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RF Scanning Options for AX 2012 R3

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Warehouse Management Options

Also known as WMS1 or basic warehousing. This option is available for the most basic warehouses.
WMS supports all inventory transactions from receiving through production to shipping customer
orders. Note that pallets are not included in WMS. WMS is available in AX7. WMS does not include
integrated bar code scanning.

WMS2 adds functionality to include pallet handling, consolidated shipping options and dock
management using Shipment Staging. Note that WMS2 is deprecated in AX7. WMS2 does not include
integrated bar code scanning.


WHS is the “new” Advanced Warehousing module introduced with AX 2012 R3 CU8 released in
November 2014. Microsoft acquired this technology from Blue Horseshoe at a period in time. The WHS
module was previously known as WAX/TRAX in Blue Horseshoe terminology. WHS includes advanced
warehousing features for complex distribution centers. WHS includes integrated bar code scanning.

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ScanWorkX, Inc. 9300 W. 110th St, Suite 620 Overland Park, KS 66210 tel. (913) 647-6840 fax. (408) 273-6327

RF Scanning Options for AX 2012 R3

Data Collection Options for

WMS, WMS 2, and WHS
These modules contain no bar code data collection functionality. To add RF scanning, customer
must purchase 3rd party ISV product extensions. Many solutions available with different
functional and technical capabilities. Care should be taken to only select certified
products, CfMD from Microsoft.

With the inclusion of Advanced Warehouse (WHS) features in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 (IP
purchased from partner Blue Horseshoe) came some basic and limited RF scanning capabilities.
Please don't automatically assume that just because R3 WHS has built-in barcode scanning your
needs will be satisfied, perform well, and come with no cost. Look very closely and consider the
five P’s: Presentation, Productivity, Printing, Parameterization, and Performance. WHS at its core
has some great features with advanced work directives, wave picking, and enhanced pallet
handling using license plate dimension. WHS is the future for Dynamics AX. WMS2 will be
deprecated in AX 7.

These comparative tips are to help understand the implications of “out of box” mobile data
collection versus adoption of a third party product like ScanWorkX with WHS.

Mobile Data Collection features and functions offered by WHS + ScanWorkX NOT currently
found in WHS RF Scanning (native):

1. Presentation

o Smart graphical user interface, intelligent navigation, ease of use

o Logical transaction flow, user defined menus
o User guidance, auto fill fields, unused fields hidden, hides inapplicable dimensions
o No screen hopping; complete entire transaction on one screen
o Pick a device, any device; native clients for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
plus HTML5
o Audible sounds and color alerts
o Electronic signature capture

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ScanWorkX, Inc. 9300 W. 110th St, Suite 620 Overland Park, KS 66210 tel. (913) 647-6840 fax. (408) 273-6327

RF Scanning Options for AX 2012 R3

Note: While the UI will be the most visible, striking difference, ScanWorkX offers far more than a
pretty interface. Please read on.

2. Productivity
o Configurable List of Values LOV. List available options for any field. Add any field with
no programming. Sort in any order. (WHS RF only has “open work list”. Very basic,
finite, cannot add fields in WHS)
o Support for “Smart Barcode” (multiple fields populate with one scan, e.g. parsing). Set
up different field identifiers for transaction fields in any order you like based on
dimensions. Fully configurable. Smart barcode short cuts enable users to scan system
generated short codes that translate into full smart barcodes. NO parsing of anything
with WHS RF scanning
o Full support for “Rapid Scanning”. Unique technology useful for large quantities of
serialize or batched items
o ScanWorkX server side validation on every field to ensure values are correct; no bad
data into AX
o ScanWorkX client side validation can further restrict/limit what values that can be
processed in a field
o Transaction processing On-line or Off-line
o XDF developer API tools to build your own transactions in native X++

3. Printing
o No integrated printing utility in WHS RF; only prints directly to a printer using
control codes
o ScanWorkX supports and integrates with four (4) enterprise label printing packages
(Loftware, Bar Tender, Nice Label, LabelMatrix) All packages 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
as required by regulated industries. (Criteria under which electronic records and
electronic signatures are considered trustworthy, reliable, and equivalent to paper
records. Essentially all labels that are printed must have an electronic backup copy
that can be audited)
o Client-Customizable label fields using simple AX queries
o Automated inventory label generation
o Print event triggers, configurable label templates, ability for user to change printer
o Specify label quantity, ability to do label queries, add any AX field to your label
o Print labels directly from ScanWorkX module with print inventory label form

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ScanWorkX, Inc. 9300 W. 110th St, Suite 620 Overland Park, KS 66210 tel. (913) 647-6840 fax. (408) 273-6327

RF Scanning Options for AX 2012 R3

4. Parameterization
o Easy to configure via pull-down menu options; user-accessible parameters
o Complete control of all client devices
o Menu structure can be as simple or complex as you choose
o Establish groups of transactions by job function
o Updated in real-time to remote users

Note: WHS device settings are not parameter-driven. Colors, font types, font sizes, menu
background colors, field background colors, and field sizes all require programmer intervention
by editing or creating CSS files.

5. Performance Gaps
Documented transaction gaps with WHS RF scanning (native):

o No Receipt posting or printing from mobile device

o No unpicking from mobile device
o No transferring reserved inventory from mobile device
o No suggested picking locations from mobile device (fixed by system directed
work directives)
o No order packing from mobile device
o No dock management; staged items cannot be moved
o No project transactions
o No production labor transactions

It’s reported WHS RF scanning (native) suffers from performance issues with slow scanner
response time with more than 4 or 5 users per AOS (Application Object Server). As Invent_tran
table within WHS builds with transaction volume so system response slows. The fix is to buy
more AOSs. With ScanWorkX, any slowdown from this WHS table design is simply overcome by
adding another ScanWorkX service at no additional charge.

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ScanWorkX, Inc. 9300 W. 110th St, Suite 620 Overland Park, KS 66210 tel. (913) 647-6840 fax. (408) 273-6327

RF Scanning Options for AX 2012 R3

Implementation and Total Cost of Ownership

The MS Dynamics user community reports that WHS implementations have significantly higher
setup times per scanning transaction (9x+). The flexibility introduced from license plate
dimensions, work templates, location directives, wave templates, inventory status dimensions
can add considerable complexity compared to WMS2. For an advanced warehouse operation
many different work flows have to be built which adds significant implementation hours and a
much higher total cost of ownership. WHS with ScanWorkX, given its configurability, simplifies
the rule set up. Many features in ScanWorkX like configurable LOV requires less rule setup.

It’s also documented that the major gaps as identified above requires extensive custom coding
to fill these gaps and fix known bugs.

Should you require further questions about WHS, ScanWorkX or both, please contact the
ScanWorkX team at or call 913.674.8640.

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ScanWorkX, Inc. 9300 W. 110th St, Suite 620 Overland Park, KS 66210 tel. (913) 647-6840 fax. (408) 273-6327