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Safety Precautions Redundant monitoring by Sync.

Line and ring type I/O

Operation monitoring between CPU Extension cable
1. Introduction network
► Safety Precautions are for using the product safe and correct in order to prevent the Data backup between 1 Gbps optical line,
accidents and danger, so please go by them. This datasheet provides brief information about characteristics, configurations, CPU max. length 5 m (recommended)
DATASHEET ► The precautions explained here only apply to the ML200R CPU module. For safety and usages of MasterLogic Redundant System. Data Sync. Method
Set in the Redundancy Parameter
between CPU
precautions on the PLC system, refer to the ML200R CPU User’s manual.
Delay in case of Proportional to data which master transmits to backup
► The precautions are divided into 2 sections, ‘Warning’ and ‘Caution’. Each of the 2. General Specifications redundancy operation -default: 8.2 ms/ max. 80 ms
meanings is represented as follows. Master switching time 50 ms
Operation delay in
MasterLogic-200R If violated instructions, it may cause death, fatal injury or No. Items Specifications Standards Max. value of redundancy operation delay
Warning considerable loss of property. 1
0 to 55℃ -
case of backup start
temperature Install position CPU parts(CPU0, CPU1 connector) in basic base
CPU Module If violated instructions, it may cause a slight injury or slight Storage Weight (g) 275 256
Caution loss of products
-25 to 70℃ -
2MLR-CPUH/F, 2MLR-CPUH/T Operating 2. The performance specifications of Extension Drive Module are as follows.
► The symbols indicated in the PLC and User’s Manual mean as follows 3 5 to 95%RH, non-condensing -
Humidity Specification
Item Remarks

Extension Drive Module Gives warnings and cautions to prevent from risk of injury, fire, or malfunction. 4
5 to 95%RH, non-condensing - 2MLR-DBSF 2MLR-DBST 2MLR-DBSH
Media Optical Electrical Mixed
Occasional vibration
2MLR-DBSF, 2MLR-DBST, 2MLR-DBSH Gives warnings and cautions to prevent from risk of electric shock. Frequency Acceleration Amplitude Sweep count Max. distance between Optical (2km)
Optical (2km) Electrical (100m)
10≤f∠57 Hz - 0.075 mm Extension bases Electrical (100m)
► Store this datasheet in a safe place so that you can take out and read whenever
Redundant Base 57 ≤f≤150 Hz 9.8 ㎨ {1G} - 10 times in IEC 61131-2 Loader connection Extension drive USB
5 Vibration
necessary. Always forward it to the end user. Continuous vibration each direction Range of station no. 1 ~ 31 (other no. will generate an error ) no.0: not available
Frequency Acceleration Amplitude for
2MLR-M06P, 2MLR-E12P 10≤f∠57 Hz - 0.035 mm X, Y, Z Install position CPU parts(CPU0 connector) in extension base
57≤f≤150 Hz 4.9 ㎨{0.5G} - Weight (g) 99 100 102
Redundant Power Module Warning Maximum shock acceleration: 147 ㎨ {15G}, Duration time: 11 ms
6 Shocks 3. The performance specifications of Redundant Main/Extension Base are as follows.
Pulse wave: half sine wave pulse IEC 61131-2
2MLR-AC12, 2MLR-AC22, 2MLR-AC13, 2MLR-AC23 ► Do not contact the terminals while the power is applied. ( 3 times in each of X, Y and Z directions )
Square wave impulse
Risk of electric shock and malfunction. ±1,500 V - No. of modules 6 Module 12 Module
Electrostatic discharge Voltage :4kV(contact discharge)
IEC 61131-2 All modules except FEnet,
IEC 61000-4-2 Installed module FEnet, RAPIEnet
► Do not drop or insert any metallic object into the product. RAPIEnet
Noise Radiated IEC 61131-2
7 27 to 500 MHz, 10 V/m Dimension (mm) 346 X 98 X 19 481 X 98 X 19
Risk of fire, electric shock and malfunction. immunity electromagnetic field IEC 61000-4-3
Digital I/Os Distance of hole for
Severity All power 326 X 75 461X 75
Fast transient burst Analog I/Os IEC 61131-2 panel attachment
► Do not charge, heat, short, solder and break up the battery. Level modules
noise communication I/Os IEC 61000-4-4 Specification of hole
 4.5 (M4 screw used)
Risk of injury and fire by explosion and ignition. Voltage 2 kV 1 kV for panel attachment
8 Atmosphere Free from corrosive gases and excessive dust -
Specification of screw for
Altitude for (+)PHM 3 X 6 washer( 5)
9 Up to 2,000m - FG connection
Pollution Weight (g) 500 700
10 2 or less -
Caution degree
Cooling 4. The performance specifications of Redundant Power Module are as follows.
