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5/15/2019 Untitled document - Google Docs

5 Year Plan

This upcoming fall, I will begin my journey as a “Golden Bear”. I chose UC Berkeley for a

multitude of reasons, from the location to it’s countless research opportunities. In terms of location,

it’s in the bay area, duh! Here I can grow even more as an individual by being placed out of my

comfort zone with so many different experiences readily available just at my fingertips. I plan to act

without fear, by talking to more strangers and doing more cRazy things (responsibly of course)

without apprehension. At the same time however, I’ll still just be a few hours away from home, so

I can always come back for the weekend every once in a while to visit my lonely mommas. Now

for the research, come on it’s Berkeley! The campus is infamous for its world renowned professors

and studies alike, known officially as a research institution: a title perfectly aligned with my

interests as a problem solving lover. Also as a STEM major (I’ve got my eye on Neurobiology in

particular), In between, I cannot wait to enjoy the diverse cultures observed on the campus

through socializing as well as joining some of its MANY (literally hundreds) offered clubs/groups

to indulge in my varied sources of intrigue, such as dance, a capella, rock climbing, and club roller

hockey. Overall, this campus is known for being one for the ‘serious student’, and boy am I down

to learn.

College is of course insanely expensive (not too bad after financial aid and scholarships

though :)), so yes I will be working. I plan to use up all of the work study (max 20 hours a week)

offered to me, as well as hopefully another job on campus job to help alleviate the pressure from

parents. With this however, upon finding research to participate in, it will be my first priority over

any said-additional job. My dream job for college would be a paid research internship but uh...let’s

be realistic that doesn’t really happen so that’s okay. Maybe I could earn some extra chump change 1/3
5/15/2019 Untitled document - Google Docs

by tutoring some local kids, which would be great as I love teaching and hope to become better at

it through giving back with what I have to offer. Throughout all of this I will be living in the dorms

my freshman year to transition into the ~college life~ and then in the co-ops for the following three

years for purposes of minimizing costs -- also I hear it’s a great experience! As a college student

(for the first four of the five years promised to detail at least), any funds I am not able to cover

myself for housing (as my tuition is covered) can/will be temporarily so by subsidized school loans

intended to accumulate minimal interest, which upon graduating with a STEM degree I should not

have too much trouble paying back (as the average annual salary for a neuroscientist is over


So what about that fifth year? I think we’ll see after college exposes me to something

which I find a sure passion for, meaning as though in this moment neuroscience intrigues me most

greatly, who knows if I’ll actually enjoy it as much in practice as I do in theory, and also I don’t

even know what I don’t know yet. Either way, I’m pretty I will not be in my ‘dream career’ yet

after only four years of school and some research; I’ll either be moving on to a Masters (maybe

Phd if I decide to go down the health care/surgery route) program, or be taking some time to join a

research team as a lower member. To clarify, my dream career is to lead research and/or research

teams myself on questions which I happen upon in the lab. Alternatively, I could see myself

possibly becoming a professor and leading research there, which sounds amazing; there I’d have

the opportunity to research as well as teach in hopes of having a beneficial impact on my eager


No matter if all of these specifics really occur within the next five years, I know that my

chosen career is definitely subject to change, and that’s okay; it’s only part of the journey. Maybe 2/3
5/15/2019 Untitled document - Google Docs

even after these five years I’ll move between careers just a little bit, and as long as I am learning

and being supportive along the way, I’ll be beyond content in the long run. 3/3