,
Despite this, it’s hard to point to a single Heidmar, BIMCO, Goodfuels and Precious
project that has had a significant recognis- Shipping. The demonstrator phase of the
able impact on how companies do busi- project was funded by Lloyd’s Register
ness, or helped vessel operators work more Foundation.
efficiently than they could before. Testing in a simulated environment
While there are various potential appli- with the consortium was conducted in
cations for blockchain that have been sug- September 2018, with the demonstrator
An MBL project will use blockchain to track fuel delivered to ships
gested to the maritime sector, the most closing with the prototype being used for
promising appear to focus on processes the manual capture of the world’s first end
where documentation that requires inde- to end fuel transaction on a blockchain in time includes The Mission to Seafarers, management organisations to manage sea-
pendent verification needs to be shared the Port of Rotterdam. Maersk, Heidmar, PTC Holdings Corp, farers for crewing of vessels and for vessel
among multiple parties. “The recently concluded MEPC73 Hanseaticsoft, Navozyme and C-LOG. owners to receive an overview of their
In scenarios such as these the decen- showed us that there are still burning ques- The project aims to streamline processes crew, certificates and endorsements.
tralised, immutable ledger that a tions about the availability of compliant that can be slowed by a lack of verification “Blockchain is essentially a collabora-
blockchain can offer would seem to offer fuels post-2020 – and the current epidemic for safety documentation, paper-based cer- tive technology, and so we need to build
value to the participants in that chain of of bad bunker, as it’s been called by tificate management and a lack of access to with industry rather than adopting a top-
custody, reducing the time and cost Intertanko and others, shows that building validated safety and training certifications down approach, and therefore an essential
involved in managing paperwork. traceability and trust in the marine fuels of seafarers. ingredient to this project is to start by
In this vein, a promising new demon- supply chain is one of the most vital issues The second of three demonstrator pro- building a consortium that represents
strator project has been initiated by facing shipping right now,” said Deanna jects funded by the Lloyd’s Register everyone in the value chain, from vessel
Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL), a part- MacDonald, CEO of BLOC. Foundation (LRF), this consortium brings owners to the seafarers themselves,” said
nership between Lloyd’s Register “Our demonstrator phase has shown us together multiple stakeholders who either Ms MacDonald, of BLOC.
Foundation and BLOC, to prove the value that dealing with marine fuels’ quality and rely on, or support crew certification. “The properties of blockchain make it
of a blockchain-based fuel provenance reg- quantity assurance is an industry wide These include shipping companies like uniquely positioned to deliver on these
ister it has developed that can provide issue, and that the industry is looking to Maersk and Heidmar, and PTC Holdings value propositions. Taken together, the
trusted information about fuel origin, jour- work together to solve this issue. We’ve Corp, which represents crew management distributed digital ledger, tamperproof
ney and characteristics. built something that, for the first time, will and training associations. Also included timestamping (and hashing) of informa-
The focus of the current phase of the allow stakeholders across the global ship- are software company Hanseaticsoft, mar- tion and documentation, and the peer-to-
project is on the further development and ping industry to verify and validate trans- itime platform providers Navozyme and peer verification network enable a globally
