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April 22-28, 2019

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GoAl stAndArd
Minnesota United FC opens a stadium that connects
its passionate fans with the community and gives it
a vibrant home. Welcome to Allianz Field.

NBA to offer teams Diverse group of execs How NFL hopefuls 1989 rewind:
global sponsorship on early list to follow manage their social Aikman on Rozelle’s
opportunities. Big Ten’s Jim Delany. media presence. final NFL draft.

Are you leveraging pricing and distribution

expertise across the secondary market?


“It was an earthquake for the world of golf.”


— Two-time Masters champion TOM WATSON on Woods’ win

Rain pushed up the start of Sunday’s
final round to 9 a.m., depressing the size
of the CBS viewing audience. Here’s how
the live audience (in millions) compares
for each of Tiger’s five Masters triumphs.






Tiger’s Back!
The gallery at the 18th hole got the first look at Tiger Woods, newly crowned Masters champion, after he
rolled in a putt to win the tournament last Sunday. It was the 43-year-old Woods’ fifth Masters victory and
* An additional 4.5 million tuned in to the encore
his first since 2005, the longest gap ever between wins at the world’s most famous golf event, and it capped broadcast during the traditional viewing window of
an incredible comeback from injury and scandal since his last major triumph at the 2008 U.S. Open. 2-7 p.m. ET


Size of the check Woods got for his victory, the first time a Masters winner has ever received more than $2 million.


Nike stock added more than $2 billion
in value during Masters week, while
companies such as Callaway,
Acushnet Holdings (owner of Titleist)
and Bridgestone also had big gains.


Odds that Woods
will pass Despite his victory, early
JACK NICKLAUS’ expectations are that Woods will
record of 18 not fully recapture his power as
Getty Images (6)

career major an endorser because of his age
wins, down from
25/1 before his and connection to past scandals.
said Woods, after slipping the famed
win at Augusta.
green jacket on for the fifth time.



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in canada $360 per year,
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This week

opinion . . . . . . . . . 34 SponSorShip Marketing Media Labor in depth

Careers . . . . . . . . 36 9 high proFiLes 12 the LeFton 14 in the MoMent 16 LoyaLty points 26 on the MoVe
race team Alliance is sell- report on tV or radio, jim nantz After his client’s masters teams and venues are
FaCes & pLaCes . . 37
ing sponsorship on front- Granite bridge partners and mike tirico took a victory, excel sports finding new ways to
CLosing shot .. . . 38 quarter panel of nAscAr is shaping winning similar approach to call- agent mark steinberg cater to an on-the-go
cars, which would include streak into a hard-goods ing tiger woods’ winning begins looking to reward crowd more interested in
the sport’s biggest teams. “building block.” moment at the masters. longtime partners. exploring than sitting.
Cover image by Lane Pelovsky / By Adam Stern By Terry Lefton By John Ourand By Liz Mullen By Mike Sunnucks

4 | A p r i l 2 2- 2 8 , 2 0 1 9
upfront teams had pushed for
the new inventory so
they could work with
more global brands that
had shown interest in

A slam dunk strategy

pany Facebook or Twitter pages. Those global digital rights
also include the U.S. and Canada.
It addresses a push by teams that had interest among glob-
al brands but were restricted in what they could offer them.
nbA allows teams to sell international sponsorship rights, For example, Infor, the patch partner of the Brooklyn Nets, is
creating a lucrative revenue stream. By john lomBardo looking to grow its presence in China, team officials said. Now,
under the new program, the company can use team marks in

he NBA has come up with another groundbreaking branding and activation throughout Asia and in other global
strategy to increase its global presence and bolster markets.
team revenue, this time allowing clubs to sell in- The move follows the league’s decision to allow teams to
ternational sponsorship rights. start selling jersey patch advertising starting with the 2017-18
Owners approved a three-year test of the International Team season. Those patch sponsors may be among the brands most
Marketing Program at their April 12 board of governors meet- interested in the new international inventory. While teams
ing in New York. can sell the new global rights to any two sponsors, many team
The program is significant in that it will allow each of the naming-rights and jersey patch sponsors are global brands
NBA’s 30 teams to sell global marketing rights to two current and would be likely targets in the new program.
or new sponsors beginning next season. Previously, the league “We decided to create a program to enable team partners to
controlled all international sponsorship inventory. Domesti- help market the NBA globally and to give teams greater incen-
cally, teams are limited to a 75-mile marketing territory, a tive to create content focused on international markets,” said
policy that remains in place. Amy Brooks, president of the NBA’s team marketing and busi-
NBAE / Getty Images

The international program allows teams to include global ness operations division and chief innovation officer. “It makes
advertising and marketing rights outside the U.S. and Canada; sense to work with these partners to create programs on plat-
activation at retail locations globally outside the U.S. and forms outside the NBA.”
Canada; and rights to post non-game team content on the spon- The program also stands as a lucrative new revenue stream
sors’ own digital and social media sites such as their com- for teams.

6 | A p r i l 22 -2 8 , 2 0 1 9
SportS BuSineSS Journal

sponsors wanting to A
expand their global PermAnent
presence, such
as orlando magic
partner amway,
are seen as likely
candidates to buy nBa ownerS voted to
the new international continue the jersey
rights. patch program
this move, which
was not surprising,
was made separately
from the new interna-
tional marketing
efforts (see related
story). the three-year
test program started
with the 2017-18
changes to the
patch program
include allowing
teams to put the
advertising on nike
authentic jerseys sold
globally. previously,
teams could only sell
the uniform with the
For the Orlando Magic, which is beginning Marketing experts predict a wind-
“We decided patch in the u.s.
arena naming-rights renewal talks with Amway, fall for NBA teams. another change
the ability to package the new global rights to a “As popular as the league is glob- to create a allows a team’s patch
company that does 90 percent of its business over- ally, one of the ways to engage fans program partner to now have
seas is seen by team executives as a huge financial is through sponsorships,” said to … help creative variations of
opportunity. Emilio Collins, chief business of- their logo for different
In 2009, the Magic signed a 10-year, $40 million ficer for Excel Sports Management,
market the team uniform styles.
naming-rights deal with Amway and the team is which represents some teams in NBA globally For example, a brand
looking at the new international marketing rights their patch deals. “If done the right and to give could alter its patch
to help bring a massive increase in the value of way, it is a phenomenal increase in on a throwback jersey
a new deal. value to extract from the market. The
teams greater or city edition uni-
“Frankly, in our situation, I believe that these more that teams have the ability to incentive to forms used by teams
rights will help drive almost the doubling of value engage fans around the world, the create content throughout the
of what we receive for naming rights,” said Alex more the league can grow.”
Martins, chief executive officer of the Magic. “It Brooks said that while the new
focused on season. — J.L.

is that significant. On a league basis, it will open plan offers teams more revenue, international
up new partners and categories.” that’s not the primary goal. Instead, markets.”
As NBA teams hit the market following the she said it’s to take advantage of the
completion of the three-year jersey patch test global reach of team partners and
program, the international rights could provide to create more targeted non-game
a major enticement for renewals or to attract a content. Under the new plans, spon-
new jersey patch partner. All 30 teams have patch sors can use non-game content such
deals that range in value from $5 million to $20 as behind-the-scenes features but
million. game highlights are prohibited.
Consider the Milwaukee Bucks, which count The league has been working on
Harley-Davidson as their jersey patch partner. the change for some time as teams
Until now, Harley-Davidson could not activate clamored for global rights. Earlier
around their patch deal overseas. Now, the Bucks this year, the league extended glob-
can offer international rights that would allow al digital rights to teams and now
the company to use Bucks marks at retail loca- comes the new international market-
tions outside the U.S. and Canada. ing program.
“This is a big deal to us as we go into talks to Brooks added that because two-
extend our patch partner,” said Matt Pazaras, thirds of a team’s social media fol-
senior vice president of business development lowers are from outside the U.S. and
and strategy for the Bucks. “It is a massive ben- the majority of NBA team marketing
NBAE / Getty Images (3)

efit. In our case with Harley-Davidson, their big- partners are global brands, the tim-
the league saw
gest growth market is in China and in other parts ing is right for the league to hand enough in the three-
of the world. There is so much equity in team global rights to teams. year test to approve
brands and the value of partner activation outside The league will restrict some cat- patch sponsorships
the U.S. We see so much more value so this is egories that are still to be deter- indefinitely.
incredibly helpful to us.” mined, Brooks said. a p r i l 22-28 , 2 019 | 7


The Nine for Big Ten: Strong list of

Market candidates to succeed Delany
AT T H I S W E E K ’ S %<0,&+$(/60,7+
THE BIG TEN’S initial list of candidates to succeed Jim

BUY Delany include a diverse group of highly respected ex-

ecutives, ranging from influential media experts to
veteran athletic administrators.
Five of the nine graduated from Big Ten schools, and
eight of the nine played a sport in college. Three are
women and two are minorities.
The Big Ten’s next commissioner, who will instantly
become one of the most powerful figures in college ath-
letics, could very well come from this list of candidates.
The initial list was composed by the conference and its
GOLD FOR TEAMWORK search firm, Korn Ferry.
NBCUniversal established a joint Jim Delany, 71, will step down in June 2020 after 30 years
It’s the first indication that the conference’s search as the powerful commissioner of the Big Ten Conference.
venture with LA 2028 on media and
sponsorship sales for the Games from
to find a commissioner is ramping up, and it provides
2021 through ‘28. NBC’s commitment a rare look into the Big Ten’s priorities as it seeks its Illinois and has a broad background in college athletics,
will help cover a large part of the $2.5 next leader. High-level searches like this typically are working at Arizona State, Tennessee and Notre Dame
billion domestic partnership sales goal, kept quiet until a hire is made. before getting his first AD job at Northern Illinois. Phil-
and the media company gains on the Sources cautioned, however, that this early list is just lips, SBJ’s AD of the Year in 2018, has been the AD at
upside. It’s the first time such a deal
has been done, and one-stop shopping a starting point for the search. Names will move on and Northwestern for 11 years.
should make it easier for sponsors. off the list as the search evolves. The conference and In addition to his work on campuses, Phillips has
Korn Ferry haven’t even begun reaching out to most cultivated a reputation as a national leader, having

SELL candidates yet, mostly because the conference has ample

runway of about a year to have a hire finalized and ready
chaired the NCAA’s Division I Council and sat on the
NCAA’s board of directors, the first sitting AD to be on
to take the baton from Delany, 71, who spent 30 years as that board.
the conference’s commissioner. Candidates with a strong media background also are
Delany, who makes close to $3 million in annual sal- prevalent. ESPN’s Burke Magnus, YES Network’s Jon
ary, plans to stay on the job until June 2020. Northwest- Litner and MLB’s Tony Petitti all bring a vast array of
er n President Morton Schapiro is chairing the media experience across TV and digital platforms, which
conference’s search committee, and the Big Ten presi- would mesh nicely with the conference’s co-ownership
dents will make the final decision. of the Big Ten Network.
What seems clear is that the Big Ten presidents asked Having a commissioner with a wealth of media ex-
GONE AND FORGOTTEN for a list of people who bring diverse backgrounds, var- perience, sources said, would benefit the conference on
Tampa sports fans had a rough night ied experiences and a range of expertise. Having at- its next media deal as well. The Big Ten’s primary media
on April 16. The Lightning, who had tended a Big Ten school might help, but it won’t be the contracts with Fox and ESPN are up in 2022-23. One of
tied the NHL’s regular-season record deciding factor. the new commissioner’s first jobs will be preparing for
with 62 wins, were swept out of the
playoffs in a stunning defeat to the The name on the list that’s the least surprising is Jim the next round of negotiations.
Blue Jackets, while the AL East-leading Phillips, the athletic director at Northwestern. Phillips The Big Ten is currently in a six-year, $2.64 billion
Rays returned home from a road trip has long been considered a favorite among Big Ten ath- joint deal with both network partners. That does not
and drew just 9,842 fans for a 4-2 win letic directors to ascend into the commissioner’s chair. include Big Ten Network’s package of rights, which
over Baltimore.
He grew up in Chicago, attended a Big Ten school at runs to 2031-32. Fox owns 51 percent of BTN.



