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Hamlet is the longenstand on of the most powerful plays written by William Shakespeare. Hamlet,
Prince of Denmark is a tragedy play in 5 acts. It is a story of a prince named hamlet who found that his
father was poisoned to death by his Uncle (Claudias) who also married his widow mother which urged
Prince Hamlet to take revenge. It is a revenge tragedy and a psychoanalytic drama. It shows
considerable psychological realism.

This study will be conducted to determine that how hamlet tragedy play relates with society today
where revenge leads to total destruction in every aspect. This will be done through research which will
probably help us to know more about Hamlet’s tragedy.


To determine if revenge gave peace of mind to the characters in Hamlets play or destroyed their

To determine that seeking power by wrong means really brought success and happiness in Claudius

To determine social position of Claudius mother after getting remarried.

Research questions:

Was it justified to kill King Hamlet and seek power?

When Hamlet planned to revenge does his mental ability to think and decide got affected?

Did guilt affect Claudius mental peace after he commited a major crime?

What was the social position of Hamlet’s mother for Hamlet after her second marriage?


When one is obsessed to take revenge a person becomes psychoneurotic and may suffer from manic
depressive hysteria and thus loses his power to take a measure decision like prince hamlet did in the
play and due to revenge he got himself killed. Thus revenge itself is deadly. Moreover the other problem
highlighted in this play is how our society views widow as a bad woman after getting remarried.
Therefore the research will examine that how hamlets revenge caused destruction, how seeking power
leads to nothing and what was the social position of Gertrude after she remarried which can relate to
real world aswell.


Want to justify that revenge seeking power by wrong means leads to destruction and tragedy as also
seen in hamlets play.


This research may not be applicable on people who are extremely filthy rich or have access to every
mean in world.


This research will identify that what are consequences of revenge and unjustified power and what
destruction it may cause.


It is assumed that Hamlets play will always be a lesson for those doing wrong.
Definitions of key terms:

Hysteria: Uncontrolled emotion

Psychoneurotic: Mental disorder that causes the sense of distress or deficit in functioning.

Research Methodology:

Research Design:

 The research design will be of qualitative nature.


1) Content analysis
2) Typology

Measurement/Instrument selection:

 Data is will be collected through secondary sources.

 Data will be collected through different websites, books, reports and articles on Hamlets play.

Themes construct:

The main themes occur in the research are:

Revenge tragedy

Indecisiveness in characters

Unjustified power

People seeking power by unlawful means are always at a loss at the end.

The rage of revenge results in destruction in every society.

Plan Analysis:

The data collected from secondary sources will be translated using topology which includes sorting and
sifting and by classify and interpreting the study using Content Analysis.

Research Schedule:


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