11 Self-cooling -
method Item 2MLR-AC12 2MLR-AC22 2MLR-AC13 2MLR-AC23
Printed in Korea ► Before wiring the PLC, ensure to check the rated voltage and terminal Rated input voltage AC110V AC220V AC110V AC220V
arrangement for the module and observe them correctly. Input voltage range AC85V – 132V AC176V – 264V AC85V – 132V AC176V – 264V
3. Performance Specifications
Risk of fire, electric shock and malfunction. Input frequency 50 / 60 Hz (47 ~ 63 Hz)
1.The performance specifications of CPU modules are as follows. Inrush current 20A Peak and lower
► Tighten up the terminal screw firmly to defined torque when to wire the PLC. Items
Remarks Input Efficiency 65% or higher
Risk of fire and electric shock if the terminal screw looses. Scan program: Reiterative operation, Fixed cycle scan Built in(not replaceable by a user),
Operation method - Input fuse
Task program: Initialization, Cycle, Internal device AC 250V / 3.15A ( Time-lag Type ) UL approved
► Use the PLC in an environment that meets the general specifications Scan synchronous batch processing system Allowed instantaneous
I/O control method - Within 20 ms
(refresh system) interruption
contained in this datasheet.
LD (Ladder Diagram), ST (Structured Text)
Risk of electrical shock, fire, erroneous operation and deterioration of the PLC. Programming Language SFC (Sequential Function Chart) - Output voltage DC5V (±2%)
IL (Instruction List, view function only) Output current 5.5 A 5.5 A 8.5 A 8.5 A
► Ensure that external load does not exceed the rating of output Operator 18 -
For more information on MasterLogic PLCs , contact your nearest Honeywell office Output Over current
Basic function 136 + Floating-point Arithmetic Functions - 13.0 A or more 13.0 A or more 17.0 A or more 17.0 A or more
module. Numbers of protection
instructions Basic function block 41 -
FB dedicated for special module, Over voltage
Australia Japan Singapore Risk of fire and erroneous operation. Special function block - 5.5V ~ 6.5V
Honeywell Ltd. Honeywell Inc. Honeywell Pte Ltd. FB for process control. protection
Phone : (61) 2-9353-4500 Phone: (81)3-5440-1395 Phone: (65) 6355-2828 LD 42 ㎱/Step - RUN contact Relay output, Rated switching voltage/current: DC24V, 0.5A
Fax : (61) 2-9353-7677 Fax: (81)3-5440-1368 Fax: (65) 6445-3033 ► Do not use the PLC in the environment of direct vibration MOVE 112 ㎱/Step -
Processing Voltage status display LED On when output voltage is normal
China South Korea Thailand Risk of electrical shock, fire and erroneous operation. speed(Basic S: Single
±: 0.602 ㎲(S), 1.078 ㎲(D)
Honeywell (Tianjin) Ltd. – Beijing Honeywell Co., Ltd. Honeywell Systems Ltd. instruction) real number Specification of cable 0.75 ~ 2 mm2
Phone: (86-10) 8458-3280 Phone : (82) 2-799-6114 Phone: (662) 693-3099 Floating-point arithmetic x : 1.106 ㎲(S), 2.394 ㎲(D)
D: Double
Fax: (86-10) 8458-3102 Fax : (82) 2-792-9015 Fax: (662) 693-3085 ► Do not disassemble, repair or modify the PLC.  : 1.134 ㎲(S), 2.660 ㎲(D) Available clamped terminal RAV1.25-3.5,RAV2-3.5
real number
Program memory capacity 7M byte - Applied base and install
Honeywell (Tianjin) Ltd. – Shanghai Malaysia Taiwan Risk of electrical shock, fire and erroneous operation. Power part of basic/extension base
Phone: (86-21) 6237-0237 Honeywell Engineering Sdn Bhd. Honeywell Taiwan Ltd. System Memory 4M byte position
Fax : (86-21) 6237-3102 Phone: (603) 7958-4988 Phone: (886) 2-2245-1000 Max. I/O points 23,808 points (31bases * 12slots * 64points) -