■ Former CEO, chair, U.S. Tennis ■ Commissioner, America East ■ President, YES Network
Association Conference ■ Alma mater: Yale
■ Alma mater: Northwestern ■ Alma mater: Wisconsin-La Crosse ■ Played college football, base-
■ Two-time All-American in tennis, ■ Played college softball; Earned ball; joined YES in 2016 after running
NCAA doubles champ MBA from MIT Sloan School of Man- NBC’s RSNs


■ Executive vice president, pro- ■ Global vice chair, public policy, ■ Deputy commissioner, business,
’VISION QUEST gramming and scheduling, ESPN Ernst & Young media, MLB
The NBA finished a regular season in ■ Alma mater: Holy Cross ■ Alma mater: Purdue ■ Alma mater: Haverford College
which television ratings were down
■ 24-year veteran at ESPN; leads ■ First woman to earn a basketball ■ Vast media background in-
across each of the four national
the network’s acquisition of rights scholarship at Purdue cludes stints at ABC, CBS and NBC
networks compared to last year, and the
decline continued in the first week of the
postseason, drops attributed partly to JIM PHILLIPS MARK SHAPIRO BRAD TRAVIOLIA
Getty Images (3)

LeBron James and the Lakers missing ■ Athletic director, vice president, ■ President, CEO, Toronto Blue Jays ■ Deputy commissioner, COO, Big Ten
the playoffs. But the regular-season Northwestern ■ Alma mater: Princeton ■ Alma mater: Northwestern
declines were slight and there are still ■ Alma mater: Illinois ■ Played college football; former ■ College wrestler, Big Ten
almost two months of postseason play ■ Chaired the first NCAA Division I MLB Executive of the Year with champ, 22 years at the conference
remaining for a ratings turnaround. Council Cleveland office


NASCAR teams take new inventory to market

%<$'$067(51 Marshall, executive director of the
RTA, wrote in an email.
THE RACE TEAM ALLIANCE is in the mar- Marshall said the “NASCAR Team
ket selling sponsorship on NASCAR Activation” area will include place-
race cars in a unique proposition that ment on the front-side quarter panels
includes assets across the sport’s big- of up to 30 cars. The RTA, which rep-
gest teams. resents 13 teams including all of the
Under terms of the charter system sport’s top entries, will also make
enacted in 2016, NASCAR teams team and driver social media assets
gained the ability to own and sell ad- part of the deal. Marshall said the
vertising space on the front-side quar- asking price is in the seven figures
ter panels of their cars, space known annually but he did not get more spe-
as the contingency area. Under the cific on financial terms. He was clear
old system that was in place for de- that a team’s sales effort will always
cades, teams placed a number of small come first, and that the group has
decals for NASCAR series sponsors collaboratively created a process of
on that area of their cars. clearance prior to making any sales
However, it’s taken a couple of years to avoid any sponsor conflicts.
for the teams to take the space to mar- Taking over the space is seen as sig-
ket, in part because several sponsors nificant because it takes an area of the
under the old system were allowed to car that was owned by the sanctioning
keep their decals until their deals ex- NASCAR gave teams the right to sell advertising on the front-side quarter panels of body and transfers it to the teams. The
pired, which has cluttered the space. their cars, space held for decades by contingency sponsors of the sanctioning body. contigency area involved running
However, in 2020, only a couple of those various NASCAR series sponsor decals
will remain along with endemic spon- space for teams across its membership. RTA offering becomes the only way in exchange for becoming eligible for
sors such as fuel and tires, so the RTA “Now, with NASCAR moving away for a sponsor to secure a spot on all prize money those sponsors offered in
is now out in the market selling the from a title sponsorship in 2020, the of the NASCAR Cup cars,” Jonathan various categories.

‘Observe a lot just by watching:’

Yogi Berra movie options signed c0Â0c §M0

READY FOR Yogi Berra, the movie?

life was so American and he was an
immigrant, so politically, it’s an im-
portant time to tell his story.”
”cÉPmF DP0c'
More than 50 years after retiring Attorney Ed Schauder of the firm
Pm _­ž§ Mu­˜ž Ɉ mu§ 'ɞȴ
as a player, 30 years after his last MLB Phillips Nizer was the legal represen-
coaching job, and 3½ years following tation on the deal for the Berra Estate
his death, two movie options have been and LTD Enterprises, which also han-
signed this year for Berra produc- dles the estate’s commercial affairs.
tions: one for a feature film and one The film options are the latest ex-
for a documentary. amples of the remarkable endurance
Actor Nick Basta, whose credits of Berra as a commercial icon. He won
include roles on “Law & Order: Crim- 10 World Series rings as a player and
inal Intent” and “Law & Order: Special three more as a coach, but was near-
Victims Unit,” signed the option in ly as successful as a pitchman. Other
March to do a Yogi Berra feature film. than his celebrated Yoo-hoo connec-
Basta said he’s been working on the tion, which dates from the 1950s,
screenplay for around a year and Berra’s endorsement portfolio in-
hopes to finish it within a few months. cluded a remarkable array of brands:
Peter Sobiloff, executive producer of Aflac, Ballantine Beer, Camel ciga-
the short film “Skin,” which this year rettes, Pepsi, Stove Top stuffing, Visa ˜0§˜!§c0 ku­m' žÉž§0k
won an Oscar, has signed an option and Entenmann’s pastries. Amazon
to produce the Berra documentary. already lists dozens of books by and ɇ kĀóĞÖŀġóÖķķƛ cňƕĀūű kňſŀù
Each now has around two years to about Berra. Yogi’s son, Dale, will join ɇ žġľŧķĀȲ ˜Öŧġù §ūÖŀűġŹġňŀű
complete scripts and fund their projects. that group with the release of his ɇ 'ĀķġƔĀūű uŧŹġľÖķ žŹÖùġſľ DķĀƚġñġķġŹƛ
“I don’t see this as a baseball movie, book, “My Dad, Yogi: A Memoir of ɇ §ſūŀɈĴĀƛ PŀűŹÖķķÖŹġňŀ ”ūňóĀűű
just a film about one of the most unique Family and Baseball,” next month.
American characters ever,’’ said Basta, “Dad’s story is still meaningful today
who grew up a Yankees die-hard with because he’s a rags-to-riches story,
Getty Images

an Italian family in upstate New York. because he had such a record of ac-
“Some people think Yogi’s more quot- complishment on the field, and he was
žĀĀ ġŹ ġŀ ÖóŹġňŀ ňŀ ĀűŹňūĀŹūÖóŹÖñķĀȷóňľ
ed in America than Shakespeare. His just one of a kind,” Dale Berra said. 0űŹň ˜ĀŹūÖóŹÖñķĀ ġű Ö ”ūĀĕĀūūĀù žſŧŧķġĀū
ňĕ ŹĞĀ ­ŀġŹĀù žňóóĀū cĀÖėſĀȷ
!Öķķ ȣȜȝȷȝȣȝȷȞȢțț űóĞĀùſķĀ Ö ùĀľňŀűŹūÖŹġňŀ űġŹĀ ƔġűġŹȷ



Other highlights include: new spon-

sor Lowe’s providing infrastructure
by helping to build the fan fest and
draft stage; Marriott and Visa teaming
on a private hospitality area; Procter
& Gamble again
providing a “style
Workers build a lounge” for draft-
platform across ees and families;
from Nissan Pe psi providing
Stadium that
oversized NFL hel-
will be used
for activities mets, now estab-
around the NFL lished as social
draft. media photo tar-
g ets; and thou-
sands of pizzas
being provided by Pizza Hut for hun-
gry staffers.
The draft itself will be staged in
downtown Nashville, where Tim Mc-
Graw will play the headline concert.
On the consumer products side of
the house, Electronic Arts will reveal
the cover athlete for “Madden 20,”
while New Era will sell its draft caps.
Wilson and New Era will make their
presence felt with branded trailers.
Licensees including Outer Stuff and
others will include both the draft logo

Corporate sponsors and media and the NFL 100th season mark. An
NFL-branded store will operate down-
town in Cotton-Eyed Joe from Tues-

partners get set for NFL draft day-Sunday.

The draft will receive extensive
television exposure. NFL Network will
%<7(55</()721 Dannon Oikos Triple Zero yogurt activating, the same amount as last provide 77 hours of coverage. As a
is presenting sponsor of the NFL Draft year in Dallas, and 41 total brands, local homage, Dolly Parton has nar-
NFL CORPORATE SPONSORS ARE ready- Experience, a three-day fan fest being many supporting the NFL’s 100th sea- rated the opening for the network’s
ing activation plans around the an- staged outside the Titans home, Nis- son at the same time. coverage, for which Visa is presenting
nual player draft, which runs from san Stadium. Fifteen country music Oikos is also sponsoring a content sponsor. Other coverage will be on
this Thursday-Saturday in Nashville. performances are planned. series on Whistle. First-year sponsor ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2. Courtyard
It’s the third consecutive year in a new Tracie Rodburg, NFL vice president Caesars is using the event as client by Marriott is presenting sponsor on
locale for the draft and the smallest of sponsorships and partnership man- hospitality for 60 of its biggest cus- ESPN/ESPN2; Home Depot is present-
city to date. agement, said 27 sponsors will be tomers. ing sponsor on ABC.

Vivid Seats will not be in “We are not participating in the platform,” said There should be one or more ticketing compa-
Geoff Lester, Vivid Seats chief commercial officer. nies added before the start of the upcoming
NFL Ticket Exchange; “Our strategies were not aligned and it didn’t season, Gallo said. “We are not in a position to say
make the most sense for us to participate.” who yet, but we do expect the network to expand
others expected to join Vivid Seats, however, will still sell NFL tickets on and grow,” he added. “We are in negotiations with
%<(5,&),6+(5$1''$1,(/.$3/$1 its platforms independently. “Nothing changes for other emerging players right now.”
us,” added Lester. “We’re still going to have Prior to 2018, Ticketmaster was the only
VIVID SEATS has withdrawn from its preliminary perhaps the broadest selection of inventory of authenticated place to go for NFL tickets. In the
arrangement to join the NFL Ticket Exchange after NFL tickets anywhere.” first year of the new exchange, 4 million tickets
talks ended between the two sides in the last few Robert Gallo, NFL vice president of club were sold, Gallo said. That is not an exhaustive
weeks. business development, used similar language, figure for total NFL sales, as it does not include
The exchange launched last year with saying, “We just never other brokers (like Vivid) or personal sales (Gallo
Ticketmaster, StubHub and SeatGeek, got strategically declined to disclose total NFL ticket sales).
allowing fans to buy authenticated aligned and at this The exchange collected 2 million new names
primary and secondary tickets through point we do not expect that the NFL and its clubs did not have prior, Gallo
those three companies. them to be formally said.
Vivid Seats last year quietly negotiated to join as part of the network.” Another key trend is mobile ticketing. Gallo said
well, reaching what sources close to the company Asked why the talks broke down, Gallo rejected half of the fans who entered NFL stadiums in 2018
called a preliminary agreement. But a deal was the premise, responding, “I wouldn’t say it was a used a phone for their ticket, up from 10 percent
never formally announced, and the ticket integra- breakdown in talks, like I said it was a shift in in 2017. He added that five to six teams were fully
AP Images

tion planned for various points during the 2018 strategy. We both agreed it no longer made sense mobile for tickets and he expects the figure to
NFL season ultimately did not occur. to move forward.” He did not offer details. double this season.

SportS BuSineSS Journal

AFL copying MLS with ownership model

by daniel kaplan The league does expect coverage at
won last year’s some point this season. Games last
the arena FootBall league, sched- arena bowl year were on CBS Sports Network.
uled to start its 32nd season this Fri- despite losing Asked if the focus on sports gam-
10 of 12 regular-
day, has no team ownership for the season games
bling and an app mimicked the ap-
first time. Instead, two shareholders in a four-team proach of the Alliance of American
— Ted Leonsis’ Monumental Sports league. Football, which last week filed for
& Entertainment and Trifecta Sports Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Boe credited
& Entertainment — co-own the league, the AAF for starting to collect his-
which then operates the teams. torical game data. However, he cri-
The AFL, an indoor football league, tiqued the consumer-facing part of
has long been plagued by shaky own- the league’s app.
ership groups and a changing number “It was pretty rudimentary,” he
of teams. It peaked with 19 teams in said. “What we are envisioning doing
2007, did not play at all in 2009 after is kind of the mobile version of look-
filing for bankruptcy protection and We are going to have a nationwide Like other sports leagues, the AFL ing at the board in a sportsbook, that’s
was down to four teams last year. Now footprint in a couple years, but we is focused on sports gambling. the look and the feel. Not just icons
the league is embracing the unitary know from the past history of the “We are building ourselves around on a field and guessing the next play.”
ownership model used by a different league that its efforts to expand too being data-centric and enabling sports The AFL is also continuing to work
American sports league. quickly and then to questionable own- betting,” Boe said. “We are developing with Vegas Stats & Information to
“It’s copied from MLS,” said Randall ership groups gets you into trouble.” a platform so that eventually you will create weekly VSiN video segments
Boe, the AFL commissioner, who The AFL added teams in Columbus, be able to stream AFL games and at and articles previewing games and
worked with Leonsis at AOL and Ohio, and Atlantic City, N.J., this sea- the same time and in the same app be listing betting odds. And the league
Monumental before taking his current son, and Boe projected another two able to place bets.” is talking to ViSIN about what Boe
post 13 months ago. “We have come next season at locations yet to be de- Boe, who described the current AFL described as a betcast stream of the
up with a model that is designed to termined — and all will follow the as akin to a startup, did not have TV games, the details of which are still
produce scalable, sustainable growth. same ownership model. deals in place for the season openers. in development.
Getty Images a p r i l 22-28 , 2 019 | 11


