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Most of the youth persons from 17 to 25 ages are affected by anxiety and depression. The
Headspace of NewAccess Project concentrates on these youth. Mentally illness people’s problem
need to be identified and these peoples must see number of medical persons to explain about
their problems. This will lead to need of explaining their problems to the all the professionals in
a hospital. Because of repeatedly explaining their problem they may forget to tell all the
problems or the patient may get tired of explaining. The system developer must design the
system that should be record the problems and the professionals analyze whenever they need to
give treatment to them. The system which is being developed will be providing with the solution
on the cloud. The solution will be related to the aspect data that is recorded and the accessibility
peoples of Headspace. The constraint and user interface requirements will be analysis to ensure
in the system. The cloud based solution will be provided by the system operating system. The
usability, reliability, security and compatibility will be provided by the non-functional
requirements. The solution of the cloud would be deployed in the environment of Headspace.
The SDLC approach in the predictive and adaptive environment as follows.
Non-Functional Requirements
Interface in the system
In the system interface many hardware components like mouse, keyboard and printer of the
computer system can be includes across the many boundary within the many environment.
Interface is most useful in communication with other systems in a particular environment. The
input and output must be similar. That defines the usage of the interface with other system easily.
System interface allows the communication between many interfaces through all the systems.
These interfaces are working with functional requirements and not behavioral. The Interface
describes the quantitative input that is used and the retrieved output. The level of the project of a
new system that provides the preceding level will be detailed explained in the requirements. The
mismatch in the interface flow will be systematically. The repair of each interface represents the
flow of information which is huge crosses the boundary. This system will describe the computer
system boundary across the environment.
Qualities of the System
The Headspace system must have the good qualities. The quality of the system will be calculated
from the attributes of the software architecture. The quality of the system