Fax: (603) 7958-8922 Fax: (886) 2-2245-3241 ► When disposing of PLC and battery, treat it as industrial waste. Weight (g) 333 385
Indonesia Max. I/O points memory mapping area 131,072(128bases * 16slots * 64points) -
PT Honeywell Indonesia New Zealand For Countries (SE Asia) Listed Risk of poisonous pollution or explosion. Symbolic variable area(A) 512K byte (max.256K byte retain settable) -
Phone : (62) 21-535-8833 Honeywell Ltd. below, call Honeywell Singapore Input variable(I) 16K byte - 4. Parts Names and Descriptions
Fax : (62) 21-5367-1008 Phone: (64-9) 623-5050 Office
Output variable(Q) 16K byte -
Fax: (64-9) 623-5060 Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos,
India Myanmar, Vietnam and East Timor M 256K byte (Max. 128K byte retain setting available) -
1. CPU Module (2MLR-CPUH/T, 2MLR-CPUH/F)
Honeywell Automation India Ltd. Philippines 64K byte per
Phone: (91) 20-5603-9400 Honeywell Systems Inc. Direct variable R 64K byte * 2 blocks The following describes the names and functions of parts of the CPU module.
For Countries Listed below,
Precautions for use Data 1 block
Fax: (91)-20-5603-9800 Phone: (63-2) 633-2830 call Honeywell India Office
Fax: (63-2) 638-4013 Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka
memory W 128K byte -
► Do not install in any places other than PLC controlled place. F 4K byte System flag
K 18K byte(PID 256 loops) -
► Ensure that the FG terminal is grounded with class 3 grounding which is dedicated to
Flag variable L 22K byte -
the PLC. Otherwise, it may cause disorder or malfunction of PLC N 42K byte -
U 32K byte -
Flash area 16M byte -
PLC Others PLC Others PLC Others No limit in points
Timer -
Honeywell Co., Ltd. Time range: 0.001~ 4,294,967.295 s(1,193 hours)
Counter No limit in points, Counter range: 64 bit range -
< Best > < Good > < Bad > Number of total programs 256 -
Honeywell Process Solutions Program Initialization task 1 -
► Connect expansion connector correctly when expansion modules are needed. types Time driven task 32 -
17F, Kukje Center Building, 191 Hangangro-2ga, Internal device task 32 -
► Do not detach PCB from the case of the module and do not modify the module.
Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-702, Korea Operation modes RUN, STOP, DEBUG -
► Turn off the power when attaching or detaching module. Media Optical Electrical
Tel : 82-2-799-6114 / Fax : 82-2-792-9015
► Cellular phone or walkie-talkie should be farther than 30cm from the PLC Restart modes Cold, Warm -
Email : Watchdog timer, Memory error detection, I/O error detection, Battery
► Input signal and communication line should be farther than minimum 100mm from a Self-diagnostic functions -
error detection, Power supply error detection, etc
high-tension line and a power line in order not to be affected by noise and magnetic Data protection method at power failure Set to retain area in basic parameter -
10310000817 Printed in Korea Max. extension stages 31 -
Max. length between
Optical(2km) Electric(100m)
extension base
No. Name Description  Move the key switch to STOP and turn it On/Off
■ Sets the operation mode of CPU module via key switch.
5. Power Supply Modules (3) Range limitation
Operation mode Estimate by which factor a fault occurs by the following methods. 7. Dimension (mm)
 RUN mode: runs program
① switch This chapter describes the selection method, type and specification of the power supply modules. (a) Is it from the PLC or external factor?
