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As a state that upholds the value of ethics, of course in carrying out political power, it is
necessary to obey and carry out political ethics in accordance with pancasila as a fundamental
value of the nation. The vagueness of political actions in the indonesian state caused the public to
become chaotic. The number of cases and acts of political irregularities that occur due to
politicians' lack of understanding of political ethics. This leads to the view of how difficult it is to
realize the implementation of clean and ethical political activities.
Political deviations that often occur on the day before the election, namely the attack of
dawn, the attack of dawn is one of the bribes carried out by the prospective leader where the time
of the briber is when the dawn comes. The entry of sources of funds from outside parties, including
possibilities entry of illegal funds. This method is a shortcut for candidate.activity (money politics)
threatens not only clean and effective governance but also clean and honest elections. Those who
spend money politics to win elections are normally expected to recover after elections their
investment with a profit. If unchecked, the defense of public interests,and the common weal may
be on the retreat. These are crimes, and seriously undermine the integrity of elections.
Causative factors of serangan fajar. Firstly, a regional factor that greatly influences
political awareness. Regional factors here are intended as areas of authority or areas of origin of a
group that have political goals, factors of this region have an influence on political irregularities
or serangan fajar and a region has a respected figure. According to rocky gerung,(2018), in during
a debate at the ILC on 8 january 2019 factors that can make deviations in politic are regional factors
and are strongly related to areas of authority or influential people in a region. Governor candidate
to get a vote of choice in village a then he asked for help from the village head to a campaign by
giving some money to the community. Secondly, mental factor influences the quality of thinking.
Mental factors, namely the factors possessed by each element of society which is basically owned
by everyone, mentality can be influenced by external factors, which means that a person's suffrage
can be influenced by mental factors. Which means when there are indications of aberration because
the mindset of many mental people will become damaged and become an indicator of mental
factors themselves.according to Joko Widodo ,(2015), in journal at, this nation has
been too long to allow practices in the nation and state to be carried out in a way that is dishonest,
does not hold ethics and morals, is irresponsible, unreliable and cannot be trusted. They are making
the mentality of society towards political life apathet ic the proof is that people their money but
vote for someone else. For another example, the community will say "where is the money" if there
is a campaign in the political season. Thirdly, culture factor influences of serangan fajar culture
is a way of life that develops and is shared by a group of people and is passed down from generation
to generation. The meaning of cultural factors is here as a result of mental factors that are passed
on to the next generation.according to saan mustopa, (2019), in an interview by tribunnews the
people are increasingly pragmatic because money politics is already entrenched. The practice of
distributing money is commonly done since the election of the village head, the election of
regents/mayors, to the election of the governor. As a result, in the legislative elections this time,
the public was not shy about asking for candidates for money. In banten i district which includes
lebak and pandeglang regencies, the practice of money politics is rife. Many residents receive
envelopes containing rp. 40,000-rp. 50,000 from a certain team of successful candidates. The mode
is that the team successfully attacks the dawn (spreads of money) into people's homes and asks
residents to certain candidates. Because they are accustomed from decades to decades.
Serangan fajar effects on society. First, serangan fajar effects on society.Serangan fajar
causes rampant corruption.according to Dzikri Ramadhan,(2016). Corruption is the act of public
officials and politicians involved in acts illegally abusing public trust in obtaining uniteral benefits.
Serangan fajar is a money politics in order to buy votes to win candidates who will occupy
positions as political leaders. Because of serangan fajar is politics where people voices are bought
with money, and also human nature does not want to lose so that to return the money used by doing
corruption. The arrest of the cianjur regent by kpk related to corruption in uneven development
and an indication of serangan fajar from the testimony of the village head. Secondly,serangan fajar
causes the lack of public welfare. According to Rangga Yolanda,(2017). Serangan fajar can cause
effects of corruption which can cause a lack of public welfare. Because money should be used for
public facilities such as road construction that is not implemented or evenly distributed, and the
construction of school buildings that are not implemented. This happened in one of the provinces
of west java, namely the village of padamulya. Funds provided by the government are not used
according to the procedure and misused for personal gain. Complaining about the people in the
village of padamulya, cianjur regency due to public facilities and uneven development during the
cianjur regent's administration in 2017 which was not done properly. Thirdly, serangan fajar
causes indifference to honest politics. According to Rahmatia,2015. Serangan fajar has been
banned by the kpu, but there are still many politicians still doing it to get popular votes which can
indicate a lack of honesty in politics. An example of this is the general election, namely the election
of the indonesian president and legislative members of several parties from year to year. Giving
money by the DPR to the people to get votes or support from the community. For example, one of
the dpr members held a campaign ahead of the elections in east java province by visiting one of
the villages. He gave a number of assistance in the form of basic food and also money to provide
support to him in order to be able to occupy a position in the desired field.
Phenomenon money politics in elections is not new, this phenomenon is already in the
elections. The politics of money flourishes supported by the increasing tendency of society
permissive. Political mission of money not only implies accepting politicians however, but there
were also elections held. In a manner realize there is money for local elections, regional election
model, originally by members of the DPRD directly by the voters. But that regulation get the
election clearly not able to fortify money politics inside regional elections are minimal. Because
of that, together with being compiled election law is expected to be capable of making regional
election permits better than before namely giving equal space to all parties (the principle of
political competition equal/political equality) specifically for candidates who have the most access
to funds.
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