scaling of that system, to capture fuel actions across the fuels supply chain.” C-LOG, as well as seafarer welfare charity available and locally accessible repository
deliveries and associated verified data into The Mission to Seafarers. of verified and validated documentation.”
the blockchain. It is intended that this will Certification “Blockchain has the potential to signifi- Blockchain-based seafarer certification
be undertaken by a consortium formed of Another area of document transfer being cantly improve the transparency, authentic- is already being made available as a prod-
ship owners or operators, fuel suppliers, explored by Maritime Blockchain Labs ity and ease of working with crew certifica- uct by Germany-based maritime training
port authorities and a fuel testing body. concerns the availability of crew certifi- tion; both for the ship owner/operator and technology company Safebridge, which
MBL’s platform provides a chain of cus- cates, and streamlining the industry’s abil- most importantly for the crew themselves,” has recently launched myCert, a digital
tody on quality and quantity documenta- ity to share specific seafarer information in said Graeme Thomson, head of Northern platform which utilises blockchain to pro-
tion points for stakeholders within the sup- a secure and verifiable manner. Europe manning office at Maersk. vide a secure online environment to man-
ply chain, using Hyperledger Fabric As part of its work in this area MBL has “Building and maintaining an intuitive age certificates.
blockchain technology. MBL says that it is announced the establishment of another and user-friendly platform for the manage- The myCert system aims to connect
now inviting interest from stakeholders consortium to pilot a blockchain-based ment of crew certification will bring hugely three stakeholder groups: entities who
within its target groups to join and co- seafarer certification system, which this significant benefits to all stakeholders. We issue certificates, the seafarers who hold
are looking forward to developing and those certificates, and anyone requiring to
building the solutions with the consortium.” verify the validity of the certificates. The
The demonstrator scope will focus on system provides control over all documen-
an end-to-end demonstration of a digital tation from a single platform, with secure
certification and endorsement process util- access available from anywhere.
ising a digital repository for verified crew “We saw Safebridge’s myCert in action
documentation, training logs and an at INTERTANKO’s Seafarers’ Vetting
approval system. Seminar, in the Philippines. Over 1,000 sea-
Specifically, the focus will be upon farers were in attendance and the system
STCW certificate issuance and relevant worked flawlessly,” said Dr Phil Belcher,
supporting documentation from engineer- marine director, INTERTANKO.
ing officers located in multiple jurisdic- “The system ensured that all delegates
tions, and the endorsement of recognition received their certificate of attendance in a
from a maritime authority for vessel very efficient, fuss-free and timely manner.”
embarkation and disembarkation. Safebridge says that it plans to follow
Upon validation and scaling, the final this launch with the introduction of an
system would aim to allow individual sea- additional module for myCert in the near
farers to manage their certificate repository future, which will allow companies to have
from original issuance, for maritime a single point application to gather, organ-
Safebridge has created a blockchain platform to provide
administrations to manage renewal and ise and verify the certificates of all their
secure access to seafarer documentation
endorsement across jurisdictions, for crew ships and seafarers. DS