Granite Bridge shaping Winning Streak

into hard-goods ‘building block’
ANATICS HAS consolidated the sports licensing? Upon further review, usual deals,’’ end. WinCraft is

F sports licensing industry and

grown to be a billion-dollar-
plus company by acquiring an impres-
it seems that there’s one already in
the works.
Winning Streak is a Lenexa, Kan-
said Granite
Bridge partner
Michael Good-
the unquestioned
licensed hard-goods
leader, in terms of
sive amount of manufacturing sas, hard-goods licensee renowned man, “but we its collection, retail
capabilities, brands, retail and prop- for its wool, commemorative sports liked their relationships and
erty rights, primarily banners and pennants. It margins, loved logistics mastery.
affecting the apparel side has nearly every domes- their products Wi n n i n g S t re a k
of the business. So, when tic sports license, and and saw it as a hopes to compete
we’re invariably asked its retail price points building block.’’ for different cus-
about the business, our (g enerally $30-$100) Terms of the tomers.
response for some time along with product qual- purchase were “I have massive
has been, “It’s a Fanatics ity and design exceeds not disclosed. respect for what
world, we’re just living that of most hard goods, Granite Bridge’s WinCraft has built,
in it.” derisively termed “trin- holdings include but from a price-
Still, the non-apparel, kets and trash” long about a half-doz- point perspective,
or hard goods, side of ago. Private equity firm en other firms, we’re very differ-
the business is a sector %<7(55</()721 Granite Bridge Part- r a n gi n g f ro m e n t , ” L e n ch e s k i
that Fanatics Chairman ners acquired Winning a maker of pet s
said. “The issue
Michael Rubin has con- Streak in 2017 with the treats to a firm w
with hard goods
sistently termed a low intention of growing by that manages and issn’t that they don’t
priority. So the question occurred, is acquisition. maintains medi- sell; it’s that there’s
there room for a hard-goods rollup in “This was a bit smaller than our cal equipment. t oo much of the
Attractive same — the market’s
p ro d u c t s w i t h oversaturated.”
enviable margins Winning Streak’s
do not necessar- le
eaders feel the same
ily mean a way about licensed
company is up Winning Streak is known for its wool, apparel as Rubin
to date. Only commemorative sports banners. and Fanatics feel
recently did about hard goods.
Winning Streak start selling directly “I just don’t see us chasing soft goods,”
to consumers and using digital mar- said Lencheski, who once represented
keting. If you received an email tout- the “Izzy’’ character for the 1996 Olym-
ing a commemorative championship pics. “Too many very able competi-
banner minutes after Virginia won tors.” Including Fanatics, of course.
the NCAA title, yeah, that was a first As for the rollup? “Owning the wall
for both the Cavaliers and Winning is our obvious direction,” Goodman
Streak. said. “Whatever we acquire, it won’t
Nonetheless, Winning Streak is debt be something like a company that
free and, with Granite Bridge behind makes mugs or another commodity
it, well-capitalized, making it largely product. We have to maintain quality.
unique within its competitive set. No … I want this to be a nine-figure busi-
retailers or leagues want to administer ness at minimum and we clearly see
a multitude of hard-goods licensees, a path there through organic growth
WEDNESDAY, so the idea is to expand distribution, and acquisitions.’’
MAY 22, 2019 develop new products, add entertain- Goodman and Lencheski both told
ment licenses — like the classic Dis- us that calling what they’re building
NEW YORK ney characters and Star Wars — and “Fanatics for Hard Goods” is hyper-
acquire other hard-goods companies, bolic. OK, we understand the order of
transforming Winning Streak into a magnitude difference between Win-
AT TIMES SQUARE company that can offer retailers a uni- ning Streak and Fanatics.
fied hard-goods selection. “We definitely have capital avail-
“We want to eventually offer a ‘wall able, but not that much,” laughed
of fandom,’” said sports marketing Goodman, who has more than 20
veteran Chris Lencheski, brought years of experience in private equity.
on within the past month by Granite “Would we like to be thought of as a
Bridge as CEO of Winning Streak, miniature version? Sure, maybe with
receiving some equity with the new one or two less zeroes to start.”
IS PROUD TO BE A Compared to many in the space, Terry Lefton can be reached at
PRESENTING SPONSOR Winning Streak’s product is high

Nominees and winners will be recognized for
outstanding achievement in the business of sports







years from now, that’s going to be the moment where

Tiger returned to glory. I really believe that.”
Tirico: “I tried to describe what Tiger was doing.
In 15 years, when someone plays that
Jim nantz is highlight, they’ll either think it was
joined by Tiger really good or not.”
Woods and One of the questions Nantz and
Nick Faldo in Tirico field most consistently is
butler cabin,
whether they script those champi-
where nantz
was positioned onship lines. Both said they don’t,
earlier in the saying that scripted remarks tend to
cbs broadcast take them out of the moment.
to call woods’ Even when Woods only needed a
final putt on the
bogey on 18 to win, both announcers
18th hole.
insisted that they were not consider-
ing their final call.
Tirico referenced calling Jean van de Velde’s in-
famous blow-up at the 1999 British Open when the
French golfer carded a triple bogey on the final
hole and eventually lost in a playoff.
“We’ve all done enough tournaments that we’ve
burned ourselves a little bit,” Tirico said. “You
SportS M E D I A want to be careful that you don’t give somebody

Calls by Nantz, Tirico will be part the tournament because all of a sudden somebody
could hit a really bad shot and you never know what

of history. Now if they can only

they are going to make.”
For Nantz, who has called the biggest NFL, NCAA
basketball and golf events for CBS, he has more

remember what they said. opportunities.

“There’s a tonnage of moments where I thankfully
get to put the appropriate narrative to an important

t’s no surprIse that Jim Nantz clips online. But immediately after moment,” Nantz said. “It’s a one shot deal at it. The
and Mike Tirico used different the tournament, when he was asked moment comes and goes.”
styles to call the end of the his- on Golf Channel to describe his call,
toric Masters tournament. he couldn’t remember. “I just did it John Ourand can be reached at jourand@sports-
After all, Nantz was on CBS and let from the top of my head,” he said. Follow him on Twitter
the televised pictures tell the story. For the record, after Tiger Woods @Ourand_SBJ.
Tirico was on Westwood One radio, sank his tournament-winning putt on
and had to describe the scene for his the 18th hole, Nantz simply said, “A re-
What is most surprising about their
turn to glory.” Then he went silent for
nearly three minutes as Tiger hugged
this major moment
two calls, though, is how similar they By John ourand his family and competitors. spoke for itself
were. Both announcers, two of the best Tirico said, “Here it is. Woods has
in the business in my opinion, used the two feet to win the Masters. Everyone I asked JIm nantz about his decision to
same general approach to describe one quiets down. Back behind the ball. remain silent for nearly three minutes after
the most historic golf events they’ve ever covered. Woods putts it. It’s in. He has done it. Tiger is back. tiger woods’ masters-winning putt, during
That is, they both eschewed scripts or stats and Tiger is back on top. Tiger Woods — the 2019 Masters which time woods celebrated with his family,
wound up getting lost in the mo- champion. One of caddie and other golfers. nantz, who called the
ment. the great comeback final hole from butler cabin, said remaining
I found it fascinating last week stories in American quiet was one the easiest decisions he made.
when both announcers — in sep- sports history. Mas- “After that putt dropped on 18, there wasn’t
arate interviews with me days ters No. 5. Major a chance in the world that i was going to say
after the tournament — admit- No. 15. And Augusta anything. lance barrow’s a great producer
ted that they could not remem- National roars like and we work together exceptionally well. He’s
ber exactly what they said. But never before.” in the truck half a mile away. i’m in butler
both were articulate about the Both understood cabin already. And nick [Faldo] is 300 yards
style they used to call a final putt their roles in the away from me in the tower on the 18th green.
that will be replayed in highlight historical signifi- we had a three-way line of communication go-
reels for decades. cance of Woods’ ing out to the millions.
“I have a hard time going win. Their voices “As soon as the ball dropped, i said to lance
through it with great detail be- will narrate a clip on the talk-back switch, ‘i’m not saying
cause nothing was scripted out, that is certain to be anything for a long time.’ lance and i wanted
and I’m not exactly sure of what shown in highlight to make sure since that none of us were
I said in that entire scene at the reels for decades to together, the next time somebody spoke it was
CBS Sports; Getty Images

18th,” Nantz said. come. going to be me. we were going ride this thing
Tirico had almost the same “I thought about out and sit back and enjoy it. i never would
reaction. When I talked to him s ay i n g ‘ T i g e r ’s have jumped on a moment that was that big. it
on Monday following the tour- back,’” Nantz said. was just so big. there was nothing you could
nament, he had heard his final Mike Tirico and nantz didn’t script their calls. As “But when the clip do to add to it. You could only ruin it.” — J.O.
call several times from audio tirico said, “i just did it from the top of my head.” is played back 200

14 | A p r i l 22 - 2 8 , 2 0 1 9
MAY 29-30




Biofreeze has produced pain relief products for 25 years,
but only started selling its products at retail in late ’16.

In this featured interview you will hear from

MIKE MCGOOHAN, CMO, Performance Health – the
parent company of BIOFREEZE, as to how the brand has
eyed sports as a key component of its retail marketing
strategy to the young, active consumer; and has partnered
with organizations that share their commitment to helping
athletes succeed, including top MLB, marathon
and NBA organizations.

For MORE INFORMATION and to REGISTER, please visit:


the InsIders

labor and agents

Woods, Steinberg aim to reward existing partners

ince winning the Masters, the have stuck by him and given him the
Tiger woods
level of corporate interest in love and given him the respect he de- and his agent,
Tiger Woods has increased serves. So we want to continue to give Mark Steinberg,
exponentially, but early last week, his back to them.” shared an
longtime agent Mark Steinberg was Immediately after the win, Nike emotional
moment after
focused on rewarding the sponsors posted a 52-second spot of Woods that
the masters.
who weathered the golfer’s tough went viral on social media. The video
times. scrolled the words, “It’s
“We have a number of crazy to think a 43-year-
things in the works,” old who has experienced
said Steinberg, a partner every high and every low
of Excel Sports Man- and has just won his 15th
agement, who has rep- major is chasing the
resented Woods for 20 same dream as a 3-year-
years. He talked to SBJ old.”
briefly the day after The footage included
Woods’ Masters win after Woods celebrating wins
sleeping about two hours and collapsing in pain
the night before and was and finally as a 3-year- for Woods. “He didn’t need to win yes- ■ OCTAGON REPS TWO WNBA DRAFT
just starting to reflect on
By Liz MuLLen old, saying, “I’m gonna terday to create a story,” Steinberg PICKS: Octagon is representing two
what the win might beat Jack Nicklaus.” said. “Yesterday just elevated the players selected in the WNBA draft,
mean. Nicklaus holds the re- story.” Missouri guard Sophie Cunningham
“Rather than what we are going to cord for most golf major wins with In September, Woods broke a five- and Notre Dame guard Arike Ogun-
do going forward for future partners, 18. year drought, winning the Tour Cham- bowale, who has achieved fame off
to me, it’s about the existing part- Steinberg last week brushed off pionship after undergoing four back the court, including on “Dancing with
ners,” Steinberg said. “The people who questions of what, exactly, was next surgeries, a DUI arrest, withdrawing the Stars” and an appearance on
from multiple “Ellen.”
tournaments and Ogunbowale
Tiger’s parTners
dealing with was selected
widespread spec- Brand (partner since) No. 5 overall by
ulation that he ■ nike (1996) the Dallas Wings
would never win ■ upper Deck (2001) and Cunning-
again. After that ■ Kowa (japanese heat rub, 2011) ham was taken
win, Steinberg ■ rolex (2011) No. 13 overall by
received about ■ Hero (india motorcycles, 2014) the Phoenix
1,400 emails and ■ Full swing (2015) Mercury in the
text messages ■ bridgestone Golf (2016) WNBA draft ear-
and spent 2½ ■ monster energy (2016) lier this month
hours answering ■ taylormade (2017) in New York.
them. ■ GolftV/pGA tour (2018) Erin Kane, vice
That was noth- president of Oc-
ing compared to tagon Basket-
the outpouring after Woods won the ball, is representing both players.
2019 Masters. Augusta National Octagon, as previously reported by
doesn’t allow cellphones, but when SBJ, decided last fall to make a con-
Steinberg got back to his hotel room certed effort to represent WNBA play-
that evening he worked from 7:30 ers. This is Kane’s first draft class.
p.m. to 4:30 a.m. the next day answer- “I was really focused from early on,
WEDNESDAY, ing all of the emails, texts and calls on these two players,” Kane said. “Be-
MAY 22, 2019 he received. That’s typical Mark cause this is my first draft class, I want
Steinberg. to be very strategic and targeted about
NEW YORK What wasn’t typical was how he who I am working with. I want to help
reacted to Woods winning the Masters. them realize all the things they want
Steinberg could be seen as one of the to do as female basketball players,
AT TIMES SQUARE people, along with Woods’ two chil- whether it’s in the WNBA, overseas, or
dren, his caddie and his mother, hug- the work they want to do off the court.”
ging Woods and it looked like Cunningham was Missouri’s all-
Steinberg didn’t want to let go. Asked time leading women’s basketball
if he cried, the agent said he did. scorer and Ogunbowale was the 2018
“My wife would tell you I don’t get NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding
emotional all that often, but I actually Player.
got emotional yesterday because he’s
Getty Images

so deserving of this moment and his Liz Mullen can be reached at

IS PROUD TO BE A kids and his mother were so deserving
PRESENTING SPONSOR of this experience,” Steinberg said. Follow her on Twitter @SBJLizMullen.

