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Total Time: 3 hours Total Marks: 800

NOTE: THERE ARE 200 QUESTIONS, PRINTED 9) Compound in which addition takes place
PAGES BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE through Markovnikov’s rule is:
PAPER. A) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻 = 𝐶𝐻 − 𝐶𝐻3
B) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶(𝐶𝐻3 ) = 𝐶𝐻 − 𝐶𝐻3
1) Reactants in a transition state: C) 𝐶2 𝐻5 − 𝐶𝐻 = 𝐶𝐻 − 𝐶𝐻3
A) Always change to product D) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻 = 𝐶𝐻 − 𝐶3 𝐻7
B) Return back to reactants 10) Which of the following will be a better
C) May return to reactants or proceeds shield against 𝛾-rays?
to form products A) Ordinary water
D) Are of low energy B) Heavy water
2) Out of the following indicate the matching C) Lead
item for PUPPIES. D) Aluminum
A) School 11) In a uniform electric field, which statement is
B) Litter correct?
C) Covey A) All charged particles experience the
D) Group same force.
3) Tornaria larva resembles with: B) All charged particles move with the
A) Bipinnaria larva same velocity.
B) Trochopore larva C) All electric field lines are directed
C) Glochidium larva towards positive charges.
D) Instar larva D) All electric field lines are parallel.
4) Taxus baccata is the botanical name of: 12) During the formation of aqueous solution
A) Fever tree of any electrolyte:
B) Deadly nightshade A) Heat is evolved
C) English Yew B) Heat is absorbed
D) Daffodils C) Heat may evolved or absorbed
5) Venous flower basket belong to which D) Electrolyte do not dissolve in water
group of organisms: 13) The compound with more than 10%
A) Angiosperms solubility in pure water is:
B) Sponges A) 𝑀𝑔𝐶𝑂3
C) Marine Algae B) 𝐴𝑙2 (𝐶𝑂3 )3
D) Fungus like protists C) 𝐾2 𝐶𝑂3
6) On a planet, a vertically-launched projectile D) 𝑍𝑛𝐶𝑂3
takes 12.5 𝑠 to return to its starting position. 14) The mass of 𝑁𝑎𝑂𝐻 needed to prepare 0.2 molal
The projectile gains a maximum height of solution in 500𝑔 pure water at 4℃ is:
170 𝑚. The planet does not have an A) 0.4𝑔
atmosphere. What is the acceleration of free B) 4.0𝑔
fall on this planet? C) 1.5𝑔
A) 2.2 𝑚 𝑠 −2 D) 1.0𝑔
B) 8.7 𝑚 𝑠 −2 15) Choose the related word for Rat on the
C) 27 𝑚 𝑠 −2 analogy of Elephant : Stride.
D) 54 𝑚 𝑠 −2 A) Scamper
7) The ionization potential of a hydrogen atom is B) Loiter
13.6𝑉 what will be the energy of the electron C) Whimper
in the second orbit? D) Gallop
A) −10.2 𝑒𝑉 16) Baroceptors are the sensors in body
B) −3.40 𝑒𝑉 responsible for determination of:
C) +3.40 𝑒𝑉 A) Blood Glucose
D) −1.51 𝑒𝑉 B) Blood Ammonia
8) A man has a mass of 80 𝑘𝑔. He ties himself to C) Blood 𝑝𝐻
one end of a rope which passes over a single D) Blood flow
fixed pulley. He pulls on the other end of the 17) Which one of the following is not a
rope to lift himself up at an average speed of draught animal?
50 𝑐𝑚 𝑠 −1. What is the average useful power A) Buffalo
at which he is working? B) Mule
A) 40 𝑊 C) Elephant
B) 0.39 𝑘𝑊 D) Yak
C) 4.0 𝑘𝑊
D) 39 𝑘𝑊

18) Which of the following is not isotonic to 25) 𝑂𝐻 − + 𝐶2 𝐻5 − 𝐼 ⟶ 𝐶2 𝐻5 − 𝑂𝐻 + 𝐼 −

sea water? One of the specie in the above reaction is a
A) Myxine substrate. It is:
B) Skates A) 𝑂𝐻 −
C) Sharks B) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝑂𝐻
D) Teleost C) 𝐼 −
19) Which one of the following is not an D) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝐼
insect? 26) The process that can both be endothermic
A) Ticks and exothermic out of the following is:
B) Honey bee A) Formation
C) Beetle B) Crystallization
D) Wasp C) Bond breaking
20) A condition called Goose pimples, are D) Condensation
caused by: 27) The amine which is more reactive towards
A) Overcooled body 𝐻𝐼 is:
B) Bacteria A) Diethyl methyl amine
C) Environmental changes B) Dimethyl amine
D) Pollution C) Methyl propyl amine
21) Two wave sources are oscillating in phase. D) Butyl amine
Each source produces a wave of 28) He said, “What is the matter”?
wavelength 𝜆. The two waves from the [Choose the correct indirect speech:]
sources meet at point 𝑋 with a phase A) He said what the matter was.
difference of 90°.What is a possible B) He asked what the matter was.
difference in the distances from the two C) He enquired that what was the
wave sources to point 𝑋? matter.
A) 𝜆/8 D) He asked that what the matter had
B) 𝜆/4 been.
C) 𝜆/2 29) The number of Hyoid bone in human skull
D) 𝜆 region is:
22) The activity of a certain nuclide is A) 1
governed by the relation ∆𝑡 = −𝜆𝑁 where B) 6
C) 22
𝜆 = 2.4 × 10−8 𝑠 −1 what is the half-life of
D) 206
the nuclide?
30) Which factor is not involved in release of
A) 2.9 × 107 𝑠
Oxytocin in females:
B) 1.3 × 107 𝑠
A) Stretching of uterus
C) 1.2 × 10−8 𝑠
B) Stretching of Cervix
D) 3.4 × 10−8 𝑠 C) Low level of testosterone
23) Four resistors are connected in a square as
D) Low level of progesterone
shown. 31) Chymotrypsin acts upon:
A) Starch in duodenum
B) Proteins in stomach
C) Proteins in duodenum in acidic
D) Proteins in duodenum in alkaline medium
32) Which of the following series lie in the
The resistance may be measured between visible region?
any two junctions. Between which two A) Lyman
junctions is the measured resistance B) Paschen
greatest? C) Balmer
A) 𝑃 and 𝑄 D) Pfund
B) 𝑄 and 𝑆 33) Two springs of spring constant 𝐾1 and 𝐾2
C) 𝑅 and 𝑆 are arranged in parallel and a body of mass
D) 𝑆 and 𝑃 𝑚 is attached to it then calculate the time
24) The elevation in boiling point ∆𝑇𝑏 is equal to period of the system:
ebullioscopic constant 𝐾𝑏 when the A) 2𝜋√𝐾
1 +𝐾2
Molarity (𝑀) of the solution is:
A) 0.1𝑚 B) 2𝜋√𝐾