Digital Ship February / March 2019 page 22

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DON’T BE Fugro’s OceanstarTM protects against

deliberate manipulation of a vessel’s

position and course. In the case of a cyber-
attack, Oceanstar’s spoofing alarm triggers
to alert the crew.

SPOOFERS OceanstarTM employs independent spoofing

detection techniques: multi-receiver Spatial
Integrity Analysis and Fugro’s unique GNSS
Navigation Message Authentication system,

p23-28_p1-14.qxd 25/02/2019 11:28 Page 2


StormGeo launches Navigator Solutions Portfolio tions and shore-based decision making solu-
tions. This results in operational inefficien-
StormGeo has announced the launch of cies and inadequate fuel savings,” said Svein
its Navigator Solutions Portfolio of prod- Kåre Giskegjerde, StormGeo VP of shipping.
ucts, offering an integrated navigational “The Navigator Solutions Portfolio is
and route optimisation platform connect- significant news for ship operations and
ing onboard systems to shore-based deci- management because it improves the con-
sion support. nection of the onboard navigational plan-
The platform is a single-vendor system, ning station to continuous shore analy-
incorporating tools and products added sis, advice and decision making.”
to the StormGeo stable following the “Because this solutions portfolio is sole-
company’s recent acquisition of Nautisk, ly provided by StormGeo, customer ser-
a supplier of maritime digital charts vice, cyber security and rapid future inno-
and publications. vation will be greatly enhanced.”
The Navigator Solutions Portfolio con- NaviPlanner BVS will be one of the
nects onboard systems, which integrate all newest additions to the platform, an inte-
voyage-planning and route optimisation grated navigational planning and route
The platform supports a range of onboard voyage planning processes
elements into one workflow, with shore- optimisation application based on
based commercial and technical opera- StormGeo’s existing BVS route optimisa-
tions. Services like performance manage- tion software already in use on approxi- our customers to enter and optimise their between shore-based operations and
ment, weather data, voyage reporting and mately 6,000 vessels. route, obtain the appropriate charts and vessels, and consolidate systems to
expert assistance are also available via “This release is the first of many new create a voyage plan without switching enhance security.”
the platform. features to come over the next 12 months,” between disparate solutions.” As a part of the launch of NaviPlanner
“A major challenge in the shipping said Mr Giskegjerde. “This will increase the amount of opti- BVS StormGeo says it is offering free
industry is the lack of connectivity between “NaviPlanner BVS is a key element of mised routes that are actually sailed, upgrades to the latest version to existing
voyage planning, route optimisation solu- our all-in-one digital solution and allows improve the visibility and communication customers.