16 | A p r i l 22 -2 8 , 2 0 1 9
SBJ’s College & University Program:

It’s How Your Students Suit Up

for a Career in Sports Business
• Flexible class subscription options • Discounted student rates • Professor comps
• Weekly teaching tools with each issue • Professor portal for class management

To learn more contact Molly Kirkpatrick at

CAMPUS or 704.973.1420.
Portfolio research

How NFL prospects

delete that post

Fifty-six percent of the prospects

deleted at least one old post.

use social media

the top 50 prospects are more
likely to have performed social
maintenance and to be more
engaged on social. this group is
less likely to share or engage in
political commentary and/or

ith the NFL draft the Real deal how oFteN explicit language or content,
the pRospeCts
coming up this posted to theIR according to the study. one
week, many of the Although access to the accounts of a player soCIal MedIa prospect, who turnkey did not
top prospects are taking a look often requires his permission, turnkey reported aCCoUNts
name but said is a projected
at their social media personas to that many times their analysts were easily
second-round pick, deleted
make themselves more attrac- granted such access simply by making a
request through the player’s social media page. 11,500 posts.
tive to future NFL employers
and marketing partners, accord- to receive a blue verification badge from
ing to a study conducted by Facebook, for example, account holders must
Turnkey Intelli- provide the site a photo iD, an explanation as to
By DAVID gence on behalf of why they should be verified, and relevant
url(s) that prove people are interested in their
BROUGHTON Sports Business
Turnkey re-
“obtaining verified status on social media 56%
deleted at least one
platforms is a social media insurance policy for

viewed the public social media old post
accounts of 100 of the top NFL athletes, as it prevents fraud, protects the
draft prospects to see how so- athlete’s reputation, and eliminates any chance
of an unnecessary pr issue for a team,” said A few times per week
cially engaged each player has

been; if inappropriate content rich calabrese, turnkey executive vice
or language was seen on his president and general manager, who oversaw

13% 33%
public profile; if he publicly en- the project.
1-2 times per day
gaged in controversial issues or
shared political opinions;
whether he talked about an NFL 61%
twitter 82%
10% Deleted 500+
Deleted 1-99

10% 44%
team or not; and if he had taken 3+ times per day
steps to clean up his accounts
verified instagram
over the past few months. Facebook
verified Deleted 100-499 Did not delete
Every prospect had at least posts any posts
one social media account.

polItICal & soCIal eVIdeNCe oF dRUG NFl teaM eXplICIt eXplICIt photo
CoMMeNtaRY & alCohol Use MeNtIoNs laNGUaGe oR VIdeo CoNteNt

42% 19%
demonstrated or
45% 60% 23%
mentioned an
shared a political condoned the use used explicit engaged with
nFl team in
opinion of drugs and/or language explicit content
some context

7% Took a strong stance,

aligning with a
specific social movement or
4% Insinuated personal
drug use or
demonstrated party-centric
7% Said something
organically that they
would not want the
15% Used expressions
that could be
deemed demeaning toward
3% Liked pornographic
content, or media
graphically depicting sex
representative tendencies team to see certain groups, or fighting

20% Liked content or

retweeted a post 2% Shared casual alcohol
consumption 14% Spoke organically
about teams in a
words targeted at an
individual 7% Liked inappropriate
content, such as
pictures/videos of half-naked
with a political topic, but did
not share a strong, personal
13% Shared jokes or
playful, but unfavorable way
15% Used the “F” word,
“N” word, or
women, fight videos, and/or
content containing lewd acts
stance song lyrics
insinuating drug and/or 24% Mentioned their
NFL fanhood or
language that could be
considered derogatory
13% Liked funny or viral

15% Liked a mocking

post that is no
alcohol use liked posts related to specific
30% Used foul language
posts that are
borderline risqué
longer relevant, or not very
political in nature 81%
Did not share drug
and alcohol related
55% Did not specifically
mention an NFL
in the spirit of
competition, cursing for
77% Did not engage
with explicit photo
excitement or positive reasons
58% Did not share

40% Did not share

explicit language
or video content

18 | A p r i l 22 -2 8 , 2 0 1 9


鎌倉大仏殿高徳院 (Kamakura Daibutsu)

Devin Bush II

1/3 Drug abusers started at an

age between 14-22

12 Mar 2015

dbush_10 Jerry Tillery Retweeted

Jonathan Lemire

With Lincoln looking on



dbush_10 || O P P O R T U N I T Y ||
Mack Wilson

Devin Bush II Every body different.. Everybody

come from different lively hoods.
But, it’s up to you to change that
for you and your family. Be the
of your family. #TGFAD

18 Jan 2015 10 Ma
ar 2019

jerrytillery ear. You know why

I’m here.

Michigan, linebacker EARLY SECOND ROUND) Alabama, linebacker
Notre Dame, defensive tackle
f Similar to other prospects, his most frequent f Posts feature workouts, faith, family, and
posts are about his family and football. f His social behavior is tame and pointed. He significant other.
f Strong social following on multiple platforms has been careful not to have anything highly f Has used language that is not league or
with a current social reach of over 57,000. contentious on his profiles. brand-friendly, including last week on his
f Advocates against the use of drugs, going so f Rarely posts anything from himself to social Facebook bio. His bio on Twitter referred to
far as to share facts and the negative impact media (mostly shares and retweets). a biblical passage and information on how to
of drug use. f On Instagram, travel and adventure posts contact his marketing agency.
f Explicit language has been seen on his social were his most common outside of football. f Often mentions God and being “blessed” but
profiles; has tweeted negatively about other f Behind the scenes posts. He shares photos of could come across as disingenuous based on
teams due to his Green Bay Packers fandom. himself and his teammates in the locker other language used.
AP Images (3)

room, practice, on bonding trips, and photos f Instagram profile is private and has a small
from games. following, but accepted Turnkey’s “follow”
request within hours.



WISE’s all-female panels LOS ANGELES


grow into signature events Close with Women from

the Los Angeles Lakers
on March 13 at UCLA
Health Training Center:
IN 2010, THE NYC METRO CHAPTER of Women in roles,” said Van Adams, (from left) Lakers host/
Sports & Events posed a question: Where are creator of the “Power moderator Allie Clifton;
the women in sports business, and what do they Play” concept and presi- Allison Howard, VP,
do? dent of the WISE NYC corporate partnerships;
Christina Khosravi,
The response was the “Power Play: Up Close Metro Chapter. “Repre- director, business analyt-
With … ” initiative. An all-female panel dis- sentation matters. Pro- ics and strategy; Kiesha
cussion hosted annually in grams like ‘Power Play’ Nix, executive director,
March in celebration of Wom- advance the dialogue on Lakers Youth Foundation;
Elaine Shen, chief of
en’s History Month, “Power female leadership and
staff; Lisa Estrada, VP,
Play” features senior- to exec- encourage productive facilities and building
utive-level women from the conversations on career operations.
same organization, or section of sports busi- advancement by bring-
ness, who represent different disciplines. ing to the table those who inspire us to see
“We believed by presenting this group of the possibilities of progress.”
accomplished professionals who could speak After nearly a decade-long run with the NYC
confidently about their organization’s busi- Metro chapter, “Power Play” has become a
ness, their work and their career journeys, national signature program of WISE, with
we would be contributing to a larger conver- events held in 15 chapter cities across the U.S.
sation surrounding women in leadership and Canada last month.

■ POWER PLAY: Up Close with Women in Live Events on March 20
at UFC headquarters: (from left) Kris Lingle-Griffith, VP, marketing,
AEG Presents; Monica Reeves, corporate director of entertainment,

WISE Los Angeles chapter; WISE Las Vegas chapter; Stephan Hudson / 2nd Chance Photography; Scott Murdoch / Five by Five Photography
Station Casinos; Amanda Moore, VP, marketing, Live Nation Las
Vegas; Erin Calhoun, executive director of booking, MGM Resorts
Entertainment and Sports; MaryAnne Beaman, director of sales and
special events, Fremont Street Experience.

Up Close with
Executive Women in
Sports on March 28 at
the Toronto Marriott:
NYC METRO (from left): NHL EVP
■ POWER PLAY: Up Close with Women from Major League Soccer on March 12 at Proskauer: (from Kim Davis, NFL COO
left): reporter/moderator Susannah Collins; JoAnn Neale, president/CAO; Jen Maryann Turcke,
Cramer, SVP, partnership marketing; Emily Unruh, VP, retail development; Jennifer Maurillo, SVP, retired NBA CMO/
events. EVP Pam El, and TSN
FOR A SLIDESHOW of “Power Play” events across the country, visit tor Katie Bierness.

The Playbook For

Sports Bus iness
DECEMBER 10-16, 2018

Rea d What the Lea ders in Sports Rea d

game is secondary’ en it comes to offering more amenities at stadiums
and arenas, teams have jumped right in. But can
they still keep fans engaged in the game?


WZOW\W___[JR[JLKWU;]J[KZQJM Commitment by
AAC schools could
Bobbleheads continue
run as most popular
Bowl swag includes
electronics, apparel
This offseason will
test relationship
sweeten media deal. MLB game promotion. and even cornhole. between MLB, union.
3$*( 3$*( 3$*( 3$*(


the story allianz field

A Home Of
ess than 24 hours before the opening of Allianz
Field on April 13, Bill McGuire was putting togeth-
er a checklist.
As the final touches were being put on the $250 mil-

Their Own
lion, 19,400-seat stadium, the 71-year-old Minnesota
United FC owner and managing director circled the concourses,
looking for anything that didn’t match up with his vision. No detail
was too small for review. Did the 3-foot-tall refrigerator units at
the portable food stands ringing the concourse, as opposed to the
typical 6-foot-tall ones, provide the clear view of the field he had
the grand opening of Allianz Field is hoped? Were the walls of the premium areas decorated in a way
Courtesy of Minnesota United FC

that allowed them to be “just a simple beautiful wall with a couple

a victory for minnesota united Fc, the things on it and that’s enough,” said McGuire, who had person-
ally selected photos for a three-story collage in the premium lobby
mls and, especially, soccer fans of of the stadium featuring the faces of fans from across the world
at recent World Cups. How about the angle and placement of the
the north star state. by ian thomas item the players would touch on their way to the pitch, a rock mined
from the iron range of Minnesota? If he spotted anything, he
quickly passed along a note to someone who could make the change.