B) 1.0𝑚 1 +𝐾2

C) 10.0𝑚 C)
𝑚𝐾1 𝐾2
2𝜋√ 𝐾
D) Statement is wrong 1 +𝐾2

𝐾1 +𝐾2
D) 2𝜋√ 𝑚

34) To determine the resistance of a voltmeter 41) Expiratory centre in medulla is:
by discharging a capacitor through it, the A) Dorsal
instantaneous voltage is then given by the B) Ventral
relation: C) Lower part
A) 𝑉𝑜 𝑒 −𝑡/𝑅𝐶 D) All of the above
B) 𝑉𝑜 𝑒 𝑡/𝑅𝐶 42) Polyploidy is more common in:
C) 𝑉𝑜 /2 A) Plants
D) 𝑉𝑜 /√2 B) Animals
35) When we are measuring the internal C) Bacteria
resistance of a cell by potentiometer, the emf D) Virus
of the battery must be greater than the: 43) Whenever nitrile group is hydrolysed
A) emf of the cell (𝑑𝑖𝑙 𝐻𝐶𝑙) with water it always produces:
B) P.D in the circuit A) Alcohol
C) Current in the cell B) Carboxylic acid
D) Current in the circuit C) Amines
36) Upon hydrolysis compound “𝑋” in the D) Amides
presence of 𝑁𝑎𝑂𝐻 we get 𝐶2 𝐻5 𝑂𝐻 44) A person who leaves his country and
𝑂 settles in another country is called:
|| A) Emigrant
and 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 − 𝑂 − 𝑁𝑎+ .Compound “𝑋” is: B) Immigrant
A) 𝐶2 𝐻5 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝑂𝐻 C) Migrant
𝑂 D) Aborigine
|| 45) The center of porphyrine in the head
B) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 − 𝑂𝐻 region of hemoglobin is occupied by:
A) Potassium
B) Sodium
C) Magnesium
C) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 − 𝑂 − 𝐶2 𝐻5
D) Iron
𝑂 46) Syphilis is caused by:
|| A) Treponema pallidum
D) 𝐶2 𝐻5 − 𝐶 − 𝑂 − 𝐶𝐻3 B) Helicobacter spp
37) The compound which you think is not the C) Neisseria spp
derivative of acetic acid is: D) Bacteroides spp
𝑂 47) The organism developed with two heads
|| and one trunk is called:
A) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 − 𝐶𝑙 A) Identical twins
B) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝑂 − 𝑂 − 𝐶𝑂 − 𝐶𝐻3 B) Dizygotic twins
𝑂 C) Fraternal twins
|| D) Siamese twins
C) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 − 𝑁𝐻2 48) The paratrooper of mass 80 𝑘𝑔 descends
vertically at a constant velocity of 3 𝑚 𝑠 −1
D) None of the above
taking the acceleration of free fall as
38) The reducing agent in the reaction given,
10 𝑚 𝑠 −2. Find out what is the net force
𝐾𝑀𝑛𝑂4 + 𝐾𝐼 + 𝐻2 𝑆𝑂4 ⟶ 𝑀𝑛𝑆𝑂4 + 𝐾2 𝑆𝑂4 +
acting on him?
𝐼2 + 𝐻2 𝑂 is:
A) Zero
A) 𝐾𝑀𝑛𝑂4
B) 𝐾𝐼 B) 8.00 𝑁 upward
C) 𝐻2 𝑆𝑂4 C) 8.00 𝑁 downward
D) 𝐾𝐼 and 𝐻2 𝑆𝑂4 both D) 240 𝑁 downward
39) Don’t poke your nose ____ my affairs. 49) The dimensional formula for change in
A) in momentum is same as that for:
B) on A) Force
C) into B) Impulse
D) by C) Acceleration
40) A vein differs from an artery in having: D) Velocity
A) Strong muscular walls 50) What is NOT true of 2 forces that give rise
B) Narrow lumen to a couple?
C) Valves control direction of blood flow A) They act in opposite directions
opposite to heart B) They both act at the same point
D) Valves control direction of blood flow C) They both act on the same body
towards heart D) They both have the same magnitude