AIS payload comes Universal routes added to PC Maritime ECDIS Drone monitoring
online on radar different platforms, with new services system to be trialled
already being developed around the new
imaging satellite PC Maritime reports that it has added the format, such as the Norwegian Coastal at Port of Amsterdam
universal route format RTZ to its ECDIS Administration’s digital route service system, to provide ship operators with the where vessels can download recommend-
potential to share routes across their fleets ed, quality-assured routes free of charge to
Satellite AIS data company exactEarth regardless of the ECDIS type onboard. their ECDIS. A four week trial of Martek’s M.A.D.S
reports that its AIS payload onboard the The RTZ format allows routes created Also included in PC Maritime’s latest (Marine Anti Drone Systems) drone
Spanish radar satellite PAZ has completed in PC Maritime’s ECDIS to be transferred ECDIS version is Lightweight Ethernet detection technology is to take place at
its commissioning phase and is now fully to other makes of ECDIS and to other compatibility in accordance with the Port of Amsterdam, with the aim of
operational, expanding the company’s equipment such as radar, vessel tracking IEC61162:450, a standard which can be building an understanding of how,
capabilities to collect global vessel data systems, integrated bridges, back-of- used to replace serial port communication where and why drones are flying over
from space. bridge planning applications, and shore- on marine instruments, providing multi- the port.
The PAZ satellite is owned and operat- based planning tools. ple talker/receiver pathways via a single Port customers have begun to use
ed by Hisdesat Servicios Estrategicos and This provides vessel operators with a network cable instead of several individu- drones for a variety of projects such as
hosts an AIS payload owned by exactEarth, greater capability to standardise across al serial cables to and from instruments. infrastructure inspection and measure-
which is the first commercial AIS payload ment of environmental parameters. The
in operation onboard a radar satellite. data collected from this pilot will be used
Launched in February 2018, PAZ com- MOL completes navigation technology assessment to influence policy on the future applica-
bines AIS vessel signals and Synthetic tion of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)
Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery for mar- potential risk. The vessel collision avoid- across the 650ha Port area.
itime monitoring. Supported by exactView ance algorithm feeds into the system’s “This trial is an important part
RT, exactEarth’s existing satellite AIS ser- Japanese shipping company Mitsui O.S.K. bridge view display, which provides data of our innovation strategy,” said
vice, the fusion of these two data sets can Lines (MOL) reports that it has completed on the positions of nearby vessels and risk Joost Zuidema, project manager
assist in identifying so-called ‘dark targets’, an assessment and feasibility study on a assessment information. innovation at Port of Amsterdam
which are vessels that should be transmit- new navigation support system in con- MOL and its partners aim to continue and the man overseeing the trial for the
ting AIS signals but are not. junction with Japan’s National Maritime research and development on the system Port Authority.
“Our thanks and congratulations go Research Institute (NMRI) and the Tokyo with the goal of including augmented real- “The M.A.D.S system gives us a first
out to Hisdesat on the successful launch University of Marine Science and ity (AR) technologies to overlap AIS data opportunity to get a feeling for the tech-
and commissioning of the PAZ satellite,” Technology (TUMSAT), using an NMRI- in the display, as well as radar information nology that will help us understand
said Peter Mabson, CEO of exactEarth. owned ship handling risk simulator. and camera images from the bridge. drone usage and make a first assessment
“We now have 54 high performance The system is built on an ‘Obstacle The long term goal is to use the tech- on unwanted drone flights in a part of
satellite payloads in orbit capturing AIS Zone by Target’ (OZT) algorithm that is nologies to enable autonomous sailing and our port.”
data on more than 250,000 vessels daily used to support a seafarer’s ability to spot automatic collision prevention in the “As the Port Authority we do want to
and (this) announcement helps to further objects and determine whether they are a future, MOL says. ensure drone flights in our port are car-
solidify our leadership position in the ried out safely and responsibly, within the
industry and our differentiated technolog- laws and regulations.”
ical capabilities.” The M.A.D.S system will monitor
“With the world’s first AIS payload legal and illegal drones flying across the
onboard a radar satellite, exactEarth is Port’s land by detecting and identifying
uniquely positioned to help its customers drones within a 5km range, providing
leverage the combination of AIS data and GPS positioning of both drone and
radar imagery to develop advanced mar- pilot together with the drone’s speed
itime surveillance applications that and heading. Configurable escalating
enhance the security and safety of their stage alarms can be set and delivered in
The assessment took place in an NMRI simulator
interests.” real time.