22 | April 22-28, 2019

SportS BuSineSS Journal

AlliAnz Field
By The numBers

start June 2017
cost $250 million,
privately financed



(B) capacity
19,400 (able to be
expanded to 25,000)

2,920 safe-standing

closest seat to
the pitch 17 feet
farthest seat
from the pitch
125 feet

number of taps
in the brew hall
(C) (D)

(a) (e) (F)

(a) a sellout crowd came When a decision needed to be made, he was quickly summoned. A 5,800-square-foot bar sits across the other side of the pitch,
out for the first game, a “When you look at some of the great clubs that have emerged featuring 96 taps of local beer. On the bar’s roof deck, a 250-per-
3-3 draw with nYcFc.
in America like Portland or Sporting Kansas City, but also in the son area that is reserved for group sales, there is the stadium’s
(B) the stadium club
offers approximately 900 great clubs across the world and even in the tiniest towns in the retro analog clock and manual scoreboard, which resemble what
seats at midfield. U.K., there is a relationship between the team and community the team had when it played in the North American Soccer League.
(C) the team has chosen that far transcends building just another big stadium,” McGuire The exterior of the building is an ode to Minnesota’s natural
to keep several naming- said. “That’s what we needed to be a part of; we needed a stadium resources, with the skin of the stadium aiming to depict the
rights opportunities that reflects the culture of our community and our sport.” Mississippi River and LED lights able to replicate the views of
That stadium is Allianz Field. It might not have the massive the Northern Lights.
(D) this collage of fans
size of 71,000-seat Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, or the On that long-awaited game day, fans began to congregate out-
from recent world cups
was personally selected luxurious glitz and glamour of LAFC’s Banc of California Sta- side in nearby parking lots and at bars hours before kickoff. A
Courtesy of Minnesota United FC

by team owner bill dium, but the latest soccer-specific stadium to open in MLS offers spring blizzard had dumped almost a foot of snow on the city
mcGuire. something more to a community that has had momentary suc- the day before, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm for the
(E) the manual clock is a cesses in professional soccer over the last four decades — a true grand opening. As many stepped into the venue for the first time,
nod to the sport’s past in home. Minnesota United CRO Bryant Pfeiffer said there were two things
That sense is evident across all of the stadium’s features: a everyone seemed to do: take a picture or a selfie, and then get
(F) there are nearly 100
local beers on tap at the
2,920-person safe-standing supporters section built as steeply as emotional, some shedding tears.
stadium’s massive bar. possible, aiming to create a wall of intimidation for opposing “There has been 43 years of soccer in this market, it’s amazing
teams and an excitement that will spread throughout the venue. to see this come to fruition,” he said. Continued on Page 24 a p r i l 22-28 , 2 019 | 23

the story allianz field

Continued from Page 23 sented Taylor’s stake in the soccer club during the the third moment.
expansion process and in its presentations to MLS, “When you look at when the franchise was award-
Community service leading to the club being awarded in March 2015. ed and the rest of the timeline, everyone here was
For Chris Wright there are three defining moments Wright, a passionate soccer fan who played the game sprinting. As the new person on the block I said
in an MLS club’s history: the moment it is awarded growing up in England and got his start as a sports let’s pause for a minute,” Wright said. “We needed
a franchise, its first game and when it opens its executive with the Pittsburgh Spirit of the now to determine how does Minnesota United take its
own stadium. defunct Major Indoor Soccer League, also had been place in this market and become relevant.”
Wright had been part of the first two moments one of the more than 35,000 people who attended To accomplish that, Wright brought together all
for Minnesota United even before he joined the club Minnesota United’s first MLS match in April 2017 of the team’s major stakeholders for a two-day re-
as CEO in 2017. As the longtime president of the at a snow-covered TCF Bank Stadium. treat at the appropriately named Brave New Work-
Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx and a close When he was named CEO in September 2017, he shop in Minneapolis. The club’s ownership group,
adviser to owner Glen Taylor, Wright had repre- knew the club had to maximize its opportunity for its executive team and staff, and its two biggest
corporate partners — Allianz and Target — as well
as executives from MLS gathered, said Wright, to
“declare our purpose as to why we exist.”
That group of 72 people helped the club discover
its why: to inspire and unite its community through
soccer, with a noted embrace of diversity and in-
“There are 251 dialects and languages spoken in
this community that is full of first-, second- and
third-generation immigrants that come from plac-
es where the beautiful game is played,” Wright said.
“That’s our market, and it’s not the football oppor-
tunity, not the basketball opportunity or the hock-
ey opportunity. We have a chance to be completely
different in this market, and our goal is to inspire
them and unite them inside Allianz Field.”
McGuire’s proposal to MLS as to why Minnesota
United and his bid should be selected over a rival
bid brought forth by the Wilf family to play at the
new Vikings stadium was quite simple: “Our pitch
was about soccer, about the legacy of soccer in this
community, what it stands for and what we’re going
to do with [Allianz Field],” McGuire said. “Having

ownership group has local titans

[Allianz Field] makes it very different than being
a tenant in a building of any kind that I don’t care
what story you tell, was never built for the same
While Bill MCguire has been the BIll McGuIre The MorTenson purpose and principles. It can’t be.”
public face of the 16-person minne- Former chairman and CEO faMIly McGuire acquired the team in 2012, then playing
sota united ownership group, behind of UnitedHealth Group Operate eponymous in the NASL as the Minnesota Stars, after falling
the scenes there is a venerable who’s construction company, in love with the sport in large part due to the pas-
who of minnesota business titans, a Glen Taylor which was the general sion and commitment of the fans. Many of those
group that mls Deputy commis- Minnesota Timberwolves contractor of Allianz Field fans had also supported the other four profession-
sioner mark Abbott said contains owner al soccer teams that had failed in the city, dating
“the establishment of this commu- The BInGer faMIly to the Minnesota Kicks of the original NASL in the
nity.” mcGuire said that local commit- The Pohlad Represented by Erika 1970s, who regularly averaged over 23,000 fans per
ment has been crucial as the group faMIly Binger, who sits on the game before folding in 1981.
has looked at the team and Allianz Minnesota Twins owners board of the McKnight “Clearly having your own stadium allows you
Field as “something that makes the Foundation, one of the revenue opportunities in a lot of ways and sources
community better, something that Wendy carlson country’s largest family that you couldn’t have otherwise. Of course you
reflects those community values and nelson foundations, which was have expenses that go with that, but you can do
making sure we’re placing impor- Chairwoman of the started by her great- things you otherwise couldn’t,” he said. “But it also
tance on things that will make a Carlson Family grandfather William lets you tell your story in your stadium with your
difference in the future — it’s not just Foundation, and member McKnight, the former partners that you just couldn’t do in anywhere else.”
‘wow, it’d be fun to own a soccer of family that founded chairman of 3M MLS Commissioner Don Garber said the league
team.’” business and travel was willing to “put all of our eggs in with [McGuire]
Although the team did not make company CWT, formerly JusTIn Kelly because of his vision to have this city return to the
available the specific breakdown of known as Carlson CEO of Winslow Capital, a glory it had once had, but also take it to the next
how much each investor owns or how Minneapolis-based level of excitement and opportunity.
much they paid to be a part of the MaTT MIThun investment firm “When I look at Allianz Field and its design ele-
Courtesy of Minnesota United FC

group, this list represents the Family founded the ments both inside and outside, I think what it does
majority of the team’s ownership advertising and Ben GrossMan perhaps more than any other in the league is reflect
group. Glen taylor and the pohlad marketing firm Mithun Strategic consultant and the brand that Bill and Chris have tried to build
family came on board as part of the head of his advisory and for the club,” Garber said. “When I took a tour
team’s move to mls in 2016, the JereMy JacoBs Jr. investment practice, about a month ago, I was struck by the old school
same year as the ceremonial ground- Delaware North co-CEO Selhurst Media Ventures clock — why did they do that? That’s at the core
breaking for Allianz Field. — I.T. of what this community is about when it comes to
the game.”

24 | A p r i l 22 - 2 8 , 2 0 19
SportS BuSineSS Journal



(G) owner Bill McGuire wanted a stadium (H) even before becoming ceo in 2017, I) the supporters section for the loons will
(H) that would bond the team and the city.  Chris Wright was a minnesota united fan. seat almost 3,000 die-hard fans.

Kick Start inside the stadium, including for its prominent beer they have to experience this.”
in addition to answering the club’s question of why, hall and its major premium clubs. “We really want- McGuire isn’t one to boast. That was clear enough
Wright also put together a business plan for the ed to hold those assets, because once people get in when, at a youth clinic celebrating the team’s
club and its 13 business lines, giving each depart- here and see how vibrant the atmosphere is, their launch the morning of the first match, Garber and
ment monthly goals and tactics. Wright, who said value is going to skyrocket,” he said. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter made glowing re-
he’s a big believer in the strategy laid out by Gino The team sold out of its self-capped 14,500 season marks about the club, the new stadium and Mc-
Wickman in his popular book, “Traction: Get A tickets well in advance of the start of the season, Guire’s contributions. McGuire passed up taking
Grip on Your Business,” said, “We’re on a path to which includes 1,600 premium seats that sold out the microphone and instead offered a wave to the
really develop a solid business that makes sense of in less than two weeks. More than 5,000 people are crowd of dozens of children and parents from the
a $250 million stadium investment and a $100 mil- on a future season-ticket wait list the club is calling side of the room. Garber later described McGuire
lion expansion fee. Right now, MLS is all local rev- “The Preserve.” as someone who, like a submarine, “runs silent
enues, which makes it a tough business model, but “You wouldn’t believe the number of people who and runs deep.”
a doable business model — you have to be bullish tell me, ‘The stadium is just under 20,000 seats, why “There are many things in Allianz Field that I’m
about your own brand and you have to have a swag- didn’t you build more,’” Pfeiffer said. “In a state happy about, and all have different values for why
ger about what you’re doing, where you’re going where pro soccer has come and died or been rein- I might be happy about them,” McGuire said. “Over-
and where you’re trying to take things in your local vented by four or five teams over the years it’s all, it’s a beautiful piece of architecture, and that’s
AP Images; Nancy Kuehn / Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal; Courtesy of Minnesota United FC

market.” somewhat ironic that the view now is that we need important not just for the beauty sake, but how it
Wright said the goal is to have the team break a bigger venue, but that’s the beauty of it — it cre- fits into a neighborhood and a community, and how
even annually, a plan echoed by McGuire, espe- ates that scarcity factor where if there were empty it looks to people. Is it something they’re proud of ?
cially now that the stadium has opened. Wright seats, people would say I could get a ticket at any Is it something about which we have pride for and
said the ownership group has never told him that time. Now when they hear there’s a 5,000-person produces passion? If we’re proud and it works well,
they expect to make money annually, but that “they waiting list or see the secondary market, they say I think it will lead to many great things.”
don’t necessarily want to lose a lot of money either,
so we’re very deliberate.” Last year, the team ranked
17th of 23 teams across MLS in player salaries, ac- MlS stadiums under construction
cording to data released by the MLS Players As-
Moving in to Allianz Field will certainly help TEAM AUSTIN FC CREW FC CINCINNATI MIAMI FC SC
change that. Pfeiffer said the team expects to finish EXPECTED COST $225 million $230 million $250 million TBA $250 million
this year in the top five of revenue across the league. CAPACITY 20,500 20,000 25,500 - 26,000 25,000 30,000
Last year, the team hovered in the top 10 in most ARCHITECT Gensler HNTB and MKSK Populous HOK Populous
team business metrics.
EXPECTED TO 2021 2021 2021 2021 (team will 2022
Minnesota has more than doubled its corporate OPEN play in stadium in
partnership revenue, which includes the 12-year 2022)
deal it signed with Allianz for naming rights to the STATUS Expected to Team will Joined MLS in Team is Team will join
stadium that industry sources estimated at $4 mil- join MLS in continue to 2019, currently expected to join MLS in 2020,
lion annually, one of the more lucrative deals in 2021 alongside play in Mapfre playing in MLS in 2020; will play home
stadium opening Stadium until Nippert Stadium aiming to build games at Nissan
that category across the league. Pfeiffer said there construction is a stadium in Stadium until
is room for growth on that front as well, with the finished Fort Lauderdale construction is
team holding back two of its four gate title sponsor- to play for two completed
ships and several naming-rights opportunities seasons a p r i l 22-28 , 2 019 | 25

IN -Depth faN experIeNce

the sierra nevada Draught House at Golden 1 center is one of the places fans can take in a sacramento Kings game.

Keeping pace
here Were you for Dwight Clark’s catch, Michael
Jordan’s buzzer beater against the Jazz, or Boise
State’s Statue of Liberty play?
If you were at the game when those events hap-

with the mobile pened today, you might be watching them from a
stadium’s party deck, while you are in line buying a craft cocktail, or
from the concourse as you post on Instagram or Twitter.

sports fan
Indeed, today’s fans are less interested in staying glued to their seats
and prefer instead to explore stadiums and arenas and watch games
as they mingle in social zones and bars. They enjoy trying out new
food and drinks and posting images of their experience on social
teams and venues are finding new “Fans are seeking a more layered and diverse experience within a
single event,” said Ryan Gedney, national design director for archi-
ways to cater to an on-the-go crowd tecture firm HNTB. “So having the ability to move through the venue
that would rather explore than stay — change their vantage points, engage in a lot more amenities and
offerings — creates the need for a different kind of engagement.”
put in a traditional seat. In the pages that follow, stadium managers, architects, concession-
Sacramento Kings

aires and teams discuss how they are offering experiences that are
more fitting to modern fans, the technology they use and their culinary
by mike sunnucks
and social tastes.
Where will those fans be when the next big moment happens?