51) The stress-strain graph for a metal is 58) The stage of plasmodium life cycle not
shown. related to human body is:
A) Merozoite
B) Ookinetes
C) Trophozoites
D) Gametozoites
59) In protein synthesis the initiator tRNA
carrying amino acid methionine land on
which site of ribosome:
What is the strain energy per unit volume A) E site
of a rod made from this metal when the B) P site
strain of the rod is 0.010? C) A site
A) 10 𝑘𝐽 𝑚−3 D) C site
B) 100 𝑘𝐽 𝑚−3 60) Goblets cells are:
C) 1.0 𝑀𝐽 𝑚−3 A) Unicellular exocrine gland
D) 10 𝑀𝐽 𝑚−3 B) Unicellular endocrine glands
52) A diffraction grating is used to measure C) Multicellular exocrine gland
the wavelength of monochromatic light, as D) Multicellular endocrine glands
shown in the diagram. 61) The instantaneous current in a circuit is
given by 𝐼 = √2 sin(𝜔𝑡 + ∅) ampere what is
the 𝑟𝑚𝑠 value of the current?
A) 2 𝐴
B) √2 𝐴
C) 1 𝐴
D) 2 𝐴

The spacing of the slits in the grating is 62) Which list shows electromagnetic waves
1.00 × 10−6 𝑚. The angle between the in order of increasing frequency?
first order diffraction maxima is 60.0°. A) radio waves → gamma rays →
What is the wavelength of the light? ultraviolet → infra-red
A) 287 𝑛𝑚 B) radio waves → infra-red → ultraviolet
B) 470 𝑛𝑚 → gamma rays
C) 574 𝑛𝑚 C) ultraviolet → gamma rays → radio
D) 940 𝑛𝑚 waves → infra-red
53) The cation that distort the electron cloud D) ultraviolet → infra-red → radio waves
of 𝑁𝑂3− ion more and facilitates its → gamma rays
decomposition is: 63) What is the momentum of 𝑋 −rays having
A) 𝐿𝑖 + wavelength 0.001𝑛𝑚?
B) 𝑀𝑔++ A) 6.63 × 10−22 𝑘𝑔 𝑚 𝑠 −1
C) 𝐶𝑠 + B) 6.63 × 10−27 𝑘𝑔 𝑚 𝑠 −1
D) 𝐵𝑒 ++ C) 6.63 × 10−31 𝑘𝑔 𝑚 𝑠 −1
54) The energy of electron in the first excited D) 6.63 × 10−34 𝑘𝑔 𝑚 𝑠 −1
state of Hydrogen atom in 𝐽/𝑎𝑡𝑜𝑚 is: 64) Henderson-Hasselbalch equation is used
A) 2.8 × 10−18 to calculate the 𝑝𝐻 of a buffer solutions.
B) 0.545 × 10−18 The correct representation of the equation
C) −2 ∙ 18 × 10−18 is:
D) −1312 ∙ 36 [𝑆𝑎𝑙𝑡]
55) Unhybrid "𝑃" orbitals on linear overlape: A) 𝑝𝐾𝑎 − 𝑙𝑜𝑔 [𝐴𝑐𝑖𝑑]
A) Always form 𝑃𝑖(𝜋) bond [𝐴𝑐𝑖𝑑]
B) 𝑝𝐾𝑎 × 𝑙𝑜𝑔 [𝑆𝑎𝑙𝑡]
B) Always form 𝑆𝑖𝑔𝑚𝑎(𝑎) bond [𝑆𝑎𝑙𝑡]
C) Neither form "𝑎" nor "𝜋" bond C) 𝐾𝑎 + 𝑙𝑜𝑔 [𝐴𝑐𝑖𝑑]
D) Form more reactive and more [𝑆𝑎𝑙𝑡]
D) 𝑝𝐾𝑎 + 𝑙𝑜𝑔 [𝐴𝑐𝑖𝑑]
unstable "𝜋" bond
56) It’s raining cats and dogs. So there are ____ 65) If the 𝑝𝐻 of the solution is 9 its 𝑂𝐻 − ions
cars on the road today. concentration is:
A) few A) 10−5
B) a few B) 5
C) a big number of C) 10−9
D) a great deal of D) 9
57) He said to me, “traitor”. 66) The first stage in development of Xerosere
[Choose the correct indirect speech:] is appearance of:
A) He said to me that I was a traitor. A) Foliose lichens
B) He told me that I have been a traitor. B) Crustose lichens
C) He called me a traitor. C) Fruticose lichens
D) He exclaimed with anger that I was a D) Climax stage

