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Case Study: Brand Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

1 Executive Summary
Brand partnership is the integration of the brand with our marketing objectives.
To strategies a brand partnership, our aim is to identify the need and objective of the
brand to create sponsorship opportunities with existing resources and innovating
new ones to align the purpose of the brand and establish a larger market footprint.

2 Business Strategy
Strategy 1: Brand Identification

 Identification and approach to best brands with high brand value to give
combinations of digital footfall with offline marketing.
 Engagement experience with digital dialogue, feedback, design, creativity,
informative and inspirational content to target audience.

Strategy 2: Combination of Digital and Physical Events

 Meeting the top brands to identify the need of the brand to meet its marketing
objective with target audience overlap.
 Prepare, plan, ideate, innovate events to make a combine digital and events to
create an impact

Hopscotch Partner

Commented [C1]:

Strategy 3: Calendar Hopscotch Events.

 3-4 events of Hopscotch with specific topics to establish the property event for
existing and new clients.
 Celebrity and Expert Endorsements.
Strategy 4: Partner Events and brands;

 Participate in kid’s b-c Exhibitions-live and social events for more visibility and
 Kids fashion week to elevate digital brand presence.
 Pinkathon Events in B-towns for a wider reach.Cuarate live events, contests,
workshops to increase brand visibility and personal connection
 School Activation- Niche Prenursery school activation in Metros and B-towns.
 Mall Activation-Mall activation in premium malls with partner brand in Metros and
 Kids carnival-Participation in kid’s carnivals.

Impact of influencers: We can reach out to various brands like Nestle, HUL,
Cadburys, General Mills, Bisleri, Parle, Amul, Marico, P &G, Pepsico.Kelloggs, ITC etc.
to have an impact on kids and moms as they are influencers.

3 Revenue Growth:

4 Conclusion
Hopscotch has created a niche brand positioning with its rich and modern
informative content, video advertising on social media platforms. The key is
association with the Best brands and integrating them in our innovative customer
centric marketing strategies to tap the old n new database in the digital and physical