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Universal Wi-Fi Kit


Module Installation
Failure to follow this warning could result in personal injury or death.
• Before installing, servicing or modifying the system, the main electrical disconnect 1. Front panel
switch must be in the OFF position. There may be more than one disconnect switch.
Lock out and tag all switches with a warning label. Screw
• Installation must be performed by qualified professionals. Otherwise, it may result Electrical
in personal injury or damage. box cover

STEP 1. Open the front panel of indoor unit 2.

Remove screw to access the electrical box.

NOTE: Actual product may differ from images shown; please refer to actual products. Wire clip

Wi-Fi connector
STEP 2. Remove the electrical box cover
Locate Wi-Fi module connector and wire. (The Wi-Fi connector will be the same
color as the connector on the Wi-Fi module.) 3.

Wi-Fi module
STEP 3. Remove the wire clip Wi-Fi module wire
Route Wi-Fi module wire into electrical box and connect to the unit's Wi-Fi connector.

NOTE: The Wi-Fi module wire must be routed through the wire channel, otherwise
the electrical box cover will not close properly. 4.

Wi-Fi module
STEP 4. The Wi-Fi module mounting location varies from model to model
To the right are the common mounting locations. Choose the one that best fits your
model. Place the Wi-Fi module in the mounting location and secure it with a screw.
Wi-Fi module

STEP 5. Replace the electrical box cover and secure with a screw

The Wi-Fi module installation is complete.

Wi-Fi module
Universal Wi-Fi Kit

Control the comfort – with your smartphone!

For the ultimate in convenience, your Gree Heat Pump or Air Conditioner features a built-in intelligent
Wi-Fi capability and Smart Control function. This allows you to operate the unit through your smartphone.
The system is compatible with devices using standard Android or iOS operating systems. For instructions
on how to install the Wi-Fi Module, see reverse side of this guide.
Get the app

Operating System Requirements for your smartphone:

iOS System supports iOS 7.0 and above.
Android System supports Android 4.0 and above.

STEP 1. Download and install GREE+ app on your smartphone

Scan QR code #1 at right to download the app directly from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

STEP 2. Turn ON the unit’s Wi-Fi interface

Using the remote controller, turn ON the Gree system. Press and hold the "MODE" and "TURBO"
buttons on the remote controller for at least 5 seconds until the unit beeps.

STEP 3. Launch the GREE+ app on your smartphone

Open the app and follow its simple step-by-step instructions to register your account and complete setup.

STEP 4. Let the app be your guide

You are well on your way to controlling the unit through your smartphone. You will find operation to
be simple and easy, allowing you to adjust comfort levels – even without the remote – from anywhere
you have Wi-Fi access.

For “Help”and updates to the GREE+ app, scan QR code #2 at right.


If Wi-Fi control fails, check the following items one by one:
• Make sure electrical power is turned on to the outdoor and indoor units.
• Make sure Wi-Fi function is turned ON as normal

Scan for Help

Press "MODE" and "TURBO" buttons simultaneously. When the unit emits a beep sound, Wi-Fi module is successfully reset.

NOTE: “MODE" and"TURBO"buttons must be pressed within two minutes or you will need to repeat the process.

For more information, visit

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