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fia CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduetion Part |: Code of Ethics and Conduct 1. Service 2. Conduct of rogistored estate agent 3. Level of competence 4. Need to be kept informed 5. Protection of pubic 6, Personal interest to be disclosed 7. Scales of feos 8. Professional fee 9. Acceptance of commissions, rebates or profits on expenciture 40, Financial obigations 11. Acting fortwo parties 12. Professional work by registered estate agents in employment 4. Activities that consittue unauthorised practice of law 44, Seeking unfair advantage over other registered estate agents 45. Engaging in practice inconsistent with agency of another registered estate agent 16. Soliciting services of enployee of another registered estate agency 17. Citcsm on fellow registorod estate agents 18. Reference to Institue cf ering registred estate agents 19 Accuracy of statement 20, Signature on reports ard documents 21. Use of registered estate agent's name 22, Associateship and afflaion 23, Branch offices 24. Offences by other pariners directors and stat! 28. Conduct in proceedings betore Insttute/ Board 26. Conduct in proceedings before jusicial boaies. 27. Guidelines on real este agency practice 28. Perlormance of cbigations under the Actor the Fules. Page Part Il: Advertisements and Publicity Matters forbidden in advertisements ‘advertisement to promote business Advertisements for steft Printed notices ‘dvertisoment of commercial concern Brochures Biotors, calendars, et Business Cards Registered estate agents employed by an organisation which is not @ valuation or estate agency organisation Postal franks, envelopes, labels, etc Latterneads Signboards and poste’s Publications in journals, newspapers, otc Guideline on adverisement and publicity Part Ill: Client's Account Client's account Payment into clients eccount Maintaining clients account Payment of money otter than clits money into cients account forbidden Drawing from clients account. Exceptions “Transfer from one clients account to another Intorest on clients account Insurance eaver for clants money Part IV: Property Management osponsiity Obiaining estimates Discounts Giient’s account Interest in tho property " 12 12 2 “4 4 6 5