26 | April 22-28, 2019

SportS BuSineSS Journal

Venue designs cater to wandering attendees

the moBile fan has forced changes to quee where fans pose and take photos.
how arenas and stadiums are designed “In a lot of our work we are think-
as well as how experiences within ing about where is the selfie moment.
them are presented. Where is the spot where they want to
The trend has resulted in a host of make sure they get a picture of them-
new options for wandering attendees, selves and their friends,” said Dan
including standing-room-only spaces Meis, a sports architect who designed
for socializing, drink rails and party Staples Center, Paul Brown Stadium
decks. Such design elements have and Stadio della Roma in Italy. “There
shown up from T-Mobile Arena to is definitely a strong sense now of not
Fiserv Forum and down to minor just memorializing the event. It’s re-
league and USL stadiums. ally about memorializing that you
Today’s sports fans want the game were at the event yourself.”
to be more than an experience; they Ryan Gedney, national design direc-
want it to be a personal event. tor for architecture firm HNTB, said
“Fans continue to evolve. People’s creating post-worthy areas is impor-
tastes evolve,” said Michael Bucek, tant to keeping fans engaged with the
vice president of marketing and busi- the blue moon taproom is one of the social areas provided by the Kansas city royals. venue and team. “They’re not going
ness development for the Kansas City to connect without a richer, interac-
Royals, which has expanded concours- concourses at many sports facilities designs and color themes to appeal to tive experience,” he said.
es, concessions and social gathering have been widened and made 360 de- fans and encourage them to explore. All that will be for naught if build-
areas at Kauffman Stadium. grees to loop the entire venue. Conces- And in areas throughout sports fa- ings don’t have the bandwidth to keep
Design firm Generator Studio and sions and restrooms have been cilities, designers are creating ele- up with demands for wireless connec-
the Class AAA Fresno Grizzlies just positioned so they don’t block views ments that appeal to the desire among tivity, not to mention the growth in
debuted a bar and social area at Chuk- or fan movements. Bars and social fans to share the experiences across mobile concessions ordering, as well
chansi Park that replaced 1,000 out- areas, such as party decks, are designed social media. as virtual and augmented reality fan
field seats. with views to the playing surface so “It is all about creating these differ- experiences.
“You are seeing that a lot in terms fans stay connected to the game. ent stories,” said Adam Stover, lead Jim Nannini, vice president of
of seats being taken out,” said Gary “People aren’t going to sit in their designer at architecture firm Populous. building wide systems integration for
Arthur, senior project manager for seats for nine innings. They’re not Little Caesars Arena features De- Johnson Controls, said venues need
Color Art Partners, a design firm going to sit there for three hours,” said troit Red Wings and Pistons photo- to look at digital infrastructure the
whose sports clients include Enter- Anton Foss, senior vice president and graphs, memorabilia and exhibits same way they look at physical infra-
prise Center in St. Louis, which added managing principal for architecture throughout the arena. Dodger Sta- structure. Otherwise, venues face
a new rinkside premium club, new firm HOK, which designed the new dium, State Farm Arena and Centu- more frequent major renovations or
lounges with standing and social $150 million Class AAA Las Vegas ryLink Field have installed murals, the need for new builds.
areas, and a new atrium via renova- Ballpark. sculptures and other exhibits that “You are designing for some un-
tions led by Generator Studio that Foss and other designers have taken entice fans’ inner influencer. Sloan knowns,” said Gedney. “You are de-
concluded last year. to creating “neighborhoods” in dif- Park in Arizona, where the Chicago signing for a day-one opening event
To help with flow and to allow wan- ferent areas of facilities that feature Cubs have spring training, has a rep- but also for a future you don’t yet
dering fans to still watch the game, different food and beverage options, lica of the iconic Wrigley Field mar- know.” — M.S.

Illuminating. Intimidating. Intimate.

Kansas City Royals

+1 816 221 1500
PROUD DESIGNERS OF ALLIANZ FIELD a p r i l 22-28 , 2 019 | 27

,1 -'(37+)$1(;3(5,(1&(

Better food
and drink
options get
fans moving Fans converge at a Sprint Center stand featuring
Benihana and its RA Sushi brand.
FOR THOSE FANS who view a day at the game as a jour-
ney, quality food and beverages are the surest way to and shopping. That includes creating food and drink
get them moving around the stadium. areas — sometimes branded with popular restaurants,
“Nothing against chicken tenders, but how fun is craft brewers or distillers — aimed at fans who tilt
it to try something new?” said Erin Zinser, vice pres- toward the higher end of the culinary scale and pre-
ident of brand activations for venue owner and man- fer a more specialized adult beverage.
ager AEG. “They are always looking to add some kind Progressive Field in Cleveland, for example, opened
Cleveland Indians
of unique fan experience.” a rebranded and refurbished Discount Drug Mart rebranded and
Zinser helped AEG bring Benihana restaurants to Club area this season. The area holds almost 400 fans, refurbished their
Dignity Health Park in Carson, Calif., and Sprint has 88 televisions and has bars sponsored by Ohio Discount Drug Mart
Center in Kansas City, complete with a teppanyaki microbrewery The Brew Kettle. And like other social Club.
LEFT: The club
chef and items from Benihana’s RA Sushi brand. and bar areas — at Citizens Bank Park, Rocket Mort- caters in part to
Mobile sports fans are all about exploring the build- gage Fieldhouse, Guaranteed Rate Field and the lovers of
ing and finding interesting food and drinks to try. In Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum — the spaces microwbrews.
return, concessionaires, venue managers and design- have drink rails, tables and standing areas to cater
ers are finding ways to increase destination dining to fans who don’t want to be stuck in their seats.

AEG; Cleveland Indians (2)

r (#0'0)#)'/'06 ELWO\EZQBPRUWHQVRQ
r $4#0&#.+)0/'06
r 4'674010+08'56/'06


SportS BuSineSS Journal

whether other areas could be enhanced. are the first sports foray for Benihana
Other venues and their concession- and RA Sushi. AEG is considering
aires are switching up concepts based bringing Benihana and RA Sushi stands
on the crowd and the event. to Gila River Arena, Target Center,
Delaware North adds more drink op- Pechanga Arena San Diego and the New
tions for concerts as compared to games. York market, where it manages Barclays
Levy switches a stand at Greater Ne- Center in Brooklyn and Prudential
vada Field from American favorites for Center in Newark.
Class AAA Reno Aces games to street “We are all about diversity and broad-
tacos and cantina fare for USL Reno ening guest appeal. That’s what we look
1868 FC games. for where can we add value to the ven-
The goal is to give fans destinations ues.” said Benihana President and CEO
that are tailored to their tastes, spend- Tom Baldwin.
the Kansas city royals show off some of the upgraded food and ing and movement patterns, according Concessionaires are also figuring out
drink options available at Kauffman stadium. to Andrew Spencer, vice president of the role technology plays in the food
customer engagement and revenue for and beverage experience. That includes
“These are areas spe- The Kansas City Royals debuted the Delaware North. deploying self-service kiosks where fans
cifically designed for fans Bullpen Burger stand as part of outfield Designers have created “neighbor- can place and pay for their orders fast-
to congregate, with great areas that include bars, social areas and hoods” with varying food and beverage er.
food and drink options large concourses for fans to mingle and and architectural themes that further “We have to make the consumer’s
that complement the at- hang out. encourage fans to explore and socialize. choice as quick as possible,” said Jaime
mosphere,” said Carl Mittleman, pres- Michael Bucek, Royals vice president That was a central effort in renovations Faulkner, CEO of E15, Levy’s analytics
i d e n t o f A r a m a rk S p o r t s & of marketing and business develop- at State Farm Arena and a design prior- arm.
Entertainment. ment, said changing up and adding to ity at the Globe Life Field being built Faulkner said a consumer friendly
Other venues have freshened up bars the food and beverage mix is key as fans in Texas. touch screen and self-service kiosk can
and restaurants to draw and keep fans’ focus more on grabbing food quickly Popular national and local brands take the time to order and receive food
attention. For this season, the Cincin- and spending more time socializing. — ranging from Shake Shack to Dutch from 90 seconds at a traditional cashier
nati Reds refurbished two concourse He said the team will use the All-Star Bros. Coffee — can be part of that des- stand and cut that in half.
bars and rebranded them via a new break to evaluate ballpark traffic and tination dining mix. In other words, they can get lines,
sponsorship deal with Jim Beam. spending to see what’s working and The Carson and Kansas City stands and fans, moving. — M.S.

Use video wall displays to engage your fans.
Kansas City Royals

Follow the link to learn more.


,1 -'(37+)$1(;3(5,(1&(

Technology leads the way

from the gate to the final play
IBM’S BENJAMIN BRILLAT sees the importance of his ture beefed up — every building at every level,”
work every time fans pour through the turnstiles said Don Barnum, global sports leader and a prin-
for a game. cipal with architecture firm DLR Group.
“If you stand at the stadium during the time Venues are deciphering how technology can help
when people are walking in, you will probably have them keep up with fans’ propensity to roam around
one or two people walk into you with a phone in arenas, stadiums and ballparks in search of com-
front of their face and they are just livestreaming pelling food, drinks and social areas.
their entrance into the game through Facebook “Now that the connectivity is there the venues
Live,” said Brillat, chief technology architect for are looking to provide more value back to change
IBM’s global sports and entertainment service how you are interacting with the game, to really
group. kind of take you to a second-screen experience,”
Brillats’s division at IBM provides the technol- Brillat said.
ogy and wireless infrastructure that enables that The second-screen experience is increasingly a
second-screen experience. IBM has provided such soup-to-nuts mobile and connected experience where
work for Banc of California Stadium, Mercedes- teams, venues and their technology providers help
Benz Stadium and Wimbledon. fans from the time of their arrival and continuing
Sports venues are focused on keeping up with throughout the game.
ever-increasing data usage and the next technol- Biometrics firm Clear, for example, allows fans to
ABOVE: Dodger Stadium uses Apple Maps inside the
ogy waves such as 5G, virtual and augmented real- quickly get into participating venues, such as Yan-
ballpark to help fans locate restrooms, concession
ity, as well as accommodating the bandwidth kee Stadium and San Francisco’s Oracle Park, via stands and team stores.
needed for sports betting, mobile concessions and the use of fingerprint scans. Fans at CenturyLink RIGHT: That includes pointing out spaces that are
cash-free buildings. Field and T-Mobile Park in Seattle can also buy con- perfect for fans to take photos they can share across
“Every building is trying to get their infrastruc- cessions and have their age verified via a fingerprint. social media.

6 % - * 2 ( 6 , 1  ' ( 3 7 + 2 1 6 3 2 5 7 6 $ 1 ' $ 1 $ /< 7 , & 6

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It’s all part of an effort to bring a more reaction times to things and part of that ognition technology to track who is in the
seamless experience, said Ed O’Brien, is how does your internal communication stadium, monitor ingress/egress trends,
Clear’s head of sports. “Our goal this year system work,” said Peter Feigin, president and study where fans are making pur-
is to see those pieces together at one venue of the Bucks. chases. Meka Morris, chief revenue officer
where a fan, if they wanted, could come Fans who like to roam will often have at ISM Connect, said teams and venues
to a venue and never have to pull anything the benefit of digital screens throughout can use that data to drill down on fan de-
out of their pocket,” he said. the facilities that allow teams to message mographics and sales patterns and make
Clear isn’t alone in providing fans on the them with advertising, promotions and wiser decisions on staffing and inventory.
move with easier access. The Sacramento other content. At Vivint Smart Home Christian Lau, LAFC’s vice president for
Kings and the Utah Jazz, for example, in- Arena, home of the Jazz, Samsung in- information technology, said the team is
stalled high-tech turnstiles and ticket scan- stalled more than 600 digital screens as considering fully automated stores, similar
ners (from Skidata and VenueNext, part of a $125 million renovation that was to Amazon Go stores, that are outfitted with
respectively) to make for quicker entry. completed last year, said Bart Sharp, senior scanners and sensors that charge custom-
Once fans are inside, teams and venues vice president of marketing for the Jazz. ers for purchases and track inventory, with-
are using technology to better track their Technology provides the ability to create out the need for cashiers. For fans who want
movement, tempt them with offers and more personalized marketing offers for to order something ahead of time and pick
make sure they find what they need. fans. it up as they start to roam, they could use
Dodger Stadium, for example, brought The Jazz’s mobile app, through VenueNext, Apple Business Chat to place the order and
Apple Maps inside the ballpark uses beacon technology to track fans and then pay for it via Apple Pay.
to help fans locate restrooms, send notifications to them on deals and pro- LAFC may roll out a system by the mid-
team stores and concession motions. The system tracks fans’ spending dle of this MLS season that uses microchips
stands. Fiserv Forum, the new so that the next time they are in the building, embedded in team gear fans wear to the
home of the Milwaukee Bucks, they may receive special offers for where they stadium. The chips will allow those fans
uses hundreds of cameras and have spent in the past. Citi Field and Oracle to make purchases without cash or credit
sensors to monitor fan flow and Park also use beacon technology to ping fans cards. The embedded technology would be
get a jump on any potential prob- with specialized concessions, merchandise linked to their payment system of choice.
lems that might arise. and ticket offers. “They don’t have to bring their wallet,”
“Our goal is that we have un- ISM Connect, which counts multiple Lau said. “They just pay for what they want
believable food. We want great minor league ballparks and NASCAR in the stadium. It’s a really sticky experi-
bathrooms. But we want great tracks among its clients, uses facial rec- ence.” — M.S.