 STOP mode: stops program (b) I/O module or others? 1. CPU and Power Supply Module
 REM mode: mode selectable by programming tool 1. Selection of power supply module (c) PLC program? (Unit: mm)
■ Indicator of CPU operation mode Selection of the power supply module is determined by the total current consumption of (1) 2MLR-CPUH/F, 2MLR-CPUH/T
②-a RUN/STOP LED  ON(Green) : ‘RUN’ mode in normal operation digital input/output modules, special modules and communication modules, etc. whose 2. Troubleshooting
 ON(Red) : ‘STOP’ mode in normal operation powers are supplied by the power supply module. Refer to ML200IEC CPU User’s Manual in order to understand error contents, diagnosis
 On(Yellow): displaying an error of operation disabled If total load overruns the rated output capacity, the system will not normally operate. and corrective actions in details.
②- b WAR LED When configuring a system, select a power supply module with due consideration of current
 Off: No error
consumption of each module. 3. Error Code List
 ON(Red) : Error where operation is impossible
②- c ERR LED Opera-
 OFF(Red) : Normal operation Internal Current consumption by modules (DC 5V) (Unit: ㎃) Error Corrective Action Diagnosis
Cause tion LED status
code (Solution) timing
 Displays operation status with 4 characters Current Current status
②- d BAT LED Type Module Type Module
▶ Normal operation, Warning Consumption Consumption All LEDs When power is
2MLR-DBST 490 Contact the service center if it reactively
 Displays operation/installation status of CPU system. 02 Data bus error Defect flicker applied
2MLR-CPUH/T 1,173 Extension Drive occurs when the power is re-applied.
▶ RED: On when redundant operation, Off when single operation 2MLR-DBSF 850 sequentially
Displaying CPU Module
②-e ▶ MASTER: on; CPU operating as master, off; standby CPU 2MLR-DBSH 660 All LEDs When power is
redundant status 2MLR-CPUH/F 1,310 Contact the service center if it reactively
▶ CPU-A: on when CPU position designation switch (⑤-b) set as A 2MLF-AV8A 380 03 Data RAM error Defect flicker applied
occurs when the power is re-applied.
2MLI-D21A 20 2MLF-AC8A 380 sequentially (2) 2MLR-AC13, 2MLR-AC23 (3) 2MLR-AC12, 2MLR-AC22
▶ CPU-B: on when CPU position designation switch (⑤-b) set as B Analog Input
2MLF-AD8A 380 Contact the service center if it reactively When power is
■ Displays communication status with extension base 2MLI-D22A 30 04 RTC fault Defect ERR: On
2MLF-AD16A 330 occurs when the power is re-applied. applied
 ACT On (Yellow): relevant channel is operating
2MLI-D22B 30 2MLF-DV4A 190(250)
 LINK On (Green): link of relevant channel is connected 2MLI-D24A 50 2MLF-DC4A 190(400) 06 Program memory error
Contact the service center if it reactively
Defect ERR: On
When power is
24VDC Input occurs when the power is re-applied. applied
Displaying extension ▶ 1 indicates upper channel (④-a), Analog Output
②-f 2MLI-D24B 50 2MLF-DV8A 190(250)
network status 2 indicates lower channel (④-b). 2MLI-D28A 60 2MLF-DC8A 190(400) Contact the service center if it reactively When power is
10 USB IC error Defect ERR: On
occurs when the power is re-applied. applied
 RING On (Green): Extension network is configured as Ring. Thermocouple 2MLF-TC4S 610
2MLI-D28B 60
 RING Off: Extension network is not established or configured Input 2MLF-TC4UD 770 Contact the service center if it reactively When power is
11 Backup RAM error Defect ERR: On
as Line because part of Ring fails occurs when the power is re-applied. applied
110VAC Input 2MLI-A12A 30 High-speed 2MLF-HO2A 270
③ Sync. connector ■ Data sharing and monitoring between two CPUs. 220VAC Input 2MLI-A21A 20 Counter 2MLF-HD2A 330 Backup Flash memory Contact the service center if it reactively When power is
12 Defect ERR: On
2MLQ-RY1A 250 2MLF-PO3A 400 error occurs when the power is re-applied. applied
Connector used for connecting with extension base
-a Connector for Relay Output 2MLQ-RY2A 500 2MLF-PO2A 360 2. Extension Drive Module
 For easy Ring configuration, two connector supported Contact the service center if it reactively When power is
-b extension connector 2MLQ-RY2B 500 2MLF-PO1A 340 occurs when the power is re-applied. applied, (Unit: mm)
 Two types, optical/optical, electrical/electrical 13 Base information error STOP ERR: On
2MLQ-TR2A 70 Positioning 2MLF-PD3A 820 change into the
■ Used to download OS at first time RUN mode
2MLQ-TR2B 70 2MLF-PD2A 750
BOOT/NORMAL  NORMAL (right): used for normal operation
⑤-a 2MLQ-TR4A 130 2MLF-PD1A 510 Reset and
switch  Caution: This switch should be set as NORMAL, In case of set as Transistor Output 22
Program error of backup Correct the memory module program
Defect ERR: On change into the
2MLQ-TR4B 130 2MLF-M16M 640 flash memory and re-operate the system
BOOT, system doesn’t operate properly 2MLQ-TR8A 230 RUN mode.