67) Mg++ and Ca++ are excreted in fishes 77) The teacher said, “Amna, watch your
through: steps.”
A) Kidney [Choose the correct indirect speech:]
B) Gills A) The teacher ordered Amna that She
C) Skin should watch her steps.
D) All of the above B) The teacher ordered Amna to watch your
68) Vomit centre is located in: steps.
A) Pons C) The teacher ordered Amna to watch
B) Mid brain her steps.
C) Cerebellum D) The teacher requested Amna to watch
D) Medulla your steps.
69) There are two charges +3𝜇𝐶 and +8𝜇𝐶 78) Which one of the following is a shrub?
the ratio of the force acting on them will A) Parmelia
be: B) Aster
A) 3 ∶ 1 C) Rhus
B) 1 ∶ 1 D) Banana
C) 11 ∶ 8 79) In nitrogen fixing bacteria, the nitrogenase
complex is sensitive to:
D) 3 ∶ 8
A) 𝑂2
70) Two radioactive samples 𝑆1 and 𝑆2 have B) 𝐶𝑂2
half-lives 3 hours and 7 hours C) 𝑁𝑂2
respectively. If they have the same activity D) 𝑁𝑂3
at certain instant 𝑡, what is the ratio of the 80) Over eating psychological disorder is
number of atoms of 𝑆1 to 𝑆2 at instant 𝑡? called:
A) 9: 49 A) Dyspepsia
B) 49: 9 B) Septecemia
C) 3: 7 C) Anorexia
D) 7: 3 D) Bulimia
71) The reciprocal of the conductance is called: 81) Two railway trucks of masses 𝑚 and 3𝑚
A) Conductivity move towards each other in opposite
B) Resistivity directions with speeds 2𝑣 and 𝑣 respectively.
C) Resistance These trucks collide and stick together. What
D) Inductance is the speed of the trucks after the collision?
72) The volume of 𝐶𝑂2 produced by heating A) 𝑣/4
33.5𝑔 𝐿𝑖2 𝐶𝑂3 at room temperature and B) 𝑣/2
pressure is (𝑀𝑟 𝐿𝑖2 𝐶𝑂3 = 67𝑔/𝑚𝑜𝑙): C) 𝑣
A) 22.4 𝑑𝑚3 D) 5𝑣/4
B) 12.0 𝑑𝑚3 82) A thin horizontal plate of area 0.036 𝑚2 is
C) 11.2 𝑑𝑚3 beneath the surface of a liquid of density
D) 24.0 𝑑𝑚3 930 𝑘𝑔 𝑚−3. The force on one side of the plate
73) The equation used to describe the due to the pressure of the liquid is 290 𝑁.
behavior of ideal gases under standard What is the depth of the plate beneath the
conditions is: surface of the liquid?
A) 𝑃𝑉 = 𝑛𝑅𝑇 A) 0.88 𝑚
B) 𝑃𝑀 = 𝑑𝑅𝑇 B) 1.1 𝑚
C) 𝑃𝑉𝑀 = 𝑚𝑅𝑇 C) 1.8 𝑚
D) All of the above D) 8.7 𝑚
74) The nuclei you think is invisible in NMR 83) An electron and a proton enter a magnetic
spectroscopy is: field with equal velocities which one of them
A) 𝑁14 experiences more force:
B) 𝑃31 A) Electron
C) 𝐶𝑙 35 B) Proton
D) 𝐶 13 C) Both experience same force
75) ‘To the letter’ means: D) Cannot be predicted
A) Cursory 84) The chelating ligand out of the following
B) Enveloping a letter is:
C) Precisely A) 𝐶𝐻3 𝐶𝑂𝑂−
D) Reporting a problem B) (𝐶𝐻2 )2 (𝑁𝐻2 )2
76) We have three test tubes having aqueous C) 𝑆𝐶𝑁 −
solutions of 𝐶𝑎(𝑁𝑂3 )2, 𝐵𝑎(𝑁𝑂3 )2 and D) 𝑁𝑂2−
𝐾2 𝐶𝑂3 respectively. On addition of
𝑑𝑖𝑙 𝐻2 𝑆𝑂4 . Which test tube solution turns
A) 𝐶𝑎(𝑁𝑂3 )2 solution
B) 𝐵𝑎(𝑁𝑂3 )2 solution
C) 𝐾2 𝐶𝑂3 solution
D) All turned milky

85) The speed 𝑣 of a liquid leaving a tube 94) Which one of the following is opposite in
depends on the change in pressure 𝛥𝑃 and meaning to the word SYMPATHY?
the density 𝜌 of the liquid. The speed is A) Apathy
given by the equation B) Pathos
∆𝑃 𝑛 C) Empathy
𝑣 = 𝑘( ) D) Jealousy
where 𝑘 is a constant that has no units. 95) Piriformis syndrome is associated with
What is the value of 𝑛? which of the following disorder:
A) 1/2 A) Arthritis
B) 1 B) Sciatica
C) 3/2 C) Spondylosis
D) 2 D) Disc slip
86) The oxidation state of platinum in 96) Which one of the following is not an
[𝑃𝑡(𝑁𝐻3 )4 (𝑁𝑂2 )𝐶𝑙]𝑆𝑂4 is: exclusive trait of arthropoda?
A) 𝐼𝐼𝐼 A) Presence of wings
B) 𝐼𝐼 B) Jointed appendages
C) 0 C) Haemocoel
D) 𝐼𝑉 D) Chitinous exoskeleton
87) The outer electronic configuration of 97) Locomotary organ in leech is called?
𝐶𝑢+ ion is 4𝑆 0 3𝑑10 with this configuration A) Setae
the aqueous solution of copper (I) B) Chatae
compound is: C) Parapodia
A) Blue D) None of the above
B) Greenish blue 98) The power loss 𝑃 in a resistor is calculated
C) Bluish green using the formula.
D) Colourless 𝑉2
88) For the reaction, 𝑅
1 The uncertainty in the potential difference
𝐶𝑂(𝑔) + 𝑂2(𝑔) ⟶ 𝐶𝑂2(𝑔) 𝑉 is 3% and the uncertainty in the
A) 𝐾𝑝 > 𝐾𝑐 resistance 𝑅 is 2%. What is the uncertainty
B) 𝐾𝑝 < 𝐾𝑐 in 𝑃?
C) 𝐾𝑝 = 𝐾𝑐 A) 4%
D) 𝐾𝑝 ≥ 𝐾𝑐 B) 7%
C) 8%
89) Which way shall we go?
D) 11%
[The underlined word is:]
99) A quantity 𝑥 is to be determined from the
A) Demonstrative adjective
equation, 𝑥 = 𝑃 – 𝑄. 𝑃 is measured as
B) Interrogative pronoun
(1.27 ± 0.02) 𝑚 and 𝑄 is measured as
C) Interrogative adjective
(0.83 ± 0.01) 𝑚. What is the percentage
D) Exclamatory adjective
uncertainty in 𝑥 to one significant figure?
90) An autoimmune disorders in which
A) 0.4 %
stiffness and inflammation of vertebrae
B) 2 %
occurs is called as:
C) 3 %
A) Lupus
D) 7 %
B) Scleroderma
100) The number of electrons in one coulomb of
C) Ankylosis spondylotis
charge are:
D) Juvenile dermatomyositis
A) 6.25 × 1021
91) The study of fishes is:
B) 1.6 × 1019
A) Ornithology
C) 6.25 × 1018
B) Ichthyology
D) 9.1 × 1031
C) Herpetology
101) Students were decomposing 𝐶𝑎𝐶𝑂3
D) Serpetology
placed in a China dish by heating using
92) Which of the following is absent in 𝐶4
burner in the laboratory. The “system” in
this experiment is:
A) Calvin Cycle
A) China dish
B) Bundle Sheath cells
B) Burner
C) Pepco
C) Laboratory
D) 𝐶𝑂2 Fixation in Mesophyll
D) 𝐶𝑎𝐶𝑂3
93) Cyclic alkanes with greater angle strain
102) Male having Downs syndrome have sex
are always:
A) More stable
B) Less energetic
C) More reactive
D) Obey the general formula of normal