Digital Ship February / March 2019 page 24

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IMO chief highlights seafarers’ role in automated future Trelleborg launches required to meet with respect to education, in the transport industry, focusing on tech-
its latest positioning
IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim has
training and certification to qualify them for
the jobs of the future?” Mr Lim said.
nological changes and automation in road,
air, rail and maritime transport.
highlighted the need to consider seafarer “Member States and the industry need The report concludes that the introduc-
training and standards as the use of tech- to anticipate the impact these changes may tion of automation in global transport will
nology in shipping evolves in the future, have and how they will be addressed.” be “evolutionary, rather than revolution-
and the automation of tasks currently per- Mr Lim was speaking at the launch of a ary,” and that “despite high levels of Trelleborg’s marine systems division has
formed by humans continues to grow. new International Transport Workers’ automation, qualified human resources added to its SafePilot range for pilots and
“How will the seafarer of the future Federation (ITF) and World Maritime with the right skill sets will still be needed ports with the launch of SafePilot CAT
manage the challenges related to an increas- University (WMU) report, Transport 2040: in the foreseeable future”. Technological MAX, a replacement for its SafePilot CAT
ing level of technology and automation in Automation, Technology and advances are inevitable, but will be gradu- III system for use in heading and position-
maritime transport? How will the new tech- Employment - the Future of Work, which al and vary by region. Workers will be ing applications.
nologies impact on the nature of jobs in the offers an independent assessment of how affected in different ways based on their The dual antenna CAT MAX system
industry? What standards will seafarers be automation will affect the future of work skill levels and the varying degrees of pre- consists of heading and positioning units
paredness of different countries. which can communicate with each other
The integration of new and advancing and the pilot’s display via Wi-Fi, and
technologies into the regulatory frame- includes an integrated six-axis gyro/
work is an important strategic direction for motion sensor offering independent rate
IMO (see pg 29), balancing the benefits of turn, roll, and pitch data.
derived from new and advancing technolo- The system has been specifically
gies against safety and security concerns. designed for use in applications including
These include the potential impact on the the piloting of ultra large container vessels
environment and on international trade and LNG ships in confined waters and off-
facilitation, the potential costs to the indus- shore operations.
try, and the impact of technological change “Piloting requires the safest, most effi-
IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim speaking at the launch of the Transport 2040 report
on personnel, both on board and ashore. cient and reliable technology. It demands
exceptional performance, ease of opera-
tion and high position accuracy to facili-
Sperry Marine unveils high-resolution radar tate optimum approach, berthing and
departure,” said Richard Hepworth, pres- congested ports and harbours and can also ditions, providing an additional layer of ident of Trelleborg’s marine systems
assist with search and rescue in the event situational awareness. The solution bene- operation.
Sperry Marine has unveiled SeaGuard, a of a casualty involving passengers or crew. fits from an intuitive interface with the dis- “The launch of the SafePilot CAT MAX
high-resolution radar system to improve Pascal Göllnitz, associate product man- play and menu structure very similar to its is the latest example of our long-standing
navigational awareness for operators of ager, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, navigation radar and ECDIS platforms. commitment to continually exploring
very large cruise ships. said: “As cruise ships continue to grow in “SeaGuard is specifically designed to ways in which we can further strengthen
SeaGuard was originally designed as a size and passenger numbers increase, so focus on and distinguish small targets in our navigation and piloting offering to
naval surveillance radar capable of identify- do the navigational risks they encounter the water than the navigator would not ensure it delivers exactly that, and then
ing small targets in water. The radar differs and operators are more concerned with normally see,” said Göllnitz. some, in even the most demanding
from conventional radar by providing very minimising the risks of collision”. “Because the system generates high reso- applications.”
high resolution in a solid state transceiver, “It’s also a regrettable fact that cruise lution clusters in smaller cells, SeaGuard The system offers a speed accuracy
which can scan for targets almost simulta- ships can be involved in searching for peo- also provides more accurate video response down to 1 cm/s and a heading accuracy
neously across six different frequencies. ple lost overboard. It is no exaggeration to and a more detailed picture, depending on down to 0.01°, with built-in UHF radio to
Substituting the conventional mag- say that being able to quickly identify and the targets prioritised by the user.” facilitate data exchange between relevant
netron receiver delivers improved ‘clutter’ retrieve people from the water can be a life SeaGuard can be installed via a single parties.
correction and much better performance, saver.” connection between transceiver and dis-
especially in bad weather. SeaGuard can SeaGuard is intended as an auxiliary play, and configuration via a dedicated
support navigators when manoeuvring in system for use in specific operational con- screen or an auxiliary unit.

