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“Employee Augmentation Program with NLP”

Workshop Dossier

Studies have shown that the organizations with low internal

conflicts (whether employee to employee or employee to
employer or vice versa), low stress and high self esteem and
regular growth opportunities tend to have more commitment
towards the organizations which help employees perform
20% more and the retention increase to 86% in the
organizations. Incessantly evolving environments and
instability are the factors to which employees has to address
swiftly and aptly. Employee discontent and insecurity may
increase due to the issues caused by products, clients,
Overview customers and within the organization affecting their
performance. Stress in the organizations is a fact and
resolving such circumstances can help employees and
organizations achieve success. Workplace conflicts are also
one of the core reasons because of which employees may
not be able to perform leading to negative staff turnover. It’s
all about improving the perceptions and changing the
viewpoint the way employees look at, bringing rapid positive
changes. Yearning for adaptable, zestful, qualified and skilled
staff is a common case for organizations leading to
development and success and this requires equipping
employees with trainings.

This highly transformation workshop will

 Help understand how our Brain works and alter

heightened state of self awareness which allows the
Conscious/ Unconscious interaction for innovative
 Build and sustain adaptable and productive relationships
through listening, questioning and feedback.
 Explore and reframe mindset of self and others about
what's right/wrong and good/bad.
 Train Employee/Professional to use their potential at the
highest level and achieve high performance state.
 Incorporate positive beliefs that promote growth, optimism,
resilience and patience and disperse negative
emotions/thinking and acquire desired states and
 Building a career, making the Job more interesting and
finding opportunities to progress.
 Brings personal development, fulfilment and, of course,
the means they need to live a comfortable life.

 NLP is used for development and for success in life. NLP

helps attain desired life.
 NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise
their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce
the results they do.
 NLP consists of various powerful techniques and patterns
which if followed and practised, we can achieve
extraordinary success and miracles.
 NLP provides people with a methodology to model
outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and
leaders in their field.
About Neuro
Linguistic  NLP is a self exploration of a person to understand what
Programming (NLP) in works for them and what are the areas that may need
short introspection to make it work for them.
 NLP can bring out the change in thinking maps of every
individual in the workplace and help peers understand
each other better leading to resolution of stress and
 NLP is the new age technology to develop human
excellence in all aspects of the personality.
 Employee tend to develop various limiting beliefs, negative
thinking patterns, behavioral issues, lack of goals affecting
not only him but also the peers and organization too.
 NLP is one of the most powerful technologies for training
the staff to develop their ability to communicate, resolve
the avertable conflicts; stress, depression and helping
them identify goals thus improving the workplace
productivity and work efficiency.
 Achieve personal excellence and improve the healthy
competitive spirit.
 Enhance communication and teaming capability to achieve
desired outcomes.
 Improve self esteem, motivation, positive attitude to
improve work efficiency and productivity.
 Develop rapport with clients, peers and improve
negotiation skills and sales.
 Develop personal and organizational goals to achieve.
 Improve influential and engaging speaking and
How this program
presentation skills.
can help?
 Improve perceptions and resolve conflicts and in turn
enhance relationships.
 Develop inner patterns of motivation on the mind screen
and enjoy unstoppable motivation.
 Learn how to multiply their stress handling capacity and
enjoy better study/performance.
 Handle Personal Issues like Stress, Anxiety, Negativity and
 Learn to handle personal issues and be happy and in
control of life.
 Anyone who is a New Manager that needs additional
tools for understanding and building more effective
Who should attend? relationships with team.
 professionals who want to learn skills to connect and
communicate effectively with colleagues and customers
 Individuals looking to build their desired career and self
motivation and avoid procrastination.
 Employees who want to grow in sync with Organization.

 Free Demo about the Program & NLP and its Benefits.
FREE Intro/Demo  No. Of Participants: Unlimited
 This workshop is run over 2 full days. (9.30 to 5.30)
 During the workshop, the emphasis is on actually building
the competencies using Hands-on activities to learn and
apply the tools in real time.
o Live Demos
Workshop Details o Practice Sessions

 Real-life examples and case studies will be shared

throughout the workshop
 These workshops have been designed for a max group
size of 20 pax

Value-added features

 Handouts of all slides shown + Interesting and informative


About the Trainer About Him

Syed Faqruddin Ali Ahmed, M.C.A., M.Tech is a Corporate

Trainer, NLP Practitioner/Life Coach approved by International
Trainers’ Academy (ITA), UK and Certified by John Grinder (Co-
Creator of NLP). Brain has been an interesting topic for him.
Combining the wealth of life experience, knowledge and
persistent growing dexterity, he has transformed clients’ personal
aspirations, values and desires by eliminating many of the
hitches and hazards of the life making the Change much easier,
more rewarding and more exciting.

His Professional Contour

He has Experience in leading, coaching and motivating
individuals to achieve their goals. One of his great passions is
coaching and when doing so he clasps on to the deep-rooted
belief in the individual towards a difference. He is driven by the
results providing stupendous NLP based Coaching for both
personal and professional change. He possesses extensive,
combinative experience as a Success-driven Corporate trainer,
Writer and as a Coach with an ample breadth of leadership and
experience. He’s Skilled and exceptional speaker with the ability
to excel through innovative NLP techniques and out of box
thinking. He has finer business acumen and group facilitation
skills with the ability to promote an all-inclusive, high-performing
culture where clients leverage each other’s’ talents to achieve
full potential.

His Forte
Helped clients pin down the challenges that barred them from
success in their life. Endowed with ideas and action plan for
clients that aided them to decide and ease the change.
Coached clients in shifting their personality, misery, emotions
and turmoil. He also supports Corporate Organizations, Schools,
Colleges, business owners through exclusive coaching and
Training sessions. Faqruddin is the name in the Corporates and
Educational field because of his fantastic delivery of NLP
Techniques through his effective interaction, passion to resolve
the issues of the client.

Offer your Employees this Powerful Program and pull off highly potential
performance and low staff turnover!

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