103) Darwins finches are found in: 112) If the required excitation voltage is given, for
A) New Zealand which element the 𝑥 − 𝑟𝑎𝑦𝑠 spectrum
B) New Guinae consists of three spectral lines i.e. 𝐾𝛼 𝐾𝛽 𝐿𝛼 :
C) Galapagos island A) 𝑁𝑎
D) Australia B) 𝐵𝑜𝑟𝑜𝑛
104) Which of the following is the most C) 𝐾
economically important plant family? D) 𝐶𝑎
A) Poaceae 113) 𝑆𝑖𝑂2 is the only oxide that reacts with:
B) Asteraceae A) 𝐻𝐶𝑙𝑎𝑞
C) Rosaceae B) 𝐾𝑂𝐻𝑎𝑞
D) Fabaceae C) Steam
105) In Simple Harmonic Motion the acceleration D) 𝑆𝑂3
of the particle is zero when its: 114) I am afraid we have not got ____ sugar for
A) Velocity is zero making tea.
B) Displacement is zero A) some
C) Both velocity and displacement are B) no
zero C) any
D) Both velocity and displacement are D) plenty
maximum 115) Alcoholic fermentation is the sole mean of
106) A typical mobile phone battery has an e.m.f. respiration in:
of 5.0 V and an internal resistance of 200 A) Saccharomyces
mΩ. B) Armillaria
What is the terminal P.D. of the battery C) Trichonympha
when it supplies a current of 500 mA? D) Balanitidium
A) 4.8 V 116) The edible part of Morchella esculanta is:
B) 4.9 V A) Ascocarp
C) 5.0 V B) Basidiocarp
D) 5.1 V C) Zygocarp
107) Which combination of up (u) and down D) Pseudocarp
(d) quarks forms a neutron? 117) XO in drosophila result in sterile:
A) u u u A) Female
B) u u d B) Male
C) u d d C) Both (A) & (B)
D) d d D) No effect
108) Specie with dipole moment equal to zero 118) A stone is projected vertically upwards
is: from the ground at an initial speed of 15
A) 𝐴𝑙𝐶𝑙3 m s–1. Air resistance is negligible. What is
B) 𝐶𝐻4 the maximum height reached by the
C) 1,4 − 𝐷𝑖𝑏𝑟𝑜𝑚𝑜𝑏𝑒𝑛𝑧𝑒𝑛𝑒 stone?
D) All of the above A) 0.76 m
109) Aqueous 𝐾𝑂𝐻 causes 𝑆𝑁-reaction in B) 11 m
alkylhalide. On which of the following C) 23 m
alkylhalides 𝐾𝑂𝐻𝑎𝑞 would like to attack easily. D) 110 m
A) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝐶𝑙 119) Evaporation depends upon:
B) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝐵𝑟 A) Surface area
C) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝐹 B) Temperature
D) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝐼 C) Both (A) & (B)
110) Three reactions are given D) None of the above
i. 𝐻2 𝑆𝑂4 + 2𝐻𝐹 ⟶ 𝐹2 + 𝑆𝑂2 + 2𝐻2 𝑂 120) Students were heating 𝐶𝑎𝐶𝑂3 in an open
ii. 𝐻2 𝑆𝑂4 + 2𝐻𝐵𝑟 ⟶ 𝐵𝑟2 + 𝑆𝑂2 + 2𝐻2 𝑂 container to produce 𝐶𝑂2 gas,
iii. 𝐻2 𝑆𝑂4 + 8𝐻𝐼 ⟶ 4𝐼2 + 𝐻2 𝑆 + 4𝐻2 𝑂 𝐶𝑎𝐶𝑂3(𝑠) ⟶ 𝐶𝑎𝑂(𝑠) + 𝐶𝑂2(𝑔)
The strongest reducing agent in these If we increase pressure on this system the:
reactions is: A) Equilibrium will shift towards right
A) 𝐻𝐼 B) Equilibrium will shift towards left
B) 𝐻𝐹 C) Equilibrium will not be disturbed
C) 𝐻𝐵𝑟 D) System does not obey equilibrium rules
D) All of the above 121) Saba was sick on the bus.
111) The number of gram atoms in 3𝑔 [The underlined prepositional phrase
Hydrogen atoms is the same as the functions as a ____ in this sentence:]
number of gram atoms in 48𝑔 of: A) Adjunct
A) 𝑁 B) Disjunct
B) 𝐶 C) Conjunct
C) 𝑂 D) Adverbial
D) 𝑂2