SRH Marine Group and Radio Navtronics, Marine Group Boat Joonas Makkonen, Wärtsilä’s vice presi-
Holland Group have signed a global Works and La Conner Maritime in dent of voyage solutions. Mr Büssow joins
strategic service partnership under which the US; Seacoast Marine Electronics Wärtsilä from classification society DNV
Radio Holland will provide global on in Canada; Pinpoint Electronics in GL, where he worked for more than a
demand services and technical assistance the UK; Marble Automation in the decade, most recently as VP of fleet perfor-
to SRH customers for navigation and com- Netherlands; Technology Ventures mance management in its maritime digital
munication equipment. in the UAE; and CAN Traders & business unit.
Autonomous vessel tech company Sea Services in Singapore.
Machines Robotics has established a Wärtsilä has announced the appoint-
new global dealer programme, welcoming ment of Torsten Büssow as the new direc-
eight new partners. These include tor of its Transas business, reporting to
The new SafePilot CAT MAX

Epic Gas Ship Management signs with GNS vendors. The service ranges from route tool for transferring ENCs and updates enhance bridge operations and support
planning and monitoring through to to ECDIS. our crews in improving safety and efficien-
GNS has completed the roll-out of a range the transfer of ENCs to ECDIS for voyage In addition, the Voyager FLEET cy onboard,” said Capt. Martin Brzuska,
of digital navigation systems and products execution. INSIGHT software system is also part of head of group marine assurance, DPA at
to the fleet of Singapore-based Epic Gas GNS will provide digital charts and the contract, the GNS online service for Epic Gas.
Ship Management, following the award of publications, paper products and naviga- ship managers providing fleet analytics as “Crew feedback on the GNS solution
a new contract. tional software tools to Epic’s fleet of well as office-based tools to help manage during our trials was exceptional across all
The deal was agreed following a com- 38 gas tankers as part of the contract. the safety and compliance of the fleet. areas, in particular ease of use and simplic-
petitive tender during which Epic Gas ran The deal also includes GNS’ new GPS “The most important thing for us is safe ity, as well as the sophistication of the tools
sea and shore-based trials over a six-month overlay, providing real time vessel posi- transportation of our cargoes globally. We provided. GNS’s Voyager solution has
period, evaluating solutions from three tioning back of bridge, and its V-Drive wanted a solution that would really become a great tool for us.”

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Maritime technology investment to underpin

future performance improvements – report
A new survey of maritime industry executives has reported a cautiously optimistic outlook for the future of shipping,
underpinned by an improved level of innovation and data sharing, and supported by an acceptance
of the need to invest in new technologies to drive performance improvements

he global maritime industry is slowdown. However, when assessing included “Supply chain visibility”. “Cost expressed similar sentiments in support of
cautiously optimistic about the potential risks to the industry, economic efficiency and productivity improve- increased data sharing across the maritime
global business environment for growth ranked high and just below trade ments” was the third most popular choice, industry
world trade, but also concerned protectionism. Other top risks include ris- selected by 42 per cent of respondents. “Trustworthy platforms need to be set
about the potential impact of trade ten- ing fuel costs, a lack of process efficiency, Most see the industry’s capacity to up which permit data collaboration with-
sions, cyber security, fuel costs and other continued industry consolidation, and share data as also needing dramatic out interfering in and negatively impacting
headwinds to industry recovery, according labour disruption. improvement. Respondents were virtual- the business model of the individual busi-
to a new benchmark survey carried out by ly unanimous about the need for stan- ness partners. Once having such data
the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Technology and process dardisation of data interfaces to improve pool(s) available, advanced technologies
Network, in partnership with Navis. improvement data sharing and collaboration, with 75 will greatly help to improve planning and
The Navis Business Bellwether report is Looking specifically at maritime digitalisa- per cent of respondents classing this issue execution of vessel operation, terminal
intended to be an ongoing benchmark sur- tion, the survey respondents said that they as either “very important” or “extremely operation, truck operation, rail operation
vey of the shipping industry to monitor expected that technology investments important”. and many other aspects.
sentiment and priorities across a variety of would increase over the next 12 months, When asked to rate the industry’s “On top of that, sufficient investment
economic, business and operational issues. with some 90 per cent of respondents say- capacity to share data among stakeholders into infrastructure in bottlenecks (for
The inaugural survey was conducted in ing that their organisations would raise in order to improve planning, operational example terminals) will unlock significant
September and October of 2018 and technology spending, including 56 per cent efficiency and customer visibility, 48 per value in the maritime transport chain.”
includes responses from more than 175 who said the increase would be 6 per cent cent of those surveyed said that it was The expanding use of technology in
industry professionals and executives. or greater. “Growing, but in need of significant the maritime sector will inevitably lead
