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The Marine kingdom

In psalms 148 verse 4 it says “Praise him, ye heaven of heavens and ye waters that be above the
heavens. Let them praise the name of the lord: for he commanded, and they were created”. It is self-
explanatory to suggest that all things created on earth are to praise God, the most high.

However in Matthew chapter 8 verses 23-27, it says it had a great storm and the waters covered the
boat in which the disciples were in and in verse 26 it says Jesus had to rebuke the waters. It shows that
the waters were inspired by spirits. In verse 28 when Jesus and his disciples came onto the land of the
island of Gengenes, there met him two possessed devils. It could be possible that the two devils could
have conjured up the storm.

As Jesus casted the devils into the pigs, the pigs went into the waters killing themselves. The question is
why the pigs went into the sea drowning themselves. Could the spirits be of marine origin?

The marine kingdom originated in the Indian Ocean. The queen of India or the queen of the coast in
Africa. The marine entity has more influence over mankind than any other entity on earth. Every nation
has a marine spirit or entity governing their lands. Marine spirits are seductive spirits that lure men to
lust after sex, fornication, masturbation and pornography. These spirits are very violent and do not let
their captives go easily. Strong deliverance is needed to redeem a captive’s spirit. Consistent prayer and
fasting removes these spirits.

They control the fashion and cosmetic industry, to seduce men or women. Having sexual dreams with a
person are signs of a spirit husband or spirit wife.

Marine kingdoms are responsible for the following problems affecting mankind:

 Accidents
 Having a shortage of blood
 Drinking in dreams
 Constant swimming in dreams
 Demonic spirit husband/wife.

Source of contact of marine spirits:

 Through parental idolatry dedications/covenants.

 Direct worshipping of idols
 Transference of spirits through sex with their agents
 Fornication, adultery, incest, bestiality and other sexual perversion acts.
 Direct initiation of marine agents through food, money, sex etc.
 Transference of unholy spirits false churches, false religious groups.