122) The first successful surgery of heart was 130) You are called names by him.
performed by Dr. Ludwig by repairing a [Choose the correct voice:]
wound on which part: A) He is calling you names
A) Right auricle B) He calls you names
B) Right ventricle C) He called you names
C) Left auricle D) You are being called names by him
D) Left ventricle 131) In E.C.G QRS complex represent:
123) Lignin could not be expected in which part A) Atrial systole
of the plant cell wall: B) Arial diastole
A) Secondary cell wall C) Ventricle systole
B) Middle lamella D) Ventricle diastole
C) Cell membrane 132) The common name of rubella is:
D) Primary cell wall A) Whooping cough
124) The following statement is true for the B) German measles
absorption spectra of photosynthesis: C) African sleeping Sickness
A) Chlorophyll a and b have same D) Tay Sach’s Disease
absorption spectra 133) A heterozygote fruit fly has more
B) Chlorophyll a and b have different florescent pigments in their eyes than a
absorption spectra wild homozygote fruit fly, this is an
C) Chlorophyll a and carotenoids have example of:
same absorption spectra A) Co-dominance
D) Carotenoids and chlorophyll b have B) Incomplete dominance
same absorption spectra C) Over dominance
125) An electromagnetic wave travels in a straight D) Complete dominance
line through a vacuum. The wave has a 134) To determine Young’s modulus of a
frequency of 6.0 THz. What is the number of material of a given wire of length 𝐿 we
wavelengths in a distance of 1.0 m along the use:
wave? A) Melde’s Apparatus
A) 5.0 × 10–5 B) Young’s Apparatus
B) 2.0 × 101 C) Searle’s Apparatus
C) 2.0 × 104 D) Cavendish Apparatus
D) 5.0 × 107 135) An electron is projected horizontally from
126) What is the magnitude of a point charge south to north in uniform horizontal
which produces an electric field of 2 𝐶 at a magnetic field acting from west to east.
The direction along which it will be
distance of 60 𝑐𝑚?
deflected is:
A) 8 × 10−11 𝐶
A) Northwards
B) 2 × 10−12 𝐶
B) Southwards
C) 3 × 10−11 𝐶
C) Vertically upwards
D) 6 × 10−10 𝐶
D) Vertically downwards
127) The alcohol given 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝐶(𝐶𝐻3 )2 −
136) A uniform horizontal footbridge is 12 𝑚
𝑂𝐻. If oxidized with a strong oxidizing agent
long and weighs 4000 𝑁. It rests on two
supports 𝑋 and 𝑌 as shown.
A) Aldehyde
B) Ketone
C) Ether
D) None of the above
128) The amount of heat required to raise the
temperature of 10 moles of water from
70𝐾 to 80𝐾 (molar heat capacity of water
75.24𝐽) is:
A) 0.7524𝐽
B) 7524𝐽
A man of weight 600 𝑁 is at a distance of
C) 95.24𝐽
4 𝑚 from support 𝑋. What is the upward
D) 752.4𝐽
force on the footbridge from support 𝑋?
129) The aqueous solution of which of the
A) 2200 𝑁
following electrolyte will conduct electric
B) 2300 𝑁
current to large extent:
C) 2400 𝑁
A) 𝑀𝑔(𝑂𝐻)2
D) 2600 𝑁
B) 𝐻2 𝐶𝑂3
C) 𝑁𝐻4 𝐶𝑙

137) A wire of diameter 𝑑 and length 𝑙 hangs 144) A radioactive isotope has a half-life of 3
vertically from a fixed point. The wire is days. The time after which its activity is
extended by hanging a mass 𝑀 on its end. reduced to 6.25% of its original activity is:
The Young modulus of the wire is 𝐸. The A) 6 days
acceleration of free fall is 𝑔. Which equation B) 8 days
is used to determine the extension 𝑥 of the C) 12 days
wire? D) 16 days
A) 𝑥 = 𝐸𝜋𝑑2
𝑀𝑙 145) Students calculated the cell voltage for the
B) 𝑥 = 𝐸𝜋𝑑2 𝐵𝑟2 + 2𝑁𝑎𝐶𝑙 ⟶ 2𝑁𝑎𝐵𝑟 + 𝐶𝑙2
° ° °
2𝑀𝑔𝑙 through the formula 𝐸𝑐𝑒𝑙𝑙 = 𝐸𝑟𝑒𝑑 + 𝐸𝑜𝑥𝑑
C) 𝑥 = 𝐸𝜋𝑑2 the answer was negative. It means that:
4𝑀𝑔𝑙 A) The reaction is non spontaneous and
D) 𝑥 = 𝐸𝜋𝑑2
138) A sound wave has a frequency of 2500 𝐻𝑧 B) The reaction is non spontaneous and
and a speed of 1500 𝑚 𝑠 −1 . What is the not feasible
shortest distance from a point of maximum C) The reaction is spontaneous and
pressure in the wave to a point of minimum feasible
pressure? D) The reaction is spontaneous and not
A) 0.15 𝑚 feasible
B) 0.30 𝑚 146) The non-carbonyl compound out of the
C) 0.60 𝑚 following is:
D) 1.20 𝑚 A) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝑂 − 𝐶𝐻3
139) Initially one mole each 𝑁2 and 𝑂2 were 𝑂𝐻
made to react as, |
2000℃ B) 𝐶2 𝐻5 − 𝐶𝐻 − 𝐶𝐻3
𝑁2(𝑔) + 𝑂2(𝑔) 2𝑁𝑂(𝑔)
If at equilibrium 0 ∙ 25 moles of 𝑂2 is
present the equilibrium concentration of
C) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 = 𝑂
𝑁𝑂 will be:
A) 0.50 moles
B) 0.125 moles
D) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 =𝑂
C) 1.50 moles
147) The empirical formula of the compound
D) 1.75 moles
was found to be 𝐶𝐻2 𝑂. If the molar mass
140) The compound of manganese with zero
of the compound is 150𝑔/𝑚𝑜𝑙. The
reducing power is:
molecular formula of the compound is:
A) 𝐾𝑀𝑛𝑂4
A) 𝐶6 𝐻12 𝑂6
B) 𝑀𝑛𝑂2
B) 𝐶4 𝐻8 𝑂2
C) 𝑀𝑛𝐶𝑙2
C) 𝐶5 𝐻10 𝑂4
D) 𝑀𝑛2 (𝑆𝑂4 )3
D) 𝐶5 𝐻10 𝑂5
141) Chemical reactions associated with hydro-
148) ‘Enlarge upon’ means:
carbons is/are:
A) Explain in more detail
A) Electrophilic addition
B) To make taller
B) Electrophilic substitutions
C) To become large
C) Free radical substitutions
D) To measure
D) All are possible
149) A metal cube with sides of length “𝑎” has
142) The young’s modulus of a given rod of
electrical resistance 𝑅 between opposite
uniform length 𝐿 is given by the relation:
C) 𝐹𝐿/𝜋𝑟 2 𝑙
D) 𝐹𝑙/𝜋𝑟 2 𝐿
143) The inward and outward electric flux from
What is the resistance between the
a closed surface are respectively 8 × 103 opposite faces of a cube of the same metal
units and 4 × 103 units then the net with sides of length 3𝑎?
charge inside the closed surface is: A) 9𝑅
A) ∈0
𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑜𝑚𝑏 B) 3𝑅
B) −4 × 103 𝜖0 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑜𝑚𝑏 C) 𝑅/3
4×103 D) 𝑅/9
C) 𝜖0
𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑜𝑚𝑏 150) Which particle is a fundamental particle?
D) 4 × 103 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑜𝑚𝑏 A) Electron
B) Hadron
C) Neutron
D) Proton
| D | | 10 |

