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Transcript/Attendance Reflection

My four years in high school have been a bumpy roller coaster, I have always tried to be the best

and get the highest grades but certain situations happened in my lifetime that held me back a

little bit. My freshman year I feel like I got a good grades on certain things like my strength but I

did try. my sophomore year feel like my grades went down because I had certain events

happened in my life and that made me focus on the event and not on my school work. I don't

blame those events completely on my grades but I didn't feel like I had the motivation to do my

work. My junior year I did really bad I didn't get along with my teacher and I had major family

issues and that definitely help me back I don't want those grades to affect my career, I'm not the

proudest of them but I don't think those define me. and my senior year I feel like was my best

year I had classes that I actually liked and I worked really hard for the grades I have. I feel like

you can't judge a person over there grades they should influence how they are but shouldn't be

based on grades. I think that tests and grades really don't matter and shouldn't be the only way

you can tell if a person is smart or not. I think that my grades don't define me I know that I am a

smart person and if I really put my mind to it I'll be able to do it.

My attendance my 4 years have been really good I did miss quite a bit of school during my

sophomore year but that was because it was my Quinceanera. Overall I feel like I am an on-time

person and my attendance shows that I go to school practically everyday and that should be

enough for me. I know that I didn't have 100% intendant's I did have a few days did I was sick

and didn't have a doctor's note but everybody needs a day off and I feel like I didn't have too

many. One time my teacher so that if you are early you're on time if you're on time you're late

and if you're late you're super late, and that really opened my eyes because it shows that if you
get there early they'll know that you're dedicated and interested on whatever you're doing versus

if you get there on time may be a little late and blame it on traffic then you probably won't have

the motivation to always do it. I know that attendance and grades are probably the most

important in high school and overall I don't think grades and attendance matter as long as you

know you did a good job and others can see them. yes it is important to have good grades and to

have good attendance but a person shouldn't be based on that it should be created as a whole and

it is difficult and it takes more time but that's how you really get to know a person. so yes I have

gotten lower than the C on classes and i don't have 100% attendance but I believe it defines me

because not everybody is 100% or +A.