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff

Fans – who are focused on the action at midfield – have their devices in
hand, ready to share the next big play with the world. For more information, visit us at
You can relax, because you’ve worked with Corning and game day is
covered. Our Corning® optical network evolution (ONE™) DAS is a
state-of-the-art scalable solution that supports all major carriers
and technologies, and delivers reliable wireless service to stadiums 30+ Public Venues | 55+ Stadiums | 30+ Universities | 500+ Enterprises
and entertainment venues.

© 2019 Corning Optical Communications. CMA-716-AEN / April 2019


IN -Depth faN experIeNce

What are the most common gripes

you hear from fans following an
vedder: Pricing of tickets, concessions, mer-
chandise and areas for kids to play and be enter-
tained once they lose interest in the match.

TaMar: The No. 1 gripe going back to when video

boards were first introduced to today is that there
are never enough replays. Even though we show
nearly every play and usually two angles of each,
there never seems to be enough. The second gripe is
the request for more out-of-town scores/stats during
our games. This is based on the increase in fantasy
leagues over the years and has generated a desire for
up-to-date league info all the time. We do everything
we can to meet this need, but the request for more is
always there.

Munneke: Team related and concession pricing.

Our focus continues to be on the fan dividing into
“7 Pillars of Fan Experience:” In-seat experience,
entering-exiting the building, getting to and from
the arena, in-game entertainment, in-arena F&B,
in-arena technology, in-arena retail.

What’s the latest initiative/strategy

you’ve rolled out to improve the
event experience (technology, ren-
the milwaukee brewers and Delaware north reimagined the food and beverage program at miller park prior to
the start of the 2017 season. the project included extensive renovations of concession stands. ovation, marketing, etc.)?

The mission is in their job title

Werner: Prior to the 2017 season, the Brewers
— in partnership with Delaware North — invested
$20 million to reimagine our food and beverage pro-
gram. The project included updates to food and bev-
we asked some of those on the front lines of the game-day experience erage offerings as well as an extensive renovation of
what’s on their radar and where they see opportunities and challenges. the concourse and concession stands. The initiative
was the single largest upgrade to Miller Park by the
What trend dealing with the fan to a comfortable environment for fans in the stands club in every measure, from scope to financial invest-
experience are you watching the as they have watching the game at home. That means ment, since the facility opened in 2001.
closest? attention to bathroom and concession lines, variable
seating options and the ability for fans to receive vedder: The latest renovation that we rolled
Mark TaMar in-depth game info in real time like they do while out this season is two new viewing areas for our
Vice president, fan experience, Los Angeles Chargers: watching the game on their couch. fans, allowing them to be within arm’s length of
the players during the match. The two new on-field
One of the trends we are watching closely is in-seat Jeff Munneke hospitality patios (one behind each goal) provide
connectivity. … This technology allows fans to use Vice president of fan experience, Minnesota Timber- fans with an unforgettable intimate experience
their smartphones for literally everything while in wolves and Lynx: viewing the match from only 10 feet away. One patio
the stadium, from choosing which replays to watch, is an all-inclusive food and beverage ticket for the
what stats to see and which food option to purchase. Concessions: Variety, selection, pricing as we entire match while the other is open to the public
This programming will have a great impact on our look at how many different offerings we have in to come and go freely.
relationship with the fans in-stadium and is affecting the future. Quality versus quantity versus price.
how we communicate with them throughout the game. Munneke: We are amplifying the promotion of
david vedder the blended marketplace as the
Teddy Werner Corporate services and gameday operations manager, only place to purchase tickets and solidify a mul-
Senior vice president, marketing and fan experience, Saint Louis FC: tiyear ticket management plan which will help us
Milwaukee Brewers: determine optimal product-type seating per seat
We are focusing on creating a memorable fan expe- level.
Anything and everything related to technology rience from the moment fans drive into our parking
— from data capture to line efficiency (ingress, bath- lots until they leave at the end of the match. We want TaMar: Over the last year, we’ve really focused
rooms, F&B) to expediting purchasing (F&B/retail) FC fans to have enjoyed themselves so much that our strategies on ways to entice fans to show up
to connectivity to beacons to paperless tickets to win, lose or draw, it doesn’t matter because as they for the event earlier. We’ve done this by adding nu-
artificial intelligence. head home and during the subsequent days they merous activation areas around the stadium, in-
are reminiscing about the fun they had watching cluding a very popular beer garden. Along with
Milwaukee Brewers

Blake edMunds the game, interacting with their friends, family, this effort, we’ve increased our live music options,
Assistant athletic director, marketing and fan experi- other fans, hanging out in our pregame festival incorporated happy hour food and beverage pric-
ence, University of South Carolina: area, eating and buying new gear in the fan shop ing, and opened the gates into the bowl earlier so
— they can’t wait to attend the next home match fans can watch more behind-the-scenes prepara-
The biggest opportunity I see is creating as close or away match watch party. tions and practice time. — M.S.

32 | A p r i l 2 2 - 2 8 , 2 0 19





AD CLOSE: MAY 6 Colleagues, partners and organizations can
AD MATERIALS DUE: MAY 8 show support for Tim by advertising in the
Sports Business Journal issue highlighting this
distinguished annual event.

Contact your local Sports Business Journal

representative or National Advertising Director
Julie Tuttle at 212-500-0711 or

chises to tap into fans’ hometown passion

(and local sponsorship budgets). Nonethe-
less, these franchises report that so far
around 80 percent of viewers are outside
the home metro area.
5. Measurement is imprecise
Twitch and YouTube now report unique
viewers and average audience for esports.
However, we still can’t segment esports
viewers: How many are in the U.S.? Male?
How many watch less than an hour per
week vs 10-plus hours? As with other
forms of digital advertising, brands also
have concerns about ad viewability, bots
and fake accounts, and targeting.
6. Most esports fans are also fans of
traditional sports
There is a mistaken perception among
many sports marketers that esports fans
are completely separate from traditional
sports fans. Only 13 percent of U.S. esports
fans in our survey said that “esports is
the only sport I watch.”
7. Sports video games are secondary
NBA, NFL and MLB owners see the
potential to activate sponsors and fans
across real-world and virtual teams. How-
ever, none of the top 10 video games
the explosive growth potential of esports in 2019 should entice mainstream brands to take concerted action in the space. in 2018 were sports-based, and those

Esports: Don’t get ganked

who play only sports-based video
games are less likely to watch esports. For market-
ers, reaching esports fans requires association with
combat-oriented games, which presents brand risks.
Esports will be thwarted by fragmentation and

s AmericAn youth watch less TV, brand proprietary survey of 383 U.S. esports fans (Decem- opacity, unless the industry takes concerted action:
marketers in technology, cars, fast food, ber 2018, men ages 18-49). ■ Activate consistently. Esports organizations
energy drinks and other categories are 2. Too many game titles can solve the efficient reach problem for sponsors
under pressure to find new ways to engage their There are currently esports leagues and compe- by activating under the same team name across
target consumers. A compelling alternative is es- titions for over 30 game titles, with frequent shifts: multiple leagues and titles. But they must beef up
ports. With 21 million U.S. fans, 84 percent of whom “Fortnite” and “PUBG” are two of the top five es- their marketing and analytics talent.
are under 35 and 83 percent male, esports is now ports in terms of Twitch hours watched in 2018, ■ Lock in the streamers. There is natural syn-
the third-most popular spectator sport for young and neither existed until March 2017. This year, ergy between streamers and the esports teams —
men, according to Simmons Research. “Apex Legends” reached 50 million players in its they can cross-promote, make joint appearances
Esports has the potential to be an even more pow- first four weeks. No esports organization fields teams and deliver better engagement than platforms and
erful branding medium than traditional sports on for all the titles. Players rarely compete in more better market coverage than leagues. But teams
TV. Fans watch almost an hour a day of live match- than one title, and therefore a sponsored athlete are in a battle with agencies for the top streamers.
es on streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube) and reaches only a small segment of fans. ■ Get face to face. Live esports events have proved
streamers are willing to wear, consume and endorse 3. The most popular streamers are not esports immensely popular, and sponsors value in-person
sponsors’ products during broadcasts. In the last pros much more than digital engagement.
year, brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, and The most popular individual esports events are ■ Improve audience measurement. The major
Arby’s have moved esports from the experimental still the major team competitions, such as the League streaming platforms should enable marketers to
marketing budget to the core sponsorship lineup. of Legends World Championship, which had 20 mil- cap ad frequency and measure unduplicated reach,
Still, marketers eager to enter the lion average viewers for the final match including sponsorships sold by teams and leagues.
arena are discovering that the complex- By Dan Singer between China’s Invictus and Europe’s ■ Target. Esports is now at an efficient scale for
ity and fragmentation of esports makes Fnatic in 2018 (Riot Games, “2018 ad targeting, and the industry should enable spon-
it impractical to reach fans through a
anD JaySon Chi Events by the Numbers,” from Dot sors to target microsegments of esports fans.
single league, team or athlete. Brands Esports, December 2018). Pro competi- This year promises explosive growth for esports
need to understand the challenges and tions, though, constitute just 11 percent sponsorship, but only if the industry lays the foun-
what it will take to overcome them. Otherwise, like of video game streaming. Seven of the top 10 Twitch dation for mainstream brands to succeed.
so many unseasoned gamers, those same marketers channels for 2018 were the personal channels of
risk getting ganked. Gank: “In a video game, to use video game streamers, only two of whom are cur- Dan Singer leads McKinsey & Company’s Global
underhanded means to defeat or kill a less experienced rently members of pro teams. Sports and Gaming Practice. He is also an investor in
opponent.” ( 4. No esports organization is globally domi- TSM, an esports organization. Jayson Chi is a senior
1. Playing is not watching nant, and most have out-of-market fans adviser at McKinsey and an early-stage investor in
With 211 million gamers in the U.S. (EEDAR re- Sponsors will find that at least 30 percent of es- interactive entertainment, including investments in
search, September 2018), playing video games is ports viewers are from outside the team’s home TSM and Popdog, an esports and streaming agency.
Getty Images

hugely popular. Yet only 37 percent of those who country, which leads to wasted impressions. Sev- Uta Allenstein, Oliver Gediehn, Alex Kimmet, and
play competitive video games at least once a week eral esports leagues, such as Overwatch League Daniel Sun of McKinsey & Company contributed
also watch esports weekly, according to McKinsey’s and NBA 2K League, have created city-based fran- valuable data, research and expertise.

34 | A p r i l 22 -2 8 , 2 0 1 9
SportS BuSineSS Journal

Future of mobile sports done in the court of public opinion. States without
bookmaking prohibitions quickly moved to adopt
them and states with bookmaking prohibitions

wagering in U.S. at risk

stepped up enforcement.
Such prohibitions led to the creation of a vibrant
domestic illegal sports wagering market domi-
nated by organized crime. In the 1930s, however,
Nevada alone legalized wide-open gambling, in-
in-game wagering expansion can only happen with reliable data, but the
cluding wagering on sporting events and athletic
Doj’s recentwire act interpretation deprives leagues of a legal market. competitions.
Nevada’s sports wagering industry was a small,

ollowing the demiSe of PASPA (The Pro- by the U.S. Department of Justice, which was re- but meaningful, portion of casino revenue. Since
fessional and Amateur Sports Protection leased on Jan. 14 (“2019 DOJ Wire Act Opinion”). 1984, sports wagering accounts for about 1.32
Act of 1992) last year, the United States How did we get here? percent of gaming revenue on margins of about
has seen strong growth in the regulated sports Well, sports wagering has long been part of the 4.6 percent. Since 2012, however, sports wagering
wagering market, as states that were previously American experience. From colonial times through accounts for about 2.1 percent of gaming revenue
shut out of the legal sports gambling market — the late 19th century, horse racing and horse race on margins of about 5.4 percent. The increased
Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, West Virginia, wagering were popular pastimes for Americans. margins correspond with increased sports wager-
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and New In the late 19th century, when Ameri- ing activity in Nevada. Year-to-year growth of
Mexico — rolled out offerings. By GreG GemiGnani cans began to embrace other spectator sports wagering handle (the amount wagered by
One of the strongest growth sections competitions, such as baseball, wager- bettors) for legal sportsbooks averaged about 6
of this market is remote account-based
and Jennifer Gaynor ing on those sports grew in popularity. percent per year from 1984 through 2011 and
wagering (offered on an intrastate In fact, wagering on baseball became jumped to about 8.4 percent per year between 2012
basis) and the in-game betting that so popular that exhibition games be- and 2018.
remote wagering enables. Whether the customers tween professional baseball teams were arranged This jump in handle coincided with Nevada’s
must initially sign up in person at a race book/ for the primary purpose of betting, and the practice approval of the use of smartphones within the
sports pool or are allowed to open the accounts was called “hippodroming.” Newspapers often re- state for account-based sports wagering. In other
online, there is no doubt that mobile wagering is ported on wagers made by professional baseball states, such as New Jersey, mobile wagering has
popular. For example, William Hill U.S. estimated team coaches and managers. Interest in baseball already outpaced land-based revenue. Patrons enjoy
that about 75 percent of Nevada sports betting grew in parallel with wagering on baseball … until ease of use and the ability to engage in in-game
revenue comes from mobile, and the American the Black Sox Scandal. wagering. Regulators and law enforcement also
Gaming Association said that they expect that “70 Accusations were made that players for the Chi- benefit from the betting records created by account
percent of sports betting will be coming from in- cago White Sox accepted payments to lose the 1919 wagering, which allow easier anti-money-laun-
game wagers” in the future. World Series from known bookmakers with ties dering compliance and allow licensed book op-
But such mobile sports wagering in the U.S. is at to organized crime. Although several of the ac- erators to more easily detect anomalies in betting
risk because of a recent Wire Act interpretation cused players denied being paid, the damage was behavior that may indicate an event has been com-
Unfortunately, the 2019 DOJ Wire Act Opinion
may end any form of remote account wagering,
even on an intrastate bases. The argument put
forth by the DOJ is that if a communication can
cross state lines, it ceases to be an intrastate trans-
action, even if the sender and receiver are in the
same state. Because nearly all communications
now use IP-based technologies, all such commu-
nications could cross state lines without the knowl-
edge of those communicating.
The new DOJ opinion not only affects legal state-
licensed sportsbooks, state taxation revenue and
efforts to limit the influence of organized crime,
it is likely to affect current and future revenue
streams for sports leagues.
This is because in-game wagering expansion
can only occur with reliable real-time data, and
sports leagues and their partners are in the best
position to generate and monetize such data. By
making the activity a de facto illegal activity, even
on an intrastate basis, the DOJ will deprive sports
leagues of a legal market for their data. Therefore,
the federal threat to the growth of legal sports
wagering may have consequences far beyond state-
regulated sports book operators.