151) The nuclear equation shown has a term 160) Closed vascular system is the characteristic
missing. of:
14 14 0
6𝐶 → 7𝑁 + −1𝛽 + … … … .
A) Lycopsida
What is represented by the missing term? B) Sphenopsida
A) An antineutrino C) Dicot
B) An electron D) Monocot
C) A neutrino 161) Common name of the Loligo pealeii is:
D) A positron A) Squid
152) The Fridel crafts catalyst “𝐴𝑙𝐶𝑙3 ” used in B) Laligo
the substitution reactions of Benzene is a C) Slug
good: D) Oyster
A) Electrophile 162) The maximum energy of the electrons
B) Lewis acid released in photocell is independent of:
C) Electron deficient specie A) Frequency of incident light
D) Bear all properties B) Intensity of incident light
153) The most reactive compound out of the C) Nature of cathode surface
following is: D) Wavelength of light
A) Ortho hydroxy toluene 163) A mass 𝑚 is suspended from a spring of
B) Ortho chloro ethyl benzene spring constant 𝑘. The angular frequency of
C) Phenol oscillations of the spring is:
D) Para ethyl benzoic acid A) 𝑚
154) Addition of soluble impurities into a liquid 𝑘
and solid respectively causes: B) √[𝑚]
A) Increase in boiling point of liquid and C)
decrease in melting point of solid 𝑘
B) Increase in both boiling and melting D) √[ 𝑘 ]

C) Decrease in boiling point of liquid and 164) Which expression using 𝑆𝐼 base units is
increase in melting point of solid equivalent to the volt?
D) Decrease in both boiling and melting A) 𝑘𝑔 𝑚2 𝑠 −1 𝐴−1
points B) 𝑘𝑔 𝑚 𝑠 −2 𝐴
155) Which of the following is correct in all C) 𝑘𝑔 𝑚2 𝑠 −1 𝐴
respects? D) 𝑘𝑔 𝑚2 𝑠 −3 𝐴−1
A) I have done matric in 2010. 165) If the overlap of 𝑆𝑝3 hybrid orbitals in
B) This is an utensil. carbon atoms is smaller the bond so
C) The population of the world rises. formed is:
D) This is the best peach producing valley. A) Weak
156) Which of the following is not the part of B) Strong
first line of defense? C) Less energetic
A) Sebum D) More stable
B) Perspiration 166) The minimum energy below which no
C) Interferon reaction occur in reactants molecules is:
D) Epidermis A) Average 𝐾. 𝐸 of the molecules
157) During the formation of addition B) Potential energy of the molecules
polymerization, which smaller molecules C) Free energy of the molecules
you think are eliminated: D) Activation energy of the molecules
A) 𝐻2 𝑂 167) Amino acid leucine is coded by how many
B) 𝐻𝐶𝑙 codons:
C) 𝑁𝐻3 A) 1
D) No one is eliminated B) 2
158) My mother offered me milk. But for my C) 4
life, I could not drink it. D) 6
[The underlined expression means:] 168) Which of the following is not a fern?
A) However hard I may try A) Pteris
B) Because of my life B) Tmesipeteris
C) For the sake of my life C) Dryopteris
D) During my life D) Pteridium
159) Which process of cell division is involved 169) Umbel of umbels is present in:
in gametes formation in Funaria: A) Hydrocotyl
A) Mitosis B) Carrot
B) Meiosis C) Iberis
C) Amitosis D) Grapes
D) Binary Fission
| D | | 11 |

