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Good morning ladies an gentleman first of all i want to thank so that i can perform in this speech

competition. I also want to thank my almighty God that we are all gather here. Without any
further delay i have a question do u have pets? If yes do u love them? Do you ever wonder that
your animal become a subject of scientific experiment? Or even worst, can you even imagine
that your furry friends or your pet being skinned and taken its fur? Yeah its sound so horibble
and scary that's why i stand here in front of you all to deliver about animal rights. Animal rights
can be define as idea in which some or all non-human animals are entitled to the possession of
their own lives and most basic interest such as the need to avoid suffering also should be
afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings animals must not be viewed
as property or uses as food clothing research subject entertainment or beast of burden as we are
all live in the same planet we as a virtuous being must be sensitive not only with our fellow
human being but also with animals which are having the same right to live side by side with the
other creatures. But the problem is many animal abuse, animal testing and any other form of
forbidden act to animals. Such as leave them outside in cold or hitting them its just a small
amount of example of animal abuse. The other form is like testing them just for human needs.
Could you imagine if your skin being ripped off or burnt alive, or inject by a desease then heal
with prototypes cure? Over a million animals including rats, mice, frog, rabbits, fish, dog, guinea
pig to be tested in labolatory. 100.000 animals died every year to be tested for cosmetics need.
Not fair is it? You can considered that animals could be livestock, but the prove said that some
animals species is still extinct imagine how suffer they are. Aren't them a living being too?
Humans are so selfish by using animals unstoppably and not satisfyed yet, animals have rights to
live peacefully and they have their own life. We are blinded by our own profit n not thinking
about the impact. Many species also extinct caused by jungle exploitation and its because human.
I demand Goverment act such as prohibited any form of abuse or anything that broke the rights
of animals. It also began by our self awareness. Small act like saving lost animals or not to buy
animal based product can significanly reduce the animal testing. Animal cruelty must be stopped
and we needs help from goverment too. From here I conclude that animals have rights to live and
we must live side aside properly, stop abuse and cruelty from that we create our better world.