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• Length Overall 44 ft 13.31 m
• Overall Height 15 ft 4.50 m
• Rotor Diameter 60 ft 18.29 m
• Powerplants (2) Pratt & Whitney
PT6C-67A Turboshaft
• AEO Take Off Power 2 x 1,938 hp TBD
• OEI (limit @ ISA + 20c) 2,130 hp TBD THE FIRST CIVIL TILTROTOR

• Maximum Takeoff Weight 16,800 lbs 7,631 kg
• Maximum Useful Load 5,500 lbs 2,500 kg
• Required Crew 1-2
• Passenger Seating 6-9
• Baggage Compartment 50 cu ft 1.41 cu m

P.O. Box 901073, Fort Worth, Texas 76101

U.S.A. Phone: 001.817.278.9600 Fax: 001.817.278.9726
© 2004 Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company, all rights reserved. The data set forth in this brochure are general in nature and may vary
with conditions. For performance data and operating limitations for any specific flight mission, reference must be made to the approved flight manual.
Flight Into Known Fly Above Weather 25,000 Feet Service
Icing Conditions Ceiling

Heated Composite Rotor

Flight Control System
Until the advent of the BA609 Tiltrotor, travel has been performed using a Composite Fiber-Placed The BA609 Tiltrotor combines the speed, altitude, and comfort of a turboprop
Fuselage with Collins ProLine 21
combination of private and chartered helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in IFR Cockpit with the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a helicopter. Having cruising
Aluminum Internal
concert with scheduled airline flights. The unique characteristics of the BA609 Structure capabilities of 25,000 ft., this versatile aircraft will fly in icing conditions and
can literally revolutionize this process by giving tightly scheduled executives a extreme climates, from Arctic to desert. With seating up to nine passengers and
single efficient solution to the problem of getting from any place to any place, at at twice the speed of typical helicopters of comparable capacity, the BA609 is
any time on time. The BA609 combines the benefits of several transportation designed to be the best value multi-mission aircraft for the task.
choices into one aircraft. Crashworthy
Crew/Passenger Seats An executive could conceivably take off
In March of 2003 Bell/Agusta made aviation history with the inaugural test flight from the helipad of a country house
of the world’s first civilian tiltrotor, the BA609. This unique aircraft offers the outside London, fly in comfort to a
VTOL capability of the helicopter, with the cruising speed and range of a A NEW STANDARD OF PERFORMANCE meeting in Frankfurt in just 60 minutes,
turboprop fixed wing aircraft. It represents a totally new approach to executive Designed from the outset for low life cycle maintenance and maximum operational flexibility, the civil tiltrotor will offer operators then fly on to Zurich, Milan and back
transportation, search and rescue and law enforcement applications. highly cost-effective, point-to-point transportation at cruise speeds up to 275 knots and at ranges up to 750 nautical miles, home for early dinner. All with a minimum
(depending on operational parameters and atmospheric conditions). of ground transportation requirements.

The BA609 will be pressurized and certified for instrument flight into known icing conditions and features composite materials Conversely, covering vast distances in a
construction, an advanced glass cockpit, and digital flight controls. These advanced technologies will provide new levels of hurry without typical delays required to
performance, reliability and affordability to the aviation world. accommodate fixed-wing aircraft, is
reason enough to consider the BA609 Tiltrotor for any fleet. From city center to
Maximum Cruise Speed (TAS) 275 kt 509 km/hr city center, there’s no quicker way to travel from one downtown area to another
HOGE (ISA, MGW, AEO) 5,000 ft MSL 1,510 m for distances between 50 and 500 miles.
Service Ceiling (MCP) (All Engines Operating) 25,000 ft 7,550 m
The BA609 tiltrotor was also designed to meet the demanding mission
O.E.I. (ISA, MGW) 12,800 ft MSL 3,866 m
requirements of the offshore environment. In fact, the BA609 range requirements
Maximum Range* (no reserve) 750 nm 1,389 km
were established by using the offshore rig location data. The BA609 will make
* With auxiliary fuel At MTOW-ISA Pending Certification
future offshore missions possible in about half the time currently experienced,
and without the need for re-fueling, in many cases. This will allow high priority
CUSTOMER INTERIOR CHOICES passengers and cargo to be moved as needed and in ways not possible with any
other aircraft. The BA609 will be ideally suited for the offshore roles as rigs
Standard Utility Executive move farther away from shore, utilizing smaller crews, and making more
frequent trips. The BA609 tiltrotor will find a key role with many of the world's
largest operator's…when speed and range matter, the BA609 is the new industry

Add up the BA609’s unique capabilities and performance characteristics, add in

excellent value and low lifecycle costs, and the result is superior personalized
Air Medical transportation. The BA609 is simply one of the most useful and versatile aircraft
Standard Club
in aviation history. Whether in a crowded urban air traffic corridor or in
undeveloped region, this revolutionary tiltrotor will shine as exquisite transport
anywhere in the world.