RTD Input 2MLF-RD4A 490
A/B side switch ■ Designates the logical position of CPU 2MLQ-TR8B 230 1.Re-load program and start it. Reset and
-b (CPU position  Left side means CPU position is set as A Channel-Isolated 23 Abnormal program
2.Replace battery if it gets trouble.
change into the
Triac Output 2MLQ-SS2A 300 2MLF-AD4S 580 3.Replace CPU module if it gets trouble RUN mode.
designation switch)  Right side means CPU position is set as B Analog Input
after the program re-loading.
■ If it is moved left side, reset will be executed. Mixed I/O
2MLH-DT4A 110 Channel-Isolated 2MLF-DC4S 200(200)
Module 1.Re-load I/O parameter and start it. Reset and
 move to left -> return to center: Reset executed Analog Output 2.Replace battery if it gets trouble. change into the
 move to left -> keep 3 seconds or above -> return to center: 2MLF-DV4S 200(500) 24 I/O parameter error
3.Replace CPU module if it gets trouble
RUN mode. 3. I/O Module
Overall reset executed 2MLL-C22A 330 2MLR-M06P 220 after the I/O parameter re-loading.
Base Module (Unit: mm)
Snet I/F Module 2MLR-E12P 220
Reset/D. Clear ■ If it is moved right side, data clear will be executed. 1.Re-load basic parameter and start it. Reset and
-c 2MLL-C42A 300 2MLL-EFMF 650 2.Replace battery if it gets trouble. change into the
switch  move to right -> return to center: FEnet I/F Module 25 Basic parameter error STOP ERR: On
2MLL-CH2A 340 2MLL-EFMT 420 3.Replace CPU module if it gets trouble RUN mode.
: General data area and retain area will be cleared. after the basic parameter re-loading.
 move to left -> keep 3 seconds or above -> return to center: Rnet I/F Module 2MLL-RMEA 410 FDEnet I/F 2MLL-EDMF 650
Pnet I/F Module 2MLL-PMEA 560 Module (Master) 2MLL-EDMT 420 Inconsistency between Module type inconsistency error.
: General data area, retain area and R data area will be cleared. the specified modules by Check the incorrect slot or parameter by STOP ERR: On
Change into
Fiber Optic Ring 30 the RUN
 Caution: data clear is only executed in stop mode. Dnet I/F Module 2MLL-DMEA 440 2MLL-ESHF 1,200 parameters and the SoftMaster, and correct it and then re- (RUN) (PS: On)
Switch Module mode.
⑥ USB Connector ■ USB connector to connect with external device loaded modules start the system.
( ) indicates current consumption of external 24VDC.
RS232C 2. Names of Parts Module dismounting or
Module mounting/dismounting error. When scan is
⑦ RS-232C connector to connect with external device Check the incorrect slot by SoftMaster, STOP ERR: On completed
Connector 31 additional mounting
and correct it and then re-start the (RUN) (PS: On)
during run
2. Extension Drive Module (2MLR-DBSH , 2MLR-DBST, 2MLR-DBSF) 4. Base Units
Fuse disconnection of Check fuse LED of output module and STOP ERR: On When scan is (Unit: mm)
The following describes the names and functions of parts of the Extension Drive module output module during run replace the module. (RUN) (PS: On) completed
A. Main Base Board
I/O module read/write error. When scan is
① Abnormal I/O module Check the incorrect slot by SoftMaster, STOP ERR: On completed
data access during run and replace the module and then re-start (RUN) (PS: On)
② the system.