170) A filament lamp has a resistance of 180 𝛺 180) Doubly ionized atoms 𝑋 and 𝑌 of two
when the current in it is 500 𝑚𝐴. What is different elements are accelerated through
the power dissipated in the lamp? the same P.D. on entering a uniform
A) 45 𝑊 magnetic field they describe circular paths
B) 90 𝑊 of radii 𝑅1 and 𝑅2 . The masses of 𝑋 and 𝑌 are
C) 290 𝑊 in the ratio of:
D) 360 𝑊 A) 𝑅1 : 𝑅2
171) Orange light in a vacuum has a B) 𝑅2 : 𝑅1
wavelength of 600 𝑛𝑚. What is the C) 𝑅12 : 𝑅22
frequency of this light? D) 𝑅22 : 𝑅12
A) 180 Hz 181) The rest mass of Photon is 𝑚𝑜 . Its linear
B) 5.0 × 105 Hz momentum, when it moves with the speed
C) 1.8 × 1011 Hz equal to half of the speed of light in space, will
D) 5.0 × 1014 Hz be:
172) A stationary sound wave has a series of A) 3𝑚𝑜 𝑐/4
nodes. The distance between the first and B) 2𝑚𝑜 𝑐/4
the sixth node is 30.0 𝑐𝑚. What is the C) 𝑚𝑜 𝑐/√3
wavelength of the sound wave? D) 2𝑚𝑜 𝑐/√3
A) 5.0 𝑐𝑚 182) The charge on the electron and proton is
B) 6.0 𝑐𝑚 reduced to half. If the present value of
C) 10.0 𝑐𝑚 Rydberg constant is 𝑅, then the new value
D) 12.0 𝑐𝑚 of Rydberg constant will be:
173) Whenever 𝑃𝑏 shows inert pair effect it A) 𝑅/2
always form: B) 𝑅/4
A) Ionic bond C) 𝑅/8
B) Covalent bond D) 𝑅/16
C) Co-ordinate covalent bond 183) By the absorption of visible light, which of
D) Metallic bond the following compounds gives smogy air
174) In the compound 𝐶𝑂2 and 𝐻2 𝑂 the its brown tint?
hybridization in oxygen is respectively: A) 𝑁𝑂
A) 𝑆𝑝2 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑆𝑝2 B) 𝑆𝑂3
B) 𝑆𝑝2 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑆𝑝3 C) 𝑁𝑂3−
C) 𝑆𝑝3 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑆𝑝3 D) 𝑁𝑂2
D) 𝑆𝑝3 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑆𝑝2 184) Regarding reactivity of the compounds
175) According to M.O theory the number of having carbonyl group. The most reactive
molecular orbitals in 𝑂2 are: compound out of the following is:
A) 10 𝑂
B) 7 ||
C) 8 A) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶𝐻2 − 𝐶 − 𝐶𝐻3
D) 9
176) I had an unexpected guest today. ____ my
old classmate.
B) 𝐶2 𝐻5 − 𝐶 − 𝑂𝐻
A) it was
B) it is 𝑂
C) he was ||
D) she was C) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 − 𝐻
177) Which of the following is a summer 𝑂
variety: ||
A) Figs D) 𝐶𝐻3 − 𝐶 − 𝑂𝐻
B) Cabbages 185) She said, “What a lovely dress it is.”
C) Oranges [Choose the correct indirect speech:]
D) Pears A) She exclaimed that it is a lovely dress.
178) The amount of methane in Biogas is B) She exclaimed that it was a lovely dress.
approximately: C) She exclaimed that what a lovely dress
A) 10-30 % it was.
B) 50-90% D) She exclaimed what a lovely dress it is.
C) 50-75% 186) The living phloem, cork and cork
D) 60-75% cambium is collectively called:
179) Depolarization of neuron is characterized A) Periderm
by: B) Protoderm
A) Na+ into the axon and K+ out of the axon C) Peribleam
B) K+ into the axon and Na+ out of the axon D) Bark
C) Na+ and K+ within the axon toward the
axon terminal
D) None of the above
| D | | 12 |

187) All of the following acts as cloning vector 195) The main difference between catalysts
except and enzymes is:
A) BAC A) Enzymes are sharp in action than
B) YAC catalyst
C) Cosmids B) Catalysts used in large amount than
D) EcoRI enzymes
188) How many sperms are produced from fifty C) Catalysts are inorganic while
secondary spermatocyte? enzymes are organic in nature
A) 200 D) Enzymes need 𝑝𝐻 while catalysts do
B) 100 not
C) 50 196) Choose the related word for Broom on the
D) 150 analogy of Water : Splash.
189) How many cubic nanometers, nm3, are in A) Whisper
a cubic micrometer, μm3? B) Gush
A) 103 C) Swish
B) 106 D) Screech
C) 109 197) The first hormone to be discovered was:
D) 1012 A) Secretin
190) A man stands in a lift that is accelerating B) Testosterone
vertically downwards. Which statement C) Insulin
describes the force exerted by the man on D) Thyroxin
the floor? 198) For defense against virus attack, body
A) It is equal to the weight of the man. produces:
B) It is greater than the force exerted by A) Antibodies
the floor on the man. B) Histamines
C) It is less than the force exerted by the C) Antigens
floor on the man. D) Interferons
D) It is less than the weight of the man. 199) Short life cycle is a plant adaptation to
191) The efficiency of a heat engine working survive in:
between the freezing point and the boiling A) High temperature
point of water is near to: B) Low temperature
A) 50% C) High soil 𝑝𝐻
B) 25% D) Low soil 𝑝𝐻
C) 12.5% 200) A transverse wave travels along a rope. The
D) 6.25% graph shows the variation of the
192) An unknown gas diffuses 5 times slower displacement of the particles in the rope with
than that of 𝐻2 . The molecular mass of the distance along it at a particular instant.
unknown gas is:
A) 50
B) 10
C) 15
D) 25
193) Hydrogen bonding in 𝐻 − 𝐹 is stronger
than 𝐻2 𝑂 and 𝑁𝐻3. The highest boiling
point among the three is of:
A) 𝐻𝐹 At which distance along the rope do the
B) 𝑁𝐻3 particles have maximum upwards
C) 𝐻2 𝑂 velocity?
D) All have equal boiling points A) 0.5 𝑚
194) The type of isomerism present in the B) 1.0 𝑚
compound given, C) 1.5 𝑚
D) 2.0 𝑚
A) Structural
Stereo THE END
D) None of the above