Greg Gemignani and Jennifer Gaynor are based in

the Las Vegas office of Dickinson Wright PLLC
( and work closely with
sports and sports betting companies. Jeff Silver
AP Images

and Kate Lowenhar-Fisher contributed to this

remote account-based wagering is a growing market in the u.s., but it could be on shaky legal ground. a p r i l 22-28 , 2 019 | 35


On the Move
Changing places and
positions around the industry


Capture Sports Marketing hired EMILY
HILTZIK as director of events. Hiltzik was part and BRITT BOESKOV independent non-exec-
of the event operations team for the National Ticketing utive directors and ANTONIA WRIGHT secre-
Football League. tary and legal director.
StubHub hired ARNIE KATZ as vice president
Octagon named DENNIS TRAUTWEIN agen- and chief product and technology officer, MIGUEL The USA Boxing board of directors named
cy director for its Tokyo office. Trautwein GIRIBET GIRAL as vice president of global eCommerce TYSON LEE president, JOHN BROWN first vice
was vice president at the company’s office in and STEPHANIE BURNS as vice president president and PATRICK BUTLER treasurer.
Dusseldorf, Germany. and general counsel.

Media Awards and Boards
FanDuel Group named LAINIE COONEY
Fox Sports hired DAN DONNELLY as senior The Fiesta Bowl named PATRICK BARKLEY as chief people officer. Cooney was chief
vice president of ad sales marketing. Donnelly chair of the board of directors; RANDAL NORTON human resources officer for Blue Apron.
was head of the U.S. sports and entertain- chair-elect; and ED ERHARDT, HARRY GAREWAL
ment division for Publicis Media. and BRYCE HANCOCK to the board. Major League Fishing hired JEFF
CLACHKO as senior vice president of spon-
The National Wrestling Hall of Fame named sorship and media sales.
board of governors. Navigate Research hired AL CONNOR
U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Proper- as senior vice president of strategic
ties hired DAVE MINGEY as head of partner- The PGA of America named RENEE POWELL partnerships.
ship management and activation and ZAI- the first at-large director to its board of directors.
LEEN JANMOHAMED as head of partnership Nolan Partners hired CAROLYNE SAVINI
development and innovation. Racecourse Media Group named JIM MULLEN as a partner.


Austin Karp Managing Editor, Digital CONTRIBUTORS: NEW YORK: (N.Y. FAX 212-500-0701) DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE GROUP
Anna Mason Manager, Digital and Social SportsBusiness Daily Julie Tuttle Director of Advertising Sales Beverly Padgett National Audience Jim Sullivan Managing Director
Media Rick Ellington Managing Editor (Phone 212-500-0711) Development & Circulation Director Donna Johnson Senior Conference Director
Kevin Becker Senior Web Developer Joshua Carpenter Assistant Managing Editor Burt Cobe Northeast Advertising Manager Sam Trader, Michael Johnson, Laura Case Senior Conference Director
120 West Morehead Street, Suite 310 Darin Philyaw Web Developer Natalie Sharp Sales Director
Charlotte, NC 28202 Preston Bounds Assistant Editor (Phone 212-500-0702) Hunter Steinberg, Olivia Sims
Hannah Bordner Digital Marketing Manager Joe Perez Assistant Editor Hunter Millington Northeast Advertising Sales Representatives Allison Brush Sales Director
Tel: 704-973-1400 Lorianne Lamonica Conference Director and Tyler Everett Assistant Editor Manager (Phone 212-500-0725) Peace Ngwu Resource Guide Live Sales
REPORTERS: Mike Chupita Assistant Editor Representative Director, Conference/Event Audience
Subscription Information: 1-800-829-9839 Kara Walsh Northeast Advertising Manager
CHARLOTTE (Phone 704-973-1400) Paul Sanford Television Editor (Phone 212-500-0712) Molly Kirkpatrick College & University Development and Coordination
Bill King Senior Writer Thomas Leary, Lucas Smith, David Rumsey, Megi Beqiraj Advertising Coordinator Program Manager Kellie DeBerry Audience Development
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Publisher & Executive Editor Michael Smith, Adam Stern, John Aceti, Charlie Snyder, Valerie Page, (Phone 212-500-0705) Bridget Ernst Circulation Associate
Mike Sunnucks Staff Writers Andrew Levin, Staff Writers Tay Fewell Graphic Designer
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Chairman ............... Ray Shaw (1989 to 2009) David Broughton Research Director Bill Magrath Media Relations Manager MARKETING
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Editorial Graphic Designers Liz Mullen Bureau Chief Visit our website at for complete staff email and phone numbers

The Playbook For

Sports Bus iness J U LY 2 3 - 2 9 , 2 0 1 8

Rea d What the Lea ders in Sports Rea d

He’s the talk of baseball
and could soon be the
game’s richest player.
So why don’t more people
recognize this man?


WZOW\W___[JR[JLKWU;]J[KZQJM *Find out on Page 20

Nike to land MLB’s NBA employees catch Warsaw at 25: For Katie Ledecky,
on-field uniform rights a breather thanks to Honoring the past. training didn’t
starting in 2020. sabbatical policy. Planning the future. take a vacation.
3$*(  3$*(  3$*(  3$*( 

SportS BuSineSS Journal

Faces & Places

SportS laW
From the miami law Global
entertainment and sports
law + industry conference
on april 4-5 at the university
of miami Donna e. shalala
TOP: “athletes as
entrepreneurs” session: Rudy
Cline-Thomas, founder/
managing partner, mastry
inc.; Chuck Baker, partner/
co-chair of the sports
industry group at o’melveny
& myers; and Roger Mason
Jr., co-founder and chief
business officer, Vaunt, and
retired nba player.
LEFT: “issues Facing
in-House team counsels”
session: Todd Davis, Vp,
legal affairs, los angeles
rams; Marcus Bach-
Armas, senior director
of legal and government
affairs, miami Dolphins and
Hard rock stadium; John
SportS eventS marKetinG experienCe Ruzich, moderator and chief
administrative officer/chief
at the 16th annual seme 2019 on april 6 at american university in legal officer, legends; Steve
washington, D.c., Jason Levien, owner of D.c. united, and Matt Weinreich, Vp and general
Winkler, director and professor, sports analytics and management counsel, minnesota wild.
masters at american, discuss sports business issues and ownership.
Sara Moores; Carolina Borroto (2); Patrick Ryan; Trent Hanselman / Loras College; Tom Garbett / L.A. Clippers; John McCreary

loraS ColleGe Sport BuSineSS SympoSium

From the third annual loras college sport business symposium
on april 5 on campus in Dubuque, iowa. morning panelists at the
symposium were: Jamar Thompson, university of northern iowa
athletics; Mackenzie Arthur, long Hollow canopy tours; Tyler
Daugherty, travel Dubuque; Andrew Lehman, john Deere classic;
Chuck Yrigoyen, master of ceremonies, americas river conference.
SportS tHrouGH analytiCS
From the inaugural andrew t. berlin sport analytics symposium in chicago on april 3 hosted
by syracuse university’s David b. Falk college of sport and Human Dynamics. Berlin (center),
a syracuse trustee and alumnus, partner investor of the chicago cubs, chairman and owner
of the south bend cubs and chairman and ceo of berlin packaging, meets Charles “CB”
Garrett IV, Cody Barbuto, Justin Perline and Evan Weiss, who are syracuse sport analytics
majors and berlin scholars who presented their senior thesis research posters at the event.

ralpH laWler
the los angeles clippers
honored legendary
broadcaster and the newest
member of the basketball
Hall of Fame, Ralph Lawler,
on april 10. lawler, who
called his 3,229th clippers
game on that night, has been
the “voice of the clippers” HoCKey in ConneCtiCut
for 40 years. He will retire at snY announced plans on march 25 for a three-day festival celebrating
the end of this season. From youth, amateur and collegiate hockey in connecticut. the festival,
left: Gillian Zucker, clippers set for jan. 24-26, 2020, at webster bank arena in bridgeport, will
president of business surround the first tournament pitting the state’s four ncaa Division i
operations; Jo Lawler; men’s hockey teams against each other. all games will be broadcast
ralph lawler; clippers spirit live on snY. From left: Yale coach Keith Allain, Quinnipiac associate
Dance team members; and head coach Bill Riga, snY president Steve Raab, connecticut coach
members of lawler’s family. Mike Cavanaugh, sacred Heart coach C.J. Marottolo. a p r i l 22-28 , 2 019 | 37

Closing shot
Troy Aikman joins
Pete Rozelle at the
last draft the former
presided over.

A New Star In Dallas

in 1989, the revamped cowboys made troy Aikman the no. 1 pick of an nFl draft that bears little resemblance
to the media spectacle it has become in the intervening 30 years.
by daniel kaplan

Troy AikmAn says the above photo of The Dallas Cowboys had already signed Aikman fired both Landry and Schramm, re-
him and Pete Rozelle from the 1989 NFL by the time the draft got underway, and he was placing the former with Jimmy John-
draft is one of his favorites. Why? “Be- son from the University of Miami.
cause of how much Pete meant to our
the only player at the event. As it turns out, Aikman had twice
league,” he says. “That first round of Marriott Marquis and limited to two After the snapshot with Rozelle, rebuffed Johnson’s collegiate recruit-
that year was the last time Pete Rozelle days, only the first of which was broad- Aikman did a few interviews and then ing: once when Aikman enrolled at the
presided over the draft. I didn’t think cast by ESPN. More notably, unlike went back to his room to watch the University of Oklahoma, and a second
a lot of it at the time but in hindsight today, the No. 1 pick was already draft. He and the Jones family would time when he transferred to UCLA.
it is pretty cool.” signed. Aikman, a 6-foot-4 quarterback leave that night and fly back to Dallas. “Here I am thinking, ‘Gosh, I have
Even the legendary Rozelle, whose out of UCLA, had days earlier agreed Aikman had already set up residency turned Jimmy down twice already.’”
29-year tenure as NFL commissioner to a then-record six-year, $11.2 million there and obtained a Texas driver’s Aikman and Johnson turned out to
marked him as one of the true vision- contract. He was also the only player license, enabling him to avoid paying be a pretty effective duo, leading the
aries in sports, might have had a hard at the draft, compared to the 23 ex- state taxes in California because Texas Cowboys to back-to-back Super Bowl
time imagining just how big the draft pected to attend this week. has no state income tax. wins following the 1992 and ’93 seasons.
would become in the subsequent 30 Aikman had flown to New York on The Cowboys’ new star was certain- Aikman has been back to the draft only
years. More than a quarter of a million the jet owned by new Dallas Cowboys ly no stranger to his new city or his once since then, last year as a com-
fans are expected in Nashville this owner Jerry Jones. Jones’ children, new coach. In fact, he had played his mentator for Fox Sports, a role he had
week for the three-day event, the first Stephen and Charlotte, and Aikman’s last college game at the Cotton Bowl planned to reprise this year before the
two nights of which will be broadcast agent, Leigh Steinberg, were on board. in Dallas, where he had been scouted rights shifted to ABC.
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