Special/ link module interface error. When scan is

③ Abnormal special/ link
Check the incorrect slot by SoftMaster, STOP ERR: On completed
④ 34 module data access
and replace the module and then re-start (RUN) (PS: On)
during run
⑤ the system.

Abnormal PLC CPU Contact the service center if it reactively STOP RUN: On
⑥ 39 Always
completion or fault occurs when the power is re-applied. ERR: On

During run, Scan time Check the scan delay time specified by B. Expansion Base Board
over than the scan delay parameters and correct the parameters STOP RUN: On
No. Name Description 40
execution of
time specified by or the program, and then re-start the
1 Power LED DC5V Power display LED program
parameters system.
Displaying RUN state of a system
Correct the operating error and re-load
(1) On when CPU is normal RUN mode.
2 RUN Terminal the program and then restart the system.
(2) Off when the stop error of CPU occurs. Operating error in the -STOP: Check the details of the STOP RUN: On
(3) It is Off when the mode of CPU turns to STOP. 41 execution of
user program operating error using SoftMaster ERR: On
Functional Grounding terminal for reliability of system and correct the program.
3 FG Terminal -RUN: Check the error step in F area.
4 LG Terminal Grounding terminal of power filter During
Stack overflow during STOP RUN: On
Power input terminal 42
execution of program
Re-start the system.
execution of
Power input program
5 (1) 2MLR-AC12, 2MLP-AC13: AC110V connection
(2) 2MLR-AC22, 2MLP-AC23: AC220V connection Correct timer index program and re-load STOP RUN: On When scan is
No. Name Description 44 Timer index error
6 Terminal cover Terminal unit protection cover program and then re-start the system. (RUN) ERR: On completed
■ Status indicator LED of extension drive module Refer to the external device fatal error When scan is
 TX/RX (Yellow): when there us communication data to the STOP ERR: On
50 External device fatal error flag and correct the fault devices and completed
channel (RUN) (PS: On)
then re-start the system.
Module Status  LINK (Green): indicates the link connection of the channel 6. Troubleshooting
① Correct the program so that the error
Indicator  RING (Green) The 'E-STOP' function elements that invoked the 'E_STOP' STOP RUN: On
On: the extension network is ring configuration The following explains contents, diagnosis and corrective actions for various errors that can 60
has been executed function can be eliminated in the ERR: On
execution of
occur during system operation. program
Off: the extension network connection is off, or in bus program and re-start the system
configuration from the first
1. Basic Procedures of Troubleshooting If the battery has no error, re-apply the
■ Switch for setting extension base No. 500
Data memory backup
power. It is changed to STOP mode in STOP ERR: On Reset
 x10 for 10 digit setting, x1 for 1 digit setting To improve the reliability of a system, it is important to take a corrective measure error
the remote mode.
② Base Setting Switch  Max. 31 bases can be set up promptly if a trouble occurs as well as to use highly reliable devices. To operate a
 Error LED on at station No. conflict or setting more than system immediately, it is the most important to quickly detect potential causes of a 501 RTC data error
If the battery has no error, re-set the time
- CHK: On Always
trouble and take corrective measures. To troubleshoot the system correctly, make sure to using SoftMaster
31 station numbers
③ USB Connector ■ Connector for peripheral devices take the following cautions and procedures.. Replace the battery when the power is
(1) Visual checks 502 Lower battery voltage - BAT: On Always
■ Connector for extension base connection applied
④-a Check the following points
Extension Network  2MLR-DBSH : optical-electrical
④-b (a) Operation status(Stop, Run)
Connector  2MLR-DBST : electrical-electrical
④-c (b) Power On/Off status
 2MLR-DBSF : Optical-optical
(c) I/O device status
■ Pressing this switch will trigger module reset operation.
(d) Wiring status(I/O wiring, extension and communication cable)
 Used to reset module only.
(e) Check the status of each display(POWER LED, RUN/STOP LED, I/O LED and etc),
Extension Drive  Make sure to skip the module before conducting
⑤ connect to peripherals and check the operation condition and program
Module Reset Switch module reset
(2) Trouble Check
 Take care that resetting without skip setting of the
Please observe how a fault changes by executing the followings.
respective base will cause module isolation error.