According to the report, some 82 per Adoption of new technologies was also improvement”. Some 17 per cent of to greater automation of various process-
cent of survey participants anticipate cited as one of the top three priorities of respondents said it was “Strong” or “Very es, though survey respondents did not
either improved profitability over the next companies for improving performance, strong”, while 21 per cent judged data see this growth in automation necessarily
12 months or continued stabilisation and behind only improving process efficiency sharing capacity to be “Weak” or “Very creating a major threat for employment
reduced losses. Growth is expected to and quality, and bettering customer service weak”. prospects.
come from all regions of the world, with and satisfaction. Mark Wootton, CIO at Yilport and a In fact, 34 per cent of those surveyed
particularly robust activity in Asia and the The top areas for increased technology participant in the study, told the expected the most significant impact of
Middle East/Africa. spending, in descending order, include researchers that he expected data sharing automation to lie in job enhancement
While just 12 per cent of respondents automation, business intelligence, plan- across the industry to continue to improve rather than eradication, with a smaller
are “very optimistic” about the global busi- ning and management systems, big data and evolve in the future. number (31 per cent) claiming that
ness environment, another 46 per cent analytics, and SaaS applications and cloud “Data sharing within the maritime sup- automation would most likely reduce the
express cautious optimism. Some 41 per services. Much discussed technologies like ply chain has been established and is number of jobs available. Another 23 per
cent say they are either somewhat or very Blockchain and IoT sensors were signifi- already mature. The criticism may be that cent pointed to worker safety as the
concerned. cantly lower on the priority list. it is generally based on outdated technolo- biggest potential impact of automation.
Topping the list of industry concerns is At an industry level, respondents point gy and protocols and these need to be Attitudes towards business and process
the rise in trade protectionism and new tar- to the need for improved collaboration and updated, but the core concepts, message innovation in the shipping industry rela-
iffs. One third of all survey respondents operational planning across the supply contents and process flows have not tive to other sectors was decidedly mixed.
said they were “extremely concerned” chain as the most important priority, fol- changed dramatically,” he said. While 31 per cent of respondents said that
about trade tensions, with another 36 per lowed by supply chain visibility. “Where there is a new need is in the shipping was showing a “moderate level
cent saying they were concerned. Cyber When asked to select a top 4 areas of the integration of operational technology, sen- of innovation”, another 31 per cent
security was also high on the list, with 29 ocean supply chain most in need of sors/IoT and integrating these into tradi- answered that the industry was “in need of
per cent indicating extreme concern and increased efficiency and process improve- tional terminal management systems.” significant improvement” in this area.
another 37 per cent expressing concern. ment, 58 per cent of respondents picked Another survey participant, Andreas Overall however the respondents tend-
Only 11 per cent of respondents were “Collaboration and operational planning Mrozek, global head of marine & terminal ed toward the positive – two thirds of the
extremely concerned about an economic across the supply chain”, while 48 per cent operations (OPS) at Hamburg Süd, remaining 28 per cent of those surveyed
judged shipping to have “extremely high”
or “significantly improved” levels of inno-
vation, with only one in eight of all respon-
dents judging shipping to have a “low” or
“very low” level of innovation.
As a whole, the survey seems to
describe an industry that is optimistic
about the future, but which recognises that
major improvements need to be made in
innovation and the application of technol-
ogy to drive improvement in operations.
Fortunately, these same companies are
expecting to make investments in achiev-
ing these goals, which should support
improvement throughout the sector. DS

Responses to the question ‘How do you rate the industry’s The full Navis Business Bellwether
Responses to the question ‘How much do you think your company capacity to share data among stakeholders in order to improve
report can be downloaded at
will increase investment in new technologies over the next planning, operational efficiency and customer visibility?’
12 months?’ PHOTO: Navis Business Bellwether PHOTO: Navis Business Bellwether

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Coverage VSAT System

internetAtSea Powered by,

Worldwide Coverage
For more detailed information,
please contact to KNS Sales Team at following contacts:
Address: 1476-55 Yuseong Dae-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea
Tel: +82 42 932 0351
Fax: +82 42 932 0353
Email: KNS South Korea HQ Paul Park / Senior Sales Manager Young Il Go / Assistant Manager
KNS Europe Sales Office
KNS South East Asia Sales Office
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Smart Marine


The market is being re-shaped by new ways of collaboration and smart technology.
Our strong development in product offering combined with know-how and vast
installed base gives us a unique platform to lead the industry’s transformation
towards a Smart Marine Ecosystem through the use of high levels of connectivity and
digitalisation. We have the vision, a strong legacy and the expertise of our people.
We continue to develop products and services together with customers, for the
benefit of our customers. By doing so we will be shaping the industry together.